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Captive to a Dark Night

by DancingNymph©

I was slightly drunk, my sparkly black heels clacking on the pavement as I searched for a cab. It was that time of night when the bars are closing, just before two a.m.. I should have gone home with my roommate when she left earlier, but I was feeling a little reckless. My ex had called earlier, saying he wanted me back. He said he loved me, and that he was sorry. I hung up on him and flirted away my woes on a cute, well-dressed guy at the bar. At least he bought me drinks. I told my roommate I would take a cab home as I had plans to get smashing drunk. I now realized that was a mistake. It was very late, the night was dark, and there wasn't a cab in sight.

I pulled down my mini skirt, adjusting it as I walked down the empty street. I couldn't believe how slutty I had dressed tonight. My ex's phone call had made me act a little rashly. My laced purple corset pushed my breasts up so they almost tipped over. My skimpy sweater fought the chill, but nothing protected my long legs, toned thighs, and bubble butt from the eyes of every man at the bar. I wore my long brown curls down my back. I felt a flush of embarrassment as I remembered the display I gave, leaning over and flirting, my nipples almost freeing themselves. I felt a little ridiculous after a while, trying to forget another man by craving the attention of everyone else. I left the bar with an apology to the guy I had been talking to.

There had been one man standing in a corner, near the pool table. He had been dressed in all black and had gazed at me heatedly, almost angrily, as I left. I looked away. I had enough of flirting that night and he had seemed a little dangerous.

I continued walking on the dark boulevard looking for a cab. I might as well walk back to the bar and call one. Or I could just walk home. There weren't any cabs and my flat was only four blocks away. I had promised my friend I'd take one, but she wouldn't know the difference.

Just as I made the decision to walk home, I heard footsteps coming from behind me. I turned, and warning bells sounded in my mind. Anyone wandering at night would probably not be up to anything good. It was the same man from the pool table at the bar. He wore a dark shirt with a band logo, and dark pants. He was about 5'10'', stocky and good-looking with a strong jaw and dark brown hair. I couldn't tell his age. He might have been anywhere from thirty to forty-five. Regardless, he was much older than my own twenty-four. He stopped when he saw me, and his eyes narrowed.

"What," he said, a sneer in his voice. "No dupe to lead on and pay for your drinks anymore?" he began to move around me, car keys in hand. The alcohol made me bold.

"Hey," I said angrily, affronted by his nasty tone. I yanked on his arm forcing him to turn back to me. "You don't know me at all. I didn't do anything to you."

"That's the point." He eyed my hand on his arm and something dark glinted in his eyes as they met mine. They were a deep navy blue, almost black. He came a little closer, that same heated look on his face. "You won't do anything to me, and I don't get to do anything to you. But that's the point of all this, isn't it?" He gestured to my outfit and I flushed. "You just stand there at the bar looking like you do, and I have to watch you and then go home and think about you. Maybe I'll take my dick out and pretend I'm feeling your skin with my hands." He gripped my arm, reversing our touches. I saw a tattoo of a dragon on his forearm. I felt a tingle of danger and something else, something like excitement. "Your fucking amazing skin." My breath caught at the strength in his hands. His fingers rubbed along the inside of my arm, pushing up my sweater.

He stood there, an inch away from me, and I felt arousal and the absurd urge to kiss him. Beneath his anger, I sensed something a little deeper: hurt. I didn't move. His eyes changed from anger to surprise as he looked into mine. Then they became speculative. He gripped my other arm and pulled me closer, slowly, testing something. His hold was hard, but not painful. His anger made me hot, and the vulnerability I sensed underneath tamped down any fear.

This was a stranger! I thought. I should be running away! Instead, I moved a fraction of an inch closer to his odd embrace. He breathed in, smelling my perfume and my arousal. I closed my eyes and made a small purr in my throat. He touched his hand to my jaw a little roughly and turned my face towards his.

"Look at me," His voice was deep and gravelly. I was lured, as if I was under some spell. I opened my eyes.

He kissed me, tasting of beer and sweet oblivion. I opened my mouth wide for his tongue. I wanted this. My nipples puckered and he pulled me closer, roughly, moving his arms around me. He moved them down to my ass and gripped me hard. He plundered me, still tasting of anger. His tongue mated with mine, and his body was hard against my sensitive breasts. He crushed me a little and I kissed him with all the pent up turmoil I felt from the phone call earlier that day. I used his arousal and he took mine. We both lost ourselves, pressing our bodies against each other. His cock was rigid against my stomach and I moved so I cradled it, his thigh between mine. I panted.

