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First Time Swing with Friends

by jimjim123©

Authors Note -- This story, whilst based on people I actually know is completely fictional. The characters, however are described exactly as their real life counterparts. So if you are looking for a story describing model like characters then this won't be for you. If however, like me, you prefer characters that resemble real life, deficiencies and all, then hopefully you will enjoy this. As ever I would appreciate any feedback you can give to improve my future stories.


I watched silently as Sarah hesitantly reached out, her fingers lightly tracing along the length of my engorged cock through my skin hugging jockey shorts. She could clearly see how hard I was; my cock may as well have been naked the way the material of my shorts clung to it tightly. As her fingers slid over me my cock jerked slightly, the confines of my tight underwear preventing anything more.

Sarah looked up at me her innocent face clearly unsure if she should proceed or not.

"Go on Lisa." my wife called out to her from the other side of the room, where she sat next to Sarah's husband on the other sofa. I briefly looked over at my 30 year old wife to see that her large 34E breasts were naked and hanging free allowing Tom to grope them as Claire gently massaged his swollen cock through his underwear. My wife's nipples were swollen standing out hard and firm like little erasers in the middle of her large areola. As my wife shifted slightly giving Sarah's husband easier access to her full breasts, her thighs parted allowing me to she the damp patch spreading across her high cut black lace panties betraying her obvious arousal. Her thighs looked as inviting as always, famed by a sexy pair of lace topped black stockings.

My attention was suddenly dragged back to the inexperienced 25 year old kneeling between my thighs as her fingers suddenly tightened around my shaft. I looked down to see Sarah staring intently at the new cock between her fingers as she slowly and gently started to rub me up and down. She took a deep breath as my cock again jerked from the attention she was giving it and I watched her plump breasts heaving inside her bra as she did so, the soft flesh fighting against the, material and threatening to spill out.

Sarah looked up at me for a second and I smiled down at her trying to encourage her to continue. Taking another deep breath Lisa gripped the waistband of my shorts and gently pulled them down over my hips slowly revealing my naked swollen cock to her eyes. She gasped quietlyas my cock finally sprang free, bouncing up and pointing straight up into the air just inches from her sweet lips. Her mouth opened slightly as she reached out and gently held my naked cock between the fingers of her left hand, my cock instantly jerking at the feel of her soft fingers against my sensitive skin.

Sarah just looked at my cock for a few seconds, her mouth so close to me that I could feel her warm breath washing over my skin. Lisa clearly wanted to remember every detail of what was happening as she gently started to stroke my cock; the only time in her life she had touched anyone other than her husband. I looked over at my wife as I heard Tom let out a deep moan, to see Claire still sitting next to Tom on the couch, but now leaning down at the waist with his hard cock sliding in and out of her warm wet mouth. Both of Tom's hands were now occupied feeling up my wife's sexy full body as one hand groped her large naked tits, with the other groping the soft naked flesh of her full arse. My wife, I noted had removed both her and Tom's underwear so that they were now both completely naked.

I was brought back to watching the young inexperienced brunette between my thighs as I heard another deep intake of breath. I looked down just in time to see Sarah reach out with her tongue to gently lick the underside of my shaft as her left hand continued to gently rub my shaft up and down. The soft wetness of her young tongue sent shivers of excitement through me as she lent further forward using her tongue to lick all round the head of my cock, before finally allowing me to slip in-between her sweet lips and into her mouth.

Sarah had confessed earlier to not enjoying blowjobs and rarely doing it for Tom, but right now she seemed to have forgotten her dislike for it as my cock slid gently in and out of her mouth, her lips wrapping themselves tightly around me, whilst her tongue worked itself delicately around my sensitive head. Her left hand continued stroking my shaft and after a minute I felt her right hesitantly caress my balls before gradually gaining confidence and massaging them carefully.

