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Ex-Con Next Door

by CrimsonClown©

Mark and Dan had spent most of their years in the suburbs living a quiet life where they never quite experienced any trouble. Mark was a working man at a law firm who spent most days at work and met Dan nights for romance, while Dan the loyal fiancé who spent most of his days in the local gym working as a personal trainer.

Dan was a larger more muscular man with short black hair who coasted around the gym making good cash while Mark was the thinner more reserved husband who was loyal to his husband. They'd spent their times going about their routines often, having breakfast, squeezing in a quick shower if possible and talking by the door as Mark left for work for the day.

That Monday afternoon Mark and Dan spent time by the door talking before Mark left for work, but things were different as next door there were now small trucks in front of the once vacant house. Dan and Mark took every chance they could to spy on the new neighbors hoping for new friends only to find some random moving men. Dan didn't make a point to tell Dan but later that afternoon as Dan prepared to leave he could see the new neighbor walking in to his home.

He was definitely single and somewhat cold to the face, but Dan didn't mind peeking at him now and again since he definitely was a looker. At least he had something to break the monotony during the mornings. That day Dan spent hours in the gym supervising new clients and meeting with his boss.

Shortly after lunch he'd stood in front of a young woman who wore herself out on the stair master and halted slowly as Dan encouraged her to keep running.

"Oh my," she whispered.

"What?" he asked.

"There's the new client," she acknowledged.

"Oh right," Dan nodded, "He's my new neighbor."

"How do you know?" she asked panting.

"I saw him going in to his house before I left."

"Well, good luck to you."

"Why?" he chuckled.

"He's been in jail before."

"Jail? How do you know?"

"We had a meeting at the neighborhood watch yesterday. He spent five years for robbery."

"I'm sure he's harmless."

"Well, he isn't ugly, I'll give you that."

Dan nodded discreetly agreeing whole heartedly. Later, Dan made a point of working out near the new guy who spent time lifting bar bells, showing his tight arms and toned chest off nonchalantly. After moments of lifting, he sat up panting and turned to Dan who lifted a dumb bell.

"You're the personal trainer, right?"

"Yep," he nodded, "I'm Dan."

"Lucas," he nodded looking over to him, "How much are you charging?"

"Can you uh...? You can...?"

"Afford it?" Lucas chuckled nodding, "I definitely can."

"I was just curious," Dan shrugged.

"No problem, I'm making my own money, even though I was in prison."

"Yeah, someone told me about that," Dan smirked.

"You must be a hit with the ladies," Lucas acknowledged standing across from him.

"Well, I'm married. To my partner."

"Oh," Lucas nodded, "Hey, me too."

"You're married?"

"No, I've had "partners." You know... partners like me."

"You didn't look it."

"Yeah, it just kind of felt right for me. I was in a brief fling before jail, and then during jail I didn't really go dry for too long..."

Dan smiled nervously.

"Once I got out I just started looking for the right guy, you know?"

"It's tough out there."

"Especially for me but I like a guy who can hold his own... kind of a guy like you...," he muttered softly, "Rugged and built."

Dan scoffed bashfully.

"Your husband must be smiling all day."

"Well, I try," Dan snickered.

"I'd definitely be smiling with you."

They met eyes for a moment and Dan sighed turning away, "I should get going back to work."

"Why don't you and your partner come over tonight for drinks. I'll show you the house."

"Mark doesn't get home til tonight."

"Well, we'll just have to keep ourselves entertained," Lucas smirked, "What do you say?"

"Sure," Dan nodded blushing.

"See you then," Lucas smirked scratching his short hair and walking off. Dan knew it was the wrong thing to do, but all he could think about that day was visiting Lucas and spending more time with him. Mark was a great guy, but Lucas was alluring and insanely sexy.

Lucas let Dan in casually greeting him with a hand shake and they chattered for a while eventually making it to the kitchen for a few hard drinks. It took a while before Dan felt comfortable and before long the pair were chatting while Dan prodded Lucas for information about his life that Lucas kept cryptic from him.

"How long did it take to buy this house?"

"About a year," Lucas shrugged leaning back in his chair, "I was glad to finally have it. It has a lot of room for me, and a big back yard. Plus you know, it has a great pool."

"The agent always kept that pool out in the open for customers, it's the biggest in the neighborhood," Dan explained.

"Lucky me," Lucas chuckled, "I'm a fan of parties and whatnot. I need open spaces."

