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CFNM Employment Exams

by Bahia384©

Kent Richards was hopeful as he headed to his final job interview in Lake Haven. He was ready for a move to a new school district and thought the position in Havenwood schools would be the next step up in his career. His first two interviews had been very successful and he had a hunch that by the end of the day, he would have a job offer in hand.

Several hours later, Kent left the administration building feeling a weight lift from his shoulders. The interview with the superintendent and other school board members had gone well. He could tell these men were looking forward to calling him their colleague.

As they left the building, Superintendent Dixon said, "Kent, I am pleased to tell you that we are prepared to offer you a position here at Havenwood. We hope you are interested in joining our team."

Kent was thrilled. "Of course, Mr. Dixon, it would be my honor. I am looking forward to bringing my family here to Lake Haven.". They walked toward the central offices. "That is great news, Kent", the superintendent replied. "Let's go inside and get the necessary forms and paperwork started to begin your admissions process." Kent had already filled out numerous forms during the interview and wondered what more could be needed and what the "admissions process" entailed. "Is this something we can get completed this afternoon?" Kent inquired. "I'd like to get everything finalized today and begin making plans for the move."

"Of course, Kent," Mr. Dixon replied. "If you are ready and willing to complete all necessary submissions today, there is no reason to delay".

The other gentlemen seemed amused and Kent wondered the reason for their juvenile snickering. "Excuse me guys, but what is so funny about completing my job application requirements?" he asked.

"Well, Kent, I bet you may not enjoy the remainder of the application process - but if you want to come to Havenwood, I guess you will have to...grin and bear it", said Tom Stanely, Havenwood's science teacher and baseball coach.

Craig Baker, the math teacher, seemed very amused at this. "Yes, Kent, I'm sure if you...drop can complete your application today."

Both men chuckled. "I still don't get what is so funny", Kent replied. Superintendent Dixon interjected. "Kent, Havenwood has an extensive admissions process that must be completed prior to employment. Tom and Craig have both completed this process and are now just having a little fun at your expense. Let's go inside now and get your paperwork.".

They entered the building and approached a smiling woman in the "Personnel" department. "I'd like to introduce you to Kent Richards", the superintendent said. "He will be joining the Havenwood team this year. We need to get his admissions paperwork."

"Of course", the clerk replied. "The complete admissions procedure?" she asked.

"Yes, please", replied Superintendent Dixon. Kent was handed a file folder and told to report to the Lake Haven Professional Building. "See you later, Kent", Mr. Dixon said. "I am looking forward to working with you and think Havenwood is a great step in your career path. Remember that this afternoon, and take care of these requirements so that you and your family can begin your new life here. In the grand scheme of things, this afternoon is just a few hours of your time, and it would be a shame at this point if you were not to complete the process," the superintendent continued. "Between us, I heard from a colleague this morning that your school district is facing a wide cut before the next school year, and your position will be one of many eliminated there. I am glad that you will be able to avoid all that should you complete the process to join us at Havenwood."

Kent was shocked...he thought he would be leaving his old position to come here. It was unnerving to know he would no longer have his position at home. All the more reason to seal the deal here in Lake Haven! As the superintendent pulled away, Kent reviewed the forms in the folder. Credit check, background check. A physical examination as well. That was why the clerk had mentioned the professional building. Kent noticed his appointment was in 30 minutes, so he headed to the office building downtown.

He walked in to a quiet waiting room. A middle aged woman emerged and smiled. "Can I help you?". She asked. "Yes, I have an appointment for a pre-employment exam at Havenwood." he replied. "Kent Richards!" the woman announced. "Carol at the office said you would be over. How exciting to have you and your family coming here to Lake Haven!" she exclaimed. "Let me introduce myself. I am Superintendent Dixon's wife. It will be such fun getting to know all of you and having you become a part of our community. I am sure we will see you in a few weeks at our fall party. We also have a holiday gathering, and all the staff gets together for New Year's and for a 4th of July party at our cottage. We will be seeing a lot of each other!" she winked. "Please fill out this paperwork. We will go over just a while."

