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Hawaiian Vacation Ch. 05

by Rothgar©

Never in our lives have Talia or I experienced anything like what we're doing now. Standing waist deep in the warm water of the lagoon, naked under the Hawaiian sun, and sharing this beautiful beach with other equally naked and horny people, we feel an eroticism that is overwhelming. Talia's slender body glistens with water droplets as she repeatedly dunks herself, rinsing the sweat and sand off her skin. She falls backward and does a few backstrokes, her stiff nipples pointing up to the sky. She never swims too far away and always returns to be close to me. Her face wears a radiant and contented smile and her eyes never leave me as I dip handfuls of water up and over my chest and shoulders to cool myself.

Now standing a couple of feet in front of me, Talia looks down and sees my soft penis and balls through the crystal, clear water. The relaxed waves and currents play over my genitals, gently pushing them one direction, then pulling them another, providing me a most pleasant sensation.

Talia smiles and says, "They look like one of those sea anemones or something, waving around in the currents."

I look down at my cock and balls floating weightlessly just below the surface and feign indignation.

"Sea anemone? You could at least compare it to and eel or even a tube fish. At least they have bones!"

Tally falls into my arms giggling, and I hold her tightly and kiss her happy face. I run my hands over her wet, bare flesh and we kiss tenderly.

Deciding to walk along the water's edge of the lagoon, we stroll slowly knee-deep in the warm water, the white sand soft beneath our feet, each with an arm around the other and the hot sun and warm winds drying our wet skin. The lagoon cuts deeply into the beach and ends at the base of a steep lava cliff. Bare lava rocks extend outward into the water like a stone wall protecting the lagoon from the rough ocean waves. Here and there we see a few people walking, climbing or sitting along this lava jetty. Everyone we see is completely naked. Looking back at the beach, we see even more naked people. Most are simply sitting or lying on their beach towels soaking up the sun or picnicking. But looking more closely, some can be seen openly having sex, with a partner, partners, or alone.

My partner and I have quickly adjusted to the erotically charged surroundings and have lost all feelings of embarrassment and shyness. We look unashamedly at other naked people, even when those naked people are engaged in some intimate lustful act. We pass within a dozen feet of a young Asian couple, who don't notice us at all. The girl, who is tiny yet very shapely, is having successive orgasms as she rides her partner in "reverse cowgirl" position. She smoothly slides her pussy up and down the hard cock beneath her. She whimpers and whines in passion with her eyes tightly shut as one orgasm subsides and another one begins. The young man also has his eyes clenched shut as the multi-orgasmic pussy dances on his prick. The girl cums four times in the time it takes us to walk past.

Talia chuckles and points to a large solitary boulder in the middle of the lagoon. It rises a good ten feet out of the calm water. At it's summit stands an equally solitary man brazenly pumping his stiff cock for all to see. As we get closer we can hear him singing in the Hawaiian language. It seems like some kind of solemn ritual. A solemn masturbation ritual?

Talia and I pause to observe. The man stands facing the open ocean as he expertly masturbates his engorged penis. For several more minutes his chant-like song builds in intensity and volume and just as it reaches its climax, so does he. The final tortured note is repeated as he holds his spurting cock, waving it around, splashing his cum in all directions. I feel Talia squeeze my hand in response to seeing the thick streams of semen squirting from the man's cock.

"That was beautiful," Talia whispers sincerely.

I'm thinking it certainly was erotic. And I try imagining what it would feel like to be in that man's place, standing high on a stone pedestal for any and all to see, fucking my erection with my hand and releasing my sperm in a torrential ejaculation.

As if reading my mind, Talia leans close, her left breast nuzzling my arm, kisses me on the cheek and whispers, "Let's find a pretty place of our own and let me make you cum like that."

Having cum twice already since we'd arrived at the beach, I'm pleased to feel a rush of blood to my penis in response to Talia's words. It swells slightly, but not so slightly that the naked girl by my side doesn't notice. We continue walking along the water's edge toward the cliff, my slowly hardening cock wagging to-and-fro in front of me. The stiffer it gets, the bigger Talia's smile becomes.

