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Teacher's Discipline Ch. 03

by tom6432©

(This story is a fantasy written for fun. All character are 18 or older. Please skip this story if you do not enjoy spanking and humiliation)


On Monday Kate and I went to St. James Academy for Girls before class. I had a mission and that was to discipline Emily Henderson, Kate's 35 year old teacher. Kate was dressed in her schoolgirl outfit, blazer, starched white blouse, a tie, and a blue skirt that ended at the knees with blue knee socks and loafers. Being 18 and a senior she hated this outfit, it made her look like a grade school student all of the girls were dressed alike, the color ties distinguished the grade they represented.

We headed for the Principal's office, where I listened to Linda Dawson's explanation about Friday night. I was determined to teach Ms. Henderson a lesson in obedience. I sent Kate to her classroom and told Linda I would teach the class once I had dealt with Emily Henderson. I also said I was not pleased with the way things were handled by her Friday, and there would be consequences. I saw Linda rub her backside as I left her office with her.

I walked with Linda to Kate's classroom. It was a Mathematics class, for seniors with 15 girls in the class all aged 18 or older. I sat at Ms. Henderson's desk, while Linda announced to the class that I would be substituting which all of the girls had guessed because of the spanking Kate had received on Friday and the writing on the blackboard.

Just then Emily Henderson rounded the corner and came into her classroom. She saw me and her jaw dropped, she looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Her lower lip started to quiver, as she looked from Linda, to the girls, to me. She saw the straight-backed chair in front of her desk and looked at the blackboard where her punishment lines were printed. "I WILL NOT SPANK ANOTHER STUDENT WITHOUT THE PARENTS PERMISSION."

She always dressed very sophisticated, partly because she was a teacher, and partly because she wanted to hold it over her students who all had to dress in a schoolgirl uniform. Today she had her hair placed in a bun on top of her head, three inch black high heels, tan stockings, a pleated wool skirt that ended at her knees, and a long sleeve tailored cotton blouse. She looked dignified and grown up.

"Come here Young Lady." I crooked my finger at her pointing to the front of the desk. She slowly walked to the front, head and eyes downcast. "Now girls", addressing the class, "You are going to see what happens to a teacher who abuses her authority, and who walked out of this classroom after I have assigned her a punishment lesson. She was supposed to write the sentence you see on the blackboard 500 times. She did it about 300 times. After I spank her bare bottom, and you will witness it, she will start from the beginning and stay here until it is completed. But first, she is going to apologize to Kate for spanking her on Friday."

"Ms. Henderson are you wearing pantyhose or stockings?"

She turned her head around to face me an in a very low whisper said "Pantyhose."

"Louder Ms. Henderson," I ordered. "Address me properly."

"I am wearing pantyhose Sir." She said loudly her eyes downcast.

"Much better Emily," I said with a smile.

"I am sure you know what to do next, lower the pantyhose down to your ankles," I could see all of the girls starting to smirk. They had no sympathy for her.

Emily slowly reached under her loose skirt, not wanting to show anymore than necessary, she grasped the waistband of her pantyhose doing a slight wiggle started to lower the hose down and over her hips. She stood up with the pantyhose bunched at her knees and tried to let them fall naturally to the ground; however, they were tangled, so she had to bend over at the waist to pull them down to her ankles.

As her backside was facing me, her skirt rode up her hips and I could see her tight, bikini cut, black silky undies, as well, as the cheeks of her rounded buttocks peeking out at me. She did it quickly, but not quick enough.

"Now young lady apologize to Kate and make it sincere."

Emily Henderson, Kate's 35 year old teacher, stood with her head and eyes downcast, her pantyhose at her ankles and said: "Kate I am sincerely sorry I spanked you on Friday, I was wrong please forgive me," Her face was red with embarrassment as she stuttered her speech. Kate didn't know what to do as her once headstrong teacher apologized in front of the class.

"Now Emily," Addressing the 35 year old as if she were a child, "Do you know what happens to naughty little girls that are disobedient?"

She started to say something but the words got stuck in her throat as she whispered "They get spanked."

"Louder Miss Henderson, address me properly, face the class and lift your skirt over your hips," I ordered.

Emily turned and faced the class lifting her skirt slowly and deliberately above her hips. She was humbled, embarrassed and shamed as she stood showing her tight bikini panties. They are very silky and almost transparent. You can her skin peeking through them except for the black gusset covering her pubic area.

'Sir they get a spanking," Emily said loudly and quickly.

"Okay Missy lets get down to business," With that announcement I stood up, came around the desk, grasped her firmly by her ear and turned her so her backside was facing the class to the right of the spanking chair. She started to sob from humiliation and anticipation.

"Bend over my lap Emily," I told her in no uncertain terms.

