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A Sweet Revenge, Soon Regretted

by Bodie©

For minutes we remained locked in this position, Margaret rocking backwards and forwards between the two of us, as Chris fucked her harder and harder. In no time at all, she pulled her mouth off my cock, a loud gasp exploding from her throat. “Oh fuck, Chris. Yes! Yes!” Her body shuddered and she thrust herself backwards onto the huge cock impaling her. I could hear the sound of his thighs slapping against her backside. She gasped, desperately, “Don’t come inside me. Come on Lesley’s face and in her mouth for me, Chris.”

I looked down and saw Lesley had been masturbating furiously with her small fingers. Her own face was just inches from that monster cock slamming powerfully into Margaret’s pussy. She had probably been licking it as this had been happening. Letting her tongue run along the underside of Chris’s cock, his balls flicking across her face and onto her tongue as he pounded the whole length of his huge tool into Margaret’s cunt. I couldn’t see Lesley; but I heard her moan, excitedly, “Oh yes, Chris. Do. Do it. Come in my mouth.”

Almost immediately, he pulled himself out of Margaret, who span herself around, her face pressed close to my wife’s, watching intently. Lesley opened her mouth wide, stretching out her pink tongue as far as it would go towards Chris’s twitching cock. He fed the monster roughly between her bright red lips and I could see its shape move as he forced it down her throat. Chris shuddered and cried out loudly, and I saw Lesley gag slightly as he began to empty his spunk into her mouth. Her thin legs shook involuntarily, as she fought desperately for air. He then yanked it out sharply, spraying her mouth, lips, neck and tits with the slimy, viscous drips, flecks and globs of cum. Huge amounts of spunk covered her face, coated her teeth, stretching in thin, gooey strands between her lips as she fought for breath, and running in rivulets down along her neck and into her black hair. I had never seen so much cum in my life - and this was the second time he’d come tonight! Satisfied, he then nonchalantly slapped his thick cock a few times along Lesley’s cheeks and forehead, squeezing the thumb and first finger of his hand along the entire length, from base to tip, fetching out and flicking every last drop onto her pretty face. Margaret pounced on the still hard cock with her own mouth, removing what little spunk still remained on the tip and bulbous end, furiously licking and sucking. She smacked her lips with obvious pleasure.

“Now then you two, I think someone still desperately needs to cum, himself”, Margaret looked at me, her eyes excitedly flicking between the two of us. She led Chris away, and Lesley slowly pointed for me to move backwards onto my back. She knew I loved her to ride me and that it always got me off. As she lifted her leg to climb astride me, I could see the wet creamy spunk still running along her neck and down onto her breasts. She smiled, sexily, mischievously, looking directly into my eyes. Lowering herself onto my still hard cock, she began to slide her pussy up and down the length, very gently, very slowly and very deliberately. She leant down to kiss me on my mouth, and when I probed her mouth with my tongue, she opened her lips allowing Chris’s spunk that she had kept in her mouth to run down into my own.

I was shocked and tried to break my mouth free from hers, but she locked her lips onto mine, grabbing the sides of my face, refusing to allow me to break free. Yet I refused to swallow, hoping to pass it back somehow. But as her tongue wrapped around mine, mixing the spunk in our mouths, I found the sensation curiously exciting, and became aware of a fluttering in my stomach, as if doing something very, very bad. The warm, salty fluid, mixed with our saliva, the consistency of thick, creamy egg whites, but with a slightly metallic edge to it. After a couple of minutes, I relented, and then allowed myself to swallow the whole lot and she broke her lips free, smiling at me, obviously pleased with herself. “I love you, darling,” she said, kissing me again, hard on the mouth. I reached up and grabbed the back of her hair, pulling it downward and exposing her neck. I then began to hungrily lick off the remaining spunk from her neck, face and lips. I took hold of her wonderfully pendulous tits, licking his spunk off those, squeezing them and biting them, and I felt myself beginning to cum inside her. As I pumped my own spunk up into her, she again kissed me hard on the mouth, my cries of ecstasy smothered at source by her own passion. Almost instantly, I could feel myself going limp and sliding from her, and she climbed off.

“Lesley, may I?”, I heard Margaret say. And the rest of us then watched as my lovely petite wife sat her tanned legs either side of the older woman’s face, on the bed. Margaret reached upwards and fondled Lesley’s breasts as she lapped away at the cum-drenched young pussy with her tongue, happily cleaning away every last drop of my own warm spunk.

