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by juxtarose©

The day the attack happened, everyone was in shock. How could 90% of the population have been eradicated all at once? How could they have struck the planet with such brutal efficiency? They were supposed to be their friends. The government officials were quick to respond and managed to get their sister-planet to stop attacking their world after about eighteen hours of debating, negotiation and politics

The first few months after the attack everything was in chaos. The strike was very well planned and very little loss of property happened, but the loss of life was immense. For the moment they were safe, but the planet did not have a high enough population to run cities. After just a very short while, the ruling began that all methods of birth control would be outlawed, abortions would not be available, and that the impregnation squads were to begin recruiting immediately so they could deploy and repopulate the planet.

Every woman was required to identify themselves with a permanently imbedded wrist band. The bands were designed to identify with an easy color coding to ensure the quickest impregnation possible for each woman. Cream meant fertilization was impossible because they were either too young or old. Pink meant the womb was fertile and would accept seed at any time. Red meant the womb was resetting during menstruation, and Purple meant the woman had been successfully bred.

Martin was a new recruit and was looking forward to his first shift as one of the impregnation squad. Since he was a new recruit, he was on the fertilization front rather than on security. Only those who seemed to have problems impregnating women would end up on security, as the impregnation front was much much funner.

The security officers controlled the gates to ensure no other family members tried to come through the impregnation area, or that any riots began. They wore full body armor and were armed to the teeth with several guns, multiple storage pockets for ammo, a baton and a sword sheathed at their side.

The fertilization front however did not mean that their job wasn't as risky as the security officers. They wore only a black t-shirt and black pants with a black belt and black shoes. But if any of the women past the gate put up any sort of a struggle, it was their duty to subdue the women without hurting them using only handcuffs issued to each of the fertilizers. He was told it was hit or miss as to whether any particular grouping of women would put up more of a struggle than another, but he was kind of hoping he would get the opportunity to subdue at least one on his first day. The thought to him turned him on immensely.

Martin took his paperwork to his senior officer to show that he was a very fertile young man so that he would be able to begin his first day on the job. With a short nod his superior sent him on the bus and after an hour they were in the city they were going to handle for the day. He pushed aside his secret hope of having to take down a woman as he assisted with the lining up of the pads and setting up with the confirmation tables that the doctors used to confirm the status of the fertility bands on each of the women.

He lined up where he was ordered and waited for the women to come in. As they were filtered through the doctor's exam stations, he noticed with a look of remorse that some were turned away with either red, purple or cream bands, but the majority were directed through to the lockers and then the pads. After about thirty minutes of women coming in through the front gates to either be filed inside the city square or turned away, one woman began screaming as she was filtered inside.

Immediately his senior officer directed him to assist with forcing the woman to comply and he sprang into action.

"NO! I Don't want you to! You can't make me!" The woman screamed as Martin grabbed the woman by the waist and began to haul her over to the lockers and pinned her there with his body as he reached back to grab one of the sets of handcuffs on his standard issue uniform. She struggled against him the whole time and the force he held over her went straight to his groin. He managed to grab one of her hands and slip a cuff on, securing the other restraint to a bolt just on top of the waist high locker.

"NO!" She shrieked as he let up some of the pressure on her back as he pulled out the other restraint and forced her second arm above her head securing it in place.

He caught his breath for a moment as he stepped back and admired her form bent over the lockers. He wished he could simply pull her skirt up over her face and push her panties aside to fuck her right then and there, but that would be against protocol. With a sigh he simply reached for her zipper on her skirt and then guided them gently down to the floor, forcing one of her legs up and then back down as he guided the skirt under her foot, then reaping the action with her second. He handed the skirt to one of the assistants who folded it neatly and stuck it in a locker.

"You sick son of a bitch! I'll kill you for this!" The woman bellowed as he reached now for her blouse and unbuttoned all of the clasps on the back that held it closed.

