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Wife Captivated

by Gamma_Unchained©

Jim and Chloe Markson had been married for five years. On their anniversary, they decided they would go stay up in the woods for a week or so without communication with the outside world.

The two were very much in love. Jim had been planning this vacations for months and the two of them couldn't wait to go. They both got time off from work and headed towards the woods.

Chloe, 29, was a sexy blond with 36C tits. Her hourglass figure was only accentuated by her tight ass. She stood about 5'6" and her deep blue eyes have her an alluring quality.

Jim was a good-looking man. He stood about 6'3" and had short, black hair. He was quite muscular, as he frequented the gym in his spare time.

The two always got along famously, so desperately in love with one another, and they were excited that they could get a weekend alone with each other. As they started driving off, Chloe just could not help but feel horny. She smirked and bent over, her face in her husband's crotch. She loved doing this to him. The sexy wife pulled out his cock and started to lick it. Chloe loved the taste of a man's cock, especially her husband's. She engulfed him in her mouth and started sucking him. The drivers alongside the couple were getting an eyeful, and a few would take pictures with their phones.

As they approached the entrance, Jim came inside his wife's mouth. She sat up and cleaned up quickly. They finally got to the opening to the woods. No one was near or around them. They had parked the car back at the main cabin. The two opened the door to their cabin for the week and threw their bags inside. Jim smiled and kissed his wife.

"I'm going to go get some firewood and then you and I are going to have some fun."

He winked at her and headed out the door.

As he returned, he noticed the chimney was already filled with smoke.

"There must have been done extra firewood..."

He opened the front door and walked in. He turned to his right and saw his wife tied-up, on the couch. Just as he was about to help her, two sets of arms grabbed him and before he knew it, he was gagged and tied to a chair on the opposite side of the cabin. One of the men untied Chloe and ungagged her.

"Do as we say, and your husband over here doesn't get hurt."

He demanded, as his partner held a gun to Jim's head. Chloe nodded, terrified of what was going on. Both men were tall, old, woodsmen. They appeared to be in the mid-fifties, early sixties.

"Since you're on our property, that makes you our property. Let's lay down some rules. First, you will refer to both of us as 'master'. Second, we can call you whatever you want and you must respond. Third, and most important, you belong to us, now. You will love us and worship us. Is all of that clear?"

He looked expected lot at Chloe.

"Yes.... master."

"Good. Now, remove all of your clothes, bitch."

The other man, holding the gun, commanded. Chloe had no choice. Jim tried to protest, but it did not work. Chloe striped completely and bared her naked beauty to her captors. Her blond hair flowed down in front of her breasts. Her shaved pussy was prey for their hungry eyes.

"Now, little whore, it's time to take a real dick. Come and suck off your new master."

"No... Please don't make me!"

She heard a smack and turned around. The other man had punched Jim in the face.

"Next time, he'll use the gun. Now, my dear..."

"...Yes... Master..."

She walked over to him and knelt down in front of him. She could see the thick cock pressing against his jeans. She reluctantly unzipped his pants and his dick came springing out. Chloe let out an audible gasp.

"It's so big!"

She thought aloud, speaking with fascination and adoration.

"That's right, my pet. Now, pleasure your master."

She knew what to do. She wa a pro at cocksucking. The blond wife licked the shaft a few times before popping it into her mouth. Then, she went to work sucking on it. She tried her best to deepthroat the prick in her mouth, each thrust becoming easier than the one before.

"Look at this whore go!"

The man put his hand on Chloe's head. She hated being called a whore, but she knew that the quicker she finished, the quicker they'd be done and leave. She had to admit, though, that she was starting to get turned on. She was also enamored by the cock in her mouth. It was thicker and longer than her husbad's already large cock. She wondered what it'd feel like inside of her. The ecstasy began to flood her mind as she daydreame and subconsciously sucked his cock.

Without warning, he slammed her head into his crotch and came inside of her mouth. She dare not let any of it drop, so she swallowed all of his cum.

"That's a good bitch. Keep her well-trained, eh? Hey, Mike, come try this girl's mouth! She's amazing! I'm gonna take her little pussy!"

Jim screamed through his gag. He had just witnessed his wife suck off a complete stranger and seemingly like it. Now, she was about to get banged from both ends.

