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Ariel's Story

by starova©

'That was unbelievable Mr Gordon. What was that?' I enquired, puzzled by my experience.

'That was your first climax. Did you like it?'

Still out of breath with my pulse still racing, I asked, 'What have you done to me?'

'Nothing, much. I'm really just looking for your pleasure points. You seem to have plenty,' he said. 'Now you can just relax for a minute to catch your breath. You will return to normal in a minute.'

We both remained silent for some time. I could feel spasms coursing through my vagina for another minute as my vagina and arse hole continued to contract over and over. He remained behind me and waited as my breathing returned to normal.

I heard his voice with a slightly more demanding tone, 'Come on now. It's time to continue.'

'Continue! There's more?' I asked.

'Yes. Before we open the door and take these rum and cola cans inside and tidy ourselves up, you are going to have a more full experience.'

'What do you mean Mr Gordon?' I asked feeling suddenly more helpless.

His mention of the cans was a veiled threat that he might tell mum I brought alcohol into the house. Mum had always made it clear to me that we wouldn't drink at home and we would only drink small amounts to be sociable.

He was also reminding me, I was unable to get my clothes without him producing the key and opening the door.

I began to fear what act he planned to perpetrate on me now. 'What now?' I asked shuddering.

'Lift up again, and wait,' he said no longer expecting any resistance.

It was as if I had no choice. I raised my derriere for his inspection and further use. My body assumed the position where I felt most vulnerable. Not having any control over his actions was frightening me. He remained behind me, which only increased my vulnerability.

Long moments later, I felt his hands on both of my feet then trailing lightly along my calves, up my thighs and stop with his fingers at the front of my hips and his thumbs at the back. I couldn't help it. I was getting aroused all over again.

He removed his hands and spread my pussy wide open and I could feel what was probably the end of his thumb sliding up and down the wet valley between my cunt lips again. It was so exciting. Then it remained at the entrance to the opening of my vagina.

His hands resumed their position on my hips so it certainly was not his thumb still between my legs. IT MUST HAVE BEEN HIS PENIS!

Did he want to force that inside me? I waited, helpless, not knowing what he was going to do to me next.

I asked, 'What are you going to do to me Mr Gordon? Remember you said you would keep your shorts on.'

'Well I've still got them on like I promised you, but now my cock is out,' he said 'And now I'm going use my stiff cock to penetrate you.'

'No! I'm not ready. Please don't. I don't think I'm ready Mr Gordon.' I felt defenceless.

'From where I am, you are as ready as you can ever be. You're turned on, you're very wet and I've got my hard cock ready to fuck your tight little hole. This is the best situation you'll have to become a woman. It's your call Ariel.'

I didn't respond. But I didn't move away either. I was almost intoxicated by my vulnerability. I was making it his call, and if he didn't fuck me I would probably kill him.

Somehow, Mr Gordon had positioned me to his best advantage and was not only ready to fuck me, but he had manipulated me to willingly accept his will.

He had his hands at the top of my legs, and his hardened swollen cock jammed up hard against my cunt opening. I began to swivel my hips slowly left and right while he pushed his hardened cock at the opening of my slippery vagina until I could feel it stretch open. Mr Gordon's cock slid inside me and he began slowly fucking me with the first 2 inches of his obscenely rigid tool. At the age of 19, I had Mr Gordon's cock in me, and I could never claim to be a virgin again.

He pushed it further in and I called out in pain. He kept putting more and more of his swollen hard cock deeply inside me, and he just kept on fucking. My cunt began to feel numb as the pain reduced, He only stopped when his cock disappeared fully up inside me.

I could feel his pubic hair on the top of my legs and on my arse. I could feel his penis throbbing inside me. The discomfort of my torn hymen was present but not stopping the wonderful new array of sensations of my core, being filled with such a wonderful hard cock. I remained still for a long moment, then I involuntarily began twitching and the effect was very stimulating.

I stopped caring about any consequences. I simply needed to be fucked comprehensively.

'Fuck me Mr Gordon. Finish me off. Now. . . PLEASE. I just want . . . to be fucked,' I gasped, begging him.

He began fucking me and for the next five minutes he rammed his hard cock into me without any gentleness whatever. Then as his climax raided his body, he ejaculated more that a dozen long squirts of his semen into me. He was grunting as if he had been stabbed. I was breathing heavily but nowhere close to another orgasm. I just felt like I could gladly be fucked for as long as he could last.

Then he stopped, completely out of breath. We both fell forward still connected. From a lying position, I arched my back and he gradually slid his cock out of me, then stood up and helped me to my feet. He was looking at my tits and he appeared to like what he saw.

I looked at the penis that had fucked me for the first time in my life. It was eight inches long and very straight, still standing almost vertical, with a few light streaks of blood along the still throbbing shaft. I wondered how he managed to fit that monstrosity inside me.

'I think I need to shower,' I said. Then another thought occurred to me. 'Am I going to have a baby Mr Gordon?'

'Not if the vasectomy I had four years ago is still working,' he said.

The relief I felt at that information was replaced by something like anger as he reached for the door key under the inflatable mattress near where my head had been lying. I could have reached it at any time.

Then, remembering my orgasm, I saw another side of the situation. I'm glad I didn't find it.

I'm going to make sure Mr Gordon doesn't compromise me again and keep me captive while he tries to take advantage of me like that again. If I know anything about him, he will be trying to fuck mum as well. If he is, he is nothing but a bastard, but I have to admit, a very clever one.

Written by: starova

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