His hands moved up and down my body, worshiping my ass, the curves of my waste, wrapping around to my tits. He squeezed hard, and then plucked my nipple through my corset. I moaned, thrusting my tongue into his mouth, gripping his neck. Shit. I pulled back, panting, dazed at this man's power. What had come over me?

"I'm sorry." I said, stepping back. I put my hand to my mouth. I tried to catch my breath. I put my hands over my sensitive breasts. He stood there, breathing heavily. His eyes darkened, watching my hands.

"No." he said, stepping closer. "You don't get to be sorry." He suddenly seemed like a villain sans cape and mask. Double shit. My desire for him was still strong.

I knew. When I had kissed him, wrapped myself around him: Some primal part of me knew that I was acquiescing. I knew I wouldn't be given a choice. My breath became short as I realized this man wasn't going to let me go. My heels seemed so flimsy for flight. Although he wasn't very big, he was much bigger than I was.

I felt fear and that same damn arousal from knowing I was overpowered and wanted. He came close to me, his eyes still heated and passion filled. He smiled a little at my calculating expression.

"My car is this way," he took my hand gently. He wasn't being forceful anymore, but that same undercurrent of strength and anger remained. I had a feeling that I was going to get punished for some blunder. It was a dark lure, like a drug.

I whimpered a little, fear taking over, and I began to back away. He pulled me forward, bent down and lifted me, caveman style. I squealed, suddenly deciding to fight. He clamped his arm around my legs. I knew my ass was open to the air, and I cursed myself for being naughty and deciding to forgo underwear. His other hand came up and spanked me hard. I squealed again and he chuckled. My heart was racing. I laughed, half in fear, half at the utter ridiculousness of this situation. He was taking me captive!

He walked, lugging me over his shoulder for another half block. I heard a car door click, a door open, and I was dumped onto plush leather seats. He leaned in and kissed me again, sliding his hand up my leg and in between my skirt. I crossed my legs tightly and he pushed passed them, opening them wide. His rough hand felt my pussy. One finger of his hand found the wetness there. He flicked my clit. I moaned. His other hand traced my collarbone, and then fastened my seatbelt.

"Submit," he whispered in my ear. "It will be so much better for you." He kissed my cleavage, right where the seatbelt nestled between my breasts. He shut the door, and the alcohol and desire made everything a little fuzzy for a few minutes. Before I got my wits back enough to try to get out, he was in the driver's seat, and the car started with a loud roar.

Great. A racecar, I thought sardonically. It had a Mustang symbol on the steering wheel. He zoomed off. He glanced over at me. Our eyes met and he winked. I was angry, but began accustoming myself to this strange experience. I shivered as I remembered his kiss, his touch on my clit, and how he felt me so expertly.

He was using his hand on the stick shift, but I felt like paying him back for what he did to me. I touched his hand, then stroked up his arm, which hardened as I touched. I then moved to his thigh. He groaned and glared at me, promising retribution for teasing him while his hands were tied.

I saw his massive erection. Damn. I didn't expect his cock to tent that high. I grew bold and leaned over. I nibbled his neck, then his ear. I bit down a little. He turned his head briefly and kissed me hard. He was breathing heavily again. "I want you so badly," he said roughly, his eyes on the road. "God, I've never wanted anyone this badly." He gritted his teeth, "But if you don't, say it now. Say it now, or never say it. Ever." I breathed in, shuddering a little. He sounded so intense. I didn't know him at all. I wanted him, but that fear was still there. It was part of my desire. I decided to be honest.

"I want you to fuck me so hard, so badly, anyway you want. I want to do things with you I've never done before, and I don't even know your name." I breathed hard. The confession took a lot out of me.

"Jesus," he breathed in heavily, and glanced at me. "We're here."

I noticed we had gone a few miles outside the center of town. These were fancier apartments, more like homes in tall buildings. Nothing I could afford with my student loans and my job as a secretary in a law firm. He parked and walked around to my side. He opened the door, and I stood up, then realized my legs were shaking. I stumbled a little on my heels, and he swept me into his arms, cradling me like the hero in some gothic novel. He smiled at me and winked again. I noticed that his nose was a little crooked, like it had been broken at least once. I remembered what he said about submitting and I draped my arms around his neck. He carried me through the front door of a tall building, passed a gaping doorman. He shifted his hold on me to push the button to the elevator. I was busy studying him, trying to figure out how exactly I had come to be in this stranger's arms, and why exactly I didn't object as much as I should.