More than an hour had passed since Margaret and John had entered the room, and John now said that he would like to get another tape for the video if anything else was going to happen. The small, airless room was by now extremely hot, the atmosphere thick and heavy with the fug of sex and spunk. John went downstairs to fetch another tape. “Margaret, I’d like to speak with Richard. May we use the shower and freshen up?” Margaret smiled and nodded. So after wrapping towels around us, Lesley led me from the room.


We entered the shower room and closed the door behind us. I turned on the shower. The powerful blast of water drummed against the plastic cubicle, noisily. She took my hand, and we stepped inside. Lesley stood beneath the showerhead, the water brushing the side of her neck, hitting me in the chest. She reached forward and took my hand in hers. We stood in silence for a couple of minutes. I looked down at her. She looked at the floor, as if composing herself. I could see the small rivulets of water running down her neck, across her breasts and onto her waist and legs. I watched droplets forming on the lobes of her ears and the tip of her nose. She looked up at me. Her hand began to tremble in mine and I felt my chest begin to tighten. Panic once more rising in my throat.

“Lesley, what’s the matter?”.

She sniffed sharply. Her chest rose deeply, before she slowly shuddered-out a deep breath and looked up into my eyes. She squeezed my hand, firmly.

“I need to tell you something. I don’t want you to say anything until I finish. I need to get this out. Will you promise to do that for me?” she looked imploringly into my eyes. I nodded, slowly.

“You know that my parents split up when I was young. I lived with my mum. I saw my dad every other week, and once a year he would take me to the seaside. We only had a small caravan; it was all we could afford. But I was only eleven anyway. I would ride the donkeys and play in the arcades. But for one week of the year, it felt like an adventure.” She looked up at me. I watched her pretty face twisting, wrestling with something. Her lip trembled as she opened her mouth to speak.

“In our small caravan, the seats changed to beds at night. When I was in bed, I would see my dad get changed.” She faltered, momentarily. “I would see him naked. He asked me if I loved him. I said yes. He asked me if I would like to show him that I loved him. That was the first time he came into my bed.” I felt my own vision begin to blur with tears, my view of the top of her head lost as she once again looked at the floor. I wiped my eyes whilst she looked away.

She looked back up at me. Her face now set, determinedly. Sniffing several times, she continued. “He was too big for me. He hurt me. But I loved him. He was my dad. He told me no-one must know, or they would take me away from him and mum.” Again she remained silent for a few moments. I reached out and brought her to me, squeezing my arms around her and stroking her wet hair. She tapped my chest and pushed herself away.

“Eventually, when we went to the seaside, he would have his friends visit the caravan also. They would touch me and dad took photos. Sometimes there were three or four men. But I never told anyone. They would give me money and I would ride on the donkeys. She flicked a gaze up to me before pulling it back to the floor.

“When I was 14, my dad stopped coming into my bed. And we never went to the seaside again. I heard that he had begun seeing another girl. She was eleven. That’s when I started to do this.” She held up her arms close to my face and I could see the small, angry pale lines across her forearms, near the elbows. “I would cut myself with mum’s razor. And I would pull clumps out of my hair.” I had always wondered what the marks were; but when I asked, she merely shook her head, firmly. “Eventually my teacher told the headmaster, and the headmaster told the police, who then arrested my dad. I had to tell them what he had done.” She looked up at me. “I didn’t want to, but I was scared.”

She looked back down and continued. “He was charged and released. Then...then.” she was silent. “Then he hung himself before they could take him to court.”

“Oh, Lesley. None of this was your fault,” I blurted out. She put her hand to my mouth. “I was okay after a while. I was angry at first; but I never understood why my dad stopped loving me. And I never had the chance to say sorry for telling the police.” She raised her eyes to mine. “I never trusted men. But then you happened. You gave me unconditional love. And that gave me self-respect. And I had some control and stability in my life once again. But when you held me down today, it was like being back in the caravan. I had no control. I was angry and I wanted to hurt you.”

