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A Line of Work Ch. 03

by TheTask©

Note: I adapted the poem from a 1706 play called "The Recruiting Officer". By George Farquhar. Though it is originally from that play, many of you may recognize it from a popular movie series that I also quite like. Raisel will be getting some next chapter, promise.


"One last time before you leave the city? Our women are beautiful and varied for all your tastes!" Encouraged a sensual voice that a certain young man could hear out of the corner of his ear. That same man perked his ears at the words and cocked his head towards the voice.

The woman who said this was a beautiful and curvy raven-haired human lass. "Hmmm, why not? I'll be leaving for the High Mountains soon enough. And I doubt there'll be as many women as pretty as you out there, I'm Arvad." Said smooth voice that didn't waver in the slightest during his flirtatious comments. He was fully aware that he was flirting with a prostitute, and an attractive one at that, and did not seem to mind paying for one. He had money to spare, and there was no point in keeping it between trips, at least that was Arvad's policy.

"Splendid, please follow me sir." The raven-haired beauty led Arvad into a nearby brothel, which had prostitutes and clients loitering around alike.

This particular brothel was a popular one, as it was known to have many beautiful women and none of them were all that expensive. In the capital city of Alduin, like most human cities, there were many brothels of all types. Some establishments served the normal sexual encounters, and others catering to the more unique experiences of all types of fetishes and more. Arvad surveyed the establishment, it seemed normal in a sense, as far as normal could be placed to brothels. Lush awnings covered the open sides of the building, each had morning glory draped over the side giving a gardenesque appeal. Audible sounds of ecstatic moans could be heard from the insides.

The raven-haired beauty took Arvad by the hand and pulled him in while also eyeing him seductively. Arvad was one of those people who always fell for this ploy. As long as if he had the money, and if the courtesans made an effort, Arvad would be seduced into paying for one of them, well, one of the pretty ones.

"See any of our fine ladies that strikes your fancy? Sir Knight?" She made a gesture that swept across the entirety of the inside of the building like it was a panorama.

"Ah, I'm not a knight, just Arvad Eversoul." Arvad worked his eyes quite a bit, ogling all of the working women in the establishment that were flirting, deceiving, and toying with the other patrons.

He also took a good look at the woman who led him into this building in the first place: Along with her beautiful, silky raven hair, she had a lithe body that practically begged for sex. She was round in all the right places, but not terribly large, but that also accentuated her slender beauty. Radiant light green eyes rested in her sockets, staring straight back at Arvad. She faked a blush and giggled at Arvad's attention towards her. Arvad raised an eyebrow as if he was performing a complex signal, which the courtesan seemed to understand.

"I'm quite honored Sir Arvad, I'm Kala. And you don't need to be a knight to be called 'sir', don't you?" Then she glanced upwards inquisitively, as if she remembered something.

Arvad Eversoul? Just where did she hear that name before? He couldn't be THAT Arvad Eversoul, that strange mercenary of rumors. It was said that he single handedly wiped out a notorious group of terrorists at the barter's auction several days ago, with a variety of strange weapons.

Kala then took her turn, surveying the handsome, armed man before her. He wore light leather padding, armor only meant for fast speed and lessening the damage when hit, not actual protection. The only weapons she saw on him, was a set of knives along his belt, each with a strange design that she had never seen before on any type of knife. Kala wasn't afraid of Arvad, actually, she was quite awed, in a sense. If this man was the Arvad Eversoul of the rumors... Well, she could brag about this to her friends.

In any case, it was time for work...

Putting on her best seduction face and demeanor, Kala said, "I would be honored to please you to the best of my abilities. May I ask what kind of service you wish?"

"Well, I'm kind of in a hurry, but I've got time. Something quick? I need to get to my charge so I can protect her to the High Mountains." Said Arvad indifferently, though with a slight grin coming out of the side of his mouth.

Whoever this lady was, she was quite lucky, thought Kala. "Well, if I may be bold, I am quite confident of my mouth. This'll be fifty-five meros."

Arvad handed Kala the money as they walked behind a lavish, pink curtain, which Kala closed once both persons were situated inside the cozy alcove.

