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Adriana Love Ch. 04

by kara_love©

"What the hell," Adriana said to herself as she checked her facebook messages in the morning.

"Oh my..." Her mouth gaped open as she clicked through the images. A huge cock laid on a picture of her. Then there were several pictures of a hairy hand stroking the cock, and then there was cum, covering her face.

"Hope you enjoy it. Here's a video." said the message.

Adriana looked behind her before clicking the video. She turned down the volume of her computer as it started loading.

She watched intently as the man stroked his cock over her picture. It was so big! She licked her lips.

"Yeah you little slut, suck it, suck on this big cock," moaned the man holding the camera. He brought his cock down to the picture and smeared his precum on the face of Adriana's picture. She could see the mushy head of his cock pressing against her face.

Adriana squeezed her legs tightly, squishing her pussy in between.

"Jesus..." she said to herself as she admired the man's cock. Her little hand found its way between her panties, and was rubbing her little clit furiously.

"Yeah baby, you love this big cock inside your little ass, mmm, feels so good in your tight little bum," moaned the man as he picked up his pace.

Then splash, splash, sploosh. His cum was all over her picture.

"Hope you enjoyed that baby," said the man, gasping for breath.

Adriana bucked her hips in her chair as she came too.

She didn't know that her dad was watching her via webcam in the very next room.

"Fucking slut," muttered Matthew as he wiped his cum off of his legs.

He pulled up his pants and went out of his room. He peeked at Adriana's door as he walked by to catch a glimpse. It was shut all the way.


Matthew prepared breakfast for his daughter, and then called her into the kitchen. He watched as his lovely cheerleader daughter skipped into the kitchen and bounced onto the chair.

"What happened last night?" said Matthew, taking a bite of his food.

"You got too drunk and went to bed, so Jerry left," said Adriana, smiling at her daddy.

"Oh shit," said Matthew, "Oops, I didn't mean to cuss."

"It's alright daddy, I'm eighteen, sheesh," giggled Adriana.

"I can't eat anymore, I'm so hung over," said Mark as he groaned.

"Did you want me to make you some coffee?"

"Yes please," nodded Mark, his eyes shut. Once he heard Adriana get up, he turned his head around to see. He loved how tight her shorts were. And sometimes, it would ride up just a little bit, giving him a peek of her butt.

"I even cleaned up after you two," said Adriana as she prepared the coffee, "I think I deserve some extra allowance for that."

"Fine, here," muttered Matthew as he threw out a twenty dollar bill from his wallet.

"Best daddy ever," said Adriana as she kissed his cheek, placing the coffee next to his plate.

Matthew groggily finished his breakfast, and left the house.

Adriana's heart began to sink once she was alone. She had done so much yesterday... She had given a blowjob to her mailman, and to Bob. Bob had taken her by force and fucked her pussy too. And Cowen, Lance, those two assholes... Her best friend Carmen, who tagged along with her to the adult bookstore, and helped her gather a whole jar of cum.

And then when she got home, Jerry was there waiting for her. Oh crap, Jerry drugged my dad! I guess everything's okay, since dad is awake... Then he made me drink the whole jar, and made me give him a blowjob... Sheesh, what a long day it was.

She then heard the door knock.

"Hello?" said Adriana as she opened the door. It was the mailman from yesterday.

"Uhh, hey," he said awkwardly.

He probably wanted another blowjob.

"Yesterday was just a one time thing... Sorry," apologized Adriana as the man got frowned.

"It was wonderful, thank you." he said, nodding.

"I'm glad it was," smiled Adriana, and gave the mailman a kiss on the cheek.

"I'll forever treasure the memory," he said again.

"Uhmmm, okay," said Adriana awkwardly. She wanted him to leave!

"C-could I just touch your butt once?" said the mailman, still frowning. Adriana couldn't say no. She was the one who started everything!

"Fine, but this is the end, and it'll be the last time you come to the door to see me, okay?" She said, as she stepped backward. The mailman followed her inside.

Whether she liked it or not, Bob was working in his garage again. Adriana was on his mind since yesterday, and it intrigued him when he saw the mailman at her door. He grinned when he saw the mailman walk in.