Eventually we arrive at the most inland reaches of the lagoon at the base of a cliff. Actually, we find it's the base of two cliffs, between which is a deeply cut valley lush with tall trees and tropical vegetation. Down the middle runs a stream, which empties into the lagoon. Standing at the mouth, we look upstream almost like looking into a cave, the jungle-like plants being so thick that they form a dense canopy. As our eyes adjust from bright sun to deep shade we see small waterfalls and pools formed by large boulders and the stream slows and widens as it nears the sea. A lush, green grotto stretches in front of us and here and there we see naked people sitting on the rocks, laying on carpets of moss, walking the paths and soaking in the clear pools enjoying this paradise.

I take Talia's hand in mine and we enter the green grotto, walking ankle-deep up the stream bed and climbing rocks as we move deeper and deeper into this Garden of Eden. However, we are not the only Adam & Eve in this Eden. We pass any number of them, many of whom are engaged in all manner of "sinful" acts. The walls of the two cliffs on either side capture and hold the sound of everything in the grotto, the water, the birds and the people, and acoustically magnify everything. Every whisper, every sigh, every moan of passion, and gasp of ecstasy no matter how distant seems as if it's near you. The air is filled with a chorus of erotic music wordlessly sung in breaths and murmurs and blissful exclamations of ecstasy, the echoes hanging suspended about the ears like an invisible mist.

I sit myself down on the rock ledge of the little waterfall that's emptying into the pool of water we occupy, my legs dangling over the side. The water hits me in the small of the back before diverting around my body. It flows over and around my thighs creating a turbulence that gently buffets my testicles around in their loose sac. Above them stands my stiff member, proudly holding it's mushroom head high out of the water. Like a woman with a mission, Talia deliberately climbs out of the water in front of me, straddles my legs and squats down. In one graceful movement, she reaches between us to grasp my cock and guide it into her pussy and settles down on my lap completely impaled on my erection.

We both breathe an involuntary lustful moan, Talia feeling my hardness inside her, and me experiencing her satiny heat engulfing my hard prick. I hold onto her sides to steady her body, which has already started rocking and swaying and I rub my thumbs up and down along her ribcage as if her whole body was an extension of my cock and I'm masturbating it. Talia wraps her legs around my body pulling and locking her crotch against mine. I feel her inner walls squeezing my rigid penis as she hunches herself on me trying to pull me in deeper.

My hot, horny girl is again in one of her ecstatic trance-like states, totally absorbed by her sexual needs and desires. Her entire being is awash with erotic sensations; my cock embedded inside her, my hands touching her skin, the water rushing around us, and the sounds of others experiencing their own sexual ecstasy so close-by.

I'm maintaining control of myself quite well. Having already cum twice today, I'm quite happy to let my sweetheart pleasure herself on my cock for as long as she wants. Talia's sighing and moaning starts becoming more intense and erratic. From experience, I know this is a sign that an orgasm is building inside her. She can no longer speak even a single coherent word as she sways to and fro in front of me. Her gasps become more and more urgent as she climbs higher and higher. She has almost no control of her body and I think if I were not steadying her with my hands, she might lose her balance and fall off of me.

As she nears her climax, I wrap both arms around her and lift her up and quickly pull her back down onto my cock. Again and again I lift her up and down, fucking her pussy, fucking her whole body on my stiff prick.

Talia's sexy body trembles as her orgasm reaches its peak. Every muscle is tensed as she clings to me tightly and rides me through her ecstasy. Her pussy ripples over my cock squeezing and pulsing along its length and a sound of joyous, passionate release escapes her throat and echoes through the trees. I laugh to myself thinking that everyone in the grotto must know that my darling Talia is cumming.

Resting her limp body against mine, Talia begins to calm down. She's a bit groggy as she sits up and looks into my eyes. I lean toward her and kiss her lips and my cock throbs. Suddenly, she looks startled as she realizes she still has my steely-hard prick sticking up inside her. She starts squeezing it rhythmically with her pussy muscles and her eyes again begin glazing over. Her eyes soon flutter shut as she continues her vaginal penis massage, and I can see she's well on her way to a second cumming.

Talia is like a rag doll on my lap and I hold her upright with my hands and watch her chest heave with deep breaths. The only muscles in her body she seems to have any control over are in her pussy. Her vaginal walls cling tightly to my shaft and rhythmically contract up and down its length. I watch her breasts move and jiggle slightly before my eyes. The nipples are dark brown and are standing firm and erect.