"How dare you you motherfucker!" she screamed as he lifted one arm of the skirt up to the cuff above her head. He repeated the action with her other arm as well, then reached down and slid her panties to her ankles, forcing her feet up one at a time so he could hand those too to the assistant.

"Hush now dear." the elderly matron said as she folded the panties neatly too and stuck them in a locker. "You must do your duty my dear, for the planet. The less you struggle the easier it will be." The graying woman patted the back of the woman's head gently brushing back on her curly brown hair.

"Fuck you you stupid old two bit whore!" she spat with venom at her elder.

"Honestly now my dear, you really are being unreasonable about this whole thing."

Martin just smirked as the young woman actually spit at the dressing assistant. She could be as feisty as she wanted for all he cared, that would make it more enjoyable for him. The old woman stood up straight again and patted martin on the shoulder.

"You teach her a lesson, you hear me sonny?"

"Yes ma'am. I plan to." was all he replied as he unsnapped the fasten on her bra and pushed it back up past her hands onto the cuffs. Just then the young woman tried to kick him but missed instead managing to lose her balance and crush one of her hips against the side of the locker as she cried out in pain.

He quickly lifted her into a more comfortable position and settled her feet back down on the ground as he gently rubbed her hip where it was beginning to bruise.

"What's your name?" he asked as he tried to alleviate her pain by rubbing the bruise.

"Fuck you." was all she spat.

"That's a stupid name. My name is Martin. Are you sure you don't want to tell me yours?"

"Fuck you Martin."

"I plan to yes thank you for the offer." He smirked as she scowled at him and he reached up and removed one of the cuffs from the holder, sliding the clothing past as he did so. He pulled her free arm behind her back and held it there so she was still unable to move as he removed the other cuff entirely and secured it to the other behind her back.

"Since I am going to be taking you up on that offer, I'd like to know what name to yell out in bliss as I unload my sperm inside you." With that he pulled on her arms and hauled her into a standing position again, pushing out her breasts in front just slightly as he held her arms in place with his hand on the cuffs.

At this point all she could manage was a slight choked sob.

"You really are beautiful" He said as he reached up with his free hand and gently pinched one of her nipples. "A Baby would really enjoy sucking on that tit. Are you sure I can't know what the name of my future child's mother is?"

"I'm going to puke" she blurted as she made a gagging sound and he let up on some of the pressure allowing her to bend over just slightly and breathe freely.

"I can see you are really wound up about this." he said as she bent over sharply as she dry heaved a few times.

"No shit asshole" she blurted between heaves. Nothing came up but her body was having the reaction to stress anyway. She sank to the ground slowly and he sank with her, not letting up on his grip on the cuffs behind her back.

"What's your name sweetheart?" He asked again as the assistant began to pull her hair back in a ponytail to keep it out of her face. There was no answer for a long time as he gently ran his hand in a circle on her back. Slowly she sat back up and glared at them both. The assistant gave her a glass of water which she sipped slowly. Eventually with him glaring back at her she relented.

"Justine." was all she said. And with that he guided her back to standing and began the walk over to the pads.

"Have you had anyone try to fertilize you before?" he asked as he reached to the handcuffs and undid them to slide them into the holes to lock for her hands.

"You mean have I been fucked?" She spat at him as he locked her second hand into place. He simply made eye contact and nodded once at her. "No." she admitted as she looked away.

"So you are a virgin?"

"Yes" she choked again as she began to out and out sob now.

Martin's cock began dancing in his pants at the thought of taking her virginity. now the only question was, was it going to be him to mount her today? He looked up and waved his senior officer over.

"Yes Private?" he asked as he came over

"Permission to speak sir?" Martin asked of his senior officer.


"Sir, this girl has told me that this is her first fertilization ever, and I-" he was cut off as his senior officer glared at him.

"And you were hoping you would be able to be the one to take her virginity?" he asked with a cocked eyebrow.

"Yes Sir!" Martin just stood at attention eagerly awaiting the response.

"I'm surprised. Most of the guys on their first day on the job want something nice and easy. You've taken the challenge she has displayed so far quite well." He rubbed his chin for a moment as he pondered the decision. "Go for it Private."