I could already feel the beginning of my orgasm even though I'd only been in Sarah's mouth for a couple of minutes. I couldn't take my eyes of her beautiful face as my cock slowly slid between her young lips. Combined with the way she was massaging my balls, I knew I wouldn't be able to hold off much longer. Suddenly I heard Tom crying out loudly and I looked up briefly to see my Claire's head rapidly bobbing up and down on his cock as he emptied load after load of cum into my wife's talented mouth. He finally collapsed back onto the couch and Claire lifted her mouth away from his cock satisfied that she had drained him completely dry. I watched as she looked over at me and slowly licked her lips collecting the dribble of Tom's cum that had escaped her mouth and swallowing down as I watched, before swinging her leg over Tom and straddling his face with her wet pussy, puling his mouth into her wet snatch.

I heard Claire moan in pleasure as I returned my attention to Sarah my own orgasm now quickly rising as her soft tongue continued to work its magic on my sensitive cock head which was still sliding in and out of her soft lips. I reached out and gently cupped her face in my right hand encouraging her on, moaning loudly as I did so. Sarah looked up at me and as our eyes met I couldn't hold back any longer; pushing my hips forward ,my cock to slid far deeper into her mouth than she had taken me so far and my orgasm erupted. The pleasure was amazingly intense as I splashed two massive spurts of warm sticky cum into her mouth, Sarah pulled away after the second spurt allowing my cock to slip out from between her soft lips. As she did so my cock jerked upwards and my third spurt of cum splashed over her sweet lips and cheek, before I deposited a fourth spurt over her chin.

As I gently eased her face forwards with my hand Sarah swallowed my cock back into her mouth, my final spurt of cum coating her tongue as she gently massaged my shaft ensuring she sucked the remaining cum from me and into her mouth. Finally as my cock softened, Sarah pulled away from me, my cock slipping from between her lips which were still coated in my warm cum. The glob of cum that had covered her chin suddenly dripped down onto the exposed flesh of her upper breasts as I watched her hesitantly lick my cum from her lips. Sarah smiled at me as her tongue snaked out scooping up the large glob of cum from her cheek and sliding it into her mouth. Then, still looking me in the eye, Sarah lent down and eased her left breast up to her mouth as her tongue snaked out once more to lick the soft flesh of her upper breast clean of my final glob of cum and finally swallowing the whole load down.

I couldn't believe what had just happened; my wife was naked on the couch opposite us having her pussy eaten by her best friends husband, who's cum she had swallowed just a few minutes ago whilst he was groping her large tits. Her best friend meanwhile after earlier in the evening admitting that she had never been with anyone other than her husband had just given me one of the best blowjobs of my life before I emptied my cum in her mouth and over her face and bra covered tits, something I knew she had never let her husband or anyone else ever do!

As these thoughts ran through my head I suddenly realised that my cock was still in Sarah's hand and that despite having just filled her mouth with cum I was already recovering to full hardness as she continued to gently stroke my shaft up and down. Sarah smiled up at me before looking over her shoulder at my wife who had just started moaning loudly. I looked over as well and watched as she ground her soaking wet pussy into Tom's face before tensing her whole body up as a huge orgasm drove though her. Claire body shook uncontrollably for a few moments, before she collapsed down onto the sofa, her chest heaving as she caught her breath.

My 30 year old wife looked incredible sitting there naked, her large 34E tits spread across her body, drooping only slightly after breast feeding two babies and heaving with every deep breath she took. Her pink nipples looked huge standing out proudly from the soft flesh of her breasts, her large areola were raised and pronounced from obvious arousal. Claire soft stomach was inviting, leading to the sparse patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair that sat just above her hot wet twat. Her pussy lips were red and swollen and I could see the insides of her full thighs glistening with her own juices, before the sexy lace tops of her stocking hid flesh of her legs from view.

I suddenly felt Sarah's warm wet mouth engulfing my cock again and I realised I was once again rock hard, the sight of my wife's hot naked body, flushed with arousal from her massive orgasm had me horny and hard again within seconds. I reached out and cupped her chin, causing her to look up at me. "I'd like to see you naked." I said softly as I stared down at her my hard cock still between her lips.

Sarah allowed my cock to slowly slip from her mouth and gently shook her head. "It's ok" I heard my wife call from the other side of the room. "You look amazing honey; Greg is going to be hornier than ever at seeing you naked."