Kent thought she seemed very excited for some reason. He completed the paperwork and waited. It seemed as though the examination was very thorough. "I guess they don't leave any stones unturned here in Lake Haven", he thought. This was not going to be fun, but he needed to finish it and finalize things for his new job. Besides, it had been a while since he'd had a physical and it wouldn't hurt to get things checked out. From the looks of the paperwork, literally everything was going to get checked out. "Oh well", he thought. He was sure the doctor is one of those old time small town guys that made everyone feel more comfortable.

Mrs. Dixon came back into the office and gathered the paperwork. "All ready to get started?" she asked. "Yes", Kent replied. "But where is the doctor?" Mrs. Dixon smiled faintly. "Oh, he is out every Thursday and Friday," she replied. "I'm a volunteer nurse's aid and attend to all the routine appointments, like employee physicals, when he is away. I'll be taking care of your examination today."

She looked directly at Kent as realization washed across his face. "Well, I really don't want to trouble you on a Friday afternoon. I can just come back on Monday.".

"That won't work at all", Mrs. Dixon replied. "Carol said she needed all the paperwork at the end of the day today."

"I am sure she can just handle it Monday afternoon", Kent announced, trying to make it sound final. "You can just set me up with an appointment for Monday morning."

Mrs. Dixon frowned. "No. Your appointment is today. In order for your job offer to be finalized, your application must be completed today. Kent, I am a trained professional. I would hate to have to go home to the Superintendent this evening and tell him your application was not finished because you had not completed your exam....especially if it was because you were not comfortable with my attending to your physical. He would not enjoy having to look for another candidate" she said evenly.

Kent looked at her and then at his feet. He needed to complete this application or he would not be getting the job in Havenwood. And now he had no job at home waiting for him. This was going to be awkward but he really had no other choice. How bad could it be? Pretty bad, from the look of the forms. He was going to have to be intimately inspected by this woman...who he would then be seeing socially on a regular basis.

Mrs. Dixon interrupted his thoughts. "Kent, are you proceeding with your application -and examination - or not?" she asked.

Kent hesitated for a moment, then looked her in the eye. "Yes, Mrs. Dixon. I would like to complete my application today", he said finally.

She smiled broadly. "Good decision, Kent. I promise that you will be in very good hands. Let's go get started." Mrs Dixon was pleased with the unexpected turn of events. She had anticipated this would be a boring Friday and the afternoon started very quietly. Then Carol called to say a new employee candidate was headed over. Little did she know that within the hour, Kent Richards would be before her in the office. She certainly did enjoy the advantages that came with serving as a medical assistant here in Lake Haven...

Mrs Dixon and several other administrators wives had been volunteering in the office for several years now. All new hires followed the same incoming process, which she and the other ladies loved. Like many of the Lake Haven faculty, Kent Richards was a handsome, fit young man, and Mrs Dixon looked forward to the opportunity to more closely appreciate his attributes. All incoming employees were required to undergo a very thorough physical, and these exams were nearly always completed by the nursing volunteers.

With Carol's help, it seemed they were somehow always scheduled for days when the doctor was away! This, along with the school districts requirement for an annual checkup, had given Mrs Dixon and her friends the opportunity to have overseen examinations for all of the male faculty. Curiously, the exam required for female candidates was very abbreviated and these were scheduled while the doctor was in the office. As for the gentlemen - the requirement for a full head-to-toe remained unchanged throughout the years, and the ladies delighted in having such intimate knowledge of the staff. Of course, an added bonus was having this knowledge while they attended various school events. They never had to wonder what was beneath the male teachers' suit pants or corduroys...they had seen it all!

Mrs Dixon wondered how Kent would feel at the upcoming holiday party knowing that she had seen all of his most private areas. It was fun for her at these events to walk around knowing who had the largest penis, the tiniest one, the biggest balls, and knowing what each cute ass looked like when it was relieved of both pants and underwear.

It was not long after she started volunteering that Mrs Dixon realized how much she enjoyed the power of her position. She had completed several exams, and found the process very much to her liking. But all of her patients thus far had been strangers. Mrs. Dixon was curious to know what it would be like to examine someone she knew personally. She hadn't yet completed an annual physical for an existing faculty member. So far, all of her patients had been new applicants to the school district who were completing their pre-employment physicals.