"Thank you sir." Martin said and shook hands with his senior officer for a moment before he turned of to deal with another private a few feet away.

"You son of a bitch." Justine cried out. "I told you I was a virgin and you want to claim it from me. Why aren't you helping me?"

"Because I want to pop your cherry with my cock and bust a nut inside you. It's your job to get knocked up, and it's my job to do it to you." Martin stated matter of factly and she just started to cry again. After a few minutes she began to really pull at her restraints trying to get loose but Martin just watched her, knowing there was no way possible she could get out.

After a few minutes Martin watched as the Lubricator began to make the rounds and watched as Justine's eyes went wide as the small probe was inserted and lubricated. Once the Lubricator was done, he bent closer and inspected his work then walked onto the next.

"So I never asked you yet." Martin began as he first took off his shirt. "When exactly was your last period?"

Justine cried even harder for a moment as she watched him disrobe. "Are you going to answer me?" he asked as he unbuttoned his jeans

She sobbed even louder again, but answered with a strangled "Ten days"

The thought made him even harder and he rubbed himself through his pants in front of her. He debated for a moment, and decided to completely undress in front of her, knowing it would terrify her even more. He smirked as he unzipped his pants and then pulled them to the ground and stepped out of them.

He grabbed himself through his boxers and smiled as her eyes went wide watching what he was doing. Then he grabbed the top of his boxers and pushed those down to the ground too.

"No" Justine cried out and strained against her bonds again "That's too big for me! You can't!"

Martin just smiled as he stroked his ten inch cock slowly a few times and walked back behind her and positioned himself at her opening.

"Please!" She cried out as she felt a small amount of pressure from the head of his cock. "Please don't! NO! You can't!"

"But I can, and I will." He replied as he rubbed his cock across her slit.

"Please no! No! No! Don't!" she cried over and over as he caressed her slit with his cock.

"You know you want me ball deep in your cunt you bitch. You want this more than I do you fucking virgin." He taunted her as he reached up and spread her pussy lips a little with his fingers.

"No!" she kept repeating over and over and over again as he chuckled to himself at her fear.

"Yes." he said as he slowly inserted one finger and laughed audibly as she screamed.

"Take it out! It's too big!" she shook against her restraints and cried louder.

"You don't know too big. That was my finger." he said as he slid his finger back out and rubbed some of the lubrication on the head of his cock.

He positioned himself behind her again and said "You're gonna be gorgeous with a fat pregnant belly with my baby in it." just as he began leaning forward, dipping his head into her opening just slightly.

"No!!! I don't want to!" she cried out just before he grabbed her hips with both hands and ramming himself in full hilt.

She screamed louder than any scream she had let out previously.

"Oww! Stop! Stop! Stop" she bellowed as he pulled out slightly.

She screamed again when he rammed himself in a second time, hitting her cervix. When she let her breath back in she began changing "This isn't happening. This isn't happening. No. No. No!"

He gave her a moment to get used to his girth and then pulled out slightly before ramming it back in with her next cry of "No" once he was fully sheathed in her pussy again she let out another cry of pain.

He had decided right then that he liked the sound of her pain so he pulled out fully, ignoring her protests as he inserted the tip again and then rammed it in her like the first time.

She screamed again, so he did the same again and again until all he was getting was little moans of discomfort from her and then just began thrusting.

He sank his cock into her over and over and over while she cried that she didn't want this to happen, she didn't want a baby, she didn't want his baby, she didn't want her belly to grow, she wanted her virginity back, she wanted her mommy, she wanted to go home.

His pace quickened and thrusts got harder as he got more and more turned on with her cries of pain and displeasure. The more she cried the hornier she got. Eventually he was so hot that he couldn't just thrust anymore, he had to join her with the mantra.

"Yes!" as he thrust in then pulled out slightly. "You Whore." He thrust back in, and slowly out. "Take it all" as he rammed it in and straight into her cervix again, causing her to buck in pain.