"ok." Was all she said, before slowly moving away and standing up. Looking down at me Lisa reached behind her back and unclasped her black bra with one hand whilst the other held the cups to her tits. As the bra came undone, the straps fell away from her shoulder and only her other hand held the bra up obscuring her plump naked tits from my view. Finally after taking a deep breath she allowed her hand to slip away, the bra falling away with it allowing me an un-obscured view of her delicious breasts.

Whilst not as big as my wife's, Sarah's breasts were still a large and plump 36D. Her nipples contrasted starkly with my wife's; being dark and fat, opposed to Claire's long pink nipples. Large dark Areola surrounded her nipples and the soft flesh of her plump tits sagged against her slightly overweight body that was still recovering from delivering and feeding both her kids. You might think I was a bit disappointed and Sarah had clearly thought her body would turn me off once she released it from the confines of her lingerie, but right there she looked so incredibly sexy I couldn't resist reaching out and gently stroking my cock as I stared at her naked tits.

Encouraged by my reaction Sarah slipped her fingers into the waistband of the high cut black panties she was wearing and eased them over her wide hips and down her full thighs. A full but neatly trimmed patch of dark pubic hair was quickly revealed with her swollen pussy clearly visible and moist from her arousal. She kicked her knickers off and turned slowly giving me a delightful view of her large round ass that I couldn't wait to get hold of. As Sarah turned again to face me she moved to sink back to her knees in front of me, but I grabbed her hand and guided her onto the couch with me.

I quickly eased Sarah over so that she was straddling my lap and sliding my hands over her soft thighs I eased her down until I felt her pubic hairs brushing against my hard cock. Sarah looked at me briefly before allowing me to settle her down, lodging the length of my penis in the folds of warm wet pussy, my head pressing in just the right spot to grind against her engorged clit. She let out a low moan almost as soon as the head of my cock pressed into her clit and I could feel her juices flowing over my shaft as it rubbed into her folds. The feeling was exquisite, her warm pussy covering my shaft and my sensitive head rubbing into her clit almost made me cum right there and it took everything I had to resist.

Once Sarah had relaxed above me I gently encouraged her to slowly grind herself against my cock, rewarding me again with little moans of pleasure as my shaft massaged her pussy. Looked up seeing Sarah's eyes closed as she savoured the feeling of another mans cock against her pussy for the first time in her entire life. Her beautiful tits were just inches from my face and, not being able to resist any longer I reached up and gently caressed the soft skin making sure to keep away from her fat dark nipples. Sarah looked down at me briefly as she felt a man other than husband touch her breasts for the first time. I looked her in the eyes as I leaned forward and sucked one of her fat dark nipples into my mouth. Sarah moaned loudly as I stimulated her sensitive nipple and at the same time reached my right hand up to roughly grope the her other large soft tits, pinching her nipple between my fingers.

I felt Sarah grind her pussy down onto my cock harder and more intensely and then suddenly without warning her whole body tensed around me and she let out a deep groan of pleasure, her body shaking as the first orgasm of the night rocketed through her young body. I felt her juices pouring over my shaft as she came hard grinding herself into a strange cock for the first ever time, before she collapsed against me her full breasts squashing delightfully against my chest, allowing me to wrap my hands around body to grope her delightful full ass.

As Sarah regained her breath I could see my wife and Tom were having some more fun. Claire had Tom's hard cock between her massive tits and was slowly working it in and out of the soft pillowy folds of her breasts. I nudged Sarah indicating she should turn slightly so she could watch and we both sat their watching our partners as Claire slowly but surely brought Tom towards his second orgasm of the night.

I could feel Sarah's arousal quickly returning as she slowly started rubbing her pussy along the length of my hard cock again, whilst she watched her husband cock sliding between my wife's 34E tits. It wasn't long before Claire had Tom at the edge and after letting out a loud cry his orgasm hit and we watched as his cock jerked between my wife's breasts coating my wife in his cum, before he collapsed back into the couch exhausted. After quickly sucking Tom's cock into her mouth to make sure she had all of his cum, Claire slowly stood up and walked over to where we were sitting, Sarah still slowly grinding her hot wet naked pussy along my hard shaft.