"Go ahead," said Adriana, legs tightly together.

"Mmm," grinned the mailman as he sat down on his heels. His hands held Adriana by her hips, and made her turn around. She didn't fight.

"So lovely," said the man as he pressed his face against her ass. Adriana could feel the man's hot breath on her butt.

"May I?" asked the man as he tugged down her shorts. Adriana did not reply.

"Mmmmmmm," he moaned louder, caressing his face into her butt cheeks. Adriana said nothing as he pulled down her panties.

"So delicious," he said as he planted his face between her butt cheeks.

"Tickly," said Adriana as she felt his face push deeper. She placed her hand on his head, trying to stop him from coming in so close. It only made him come on harder.

The mailman's hands gripped hard at Adriana's hips, making her bend over. His hands slowly brought her down onto her knees. Soon enough, Adriana was on fours as the man had his face between her butt cheeks. She squirmed as he probed her little ass with his tongue. Adriana tried hard to keep her composure, but her legs kept wobbling as the man's tongue went further into her little hole. She planted her face into her arms as she supported herself up, biting her lips.

"Isn't this enough?" asked Adriana shyly. The man said nothing.

"Sir?" she asked again.

"Hmm?" said the mailman as he got up. Adriana felt his hand crawl up between her thighs, and his thumb smudged at her little asshole.

"This is enough... right?" She asked, trying to get up. The man placed his palm behind Adriana's back, holding her down in place.

"Just a little more," he muttered as he fingered Adriana's puckered little ass. Adriana groaned as she felt him enter.

"You need to stop," cried Adriana as she squirmed to get free. The mailman pressed down harder at her back, making her lay flat against the floor, with just her ass up.


"No, STOP," shouted Adriana, but it was no use. The mailman pulled his finger out of her ass. She then felt his cock at the opening of her butthole. The mailman's cock glided up and down, feeling the little wrinkles of her butthole and smearing them with his precum.

"Please, stop, you're raping me, stop," cried Adriana underneath.

The mailman steadily pushed his cock into Adriana, deeper and deeper. She bit her lips hard as his hard cock stretched her little asshole.

"You need to stop, please," sobbed Adriana, but words did not register to the mailman. She cried out loud as the mailman picked up his pace and pounded the little eighteen year old girl.

His hands gripped Adriana's hips hard, hard enough to leave bruises. He pulled her hips back and forth as he slammed himself into her. He enjoyed her fighting back, and gained confidence from utterly overpowering this little girl and taking her little ass.

"Fuck, fuck, " he muttered as he sped up. Adriana stopped fighting when she felt the man shoot warm cum into the depth of her asshole. He loosened his grip on her, but slowly fucked her ass more, unloading the last bits of his cum inside her.

"Fuck, that was good," he said as he got up. His legs wobbled. He looked down at Adriana. Poor girl, he thought. He deserved to fuck her though, especially after the cocksucking she gave him yesterday.

"You, you raped me," said Adriana, barely clinging onto her elbows and turning around.

The mailman silently tucked his cock back into his pants.

"You can't come back here, ever again!" begged Adriana.

The mailman gave her a smirk, and then left through the door.

Bob looked at his watch. Twelve minutes. What the hell could they have been doing for twelve minutes? The mailman is supposed to be on the clock. She must be fucking him, he thought. Bob walked toward Adriana's house. The mailman gave him a nod as he got into the mail car.

Bob knocked on the door, no reply.

He turned the doorknob, it was open.

Whatever, he thought, this was his neighbor's house.

He stepped inside.

He found Adriana lying on her back, supported up by her elbows. Her big eyes were wide open. Her shorts and panties were at her ankle.

"I knew it, you little slut," shouted Bob as he kicked his shoes off.

"Bob, no," cried Adriana, "I just got raped by the mailman!"

"Don't lie, you little slut, we know you're a dirty little cocksucker, inviting men into their house, Matthew would be ashamed!"

"No, I didn't want it, he forced himself on me!" cried Adriana, pulling her legs closer as Bob advanced toward her.

"Was that why you seduced me yesterday you devious little cunt?" said Bob, towering over Adriana. He saddled on her chest, his hand freeing his cock from his pants in frenzy.

