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Penetrate Me

by hotroofalleycat©

Take your time, sliding in
My cunt awake and moist
your cock harder, throbbing within
Inside me it all seems to go,away
the agony, the guilt, the questions and regret
its your cock deep and hard that makes me forget

Your eager lips on my nipples erect
bite me, suck me, devour me all at once
thrusting and pounding not an inch neglect
my pussy dripping and sore
clenches your cock wanting more

No no dont stop, make me cum again!
You silence me by penetrating my lips
red lipstick from tip to end
you rape my mouth, my hands on your hips

Deeper, faster, harder you climax at last
but you forget its my ass that craves your
cock most of all
One, two, three fingers at once hard and fast
Painfully satifying its true
but anal is what I want from you.

Written by: hotroofalleycat

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Category: Erotic Poetry Submissions