Claire knelt besides us and with a naughty grin wiped up a glob of Tom's cum from the pale flesh of her left tit, offering it to Sarah, who after a brief hesitation leaned forward and licked her husbands cum from my wife's finger. Claire then did something that shocked me, probably more than it should have done since her best friends was grinding her naked body against me at the time. Claire lifted her left tit and offered her cum covered nipple to her best friend. Sarah looked nervous for a second, but my wife simply slid her hand behind Sarah's head and slowly eased her towards her cum covered tit. I watched in stunned awe as Sarah's tongue slid out and slowly licked a glob of cum from my wife's breast and then slowly kissed and licked the rest of the cum up, before gently sucking Claire's hard pink nipple into her mouth.

Claire groaned in pleasure as her best friend sucked her nipple, my hand quickly finding its way between her thighs and fingering her soaking wet pussy. After a minute Sarah pulled away and then gently reached out a hand and lifted Claire's other breast to her mouth to repeat the process licking and sucking it clean before gently sucking Claire's nipple. By now Sarah was grinding her pussy roughly into my cock again and I could feel not just my own but her orgasm building again as well.

My wife looked at me and leaned forward gently kissing me, before pulling away again and sliding a hand down Sarah's pillowy stomach and between her legs. We looked each other in the eyes as I felt my wife's hand wrap itself around the head of my cock and as Sarah rocked forward on me Claire suddenly pulled up on me and my cock buried itself into Sarah's soaking wet pussy. I almost came right there and then as I felt her hot wet twat wrap itself around me, having to stretch itself to accommodate the extra size of my cock, as my entire length was buried deep inside her inexperienced pussy. Sarah cried out loudly as I entered her unexpectedly, feeling a cock other than her husbands invading her pussy for the first time.

She opened her eyes and looked at us both, before leaning and kissing me sensuously, her tongue slipping into my mouth and massaging mine as she slowly started to ride my cock, lifting herself up and then burying me back as deep inside of her as she could. Claire pulled us apart and for a moment I thought she was going to be mad at us for kissing, which had been one of the few rules we'd made when we started! But my wife just smiled and leaned into her best friend, their lips entwining together is a lust filled kiss, their mouths opening to allow their tongues to caress together as Sarah continued to ride me harder and faster. As they kissed I felt my wife's hand start to work her friend's pussy and Sarah moaned loudly into Claire's mouth as my wife's fingers found her sensitive clit, starting to reach a climax of her own.

My own hand continued to work my wife's pussy and I soon felt her starting to reach a climax. Sarah hands were now freely groping my wife's large dangling tits as they continued to make out and Claire and I quickly moved our spare hands up to grope Sarah full sagging tits, pinching and pulling her dark gat nipples.

My wife was the first to cum, she broke away from kissing her best friend and leaned back her whole body tensing up. Sarah instantly leaned down and sucked one of Claire's pink nipples into her mouth sending my wife right over the edge. Her whole body shook as a massive orgasm rocked through her, causing her to almost scream out loud, I felt her pussy gushing juices all over my hand as my fingers slowly eased their assault on her pussy, before she finally relaxed coming down from the high of her orgasm.

Smiling at us both Claire told Sarah to make me cum and her best friend quickly did just that leaning forward to push her soft tits and fat nipples into my face she quickly picked up the pace fucking my cock for all she was worth and within seconds I couldn't hold off any longer. Roughly grabbing her ass in one hand and a fist full of tit in the other I cried out driving my naked cock as deep into her twat as I could and exploded spurting wave after wave of hot cum inside her unprotected twat. As I drove into her Sarah also went over the edge and her pussy suddenly contracted around my cock squeezing me tightly as she exploded with her own orgasm, milking every last drop of cum from my cock before collapsing onto me for a second time.

The three of us lay there for a few minutes arms round each other, two large pairs of tits squashed against me and my shrinking cock still buried deep inside Sarah's pussy. Eventually we were brought out of our stupor by the sound of Tom snoring on the other couch, he'd apparently fallen asleep and seemed to have no idea that the three of us had conspired to break the only two rules we'd set at the start of the evening. No kissing and no penetration!

Written by: jimjim123

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