We walked into the elevator. He slid a keycard in a slot, and pushed the PH button. Then he put me down and thrust me against the back wall. I hit the wall hard, and he came in close to me, holding my hands high above my head. He kissed my mouth, then down my neck, into the tops of my breasts. He used his teeth to pull on the flimsy bow at the front of my corset. It held the strings of the top together, and I wasn't wearing a bra. I was suddenly afraid again, and he sensed it.

"Shhh," he said, "I just want to taste you." He kept one hand holding my arms above my hand and with the other hand, he ripped the corset strings out, untying quickly. The corset loosened, gaped open, then fell to the floor. I was exposed, my heavy breasts growing heavier under his gaze. He closed his eyes briefly, a look of intense want in his expression.

"Is this what you want?" he said. He took both hands and began to feel my tits, hefting their considerable weight. He kneaded them, and played with my dark nipples until they peaked. I whimpered. He leaned down to lick them. The elevator dinged. I crossed my free hands over my breasts, but the door opened to show a large loft. I got a glimpse of glass windows, a view of the city, and brick walls.

I looked back at him, and he was watching me. His face was grim, and his teeth were gritted. "Don't you ever." He grasped both my wrists in a punishing grip, "Ever hide yourself from me." He pushed my arms behind my back with one hand, gripped my curls with the other, and pushed me in front of him. My breasts bounced, the tips peaking away from his warmth. My skirt was twisted and hiked up, close to bearing my bottom. He thrust me forward, and I gasped almost falling on dark wood floors. I steadied myself, and breathed quickly, still frightened. I looked around.

The place was dim but lighted by the city and the moonlight from the open windows. There wasn't much furniture, but there was a kitchen, a big grey couch, and in the far right corner, a large bed with a four-poster frame. It looked like the covers were black silk, reflecting the light of the moon.

I had a moment of panic. My crotch was dripping and the man behind me turned me on so much, but did I really want this? He had asked me the question before and I said yes, but now I wasn't sure. I had only been with two other men, my first at nineteen, and then my ex. Both were young, safe boys.

The man didn't stop. He pushed me forward towards the silk bed, his hands hard on my wrists. I was going to get bruises. I got the feeling I was going to be punished for something, and I still wasn't sure what.

When we were about a foot from the bed, he turned me. I stood close to a window where the light shone brightly on us. His eyes were deep pools of want. My breath hitched at the desire in them. I remembered what he said about tasting me, and a deep throb made my pussy moisten. My nipples ached for his touch.

"Please." I said yielding to the intense desire. "Yes," he said darkly. He pulled me against his chest. "I want to feel your skin on mine." He tore off his shirt, and then began to undo his pants. He pushed them down, along with his boxers. A huge cock sprang out, thick and rimmed. It was far bigger than the only two I'd seen.

This was really happening. Trepidation made me back away towards the bed. I hit the mattress and fell backwards on the bed. I began to get up. He was on me in a second.

"What did I say about denying me?" he said and pinched my nipple cruelly. I cried out. He licked it. The pleasure was amazing after his sharp torture. He pinched the other and I screamed a little when he laved his tongue over that one too. He began to lick all over my breasts, alternating with sucks at the nipple. His hand was sliding up my thigh and I shivered, anticipating his touch.

"Please," I said again, this time unsure whether I wanted him to stop or keep going. My legs instinctively closed. He gripped my waist, and threw me on the pillows. Then he dove in between my thighs, pulling my legs apart. He pushed my skirt up, over my stomach and breasts. He halted as it reached my head.

"This is what happens when you deny me, he said angrily. He folded the mini-skirt and tied it around my eyes so I couldn't see. "Do not touch that, or I will do worse." I felt a tremor of fear as he got up off the bed. I didn't dare move.

He came back a moment later and took one of my wrists. One cool metal handcuff clicked down on my arm. I began to struggle, realizing that he meant to cuff me to his bed. He grabbed me, sat up on the bed, and pulled me over his thighs. I lay over his legs, my face towards the floor and my ass in the air. The blindfold slipped down.