"No Bob, please," begged Adriana as Bob grabbed the back of her head.

"Suck it all you want, I'm going to fuck the slut out of you!" shouted Bob, pulling Adriana's face into his cock. One hand behind Adriana's head, one hand at his cock, he repeatedly shoved his cock at Adriana's face until she finally opened her mouth.

"That's right, you fucking slut, you wanted this," he said as he grabbed Adriana's head by both hands, and fucked her teenage mouth.

Tears streamed down Adriana's face as Bob furiously fucked her mouth. Bob was fucking her face as if he was angry at her. His thick, stiff cock stretched her lips wide open as it shoved into the back of her throat.

"Love it, don't you, you little skank," said Bob as he fucked her harder.

"Look up at me when I fuck your mouth!" shouted Bob, slapping Adriana's face before pounding into her mouth again.

Adriana meekly looked up at her neighbor. Bob had been her neighbor his whole life. It was his family who took her in when her dad couldn't come home when she got home. His family was like a safe zone for him whenever her house was empty. She had trusted him.

But here he was, fucking her mouth and using her like a cum dumpster.

"That's right baby, suck on this cock," moaned Bob as he slowed down his pace. He put more of his weight down on Adriana's chest as he held the back of Adriana's head, guiding her head as she sucked back and forth on his cock.

"Good girl, good girl," he murmured. He turned around and grabbed Adriana's soft pussy.

Adriana sobbed louder once she realized what he wanted.

"It's okay baby, it's okay baby, just suck it good," said Bob lovingly.

"You love sucking this cock, don't you? There you go baby, just keep sucking," said Bob as his fingers probed into Adriana's pussy. He felt Adriana's muscles tense up as he entered. Adriana was dripping wet.

"Such a little slut, you are," said Bob, his fingers now leaving her pussy and down further into her ass. His finger slipped in rather easily from the mailman's cum.

"Is this where that mailman fucked you?" asked Bob, talking to Adriana like a little child. Adriana nodded, still sucking on Bob's cock.

"Disgusting," remarked Bob as he pulled his finger out and brought it to Adriana's mouth. Adriana moved her head away, but a prompt slap on her face was enough to keep her in line. She opened her mouth and let his finger in.

"You're the school slut, aren't ya?" said Bob as he pulled his finger out of Adriana's mouth.

"I bet you're the girl that gives everyone blowjobs, it's always a little slut like you, sucking every boy off," said Bob matter-of-factly.

Bob lifted himself up a bit, bringing his balls to Adriana's mouth. He grinned when Adriana suckled them into her mouth without question.

"Let's go to your little girly room," said Bob as he got up. Adriana did not follow.

"No..." said Adriana meekly, not daring to look up at him.

"Now." said Bob, grabbing Adriana by her hair and pulling her up. She kicked away her underwear and shorts, and led the way to her room.

"Mmm, smells like a little girl," said Bob, walking into the room. He walked to Adriana's bed and sat down on the edge, with his legs apart. His thick erect cock pointed up.

"Come," said Bob. He watched his neighbor's daughter kneel between his legs.

He didn't need to tell her what to do. Adriana was already opening her lips around his cock, bobbing her head up and down.

Whether he liked it or not, Adriana's bed was in the full view of the webcam. Matthew's program had been recording via Adriana's webcam ever since it detected movement.

Bob leaned back onto the bed as Adriana serviced him. This was the life to him. Having a pretty eighteen year old, a cheerleader, a neighbor's daughter, bobbing their head on his cock. He could feel his balls tingling. He was close.

No way I'm going to just fuck her mouth. I need to fuck that little cunt again, he thought.

"On fours, up here," said Bob. Adriana complied.

Fucking the neighbor's daughter in her own pink room, definitely a good day, Bob thought to himself.

Adriana's smooth little pussy was on display for him as she bent over. He couldn't wait any longer. He pointed his cock at her pussy, and shoved it in as hard as he could.

He fucked her for all the sex that his wife owed him. There was no mercy today. He was going to destroy this little slut's pussy. Bob thrust hard into Adriana, his hands roaming all over the little minx. He slipped his hands under Adriana's bra, and roughly grabbed her tits. He then used her tits as handles as he slammed into her.