That gave Mrs Dixon an idea. A young couple - Lee and Heather - had been renting a house next to the Dixons. Lee was having a hard time finding work, and a worried Heather had often discussed this topic with Mrs Dixon. The Dixons had given Lee some odd jobs to help out, but he really needed something full time. One afternoon, Mr Dixon came home for lunch and happened to mention the district was looking for new grounds maintenance staff. Later that day, Mrs Dixon glanced out the kitchen window and noticed Lee mowing their back lawn. Lee had on a pair of jogging shorts and sweat glistened on his bare torso. Mrs Dixon had secretly admired his young physique all summer. Wouldn't it be lovely if she could help Lee find work by mentioning the open grounds keeping positions at the school? Then her friend Heather could finally stop worrying about money. Of course, prior to starting, Lee would need to have his physical. Nobody needed to know this was Mrs Dixons true motive. She would simply make sure Lee's appointment was scheduled during her shift. Then she would have a chance to see the parts of Lee that were normally available only to Heather. How perfect - literally the boy next door!

She felt exhiliration realizing this did not have to be only fantasy - and decided to put the wheels into motion. She mentioned the job to Mr Dixon, who thought it was a great idea, as did Heather, as did Lee! Carol set up Lee's appointment, which of course was scheduled while Mrs. Dixon would be on duty.

The day of the appointment arrived, and Mrs Dixon just loved the look on Lee's face when he discovered that she would be his nurse. She led Lee to the examination room and quickly proceeded with his physical. The time came when Lee had to fully disrobe. He hesitated just shortly - and then the neighbor she had admired all summer finally stood with his bare body before her. Beneath his tan line, Lee's penis hung down in her full view. This was definitely more intimate than examining a stranger!

Mrs. Dixon completed the exam, taking every opportunity to enjoy the experience of having full access to Lee's beautiful torso, toned backside - as well as his sturdy young manhood. Several days afterward, Mrs Dixon ran into Lee outside the house. She noticed his sheepishness and delighted in the sense of knowing that passed wordlessly between them. Mrs. Dixon knew she wanted to continue volunteering indefinitely, and couldn't wait to see what - and who - would be next!

The ladies volunteering at the medical center made a point to rotate appointments so that everyone got a chance to view the most interesting specimens. Mrs Dixon had to smile thinking of Ida Miller. Ida had recently joined the group and her husband was an unattractive, ornery little old man, and certainly would not have been considered an Adonis.

Mrs Dixon had purposely scheduled Ida to handle Brock Farnsworth's follow up appointment. Brock was a strapping, corn fed young father who worked as Lake Haven's wrestling coach. He had suffered from a case of prostatitis and was returning to the office so his progress could be assessed. This would involve a very intimate exam.

Mrs Dixon would have loved to see Ida's face as Brock removed his briefs to reveal his long, thick penis and impressive bush of golden curls. Brock was a lovely exhibit, and was not self conscious...or too bright. He hadn't noticed how often he seemed to have appointments at the clinic. Several of the women had had the opportunity to tend to his appointments, which somehow always involved Brock dropping his pants and revealing his luscious young member.

After the examination, Mrs Dixon could tell by the blush in Ida's cheeks that she had enjoyed the opportunity to see - and touch - such a nice specimen as Brock. The icing on the cake was that Brock had a tendency to develop an erection during his examinations, which was really something to behold. Mrs. Dixon was sure Ida had never seen anything quite like that before!

Another appointment involved Coach Thomas. He was a former military man who had coached in Lake Haven for twenty-five years. He had a great physique for a mature man, and his days in the army had taught him to follow orders without question.

Mrs. Dixon had overseen his appointments several times and always enjoyed having the macho man exposed in the buff. Mrs. Dixon was aware that her sister in law, Patty, had had a huge crush on Coach Thomas for years. She thought it would be just exquisite for Patty to become a volunteer and have the opportunity to complete the Coach's annual exam.

Patty seemed hesitant at first, until in private Mrs. Dixon made it clear to her: the volunteers completed the faculty exams. "What better way for her to serve her community than to inspect the Coach!", she joked. Patty insisted with a blush that there was just no way, but Mrs. Dixon noticed the next week that Patty had signed up for the training course.