Kala pushed Arvad onto a cushioned bench, one that was meant for this sort of activity. Kala straddled Arvad, dry humping his groin with her round hips. While on his body, Kala teasingly groped her own breasts which were bound in two straps in a cross formation, leaving her much of her upper body open for prying eyes.

Kala saw a smirking face on Arvad, as he relaxed his arms behind his head in place of a pillow. She could feel Arvad's member stiffening behind the leather under her butt. In a seductive display, Kala lifted her legs off of Arvad, bringing them across his face, revealing her panties underneath as she moved herself down on the same level as his crotch. Pink was Kala's favorite color when it came to her lavish courtesan clothing, her dress was pink, her jewelry generally had a pink stone in them, and her underwear was a darker shade of pink which kept her pussy in a constant state of arousal as it teased her labia.

Daintily, Kala brought her hands over Arvad's covered crotch, teasing the dick through the leather. She bit her lower lip while also giving a dark, yet seductive glare up at Arvad. Her makeup gave a strange, sultry allure that seemed off on Kala, though it still aroused the shaft of the mercenary.

Kala, with help from Arvad, unbuckled the leather around Arvad's groin, leaving his shaft open for anyone to play with. Once free, the dick bounced out, hard from the teasing, and smacked Kala straight on the lips and nose. While she was surprised, Kala improvised and left a delicate kiss on the skin of the member. The kiss left behind a faint dark red mark on the dick.

Kala teased the skin around the shaft with her soft, thin fingers, tracing concentric circles with skill around the balls and shaft. Whenever one of her fingers came into contact with the base of the shaft, it twitched in surprise as if the cock had a mind of its own. Kala brought one hand down to the balls and tickled the sack underneath.

After her fingers were getting tired with the circles, she wrapped that hand around the base, slowly. Every action Kala made was as if time had slowed down, which she did when teasing was maximum priority. She wanted to pleasure Arvad to the best of her abilities, mainly out of a strange reverence for the famous mercenary.

She spat in her hands, slickening her palm and fingers in contact with the shaft. Kala let out a cute smile and licked the head of the shaft with the tip of her tongue, sending a jolt of sensation up to Arvad's tensed brain. Then, after waiting a few moments, Kala finally took action with her hands.

With firm and prompt movements, Kala stroked Arvad's cock with pure intent on giving maximum pleasure. Kala watched Arvad's expression as it turned from a smile into a grimace of pleasurable sensations. She fondled the balls, caressing them in a gentle massage as she continued to stroke the shaft's length. Whenever her hand reached the head, she tweaked it with her thumb, grazing the sensitive points.

Kala continued the forceful strokes with her hand, which was gaining in speed every couple seconds, though eventually, she decided that that was not enough. Bringing her head down, she stuck out her tongue, licking her teeth in a sultry gesture. She swiped her tongue across the head, licking around the sensitive flesh, paying attention to the pleasure points. She curled her tongue, enveloping and wrapping it around the head as continued her stroking with her hand.

Then suddenly, without warning, Kala released her hands, breathed in, joggled her saliva around, puckered her lips, and went down on Arvad's cock. Her luscious, red lips wrapped around Arvad's shaft lewdly, leaving dark red lipstick residue on his shaft each time she went back up.

She removed her ample breasts out of the straps binding them, leaving them to bare to the air. She squeezed them together, having the hard nipples rub together. She teased the balls with the nipples, poking them for added stimulation, rolling the balls around her erect nipples.

Closing her eyes, Kala sucked on Arvad's dick with speed, licking the length of the shaft with her tongue. Abandoning her usual finesse, Kala drew herself into the slutty movements of the more generic whores of the poorer brothels. While it may not be the most attractive way to bring a man to orgasm, it was the quickest way. Kala's logic figured that since Arvad had a limited time, if she made him climax once, and quickly at that, then he would have enough time for more than a blowjob.

Audible sounds of grunts could be heard from Arvad as Kala continued the lustful display. She could feel his shaft pulsing in her mouth, getting slightly bigger as semen filled his shaft. Then in one fell swoop, with a trained mouth; Kala forced her lips all the way down on the thick cock in her mouth.

Kala felt a hand grab the back of her head, pushing her head down on Arvad's member. She gagged slightly, but persevered as she forced the dick hit the back of her throat.