"I don't want to be cuffed," I complained.

"You do. Oh yes, you do," he said. "You don't want to struggle. I promise I won't hurt you. But when you don't submit, you get this." And he began to spank me. I yelled. It wasn't too hard, just little slaps and taps on my ass. Some of them patted down to my shaved pussy where I felt so tender. At first, I was slightly excited. I felt so naughty and his hand felt good and sharp, hitting my ass and pussy. He kept going though, and after a while it began to hurt. He started to slap harder, my butt bouncing, the loud fleshy sound echoing.

"Stop!" I yelled. I was crying. "I'll do what you want. I promise."

"You see," he said. He was petting my sore ass now, soothing it. He bent down and kissed it.

"Now what do you want?"

"I want you to handcuff me."

"And..?" he asked.

"And.." I thought back. "And blindfold me. Please." I added for good measure. I shivered in anticipation. I didn't want to be spanked again.

"Ok, but first," he spread my ass cheeks wide. "You have such a beautiful ass. Lie face down on the bed." I did as he asked. "Now spread your hands and legs wide." I did and he groaned. I loved that although he had full power over me, my actions had power over him. The scent of my arousal filled the room.

He took the blindfold and put it back over my eyes. I was so excited and my pussy felt drenched.

"Have you ever done anal?"

"N-no," I responded in trepidation. I had wanted to try it some day, but after seeing his big cock, I was afraid of that day being today.

"Well, why don't we start with the basics then. We'll take it slow, and see how you do."

He began to massage my ass and he spread my cheeks. He leaned down and licked my asshole. I began to squirm and he licked more forcefully. He held me more firmly, licked his finger, and began to slide it in my ass.

"Relax," he said.

Fuck, I thought. He took his other hand and began to play with my vagina. He put two fingers in my cunt, and one in my ass. He began to pump in and out of my cunt and I squirmed harder, panting. It felt so good! He used his thumb on my clit. I was moaning and thrashing, his finger making more progress in my ass, spreading it wider. I screamed as I began to cum.

"Yes! Oh god yes! PLEASE!" I didn't even know his name. He tortured my ass with little pumps, using both hands. He was growling.

"Yes baby, you love this. C'mon beautiful."

I came hard, bucking on the bed, both my holes filled.

"YES!" My juices flowed down onto the bed.

He flipped me over, spread my thighs, and began to lick my pussy. I was whimpering, shuddering, tears running down my face through the blindfold. My pussy was oversensitive from cumming, but he suckled my cunt, licking in and out, using his teeth, lips, and tongue. I started to moan again. He was driving me up past a point I'd never been. I almost tried to push his head away, but I didn't want to get punished again.

"Please, no." he kept licking. I couldn't see him, but I could feel his tongue. I started to get out of control, thrashing on the bed, my tits bouncing. I came again, screaming, crying, bucking wildly. I had never experienced anything like it. I lay back, sated and panting. After a while, he stopped.

He removed the blindfold. "God you're so beautiful." He said. His gaze was worshipful. He fondled my tits and ran his hands down my body, feeling my toned curves. The one cuff was still on my wrist and he lifted them up, but they no longer scared me. I wanted everything he wanted. His large thick cock did scare me a little. I saw a spot of moisture on the tip.

"I've never..." I began, unsure of how to say it. "I've never done any of this, but I 've never had a cock your size either."

He smiled, almost evilly. I shivered a little.

"It'll be ok," he said. He came down and kissed my mouth again. I couldn't help but wrap my hands around his neck. His body aligned on top of mine and I was so ready for him, I wanted him to come inside me, even if it hurt. I shifted, opening for him and rubbed against his cock. He trembled, but moved away.

"Hands first," he said.

I put my hands up obediently. I was excited now. He secured my wrists to the bedpost. I looked at him. He looked angry again, positioned between my spread thighs. The tip of his cock brushed my wet cunt.

"What do you want?" he asked.

"You," I said eagerly, "You inside me."

"Say what you want inside you."

"Your big, fat cock," I said, so turned on I became nasty.

Without warning, he suddenly thrust in me, hard. I screamed. It hurt a lot. His cock was so huge. I looked down, it was only a little more than half of the way in. I was shaking. He held still, waiting for me to adjust to him. He breathed in my ear, sucked on the lobe, and then kissed a path down my neck. Oh my god he was too big.

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