I hugged her tightly. Holding her small body close to me. I didn’t want to let her go. For many minutes we stood there, silently. The jet of water spraying and spattering down over us, rattling and tapping the side of the cubicle, carrying our tears down into the tray, down the waste. She looked up. “I know you think you don’t deserve me; but after tonight I’m scared you feel I don’t deserve you. When I lose control over my life in the present, I feel the pain of my life in the past. I’m sorry.”

I cupped her face in my hands. “Lesley, that’s perfectly okay. I understand now why you’ve acted as you have, and I deserved it. But I’m glad you’ve found a way, at last, to tell me. Do you want me to tell them to leave?”

Looking intensely into my face, she smiled. “No, but I want to repay your understanding and forgiveness. What have you always wanted to try?” I frowned, shaking my head. She raised her eyebrows. “You’ve told me many times that you think about it!” I looked up into her eyes. She nodded, slowly. “If you wish, we can do it tonight!” I raised my eyebrows, “Are you sure? Are you okay?” She nodded and smiled, before turning off the shower.


By the time John returned to the bedroom, Lesley was laid facedown on the bed, her legs spread wide apart, and her faced turned to me. I was kneeling by the side of the bed. Margaret slid across the floor to my side. She leant her elbows on the edge of the bed, looking down at Lesley. “Would it be okay if John were to join in at some point? He doesn’t normally do so, and his sex drive is, sadly, much weaker than mine; but I think he’s taken a shining to you, Lesley. He’s just too shy to ask, and far too polite to just join in.” Lesley looked at me and I nodded and smiled. Margaret had been a wonderful influence on the evening. Not only was she a warm and generous person, but a very sexy lady. I was more than happy to nod my assent, if Lesley felt comfortable with it. “Of course, Margaret”, she said, “tell him he’s more than welcome.”

John stood at the camera. Margaret stood up, moved across and whispered something to him, at which he turned to the bed and smiled, shyly and obviously embarrassed, at Lesley. Margaret returned to the bed, “I think the daft old sod’s in love”, she said quietly out of the corner of her mouth, shaking her head slowly. On hearing this, Lesley moved off the bed between Margaret and myself and walked over to John, who froze. He was easily a foot taller than her, and so when she inclined her head upwards, offering her mouth and wrapping her arms around his neck, she needed to raise herself up onto her toes. He must have been some 35 years older than her, and the chance to kiss a beautiful young girl like Lesley probably wouldn’t come around for him again. I was a little concerned after what she had just told me in the shower; but as they kissed passionately, Lesley seemed quite relaxed. I watched Lesley drop slowly to her knees before him, and begin unzipping his trousers.

“John, wouldn’t you rather be on the bed, so the camera will record this for you”, Margaret suggested, ever thoughtful. “Is that okay, Lesley?” Lesley nodded and, after he’d switched on the camera, she led him to the bed. Helping him take off his clothes, a faint smile spread across her face as she took off the cardigan.

When he was laid back on the bed, naked, Lesley pushed his feet towards his buttocks. Lying between his legs, she began to run her tongue along his flaccid, wrinkled ball-sack. His scrotum was very large indeed. His balls were big, heavy and apparently very full. Raising his backside under her cupped hands, her attention then turned to his anus, her slender moist tongue probing in and around his brown hole, causing his body to involuntarily jerk upwards. He laughed nervously, flashing an excited look at Margaret. Running her tongue and lips upwards, her small, moist mouth hovered momentarily above the tip of his short, fat cock. Her breath was no doubt soft and warm on the very tip. She looked upwards into his eyes, and I’m sure I heard a whimper as he looked down upon her young, tender face, before she wrapped her lips around him and slid the whole of his stubby cock into her throat.

Margaret led me over to the chair in the opposing corner, leaving Chris to monitor the camera. Sitting on the chair, she opened her legs as wide as they would go. She leant back and began to rub her swollen and hairy pussy, the hair long and coarse, her finger circling the head, rubbing back and forth urgently. “Quick Richard, eat me while I watch your lovely wife with John.” I willingly moved my face between the white, stocking-clad thighs. She raised her hips, sliding forward on the chair, and swung her legs over my back. The tops of those hot, sweaty thighs pressed tightly against the sides of my face. I felt the nylon stockings on my back as she pulled my face into her with her heels. As she continued to masturbate with her right hand, she crooked the left around the top of my head, pulling my face hard into her bristly gash. She was obviously excited as she watched her husband being sucked-off by my wife. Her cunt was soon flooding heavily with her juices. She smeared herself all over my face, yanking it into her pussy with her hand.

