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A Walk on the Wild Side

by sdpolyguy©

Ahhh...what a BEAUTIFUL day it is. Warm, sunny, Southern California. Nothing like being high in the mountains and hiking and camping alone with you. Alone. Nobody to interrupt our passion.

You see, we've planned this trip for a long time. Find somewhere that nobody ever goes, and then spend a whole week frolicking around, naked most of the time, soaking up the sun. Making out, licking, fucking, sucking, letting our wildest outdoor fantasies come true!

We've hiked in quite a ways into the middle of nowhere using my GPS, and found a beautiful grassy spot alongside a small creek. Just big enough to splash around in, wash up in, and provide a warm romantic atmosphere. We set up our oversize tent, big so we'd have plenty of room to play indoors if we wanted or needed to!

The first evening was divine!! A nice BBQ dinner, desert, coffee, and making love out under the stars. Now, just exactly why did we bring the tent???

We talked late into the night, and agreed to go for a short hike up along the creek the next day. We were exhausted, and slept like babies that night.

The next morning after breakfast and lots and lots of coffee, we put on our day packs and headed out on our hike. Who knows what we'll find, and frankly, we're open to anything. This trip is so enjoyable. Out here exploring nature, exploring ourselves. Doing whatever we feel. It's such a blessing to be this close to someone, like we are. Free to express ourselves, free to....

And then. We can't believe it! Turning the corner, we come upon a large shaded area that is covered in..moss!! It's a beautiful carpet of green that seems to go on forever! You kneel down and run your hands over it, so soft and...well, furry!! You look up at me, smile that evil little smile, and pat the ground next to you.

In a heartbeat, we're on the ground, moss beneath us, plunging our tongues into each others mouths. We've waited for this place, this moment, for so long, and now it's suddenly upon us. Our passion could not be interrupted...until...what the heck?? We both stop mid-kiss and look around. A wild animal? Something moaning, almost howling. For a moment, we're terrified! Out here in the middle of nowhere. What if....???

And then we hear it, that unmistakable sound of...orgasmic bliss!!! There's somebody else out here fucking! Oh my God!

Quietly, we look around. We get up slowly, and find what direction the noise is coming from. It's a woman. And she sure seems to be enjoying herself!

We start walking in their direction. Curious. The voyeurs in us..want to see..what is bringing this woman so much pleasure?? We spot them. There is a woman straddled on top of a man, foreigners it seems. German maybe? Yes, German, she's screaming pleasurably, probably saying "Fuck me, fuck me!!" I dunno, but the guttural sounds coming from her mouth sure sound good to me.

She throws her head back in one last time as the final wave of orgasm hits her, and her man cums inside her. What a show!! What a fucking machine she is! (I've heard about those German women!)

As she raises her head back up, she senses she's being watched, and looks our way. A smile passes over her face, and she says something to her spent mate beneath her. He smiles, they talk briefly, and she waves us over, saying something again in German,

"Well, Baby. Isn't this what we're here for, to explore? Let's go say hi, OK?" You hesitate for a moment, take a deep breath, and then reach for my hand. You look in my eyes, and say softly to me "OK, baby. We'll do this. Whatever happens, know that I love you, and that I am totally giving in to it, OK? I want this too." I smile, and we walk over to meet them.

We touch hands as we arrive at them, he's still inside of her. Her stretchy top is pulled up over her tits. She is covered in sweat, her long brown hair a mess. He looks spent, but has a smile of satisfaction on his face. Big build, but not fat. Quite handsome, I'd say. I'm attracted to both of them.

Communication seems to be a bit difficult, as they don't speak a stitch of English! But we are able to figure out that their names are Ingrid and Hans. We introduce ourselves also. They motion for us to sit down, speaking German, like we're gonna take a Berlitz course sometime today and figure it all out. But they're sweet.

There is touching. She reaches and touches both of our hands, and then he puts his hands there also. We stare into each other's eyes, all four of us. Anticipation and heartbeats are racing. We all understand at this moment that we were meant to be here today, together, for this one day, and that this is more than a meeting of the minds. Much, much more is going to happen here today.

Ingrid takes one of each of our hands, and places them on her ample European breasts. She moans in soft pleasure and closes her eyes. She can't believe that after a fucking so good, this pleasure has come along for dessert!

Her still sitting on top of him, I lean in and suckle her breast. One, and then the other. Your hands have found their way to Hans' chest, running them through his chestnut brown chest hair. He is obviously getting aroused, because he is still inside Ingrid, and she is now starting to slowly grind her pussy up and down and around on his cock again.

Our hands slowly move to cover every square millimeter (they're German, after all...) of their bodies. Caressing, kissing, hugging, licking. It's all about them. It's like a thousand butterflies kissing them at once while they make love.

Hans motions for us to get undressed. My cock is bulging and soaked my underwear clear through my shorts. You are similarly wet, We undress, then stand up to caress each other so they can watch. Now the Voyeurs have become the exhibitionists, and we're loving it. It feels so safe here with them.

Your hand finds my stiff dripping cock and starts to stroke it, while my hand runs to your sopping wet pussy. Hans and Ingrid are enjoying the show.

Now Ingrid motions for us to move closer, and when we do, she cautiously looks at both of us, as if asking permission, says something in German (DAMN!! I should have paid attention in High School German!! If I had only known....)

She places her hand on my cock, looks at both of us, and we nod OK. Then she takes it into her warm wet mouth. OH MY GOD!!! I can't believe this is happening! It feels so good, this strange couple in the middle of nowhere.