With her only warning a groan from Arvad, Kala felt the cock burst in her mouth, climaxing down her throat. She felt his warm seed fill her throat and enter her stomach, warming her from within. Withdrawing the shaft from her mouth, Kala kept the suction until the very end, cleaning Arvad's member of any semen seeping from the tip.

"Shall we continue, Sir?"

"Eh, I really should get going... But then again, I do like where I'm at right now. Yup! Time for more!" Arvad quipped back.


"I must say... While it is quite the beautiful scenery, it's rather boring to trod along, kilometer after kilometer until he reach the mountains." Complained a young girl who had the visage and demeanor of a lady forcing herself to change from a lavish lifestyle to the tough life of a road traveler.

"Well, milady Raisel. There is plenty to do! You could read a book, we could play a game, maybe even practice some birdcalls? Here, let me show you something, two things actually." Said a hardened mercenary, a mercenary named Arvad Eversoul.

"You've piqued my interest, what might these things be?" Wondered Raisel. She turned her head towards Arvad, whom was leading the pack of three horses. Two horses carried himself and Raisel Tessiol, while the third strongly carried their belongings and necessities.

Arvad pulled out a slender tube, with an odd shape to one of the ends. Raisel looked it over to find that it was a whistle of some sorts. She listened as Arvad played two notes, each for at least four seconds. Raisel stared for awhile longer before opening her mouth, "That's not very interesting..."

"Ah, just wait. It takes a small while, at least thirty something seconds, sometimes less, sometimes more..." Arvad hummed a happy tune as Raisel waited his thirty seconds.

Lo and behold, something did appear around Arvad. Two winged bird like creatures appeared near him, flapping to his shoulders, each perching on a separate shoulder. "Here, let me introduce you to my pets, though I prefer to call them friends."

Arvad gesticulated towards the creature on the right. "This is Horo, he is a member of the Nightshade Owl species. While he is generally an exclusive night creature, he comes out in the day every now and then for food." Like he said, Horo resembled an owl, an owl with feathers as black as night, though with a purple tint. Its beak was sharper and longer than most owls. And its claws were wickedly sharp.

Arvad than positioned his hands toward the other creature, "And this is Ouro, he is a part of the Morningflower Bat species. He is generally a day animal, preferring to eat his fill before the night and sleeping until morning." Unlike most bats, this particular bat had albino fur. Its membranous wings extended outwards in a large arc. Its claws seemed even sharper than Horo. It had a dual set of deadly fangs that resembled rose thorns. Both creatures were deadly animals. "I like to use them every now and then for gathering information, scouting, hunting, messages, and many more. Hell, I've even had them kill a couple people. C'mon Horo; Ouro, say hello to Raisel Tessiol. Protect her from now on along with me."

Arvad raised his arm and pointed it towards Raisel. Both Horo and Ouro flapped towards Raisel and hovered around her head. Raisel was initially surprised and scared, but soon began to giggle under the creature's affectionate attention. Horo rubbed his feathery head against Raisel's cheek, tickling her elongated ear (she's a half-elf for those who didn't know). Ouro butted his head against Raisel's face, even licking her nose playfully.

"They're- They are very affectionate creatures!" Raisel said through her giggles and laughter. She couldn't help but laugh under the attention Horo and Ouro was giving her.

Eventually, the animals left Raisel's side, Horo flew off, most likely after some sleep. Ouro perched itself on the head of the packhorse, grooming its fur.

"Now that I've introduced you to probably my closest friends in this immense world, how about a song?" Said Arvad without a care in his mind. "I like to sing this every now and then while I travel."

Raisel simply nodded her head. She was quite enjoying herself, the time passed for more quickly than it did while she lazed about on the horse.

"Over the Hills and o'er the plains,

Through mountains, forests, and through the rains,

The Aether commands and we'll obey

Over the Hills and far away.

We all shall lead blissful lives

By getting rid of husbands and wives,

That scold and brawl both night and day

Over the Hills and far away.

Over the Hills and o'er the plains,

Through mountains, forests, and through the rains,

The Aether commands and we'll obey

Over the Hills and far away.

Courage lads and lasses, 'tis one to ten,

But we return to be ladies and gentlemen

All gentlemen as well as they,

Over the hills and far away.

Over the Hills and o'er the plains,

Through mountains, forests, and through the rains,

The Aether commands and we'll obey

Over the Hills and far away..."


