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My Wife's Affair

by ThorEricsson©

It's funny, when I first married Liz I was of course well aware of her situation. I have been bonking PI hookers for months and never really thought about the girls perspective in all that other than they seemed to be having a as good as time as I was.

When I fell for Liz I put aside that she was a prostitute, it really didn't even register I just knew I was in love with her. Even when I went back to the USA to work in her visa, she had to go back to work so she was taking care of other guys the entire time I was celibate and waiting for her - my fiance soon to be my wife she was out there fucking dozens of men a week.

When I did finally get her to the US I guess the first time I thought about it was on base one day and we were walking together hand in hand, happy lovers and I noticed men looking at her - of course she is beautiful why men would not look at her. I felt proud. Then bam, one guy came up to us and greeted her by her old bar-hostess name "Jade". Bam it hit me, this guy fucked my wife. I had no idea how, when or how many times of whether it was a one time deal or he was a steady, but my head went to all kinds of images of my wife naked with this guy inside her them yelling and moaning, him touching her ass, stroking her, sucking her nipples then shooting off into her, then her rolling over with his cum running down her ass, or her taking his dick into her mouth, those lips I kissed -- "You may now kiss the bride".

It bothered me and she picked up on it. I guess she would have been within her rights to be mad, but she was caring and loving and when we got home she said simply, "none of that matters, I love you." and we made love and I forgot all about it. Until it happened again and the next time I could tell that the guy knew her very well and she indeed confessed he was a steady for 2 months, so they lived together and did everything of course and this guy maybe had more of her than I did. I was hit by another wave of jealousy but then we talked later and she told me I knew her situation and she could tale the whole thing back if she could but she can't. We talked all night and I had to take off work the next day. We made love and again I forgot it all, she had this way of making me forget anything but her.

Over the years I had this thing where I wanted to out fuck all the others she had. I though that is I could have sex with her more times than all the other men combined it would somehow be made right. I gave up on that after years of trying and realized that I might or might not attain that goal and if I did it would take years, and anyway it sounds really stupid in retrospect. (anyway all chances of that were dashed when we started playing with others about 7 years into our marriage, I was lucky to keep up with the guys she was doing then much less get ahead of all the ones she's ever had!) (I was still pretty young and relatively immature at the time)

My attitude shifted again and just realized that most women are not virgins when they marry and really what is the difference is your wife fucked one other guy or 1000 other guys, once the cherry is gone, it's gone, you cannot look at her pussy and tell how many cocks have been in it, how cum had been shot into it, there is no odometer on a woman's pussy. Funny when we started playing with others it didn't even register that this was anything special since she used to casually fuck men daily what is a few more in the grand scheme. But later I shifted again and enjoyed it more when I felt that it was a special gift they were getting to have sex with my wife.

I have come 3/4 circle, not to my starting point, but an extremely mature attitude about it all to the point where I not only I accept her past, not only enjoy it but am proud of her past. maybe proud of myself for snagging her - after all if she could have sex with well over 1,000 different men and none of them sparked her interest I must have really been special to her, true love and that is all that is important anyway.

So today my wife and I enjoy a wonderful relationship, yes we both have sex with others - she more than me of course but I'd not have it any other way.

My wife had never really had what many of would recognize as a true relationship with a man. She started as a prostitute at an early age, still a virgin actually. In PI the cherry-girls can do well and still retain their virginity mainly doing oral sex and on some occasions anal sex. She started at age 14 in a massage parlor and was known as a cherry girl there. That made her popular and she had many oral clients.

When she lost her cherry finally at age 15, the guy didn't even realize he was fucking a virgin, she didn't think it was important to mention it. He offered her good money to fuck him and she agreed. Later she told me she could have gotten even more had he known he would be getting her cherry but in her view she was a little embarrassed that she was a virgin and wanted to get it over with so she could get down to business and make some serious money in the clubs.