She knew the position, and was soon bent over up on her tiptoes, holding on to the legs of the chair. I spoke to her as I rolled up my right sleeve "I am going to tan your bare backside so you won't sit for a week, disobedience is not acceptable and you will now pay the penalty."

Her bottom was facing students, whom she had previously spanked in the same manner. She was painfully conscious of her position, so to complete her embarrassment and to make absolutely sure she knew she was really going to get spanked. I reached round and gently tugged her panties inside out to her knees. Her bottom was high in the air completely exposed from her protruding clit to her rounded perky bottom cheeks.

"Aren't you ashamed of yourself now?" I scolded.

"An intelligent, accomplished, professional woman being treated, as if you were a naughty little girl. Just look at you, bare bottom across my lap, about to get a tanning. Imagine what your friends would think if they could see you now? Your skirt pulled up around your waist and you're under panties around your knees," I could hear the girls snickering.

I began the hand spanking with medium intensity and quite slowly. With each smack of my hand on her bottom, she exhaled a little "Oooo" and moved slightly. Slowly I increased the strength and speed of my hand slaps. I also began to concentrate on certain areas with two or three repeated strokes to the same spot. She involuntarily tightened the muscles in her legs. I gave her two more smart strokes to the middle of her cheeks, making her squeal and dance on my lap. After five more she began to sob quietly.

I now retrieved the ruler, the same one I used on her Friday afternoon, and turned back to Emily's trembling backside. I raised my arm and whacked her across the very center of her bare fanny.

"Yeouch!" She screeched bucking wildly.

Crack! A second swat quickly landed on the other side and elicited another howl. Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! The crisp smacks rained down on her bouncing cheeks. She kicked and struggled but still the swats unerringly found her rounded buns. For several minutes the room was silent except for the crack of ruler against bare buttocks and the cries of Emily Henderson I applied an extra hard swat right across the crease at the base of her bottom and paused.

"I hope I'm making my point here Young Lady?" I said.

"Yes Sir," she wailed. "Oh, please my bottom's on fire. Please don't Paddle me any more."

Her bottom was now marked with red ruler stripes from the top of her buttocks down to her thighs. It almost glowed from the heat as I ran my hand over it." Do you think you have learned a lesson Young Lady?"

"Yes I do sir," She quickly replied.

"Okay let's finish up."

I applied ten or so good, solid swats, alternating cheeks, gradually increasing the force, and taking the time necessary to assure that they landed at the base of her bottom crease. Emily was now crying loudly, her legs had stopped kicking and she reached the point where she accepted the punishment. I let her lay across my lap until she somewhat calmed down. I took out my handkerchief and had her blow her nose, as if she were a child. I then helped her off my lap, her hair had dropped out of her bun, her makeup was disheveled from the crying, her skirt was raised, panties at her knees and pantyhose at her ankles. I ordered her to the corner and told Linda, the Principal, to pin her skirt up.

Utterly humiliated, she shuffled across the room, hobbled by her panties, which slipped down to her ankles. She had to take short little steps necessary to keep from tripping over her panties. When she reached the corner she placed her nose firmly against the wall while Linda pinned her skirt to her blouse. "Now Young Lady I will give you 10 minutes to compose yourself and then you can write your lines, you will start all over. I want all 500 lines done before you go home. You will be standing as you are as each class comes in, so instead of a private punishment the entire school is going to know."

I stood up and went back to the desk and sat down. "Okay girls I don't want any of you to show disrespect to Ms. Henderson now or for the rest of the year, she has been punished and that is the end of it. If you give her any trouble I personally will tan your backsides. Ms. Dawson has called each of your parents and they have signed a permission form indicating you may be spanked." I said

"Now for the remainder of the class I want you to read the next 2 chapters in your books. Do NOT give me any trouble or you will be over my knee." I said firmly.

For the first 15 minutes, the girls kept their heads down and studied from their textbooks. I then heard one of the girls cough. A typical trick used on all substitute teachers. Ten seconds later another cough, but much louder from across the room. I counted to 10 and the same thing happened, I could see the pattern developing.

The 5th girl coughed first, then the 3rd girl on the next cough and so on. I decided to let it go around the room until it reached the girl who started it, an 18 year old senior named Susan Andrews, she would then get a lesson in how to behave in class.

I quietly stood up and began to walk towards Susan's desk; she was concentrating on counting and did not see me coming. Susan had long brown hair, was about 5:4, she was captain of the cheerleaders and on the swimming team. She wore her skirt rolled up at the waist, in the style of most of the girls, which meant that her skirt was about 6 inches above her knees. Her legs were long and lightly muscled from all of the swimming and cheerleading practice. She was best friends with my step-daughter Kate and I knew she was still spanked at home by her mother, although none of the other students knew.