Both men stripped their clothes off and stood before Chloe, who looked like a dear in headlights. These men were huge and she was about to get fucked like a whore. They grabbed her arms and legs and she struggled her hardest to break free. However, they were much stronger and managed to force her down. Mike, the one who had been holding the gun, shoved his cock right into Chloe's mouth. At the same time, the other man, Bill, shoved his large cock into her pussy. She wanted to scream, part in pain, and part in pleasure, but Mike's cock muffled her screams.

Mike's dick was thicker, but shorter. It tasted surprisingly good to her. She licked and slurped it, trying to make it cum for her. She needed it now. She had been horny ever since they started and now, she was being overtaken by lust.

Bill kept slamming her pussy, making her tits bounce and sway. She loved how it felt. It was much better than her husband's, even though she'd never admit it. She began to buck her hips along with his. Chloe was in a haze of pure bliss. She longed to satisfy both men, hoping they would keep taking her like they were. She could feel her own orgasm building and her body was begging for sweet release.

Mike pulled out of her mouth and stroked his cock, about to cum on her perfect face. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, excitedly and expectantly.

"Yes! Give it to me! Cum on your slave!"

Jim could not believe his ears. His wife was giving in to these men completely. His own wife was willingly betraying their marriage for sex.

Mike came on her face, moaning and grunted. She licked up as much as she could. Bill was about ready to cum, but he wanted to fully degrade and own this woman. He stopped with his cock still inside of her.

"Beg me to cum inside of you."

"I'm your whore! Please cum inside of me! I need it!"

"Tell me I'm better than your husband."

"No, please don't make me-"

He pulled out of her.

"Okay! I'm sorry, honey! You're better than my husband! I love your cock! I worship it! Take your slave!"

Satisfied, Bill slammed back into her, pounding her pussy hard and fast. Soon, he came inside of her. They both moaned and groaned together.

"Do you want to be our slave? Do you want to be our little, personal whore and let us use you whenever we want?"

Bill asked, getting up and staring down at the cum-soaked Chloe. She looked back up at him.

"Yes, master! Chloe loves her masters!"

"Then remove your wedding ring and kiss my cock. Clean it off and seal the deal."

To Jim's horror, without hesitation, Chloe, with lust-filled eyes threw off her ring began licking and kissing Bill's cock. It was the only thing that matter right now. She wanted so desperately to please her masters. Her husband was gone from her mind completely.

Jim finally gave up struggling and let himself fall asleep. The last thing he heard was his wife telling her captors that she loved them, followed by another fuck.

When he awoke, he was in the main cabin. He the last at the front desk what happened and she said that a few hikers found him and his luggage lying in the forest. They grabbed him an his stuff and rushed him here to get him help.

He looked around, confused, and asked where his wife was. The lady looked confused. She told him that he was alone.

"Besides, you don't even have a ring. But I could fix that."

She winked at him. Even more confused, he looked at his hand and saw that there was no ring. He went to the couch and sat down with his head in his hands. The last thing he remembered was fuzzy. He saw his wife getting raped and then— he couldn't remember.

The door opened and in walked two men, one of them was holding a leash. Behind them, a beautiful, naked woman walked in. It was his wife! Those were the men! Jim ran up to them.

"Give me my wife back!"

He demanded.

"We're sorry, sir. You must be mistaken. This is our slave, Chloe."

The blond perked up at her name. She looked over and saw Jim. She wanted to speak up, but her masters had not told her to speak yet. Her life goal was to please them.

Jim pleaded with his wife to come back, but she remains oblivious to his pleas.

"Fine. To prove it to you, Chloe, dear, tell us about yourself."

She knew what to say. Her masters had instructed her on this.

"I am Chloe Johnson, slave to the Johnson Brothers. I belong solely to them and yearn to please them."

Mike patted her head.

"That's a good girl. So, as you can see, this is not your wife. Now, stop bothering our slave or things could get ugly."

Jim did not know what to do. He pleaded with her one more time and then gave up. His wife was lost. He had nowhere else to go but home. Maybe it was all just a dream. Maybe he had never been married in the first place. He grabbed his stuff and walked out.

Chloe smiled. She had pleased her masters and they promised to reward her when they went back to their cabin. She was extremely blissful as she followed her masters around. Chloe Markson was completely gone. In her place, she had taken the men's last name, as a sign of submission. She was and will forever be Chloe Johnson, the slave.

Written by: Gamma_Unchained

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