Dan smiled nodding, "I should probably get going."

"It's been an hour," Lucas shrugged.

"I know, it's just--"

"--Well, if anything you can at least go for a swim before you go," Lucas stood up shrugging.

"No, I can't," Dan smiled.

"Yeah, come on," Lucas insisted escorting him outside. by the shoulder. Dan wanted to run for the door and regret ever coming around without Mark to keep close by, but Lucas was insistent, and deep down Dan just couldn't say no to him.

Lucas appeared moments later with trunks tossing one to Dan and quickly tore his shirt and shorts off revealing his bare toned rippled body that showed small scares and tattoos along his arms and back. Lucas wasn't shy about his body, and Dan gasped softly in sheer pure arousal, reluctantly turning to take his shirt off and pulled down his pants quickly slipping on his trunks. Lucas had his eyes all over Dan as he turned, and for a moment Lucas looked up and down his body with a subtle arousal that made Dan nervous but somewhat excited.

"I hope you don't mind, but I ask you wash yourself off first."

"Sure," Dan scoffed turning on the shower on the wall washing himself off. Dan turned briefly noticing Lucas washing beside him and they looked over at one another meeting eyes. Lucas poured water along Dan's rippled chest playfully and rubbed his back as Dan sighed leaning against the wall.

Lucas leaned forward kissing his neck and back passionately as Dan leaned against the wall with both eyes closed feeling Lucas rubbing his chest with both hands and kissing his neck deeply. Dan turned stepping back as Lucas leaned forward kissing him deeply.

"I should go," Dan whispered.

"No you don't," Lucas nodded pulling him closer by the waist, "He doesn't come around for hours, we can have fun until then."

"I can't..."

"Are you scared of me?"

"Probably," Dan whispered.

"You're big and have an amazing body, but I know you love to be dominated by guys like me. I used to be the bull dog in my cell. I can show you something new and good." He was now clutching Dan's butt squeezing tightly as Dan weakened.

"Come here," Lucas ordered softly.

Dan nodded leaning forward and they embraced making out under the shower, moaning passionately as Lucas handled Dan with care, clutching his buttocks and chest, and kissing neck and chest as Dan leaned back taking it all in.

Moments later, they sat pool side wrapped in make out session, their trunks thrown aside as they kissed and groped one another anxiously. Lucas led Dan in to the house and they dropped along the bed making out and rolling along the sheets as they entangled in to a 69 slowly reciprocating to one another in unison as they moaned and fondled each other's bodies. Dan loved the thrill of the rendezvous, and Lucas made sure to stand out with a harder cock than Mark and much better cock sucking.

Lucas lay along his back moaning as Dan went to work on his cock, sucking passionately and moaning as Lucas looked down groaning. Dan turned lying on his stomach as Lucas slid over propping Dan's tight butt and sliding his cock in to him. Dan grunted moaning loudly and lowered his head in to the bed submitting to the rush as Lucas whispered dirty talk in to his ears sliding his cock in and out of him with a thrust that made his blood rush, and a hard member that was new to even him. Before long they submitted to the humping as the bed rocked speedily and Lucas pounded on Dan from under the covers.

Dan lay submitting to his excellent humping from behind relinquishing control to him and moaned loudly as Lucas pounded on him with a passionate pant. He stopped for a moment kissing Dan's shoulder and they met lips rubbing tongues. Lucas began again pounding Dan fast and hard as Dan groaned grunting in arousal, taking all of his passion happily and letting the day go away.

Later that afternoon, Lucas accomplished what he usually did in the prison. He established his dominance and fucked Dan so well Dan was putty in his hands. Dan lat along his chest in an exhausted gaze as Lucas cuddled next to him, almost soaking in his new prize. Dan didn't mind the fuck buddy since Lucas was the best he'd had in a while, and the fear gave in to an amazing encounter Lucas made sure to re-live with him one more time that afternoon before Dan went home.

Mark returned from work none the wiser, but Dan could do nothing but think about Lucas. That night as Mark slept, Dan began re-arranging his schedule for the next year to fit in his appointments with his new partner. He knew he could squeeze him. Lucas pretty much insisted he do so. Dan didn't mind; the prospect of being the submissive for once made him giddy as he dozed off watching Lucas's window from their room. Lucas promised more mind-blowing pool antics he hoped would come soon.

Written by: CrimsonClown

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