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Daddy's Little Slut

by sissy_cumslut©

Finally I had everything I needed to dress up and have a little fun today. Ever since I was a little boy I’ve always thought my daddy was so handsome. At 6’3” he is exactly what they meant by tall, dark and handsome. Tonight I would finally have my chance to show him just how much I wanted him.

I’ve always been on the scrawny side. Even at nineteen I’m only 5’6” and 100lbs, not exactly a man’s man. I’ve kept my dark hair usually in a pony tail trying my best to look cool. All it did was make me look prettier. For some reason my hips have always been wide, my waist really small (24”), and my bottom nice and round. Well tonight that would just make me look sexier.

I’d decided on a black micro mini skirt, a pink lacey thong, a pink halter, and black stilettos. No stocking or garters tonight, my skirt is way too short for that. Well time to get ready, first I showered and shaved off all the hair on my body. I put some jasmine body lotion all over myself to make my skin feel nice and soft. Then I put on my make up to bring out my blue eyes and accentuate my cheek bones. I also put on some pink lipstick to make my plump lips look even better. I brushed out my hair and styled it like Catherine Zeta Jones in a magazine I bought yesterday.

I slowly slipped on my thongs and settled them into my crack, loving the feel of it. I put a maxi pad to hide my little bulge and then glued my D cup silicone falsies onto my chest. I am amazed at how real they looked and felt. I pulled up my mini so it barely covered my ass. Oh god if I bent over just a little my daddy would get a great view. Finally I put on my halter top and stilettos and did a little practice walk in front of the mirror. Damn I looked so hot; I was probably the hottest piece of ass my dad would ever see. I was amazed at how easy it was for me to look like a hot little sixteen year old teenage girl.

I went down stairs and got into a friends car I borrowed for my little seduction. My mom was out of town on business and my dad would be home shortly. I drove up the street and parked waiting for my dad to come home.

There comes my dad now just in time still in a suit from work. I give him a little time to get in take off his tie and relax. Then I get out of the car and pop one of my tires. I smooth out my skirt and walk towards my house and ring the bell.

As my dad opens the door I shiver at the lust in his eyes and he looks me up and down. “May I help you Miss?”

I smile coyly and respond, “Well like I totally hope so. My name’s Tiffany. I have a flat tire and I need to use a phone?”

My dad smiles and opens the door to let me in. As I walk past him I rub my breasts on his arm and toss my hair to the side. I smile as I glance down and see a large bulge in my daddy’s pants. He shows me to the phone and sits down behind me on a chair devouring me with his eyes. I drop my bag and bend down to pick it up and smile as I see my dad drop his mouth open in the mirror as he gets an eyeful of my ass and pink thongs. Then I pretend to phone my daddy and leave him a message to call me back at this phone number. I hang up and turn to my daddy and say, “I hope you don’t mind me staying until my daddy phones back do you?” with a little pout of my lips.

My dad stutters to say that it’s fine. Then I walk to him and sit so close beside him that my breasts press against his arm and cross my legs. “Thank you so much for all your help.” I say as I put my hand on his thigh and squeeze slightly.

I can hear my daddy breathing harder as he says, “It’s really no problem Miss. Would you like a drink?”

“Sure a rum and coke would be great.” I reply with another coy look.

My daddy simply smiles and pours me a drink while he fixes a double scotch for himself.

As he sits back down I snuggle against him and whisper, “Hmm that tastes so good, but I bet this would taste a lot better.” I rub his cock through his pants and turn to look into his eyes.

My daddy slowly leans towards me and starts to kiss me with a passion I never knew he had. He devours my mouth as he rubs his hands all over my tight little body. He pulls me onto his lap and squeezes my ass under my skirt as he slips his delicious tongue into my mouth. I moan with pleasure and rip open his shirt.

I whisper to my daddy, “I need to suck your cock daddy”

This drives my daddy wild as he pulls out his cock and tells me “Suck it you little slut”

I kneel down and kiss my daddy’s cock before I slip it between my lips and lick up and down my daddy’s big cock. I play with daddy’s balls while I relax my throat and bob up and down on his big cock. He moans as he reaches down to grab my head and fuck my mouth while I moan with pleasure. I feel daddy tense up as he releases his load with a grunt. I swallow all of daddy’s cum like a good girl. Then I lick and kiss the top off his cock to make sure I got all of his delicious cum.

Then my daddy pulls me up onto his lap again and takes off my top and plays with my breasts. I moan as he sucks and squeezes my tits while I grind myself into daddy’s hardening cock.

I whisper, “Daddy it’s my time of the month but would you please fuck my ass. Pretty please daddy.”

My father chuckles and turns me around to pull my panties to the side and lick my asshole. I moan and scream for him to lick my ass. My daddy lovingly eats my ass as I moan with pleasure. Then he slowly slips his cock into me with me bent over and I moan, “Daddy stop teasing me and fuck me hard!”

My father chuckles again and starts to fuck me good and hard while I scream with pleasure.

I ask my daddy, "Daddy can I ride your big cock? Pretty please with cherries on top.” and my daddy lets me with a big smile on his face. I love my daddy.

As I straddle him he sucks on my breasts and squeezes my ass. I jump up and down moaning and loving every minute. My daddy starts to kiss me again but this time it’s tender with him sucking on my tongue. I slowly grind onto my daddy and start to pick up my pace as he grunts and cums in my ass. I keep kissing my daddy until he is limp and then I cuddle with him on the couch.

While daddy falls asleep I pick up my clothes and tip toe up to my room to change and go to bed.

The next morning my daddy is happy and smiles at me and says, “Son if Tiffany could be ready in thirty minutes I would love to take her to the park.”

I blush and stutter, “Why yes daddy I bet she would love to.”

Now what on earth was I going to wear…?

Written by: sissy_cumslut

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