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Freedom and the Widow Ch. 12

by Sputnik57©

Dominique brutally dominated and humiliated the hapless wretch in many ways, finishing the session by cruelly pressing the spiked heel of her stilettos into his balls till he begged her for mercy, then having her two assistants bind and gag him, leaving him like a carcass at butchery in the middle of the stage. Sated for a while, she left to join her guests for a drink. Bernard had thought the evening was to be in his honour; bound into glorious slavery as Dominique's favourite, but he was now fully aware that he was just a plaything in her show, and she was thoroughly enjoying her cruel deception. Dominique's arousal was magnified in the extreme as she destroyed the spirit of males by exacting this confidence trick; like many males before, Bernard wept as the girls stung his flesh with the lash, and he watched the rear of the glorious and untouchable Dominique as she drank wine with her friends, showing no interest in him whatsoever as her understudies played their part in breaking his spirit completely. In need of relief the two girls turned him on his back and took turns in face sitting him. A slender hand took hold of his erect cock, and as he sniffed and snorted at the deliciously youthful tastes and aromas, he was taunted to orgasm.

"Poor, poor Bernard. You thought you were special, but you're just another male to be exploited by a magnificent woman; how could you ever have believed you'd be the chosen one? You'll be lucky to leave here tonight with your balls; we may even have a snuff party. Either way, you'll know you're worthless; you'll give me your pathetic offering now." The young bitch pressed her sweetly scented pussy and anus hard down on his face and stroked his cock to oblivion; laughing as she did so to increase his humiliation. Bernard's back arched as he resigned himself in complete submission; he was beaten, broken and worthless, the other girl spitefully squeezed his balls, and he erupted in total capitulation. He orgasmed as never before as he thought of being castrated and then snuffed; at least he would be the star of the show for five minutes that way. The girls sneered with wicked satisfaction as the useless cur, bound and broken gave an excellent delivery of semen on knowing he was just a toy.

Eric felt a tug on his leash, which woke him from his daydream of being caned to orgasm. Dominique and Wanda had beckoned Victoria over to where they were having a conversation with Sylvia Rennes. Eric's already permanently erect cock stiffened to rigidity as he viewed this woman; he could sense there was something awesome about this superb female, who immediately bent down and cupped his balls on arrival. There was something almost supernatural about her touch and his cock bobbed, yearning to shoot as his sack was caressed by the smooth and elegant hand. Dominique and Wanda smiled wickedly at him, making his balls pulse, which delighted the woman who held them. She smiled and looked to Victoria.

"If ever he becomes unruly, or you tire of having him show his cock this way, just bring him to me; I shall soon have him truly know he is worthless - permanently." Victoria smiled in a puzzled way as the other two laughed. Dominique then introduced Victoria to the elegant woman with full breasts, and full length figure hugging leather dress which emphasised her supreme and undoubted femininity, who looked at Eric with a wistful smile as though he were a fatted calf. Dominique introduced the stern woman who continued to look on the kneeling Eric contemptuously.

"Please meet every woman's best friend, and every male's nemesis; Sylvia Rennes. I have seen males ejaculate without the need for masturbation, on just being made aware of her presence, and we love to see the faces of those who are chosen to be performed upon, you see, Sylvia is a castratrix; she has emasculated hundreds of males, and has developed it into a fine and humiliating act, she never tires of it, and nor do her audiences; there is nothing quite as subliminally erotic as seeing a male put in his place permanently, especially when he has had no prior warning. Do you know just how many males you've destroyed Sylvia?" Sylvia made sure she had Eric's absolute focus, and smiled sweetly at him as she sipped blood red wine before answering. She need not have worried that he was not fully attentive; he was now close to automatically shooting for her, the way other males had been described as doing so; the thought of relinquishing his balls to such a magnificent woman was indeed subliminally erotic. She eyed Eric's sack as she spoke.

Dominique now had an excited audience who were keen to learn of her exploits; many dommes brought their slaves teasingly close to ensure they were in earshot of this extreme woman who delighted in inflicting punishment of absolute permanence. Victoria's pussy flowered to lush arousal and she listened with a mischievous interest as she began to elaborate on her cruel yet exquisite fetish.

"I am not 100% sure, but I think the count is close to 280, or thereabouts; the thing is, owners will bring their males to me at random on occasion, at an event where my services have been previously booked, and I then have the pleasure of performing the service on males brought to me there and then on the whim of their mistresses. Of course, these cases are especially enjoyable; the males in question not expecting to be reduced to eunuchs at the drop of a hat – the thrill of obliging their mistresses is exquisite for both I and the mistress concerned, the helpless look of horror and resignation on the face of the males about to lose their potency gives an erotic charge second to none; the feeling of power and supremacy is electrifying. The selected male is allowed one last pre-conversion spend; the delivery is almost always spectacular, with the inevitable outcome of castration ahead of them. My presence and the instruments laid out for them to see; knowing it to be their last orgasm and hurried toward their last moment of ecstasy by their smiling and eager mistress has the tendency to make them empty their balls in a very generous and satisfying display; the mistress often has a fresh male on hand who has become their new favourite, to increase her sense of pleasure and the now un-favoured male's exquisite degradation, this is delightful as the new favourite then keeps this in his memory and ensures his obedience and willingness to serve and please completely."

Victoria Instinctively kept Eric's leash tight; though the prospect of this show of absolute feminine power excited her immensely, she would ensure Eric remained a slave to his own balls for the time being. Eric's cock dribbled pre-cum from the tip of his bone-hard erection as he had bitter-sweet daydreams of being made to give up his balls for Victoria, and having this magnificent woman perform the task. He all but shot his load when the supremely dominant woman bent down once more, her tight leather dress squeaking delectably as she cupped his balls once more and spoke again as she looked into his eyes, and then to Victoria.

"I have an appointment the day after tomorrow; I should love you two to be present, it does a slave the world of good to witness an emasculation with his mistress. I guarantee you will both enjoy it."

Victoria felt strangely wicked as she accepted the invitation without the slightest hesitation; Sylvia gave Eric's balls a gentle squeeze as she did so. He would come like never before when Victoria had him to herself later; the bite of the cane and the fantasy of castration would ensure this.

Dominique finished her wine and the audience applauded as she strutted back to continue torturing the hapless Bernard, who had been soundly whipped and abused by the girls; he would not lose his balls tonight, but his destiny was not to be with Dominique. From a cage hoist high above the hall, unseen as yet by the guests, her next victim squirmed within. He came for the third time as he rubbed his leather bound genitals against the bars of the cage, while watching the magnificent Dominique strut and punish the out of favour Bernard; he would soon be party to the wretch's total demoralisation.

Written by: Sputnik57

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