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Big Tit Slut Wife

by KSBerry©

Kelly and I went away on a weekend getaway to New Orleans. I always look forward to such trips, because I love getting her horny and a little drunk and getting her to reluctantly talk about her sexual past.

At a Northeast college, Kelly had quite a checkered past. She is 5'7", 125 lbs and sports natural 36DD tits that sag just perfectly. She has a a nice round ass and has always had a flirtatious manner about her. You could say she is a party girl. She's never lost that flirtatiousness, and has admittedly fucked a lot of guys. She is a little embarrassed about this, but I've encouraged her not to worry about it.

I love getting her to speak about her past, because the idea of my wife being a slutty woman really turns me on and she knows it. The idea of her fucking and sucking another cock turns me on.

So, in New Orleans, we went out the first night. You can't help but get sloshed there. So we drunkenly went back to our hotel room after a night of painting the town and I immediately got naked.

I got undressed and ready for bed first, but I sat on the hotel couch. When she came out of the bathroom naked and was ready for bed, she saw me and knew what I was looking for. She walked over to me, kissed me and slid her tongue in my mouth for a few moments.

She then got on her knees, and immediately started jerking me off, looking at me as I groaned with pleasure. As she jerked me off, I raised the subject of her being a slut. Kelly told me, "I love cocks" and "I'm your slut, I'll do what you want." Kelly then put my throbbing member in my mouth and gave me a deep, wet sloppy blowjob. As she sucked my cock, I played with her big tits, enjoying her hot body and impressive tongue work but also thinking of the cocks she had done this to before. I said to her, "you've done this before, huh? She responded, "Yes I have I've always loved a cock in my mouth. I've sucked a lot of cocks."

I then told took her to the bed, and went down on her, licking her pussy, and squeezing her big boobs some more. As she moaned with pleasure and talked dirty to me that she couldn't wait for me to fuck her pussy.

I then turned her over and started fucking her doggy style. As I fucked her, those big tits of hers swung around,, and we talked even dirtier. She loves getting fucked. I then started rubbing her pussy as I fucked her, and she immediately came. I then asked her where she wanted me to cum. She said, "You know you want to cum on my big tits."

So, I pulled out and tit fucked her for a bit and when I was ready, I swung her around and blew a huge jet stream all over her large breasts, rubbing my cock into them as I finished, telling her, "You love a load on your big tits, don't you?" She said, yes, it has always turned her on." We both immediately fell asleep.

The next day, we woke up, and Kelly said, "Wow, that was amazing sex last night, but you were really focused on the fact that I fucked a lot of guys before you."

I reiterated that the idea of her fucking another guy turned me on. She asked me if I wanted her to fuck someone else.

I hadn't thought about going that far with it, but I gulped and said, uh, yeah, that would be pretty hot. Do you want me to fuck someone else? I could tell she was uncertain, but she said, "Yeah if you want to."

That afternoon, we started drinking around 4 pm. We were in the party mood as happy hour came. Three hours later, as we got buzzed, I went to the bathroom to piss. When I got out, there was a guy talking to Kelly. He was about 6'2" and pretty muscular.

I stood there from a distance for about 10 minutes as I watched. Kelly started getting flirtatious, touching the guy on the arm and laughing as she talked with him. I could tell she really liked him. He stepped away to go to the bathroom and walked by me.

I went over to Kelly and asked her what that was all about. She told me his name was Jim and he was in town on vacation,, saw her at the bar, and found her quite attractive. I asked her if she liked him, she said, "yes, he's hot." I said, "Do you want to fuck him?" She smiled sheepishly, but didn't respond. I told her, "Well we talk about this a lot, do you want to hook up with him? She said, yes. I said, go for it, I'll see you back at our room, whenever.

I walked away, and Jim came out of the bathroom. Kelly turned up her flirtatiousness up 3 notches. I watched as she put her hands around his ass, as she talked to him. Kelly and Jim started making out, and then they got up to leave, him leading holding her hand, Kelly looking at me and smiling. I knew she was happy. My slut wife was about to fuck another guy!

I decided I wasn't going to be the husband who goes back to the hotel and waits for his wife without trying to get some action of my own. I went to another bar, where I met a girl named Angela. She was small, blonde, and petite. I wound up making the moves on her, taking her back to her hotel room and getting a blowjob. She wouldn't let me fuck her, but I did make a deposit in Angela's mouth before leaving. It was what I had hoped for.

I got back to my hotel room around 1 am. Then Kelly showed up around 2. I asked her, how it went. She said, "AMAZING!" I cut her off and said, "I hope you don't mind, but since you were going with Jim, I figured it was all good, so I picked up a girl named Angela and got head from her. Now, tell me, how did you make out?

Kelly was initially miffed. I got the questions about was she better looking than me? Did she turn you on? I said, give me a break, I gave you a hall pass to FUCK ANOTHER GUY, how can you complain?

I told her, yes she was hot. No, her tits weren't nearly the size of yours, but she gave a great blow job, she knew her way around a cock and that I came gallons.

Kelly, feeling silly about challenging me, gave me the play by play. Here's her version of the story: She got back to Jim's room and they started to kiss. He then reached up her shirt and squeezed her tits. Jim then pulled her shirt over her head and unsnapped her bra, unleashing her 36DD's.

As he did this, she reached to his pants, undid his button, pulled down his zipper, and what fell out was a 9 inch cock. She said it was huge and its girth was impressive. She said she jerked him off as he started sucking her tits. She then went down on him, telling me she could barely fit his dick in her mouth.

Even though, I had just gotten a sweet blowjob from Angela, my cock was rock hard again. She told me how she climbed on top of him and bounced on his cock and I said, "Wait a minute, how come you never let me fuck you that way?" She smiled and said she got caught in the moment, her tits were bouncing around and Jim was alternately sucking each boob.

I said, "You're so slutty, I love it. What else did you do? She told me, he fucked her sideways, facing her, sucking her right boob and rubbing her pussy as he thrust in and out of her wet snatch. He then got on top of her, fucking her until she came.

Jim told her he was going to pull out, and like so many guys before me, tit fucked her for a minute before coming all over her chest and neck. I asked her how that felt. Kelly said, "His hot load was everything I expected and hoped for out of his big cock. He first came all over my neck, the brought his cock lower to cover my tits. An impressive ejaculation."

I said, "Two loads on your big boobs in 2 nights. Not bad." She said, "Make it 3. I said, what? She said, "I then sucked him off later and he came again on them. I was so turned on, that I finished him off, by sucking the cum off his dick then rubbing his dick all over my tits."

After hearing that, I was about to cum in my pants. I pulled my pants down and said, "Please finish me off, and tell me some more about fucking Jim." Kelly jerked me off and then inserted my cock in her wet pussy, telling me how much she enjoyed a different cock. I told her what a hot slut I thought she was, I filled her pussy with my hot cum after another minute of that dirty talk.

The next day, we awakened smiling. Kelly asked me if we were "ok". I said, "Yeah we were both satisfied by others, as far as I'm concerned our experiment was a success." She agreed with me and asked if I still liked having a slut for a wife?" I said, HELL YEAH!

Written by: KSBerry

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