Now you're over paying attention to Hans, fondling his balls as Ingrid moves up and down on his cock. You start licking him, his balls, his cock when he comes out on the slow strokes, teasing him. One time he pops out of her, and there you are in a snap, taking it into your mouth, tasting their deliciously strange juices mixed together. Hans moans a deep low moan. You insert his cock back where it came from, and then it's my turn.

I get down and repeat your action, only I'm licking all the way from her back, her ass, her pussy lips, his cock, his balls, his ass. All of it, and it is DELICIOUS!!!!! (Damn, my cock is throbbing writing this now!! -- And I'm on a plane!) Again, Hans' cock slips out (I think it's on purpose), and I am right there sucking on it. Only this time, he's in for a REAL treat!

I immediately push the entire length of his long, fat cock down my throat and hold it in there. I LOVE doing this. I move my throat up and down on it (just the way I'm gonna do to you with your strap-on, Baby!). He can't believe what I'm doing, and Ingrid looks down in amazement to see what's taking him so long. She stares in disbelief at his cock, buried up to the balls in my mouth. She says something in German that probably means "How can he DO that!! And for so long!!"

Now my eyes are starting to tear up, as they do when I do that for more than a few seconds. But it doesn't hurt, so I continue. You go down and start licking and sucking his balls while I continue this one long deep throat session, bouncing up and down so my tight throat strokes all of him.

Suddenly, I hear a long, deep groan, and I know he's coming. At the exact moment he cums, I pull his cock out, and he sprays both our faces with multiple loads of cum. We are SOAKED in his cum. Wow!!! Ingrid quickly and expertly comes down and starts licking her lover's cum from these two beautiful stranger's faces. She licks every drop, and then kisses both of us deeply.

You reach over and suckle Hans' cock, and he responds quickly. You point to his cock, then to your pussy. Ingrid gets the idea, and gets up to let you sit on him. I LOVE it when you cum sitting on top. Now I'm anxious to see you, for the very first time, fucking someone else's cock and coming multiple times. Wow!!

You lower yourself onto him, and moan deeply. He fills you up, and as you ride him, the orgasms come in waves like the ocean, that never end. You tell me "Lick me Baby, lick me EVERYWHERE!!! I need it NOW!"

And so down I go, licking your pussy lips as you screw him. I am so happy for you, Babe. You go wild when my tongue finds your nasty little slut hole, back door. "Oh, Baby, you think you could fuck me while he fucks me, in my ass?? Huh??"

You suck on my cock, getting it good and hard. I smear pussy juice on your ass and slowly push inside you. I feel my cock up against Hans', both inside and outside of you. Ingrid is there kissing Hans, caressing you. As we pick up momentum, Ingrid comes around and starts licking both Hans and I from behind. Our balls, our cocks, it feels so fucking GOOD!! Her tongue finds his ass, and he moans. I'm getting close to coming in your ass.

Hans is the first to spurt inside you, when Ingrid has stuck her tongue deep up inside him. She then moves to my ass, and with expert tonguemanship, she makes me explode in you in an instant!! You moan as my load fills your ass also. You're dripping from both orifices, and the look of giddiness on your face is indescribable.

We relax without removing our cocks, occasionally moving to keep them stiff. You say to me "Baby, I gotta pee REAL bad. All that coffee I drank is bursting to get out of me!!!" I'm like "OK, then pee. Pee right there where you are. We're outdoors, it's OK. We'll clean off in the stream later, OK? But don't get up, and don't you DARE let either of our cocks come out of you!! Do it for me Baby, please!! OK???"

You've never done anything like this before. "I'm not sure I can pee with two cocks in me Baby". I reply "Well, just how badly do you need to pee then?" You agree, and your tummy is bulging from all that pee in you, and the two cocks. So then as Ingrid watches from the side, a trickle of dark yellow pee starts to flow. Soon it's a full-blown stream, and unexpectedly you scream and shudder in a violent orgasm. The stream trickles off as your bladder empties fully , and you collapse on top of Hans. Wow!! We thought their show was good!

"Oh, that felt SO fucking good!", you say. "To pee, I really had to go bad. Felt so free, just letting it all go like that. Wow!! And that orgasm, my GOD!! I had no IDEA!! Must have been the pressure of two cocks inside me, and my full bladder, and the flow of the pee. I didn't even touch myself! Wow, Baby...."

Ingrid, that little European slut who will try anything apparently, is on Hans' belly, licking up the pee from his chest, and making an "mmmmm..." sound. She is one happy fucker! They kiss deeply and share your scent.

We all roll off of each other, and lay in the soft moss, feeling it on our skin.

And just as we're about to get up and put our clothes back on, we spy a single hiker woman with a hand down her pants. She has been watching us the whole time apparently, because her face looks all flushed like she just had an orgasm herself. She opens her eyes and sees us looking, then and runs off in embarrassment. We all laugh at the levels of absurdity. People watching people watching people. And showing off for one another. Well, we're glad she got off before she had to "run".

We said our goodbyes to Hans and Ingrid, all kissing each other deeply and hugging, and made our way back down the creek to our camp, exhausted and very, very happy. Holding hands, and with a sweet long kiss, I say "I love you, Baby." You reply, "I love you to, Baby! THAT was frickin' fucking fantastic!!! Thank you so much!!!"

"Did you plan this, Baby? Did you know they were gonna be there?"

"Yes, Baby. I did." I made this all happen for you. But that other chick, I have NO idea who SHE was!!

We laugh and hike off, hand in hand. I love you Baby.

Written by: sdpolyguy

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