“Oh. Oh, Richard, she’s so young, slim and pretty. Her delicate mouth is gently sucking on the cock of an old man. His hard prick deep in her sweet little mouth. Those moist lips wrapped around his hard cock. Oh, God. Thank you. Fuck. Oh, sweet Jesus.” She ground herself harder still into my face. Her hand moved frantically, quicker and faster over and around her clit.

Her hand trembling, she thrust my face as hard as she could into her pussy. Her heels dug roughly into my back. Her hand gripped my hair tightly. I felt her begin to cum over my face and tongue. She smeared my whole face in her thick, creamy juices. Over my eyes, nose, mouth, hair, the excess dribbling down onto my naked body. I had never experienced a woman cumming like this. I could hear her moaning above me, her deep, husky voice growling in ecstasy. I tried swallowing her cum, but as fast as I could, more spilled-out over my chin and down over my chest, onto my thighs. Her all-consuming passion coursed through her body for an intensely violent minute or more. Her buttocks thrust and ground her pussy outwards into my face, before being overtaken by convulsive, spasmodic jerks. The jerking, at first urgent and frequent, became less and less, until there was only stillness above me.

She gently released the pressure on my head and I was able to look up, seeing her flushed and freckled breasts, rising and falling in deep gasps. Her face had become a deep shade of red, her breathing laboured, and her eyes had closed. She ran her fingers repeatedly through my hair. “Oh, Richard”, she said. A single tear rolled down her cheek, and she leant forward. Cupping my face in her hands, looking down for several seconds, before kissing me deeply. Her tongue explored my mouth urgently, flicking around inside and out over my jaw, licking at the slimy mess her passion had created. After a while, I was happy to let her lay my head on her hot, trembling thighs. Her unsteady hand stroked the side of my face time and again, as we turned our attention back to the bed.

By now, John had raised his torso up against the headboard. Lesley had turned around, bent over and opened her legs. She offered her ass up to his face, allowing John to force his hungry mouth between her young thighs, whilst she sucked hard on his stiff cock. John certainly seemed to be doing a good job, as every so often Lesley would stop, pull his cock from her mouth and stop sucking, as her breath escaped in a loud moan. He obviously found her most sensitive and intimate parts. Very soon though, the excitement was obviously getting too much for John, who repeatedly and urgently apologised that he would cum in Lesley’s mouth unless she stopped. She pulled her mouth away from his cock, moved back to her initial position between his bent, open legs, and continued to stroke his cock slowly.

“Chris, would you like to fuck me again?”

His head emerged from behind the viewfinder. “Of course I would.”

“Then you’d better come over here now, but you’d better like the taste of spunk.” As she said this, she looked across at Margaret and I. I smiled at her, and then looked at Chris.

“Erm, I dunno.”

“Well you’d better decide quick. I don’t think old John can hold out much longer, can you John?” The poor old guy muttered something completely incomprehensible.

Chris reluctantly, it seemed, moved over to the bed. Lesley continued sucking John’s cock once more, pumping the shaft with her hand, her fingers rotating around the thick, meaty head as she fed him in and out of her mouth. Pretty soon, John began to make some deep moan from within his body, which quickly turned into some kind of apology. But soon he gave-up, blowing his load into Lesley’s mouth. His hips bucked wildly from the bed and his hands clasped his head, his eyes tightly shut and mouth grimaced, as if the pleasure was all too much. Lesley contained his hips, leaning on them forcefully. She compelled John to lie still and allow her to drain his substantial balls into her young mouth, without spilling a single drop. When the twitching had subsided, and John had let out his last gasp, she withdrew his cock, closed her mouth and turned to face Chris, raising her eyebrows.

“Erm. Oh, right.” He shuffled nervously about on the bed. John, meanwhile, had quickly shifted off the bed back to the camera. “We don’t want to miss this, Margaret!” he said, excitedly. And neither, apparently, did Lesley, who allowed him plenty of time to zoom in with the camera. “You play in our house, you play by our rules, Chris”, said Margaret from above me. I looked up at her and she looked down smiling, meeting my gaze. And, looking back at Chris, whilst at the same time taking hold of my hand, “These young people have given a lot tonight. It’s the least you can do. And I’d say Lesley is holding all the cards!”

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