She raised her head and made this loud coughing noise, just as she saw me directly in front of her. Her face turned bright red; she couldn't believe she had gotten caught. I lifted her up from her desk and before she had a chance to gather her wits, I put my foot on her desk chair and in one motion placed all 5:4 of her over my knee. Her head was on one side of my leg and her legs were on the other side. She was off the ground, completely helpless, her perky rounded 18 year old bottom in perfect position to be spanked. All of the girls gasped they were stunned to see one of the school leaders in such a position. I flipped her shortened skirt on top of her back, to reveal regulation white cotton full cut panties. I lowered them to mid-thigh only to see a very red bare backside.

"Looks like you got spanked recently Susan." I said.

'Yes Sir," She replied.

"When and why?" I asked. She was humbled and shamed to have to answer these questions in front of her classmates in such an embarrassing position

"This morning before breakfast, Mom spanked me for missing curfew last night."

"What did she spank you with?" I was now dragging out her answers.

"My spanking hairbrush Sir."

"Well you are in for another tanning for disobeying my orders to study the next two chapters. I am going to spank you with my hand until you are crying, and then you will receive 3 with the cane. I will call your mother and let her know what happened."

With these words, Susan started to sob silently to herself. She looked the picture of dejection, still hanging over my knee with a spanking and a caning in her future. All of the girls in the class now knew she was still spanked at 18, by lunch the whole school would know.

I started to spank her firm cheeks beginning at the top of her red, splotched marked fanny. One cheek, then the other, down the right side, up the left, on her thighs. Susan was now kicking and swinging back and forth, the stinging was intense. She started to breakdown, promising to behave as I continued to tan her buttocks. After some 3 minutes of swatting her behind, I stopped. Susan was now crying her eyes out. She had stopped kicking and was lying jackknifed over my knee. I stood her up and grasped her by her ear marched her up to the front of the classroom.

"Okay, young lady, you hold up your skirt, I am now going to give you 3 with the cane, as an example to rest of the girls not to disobey me," I looked around the room no one made a sound. The only noise you heard was Emily Henderson writing her lines on the board, her skirt pinned with her crimson heinie on display.

I walked over to the wall where the spanking cane was hanging, it about 30 inches long, thin and whippy with the traditional crook at one end. Walking back to where Susan stood, I ordered her to bend, with her backside facing the class, and to put her hands flat on the straight-backed chair. Her skirt had fallen when she bent over, so I flipped it up and gave her bottom a little slap. Susan gasped and started to cry again in anticipation of what was to come.

I stepped back to her left side and brought the cane up to touch her bottom, right at the crease of her bottom cheeks

"Up on your toes Missy," I ordered still tapping her backside.

She raised herself up, her leg muscles from her calf to her top of her thighs slightly rippled. "More stick your bottom out more," I am going to cane right under your backside.

I swished the cane through the air a few times. The first stroke landed. It took a few seconds for the sting to reach her brain. Her breath was taken away and then a moment later a loud cry. I could see the parallel stripe across her rear sit upon. She had come down off her toes.

I told her to rise up again and again touched her where the next stroke would land. I brought the cane down again, just above and parallel to other stroke. She was now dancing from foot to foot and her white cotton school girl undies had slipped down to her ankles. She was sobbing promising to be "sooooo gooood."

"Okay, now Susan, place your elbows on the chair and put your head on the chair in between your elbows. I want your backside as high up as possible. Up on your toes and stick your backside out as far as possible," Knowing not to disobey me, she did as told, presenting a very humbling posture for a 18 year old in front of her friends.

I took the cane and swung it quickly SWISSSHHH SPLAT! Swatting her across both full rounded cheeks. She howled and started to straighten, only to be stopped by my arm. Remaining in position, she was quite a spectacle hopping from leg to leg from the stinging pain, head down backside raised high.

After a few minutes of watching her hop, I told her to stand, to tuck her skirt into her waistband, to bring her panties back to her knees and march herself to the nearest corner until she composed herself.

"Any of you other girls want to disobey me? No eyes even looked up from their books. "Kate, after Susan composes herself I want you to escort her downstairs to the courtyard, so she can clean those erasers. I want her skirt raised and her bare bottom on display for the rest of the girls to see."

"Yes Daddy." She said glad it was not her bottom on display.

"Linda come here," calling the 41 year old Principal to the front of the room, what I want you to do is to go back to your office. You and I are going to discuss, your lack of authority and why Ms. Henderson disobeyed you last Friday. Apparently this school needs a disciplinarian, maybe we can work something out. Now move it." I gave her two quick spanks across her skirt covered backside, as she turned towards the classroom door.

Written by: tom6432

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