Leaning my head forward, I gently kiss each rigid nipple in turn. Talia's body jerks suddenly with each touch of my lips to her sensitive nibs. I slide her forward and back on my lap with my hands on her hips and my hard bone fully inside her. I draw one nipple into my mouth and lovingly lave it with my tongue. It feels amazingly hard as I swipe my tongue over and around it and my lips tenderly suckle her tit flesh. Talia's hands cradle and caress my head urging me to continue sucking her breasts.

Her breathing increases in urgency and intensifies into a fervid moan as she desperately chases another orgasm. Suddenly my prick is awash in her searing juices as her vagina clamps tightly around it. Talia throws her head back and declares her orgasm to all with an open-throated wail of blissful release. My hungry mouth swaps one nipple for the other, which seems to prolong Talia's climax or trigger another. Her pussy sucks at my cock and I suddenly feel an urge to cum myself. But I fight to stave it off, wishing for now to only delight in the over stimulated body of my darling Talia.

Her orgasm subsides and she slides back along my thighs. My cock slips free of her and pops up stiff and hard between us. She wraps both hands around it and squeezes it firmly feeling her own warm, slick wetness along its length. The swollen head extends beyond her grasp and she points it at her tummy and delicately brushes it against her skin. Talia leans in and our lips meet. As we kiss, her fingers knead my shaft and trace my cock head around the rim of her navel.

"I want to suck your beautiful cock," she whispers. "I want to make you cum with my mouth."

With that, Talia slides backwards off my lap and stands between my spread legs. The elevation of the rocks I'm sitting on has my cock and balls almost at the level of Talia's breasts. Still holding my throbbing member in her hand, she bends it forward and rubs it's stiffness over her tits. I lean back on my hands and watch the erotic show. After a couple minutes of this exquisite teasing, Talia looks straight into my eyes.

"I need to suck you now."

She leans forward and completely engulfs my cock with her mouth. Her lips close around the root, her cheeks collapse along the shaft and her hot, wet tongue lovingly caresses the underside. It's my turn to throw my head back and gasp loudly for all to hear. Talia huffs and puffs with her mouth full of my hard penis and her fingers play over my dangling ball sac. I know that I can't last much longer. My hips jerk in anticipation of my rising climax.

"Talia," I manage to say, "You're making me cum."

She lifts her eyes to mine as her mouth continues to suck my cock and she moans in affirmation. A rush of semen fills my cock and bursts out into Talia's mouth. A second blast is quickly followed by a third. I feel Talia swallow some but her mouth is still full and she pulls off my spurting prick and pumps it with her hand, aiming it at her tits. She swallows what cum she can but some drips off her lips and chin and onto her chest adding to the cum I'm squirting on her. Her nipples look as though they are covered with white icing. My cock finishes discharging its load and Talia's gentle fingers coax out the last drops. My cum is dripping off her nips and slowly running between her breasts and trickling down her belly.

Talia runs her fingers over her breasts, through the creamy coating I've deposited there. I watch her as I regain my breath. Never before have I felt so totally drained and completely satisfied. My sexy girl stands in front of me playing with my cum on her body. She looks up at me and squeezes her gooey breasts with her hands and pinching her nipples. Her eyes flutter and her body trembles and she glides her right hand down her torso, over her sperm-glossed tummy to her pussy and starts fingering her clitoris. Still holding her left breast in her hand and rubbing her pussy with her right, she quickly achieves orgasm once more. Her sweet body shakes and her knees nearly buckle and she cums and cums before my delighted eyes. I enjoy the show and smile lovingly at her as she rides her orgasm to completion.

It's several minute later that we both feel somewhat recovered from our lovemaking. I jump down into the pool and take Talia in my arms and hold her tenderly. We move under a nearby waterfall and wash ourselves and each other in the sparkling, clear water. Soon, we too are sparkling clean. Talia says she would like to lie in the sun and maybe take a nap. I agree and we climb out of the water and start making our way downstream toward the beach.

Once we return to our spot on the beach, we rub each other with sunscreen and lie down on our blanket for a naked nap. Talia's nipples are still hard and pointing towards the blue Hawaiian sky, my cock and balls are hanging between my spread thighs taking a well-deserved rest.

We hold hands and drift off to sleep.

Written by: Rothgar

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