"Hrm, probably about time to look for a decent place for the night, eh? What's that? Ouro, go check it out." Said Arvad as he squinted at a flickering group of lights off in the distance.

Ouro the Morningflower Bat fluffed and stretched his wings before setting off, silently gliding through the air towards the lights.

The lights themselves were undercover of a shaded part of the forest the duo was now traveling in. This particular forest was known as the Heretic's Forest. Named after a group of outlaws fleeing the forces of the Dominion of Sol, they made their stand in this forest and fought back. The rebels numbered only in the two hundreds, yet they still fought against the Dominion of Sol's force of five thousand. While they still lost, the group managed to eliminate more than three-fourths of the army with an array of traps, strategic spells, and setting loose dangerous animals on the army. The forest borders the Dominion of Sol and the land of Dasinex, thus this is an area of many border clashes. What remained of the army was eliminated by a Dasinex cavalry patrol. It was a quite the embarrassment for the Dominion, and they never spoke of it again. However, in Dasinex, this forest is widely known for their defeat, and in remembrance of those rebels, it was named the Heretic's Forest.

Raisel Tessiol had a decent grasp of geography, and the history behind many landmarks, though she didn't know any of the local rumors about such places and thus she was painfully ignorant of any dangers lurking in this forest. Thankfully Arvad was nearby and he would most undoubtedly protect her. "Do you know what those lights may be?"

"I have a sneaking suspicion. Two of them to be frank. And my hunches won't be confirmed without Ouro's scouting. Here, follow me carefully and quietly. If I am correct, we may be in possible danger, or even the complete opposite of that." Arvad being worried was quite the sight to Raisel. She reluctantly followed his advice and ceased any noises.

Eventually, Ouro returned and perched itself on Arvad's arm, making some sort of noise into his ear. Somehow, Arvad could understand the Morningflower Bat. "Ah, really, Ouro? That's interesting... Ohoh! No shit? Right then, go get something to eat, night will arrive relatively soon."

"You can speak bat?" Deadpanned Raisel.

"Kind of, I can also speak a little owl for when Horo is concerned. In any case, I don't believe we are in danger. At least we won't be if we play our cards correctly."

The two continued towards the lights, which were getting brighter and larger with each step. Audible sounds of grunts and words rung out to Raisel's Elven ears. The words being spoken were wrapped in a deep accent, it sounded gruff and quick.

"May I ask you all to come out from hiding?" Asked Arvad to no one in particular. Though he was in fact speaking to someone as three men and one woman appeared in front of them, jumping from tree branches and moving from behind bushes.

The men and woman wore commoner's clothing, though one of the men wore a suit of mailed armor. None of them had any weapons on their beings, but they each had savage air about them, as if they could rip out throats and hearts with just their fingers. Their skin was slightly pale, their hair darkened as if charred by fire, and they each had a strong body that suited their height and gender. Raisel could tell this, while they looked like humans, they were not humans in reality.

"You could sense our presence... That is quite impressive. Who are you and your friend?" Said the woman towards Arvad; she kept a serious demeanor, ready for battle.

Arvad looked like he was pondering the situation, deciding what course of action was best. It was no doubt that he was devising a method to deal with the situation peacefully, but it was also the case that he was devising a plan should violence erupt. "I am Arvad Eversoul, and this is my charge, Raisel Tessiol. I humbly request that we will be allowed to pass through peacefully. I have no wish to disturb your tribe."

"A bodyguard eh? And if I remember correctly, you are the Demon's Gun and Blade? How do we know you weren't hired to kill us or find our location?"

"As I said, this is my charge, Raisel. The only job I have taken for now is to protect this lass. Why would I be hired to kill you?" Asked Arvad, prodding for information.

The woman deliberated with her comrades, speaking too low for even Raisel's ears to pick up. Eventually, after the mailed male nodded his head several times, the woman returned her gaze to Arvad. "If you are not here to slay us, then I see no reason not to tell you. I assume you know the nature of our people?"

"I've visited two other tribes before, so yes."

"Then I will make a request for you, mercenary of the rumors. Will you take a job for us?"


"Follow me into the camp. Our tribe is only making a temporary stop until we move on. This request for you directly affects our ability to move on. I will tell you about it as we move."

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