Her relationship with men were simple and usually on one level - sex and only sex. yes over the years a few men thought they fell in love with her, but she told me that the relationship beyond whore/client never matured. The result of this was she really only knew of one way to relate to man and that was with sex.

Once I took her from that life she knew that being a loyal monogamous wife was the proper thing to do and she had every intention of that.

This was mostly my fault. I was struggling being recently discharged into a crappy economy. I was working 2 jobs and going to school. An opportunity popped up to work a 4 month stint on a offshore oil rig for an Australian company, she was against it but practical realities forced us both into agreeing to it. Liz just gotten her GED and was in a freshman in college for her first accounting degree.

I left and she was lonely and cried most nights. It was the vulnerability that was picked up on by Dan an adjunct professor at school.

The way she related to me is her words in a letter she wrote confessing the affair that sparked from the attention he was giving here.

"Dan was always good to me and I kind of knew he had a crush on me. Late one afternoon I was at school to turn in a paper. Dan was there and we talked in his office for a while. As it got late he asked me get a cup of coffee with him. I agreed since I was enjoying the talk. Well we had a great time chatting and I was enjoying myself very much. As it got later he asked me if I were hungry and I was so he invited me for dinner.

We had a great dinner and then he said he would drop me home. MY bicycle was still at school and I asked him to take me there instead. As I got out of his car he kissed me. I was surprised a little but not shocked. I stood there like a fool for a moment, then got on my bike and said goodbye.

Nothing was said about it for a week, then I was in a late class and working on some problems. I was the last one in the room. Dan came to me as I finished and stood behind me and started to rub my shoulders. It felt great. I should have stopped him right then, but I did not.

Maybe the loneliness of missing Alex or the attraction I felt for Dan, but he leaned over and kissed my neck. I let him. He arms went around me and he kissed me again on the lips. I responded wildly. I was tingly all over and I felt myself responding to him.

He stood me up and kissed me more. Wordlessly, he took my hand and walked me to his office. He locked the outer door, then the inner door. I sat on his desk and he pulled up my skirt. I was excited and I undid his trousers. He pulled down my panties and I spread my legs and he took me right there on his desk. I was so very wet with desire.

It was so very quick. We both orgasmed in minutes.

After mine I realized what I had done. I cried out "oh no" and ran from his office. I heard him calling behind me but I was too shocked. Dans semen was running down all over my legs and I knew everyone on campus could see it and knew what I had done.

I got to the bicycle and pedaled home. I saw Dan on the sidewalk watching me leave.

I got home and the phone was ringing. I knew it was Alex calling knowing what I had done. The phone kept ringing and I was crying.

Later I felt silly, but still stayed in the house.

I skipped school the next day.

That evening there was a knock on the door.

It was Dan, he had my books and papers. He looked sad and started to apologize. I told him to come in. Again he was apologizing and trying to tell me he was sorry but he felt he was in love with me.

I burst into tears and Dan comforted me. I told him I was married and had no business doing that.

we stayed there on the couch for a while and I started to feel better. We talked and talked and the more we talked the better I felt.

Dan then said he had to leave. He stood up and I did as well. He turned to say goodbye when I kissed him. At first a peck, then I lost control and we kissed with passion.

Minutes later we were in bed together. The sex was awesome and my orgasm rocked me like I had never been rocked before.

I felt I was selfish to him. I wanted to have him but rebuffed his real feelings of love. Dan is double shame for me. I cheated on my husband and used him for my own satisfaction while ignoring his real feelings.

"I was not a nice woman."

She confessed upon my return and it was her last affair. To my mind he took advantage of her, she felt he was in love with her. I didn't get upset about the sex because at that time the only arsenal she had to relate to another man was to have sex with him.

I never held the affair against her in fact I knew it hurt her, I never liked to see her hurt. I was happy to see that she was able to get over it by confessing to me. I did expect it to happen again but it never did.

Written by: ThorEricsson

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