Adriana worried her tits would burst, and she'd die.

Bob continued to pound into her, as fast as he could, as hard as he could. The tingling in his balls told him that it was a time bomb ready to go off any second. He had to get more strokes into her.

"I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum," gasped Bob, holding Adriana tighter in place. He pulled his cock out of Adriana's used cunt, and shoved it into her ass.

"Ahhhhh! Don't!" screamed Adriana. Had the caring tone of Bob comforted her at all, the surprise of having Bob's cock shoved into her little ass had ruined it all.

"Shut the fuck up," screamed back Bob, which quieted Adriana. He slapped Adriana's ass hard, making her tense up her little puckered up hole. He fucked her as hard as he could, then his time bomb finally ticked. Torrents of cum shot up Adriana's ass from Bob's cock. Bob pulled his cock out, and squatted over Adriana's head. He shot his cum onto her face, hair, and on her pillow.

"No..." cried Adriana as cum dripped from Bob's cock onto her hair.

Bob then turned Adriana on her back, and saddled on her chest again.

"Clean it, you fucking cunt," said Bob, slapping her face before she even reacted to his words. Adriana opened her mouth for him, which Bob quickly filled with his cock.

"Yeah, clean it, you dirty bitch," said Bob, dragging his cock in and out of Adriana's mouth. His heart pounded as he watched her suck. Today was a good day for Bob.

"Don't you dare tell your dad what happened, bitch." said Bob as he kicked the covers onto Adriana's lifeless body.


Adriana woke up at 3:00 PM. She had fallen asleep for four hours. Bob had left. His cum caked on her hair and her face. Her ass and pussy was sore from the poundings she took. She fell out of the bed, and made her way to the shower. Her daddy would be home soon.


Matthew didn't bother asking Adriana what was wrong, but something was definitely wrong. His heart dropped when he thought about what happened yesterday. He had given a stranger the personal information on Adriana. He contacted her today... Maybe he is somehow involved, maybe she was raped by him. Matthew cringed at his own actions.

He could tell that Adriana wasn't feeling right. Maybe it was her weak smile, or her shallow voice. He noticed that she couldn't walk properly.

After a silent dinner, Adriana gave Matthew a kiss on the cheek and told him she was going to bed.

"You alright honey? You didn't look so good... Want some sleeping pills so you can get a good rest?" asked Matthew.

"Yeah.. I think I might take you up on that offer," said Adriana. She was being extra shy today.

Adriana swallowed the two sleeping pills with a glass of water, and went promptly to bed.

Mark knew that the recommended dosage was one. Adriana didn't.

Matthew went to his room and watched Adriana's bedroom webcam. 5 hours of footage were available. He had his fingers crossed that she played with herself again.

Matthew fast forwarded through Adriana getting up from bed. He slowed down when he saw Adriana playing with her pussy during the morning, which was when Adriana was checking out the facebook messages. Then she left the room. The program had continued recording for five more minutes, even though nobody was in the room. He'd have to fix that.

Then he saw a man. It was Bob, from next door. He sat down on Adriana's bed. Matthew then noticed Bob's dick. Then Adriana knelt in between Bob's legs, and now it was bobbing up and down.

Matthew almost came right then.

He watched as his sweet daughter get on fours on the bed, and Bob get behind her. He watched Bob pound Adriana with such fury that he worried Adriana might break. He watched as Bob groped Adriana's soft tits in a fierce grip. He watched her tits turn red in Bob's grip.

"That bastard," Matthew muttered to himself. He stroked harder as Bob fucked Adriana harder, and when Bob shoved his cock into Adriana, Matthew exploded all over the keyboard.

Matthew caught his breath, stroking his twitching cock as he watched Bob make Adriana clean his cock. He cropped the video, and saved it to his computer.

"That slut!" said Matthew, loud this time. He had no fear of Adriana hearing him. After all, she had taken two sleeping pills as opposed to one. One sleeping pill was enough to knock out himself, two pills for Adriana's little body would probably make her comatose for a day.

Then it clicked in his head.

Adriana, unconscious, in her bed.

His cock got hard. Opportunities like this don't come often.

He made his way to her room.

Written by: kara_love

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