As soon as it was completed, she saw to it that the Coach's annual was scheduled on Patty's volunteer day. This one was going to be too good to miss, so when the Coach arrived, she informed him that Patty would be handling his appointment, but as she was a trainee, Mrs. Dixon would attend as well in case Patty had any questions or needed any assistance.

The coach acquiesced. He had figured out long ago that a term of his employment seemed to include getting naked for his bosses wives and their friends. He had rationalized it by thinking of it as a kind of compliment. These women clearly enjoyed having the authority and access of their position and it seemed that this included his presenting himself to them when instructed. His job was a cake why upset the apple cart?

He knew that Patty had had a crush on him for years...clearly her sister in law had arranged it so that he would now be laying out his cock, balls, and ass for her inspection, so he might as well get it over with. Coach Thomas had no doubt that by the end of the afternoon, Patty would have seen him in his full glory. What a peculiar town.

Mrs. Dixon interrupted his thoughts when she opened the door and announced "Coach Thomas, you are next." He filed back into the exam room and filled out the standard forms, and did the standard stripping down to his shorts.

Patty and Mrs. Dixon entered. Patty actually had the gall to feign surprise. "Oh, hello, Coach," she said, as if she had no idea who the recipient of her exam would be. "I've just started working as a nurse's aid, so please bear with me", she said with a giggle.

The Coach had his vital signs and blood pressure taken, and his reflexes tested. All routine so far - but he was not done yet. "Please stand here", Patty instructed, with obvious anticipation in her voice. Coach Thomas glanced at Mrs. Dixon, who was sitting in the corner, and noticed she was practically beaming with smug satisfaction.

"Please lower your underwear, Coach," Patty instructed with a faint smile. The Coach did as he was told, lowering his Hanes to his thighs and revealing himself to Patty.

Mrs. Dixon could barely contain her smile as the surprise was revealed. The Coach's tiny penis barely peeped through his salt and pepper bush. Patty had lusted after the Coach for years, but it was fair to say she had never expected this. He always carried himself with a cocksure was hard to believe that underneath it all, there was very little cock indeed.

Coach Thomas sat on the table with his muscular thighs apart, as Patty began to conduct the testicular exam. Patty continued under Mrs. Dixon's instruction, and in time his penis began to swell. Mrs. Dixon looked triumphant as his small pink cock extended to it's maximum, which pushed the head just clear of his bush. The ladies then wrapped up the exam and completed the paperwork. Coach Thomas was dismissed...with the knowledge that thanks to Mrs. Dixon, Patty had now had the opportunity to witness his broad chest, impressive biceps, firm quads...and tiny dick. Mrs. Dixon truly delighted in allowing Patty to finally have the opportunity to see her crush in his birthday suit, with his hard pink prick laid out for their inspection.

But no time to remain on memory lane - Kent's examination was waiting. Mrs Dixon entered the room. Kent looked nervous. He had read the examination form, and it was clear to him that very shortly Mrs Dixon would be giving him a genital exam, a hernia check, a testicular exam, as well as a prostate check. He was annoyed that the woman who was his boss's wife would be conducting such an exam. It irritated him that he how had no other option than to proceed with the exam.

Mrs Dixon instructed Kent to remove his clothing down to his briefs. As she reviewed some paperwork, she made some small talk,asking Kent about his wife and family. Kent was pretty sure his wife would not be thrilled that her husband's physical was to be performed by another woman. Mrs Dixon checked Kent's eyes and ears, as well as his reflexes, and made some notes on her chart.

Next, she announced it was time to get Kent's temperature. Kent dutifully opened his mouth. Mrs Dixon smirked - these parts of the exam were always fun. "Kent, I guess I am from the old school. I've always done rectal thermometer readings. They are the most accurate. Please lay down on your stomach here on the table."

Kent complied and Mrs Dixon took a moment to admire his well defined back, as well as the round bubble beneath his briefs. She grasped his waistband and gently lowered his briefs. Kent's ass was pale and very round, and lightly dusted with a downy fur. Mrs Dixon lubricated the thermometer and inserted it, noting a sharp breath from Kent as she did so. "Just a few moments now", she told Kent, and then took a moment to enjoy the sight of him lying on her table with his lovely behind exposed. "Okay, we are finished now" she announced as she removed the thermometer and pulled up Kent's waistband.

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