He continued fucking her like that for several minutes before he bent over slightly and reached forward for her clit.

"No!" she cried out as he caressed the nub of flesh with his finger. "No!"

"Cum on my cock you little whore." he spat at her as he continued stroking her clit with the rhythm of his thrusts. She kept screaming and crying at him the whole time, feeling she had been being raped for hours. Eventually, even when her body betrayed her and she had an orgasm she kept crying that she did not want this.

With her denial of the pleasure of the orgasm, he kept stroking her clit until she came again. He still did not let up and she came finally a third time. He smirked at her cries of dismay after torturing her through three orgasms, and when his balls began to tighten and his cock began to twitch inside her, he thrusted with wild abandon.

He straightened his back and stopped fingering her clit instead to grab her hips instead, grabbing big meaty handfuls of flesh and squeezing them painfully as he buried his cock inside her with a spasming jerk. Burying himself full hilt in her unwilling pussy, he moaned in ecstasy as his body began to pump his semen inside her. He pushed back just slightly and rammed back in, causing her to cry out in pain again, as he continued to fill her body full of his seed.

"Knocking you up bitch." He said as he continued to squirt inside her over and over with smaller and smaller thrusts as the sensation was just too much for him now.

"Pussy, so, tight" He grunted out as he pushed himself inside her fully and left it there as his cock twitched and began deflating inside her. He stood behind her with his hands full of her flesh for several moments as he came back down from bliss. He slowly began pulling out and releasing his grip on her hips and she cried out in pain as the blood rushed back into where he had gripped.

"Fuck yeah you are a good fuck you stupid whore." he said as he pulled himself completely out of her. He stroked himself lightly as he finished shrinking down.

Justine continued to cry and sob as he watched the blood and cum start leaking down her legs.

The assistant brought him a nice warm wet towel to clean himself with and she cleaned justine slightly too, causing her to wince at the touch.

"Can I go home now?" Justine asked as he looked up to realize it was the old assistant who was cleaning her.

"Oh no dear, we aren't finished yet." Justine looked back in horror at the assistant as she just tottered off to the next girl.

"What?" Justine asked as she pulled against her restraints again, her energy picking up yet again.

"You are going to be held here for a second and maybe third fucking." Martin said as he began to slowly stroke himself back to hard again "At least. I'm banking that I can probably manage to fuck you a fourth time even."

Justine's eyes went wide. "How is that even possible?"

"Viagra is cheaper than in-vitro fertilization bitch." Martin closed his eyes slightly as he started to get hard again. "You see, we are paid to fuck girls pregnant on a regular basis. You don't think we'd just stop at one fucking and let you go to hope for the best do you?"

"But- NO!" Justine stammered as she began to hiccup.

"Sure you might be good and fertile today, that doesn't mean we can risk the chance you might not have gotten enough of my cum inside you to knock you up though." He stroked himself a few more times as his member grew in size as he became fully erect again.

"No!" another hiccup.

"Yes. You WILL be pregnant by the time you go home tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" she sobbed.

"Yeah. Tomorrow, It's already dark, I have a few more fucks left in me before we can let you leave. It'll be tomorrow before you go home."

"What?" she began to gag.

"Don't worry though, you'll be back here next week to make sure you're good and knocked up."

"What?" Justine asked between the sobs, she was shaking now and Martin could hear her gagging. He grinned.

"You stupid or something? You're gonna get knocked up no matter how many times I gotta fuck you. Sarge gave you to me, so each time you come back I'll be the one fucking you. Stupid Bitch." He felt his cock jump as he heard her vomit on the front of the table she was still strapped to.

He stroked himself and watched her as her body shook with heaving again and again. The assistant was there in an instant cleaning Justine's mess and wiping her face. "There, there dearie." and patted her head causing her to begin another bout of dry-heaving. The moment she had completed wiping things down, he positioned himself behind her and shoved himself in again, she choked and coughed first before she began screaming again.

Written by: juxtarose

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