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Naked Hitchhiker

by Naked1©

After the third pull from Henry's self-manufactured pipe, she passed it to Jelly in the seat beside her and realized it was beginning to hit her...hard.

Suddenly, the lyrics to "Strawberry Fields" coming though the rear speakers of the ancient bus whining its way through the foothills began to take on a whole new meaning. She'd heard them probably hundreds of times in the past, but had never really listened.

But with Henry's self-made magic...that's what he called it and it just seemed to stick...fogging the bus...she began to understand. Just as Henry's magic had opened her eyes to many things as of late.

At eighteen and in her first year of college, Liz was far too younger to remember the Beatles, the Doors (another of Henry's favorites) or much else of the 60s. But if the 60s had been anything like the club, Liz wished that she'd been around back then.

Glancing around the packed bus, she noticed again the posters plastered around its interior walls; Jimi Hendrix, the Stones, Janice Joplin...there was even a psychedelic thing that Liz was clueless about. But Jelly had told her if you stare at it long enough, the meaning would become clear.

As of it yet, despite Henry's magic, it hadn't. Perhaps she needed another hit.

Liz had found the club during her first few days in school.

During orientation week, there had been a couple of club sign-up days. Wandering along the tables and stands set up by the various clubs on campus, she worried at first that she may never fit in anywhere. She didn't identify with much of what was presented there, until finally, at the end of the rows, she spotted what looked to be some sort of hippie gathering.

The club members wore colorful tie-dyed shirts, buckskin vests with fringes, beads, bell-bottom jeans and all manner of late 60s garb. They wore their hair long for the most part and, to Liz's delight...they all seemed to be very friendly and accepting of just about anything and anyone.

Liz immediately joined and began her journey back in time with the group.

She soon discovered that many of the club members took the ideals of the group addition to the music and styles of the 60s, the group firmly believed in much of the principles that the original "hippies" had espoused...they often held antiwar demonstrations in various locations...they believed in free love and peace.

Open nudity, just like the Summer of Love hippies of San Francisco, was welcomed and accepted around the club at their activities. In fact, as the bus rolled upwards towards the mountains where the club was headed for a three-day campout filled with music and other festivities...Liz and Jelly were totally nude in the seat next to each other, having stripped off nearly as soon as the bus had departed from campus.

Among the twenty-five or so members of the club on the bus, they were the only two thus far to be completely naked, but Liz knew from past experience that by the time they reached the campgrounds, that would change.

Jelly grinned as she passed Liz the pipe again.

Liz really had no idea why they called her Jelly, but somehow, the name seemed to fit her. She was older than Liz by a couple of years and beautiful. Jelly was probably one of the nicest, most easy-going people that Liz had ever met...and as she reached for the pipe, she noticed again that Jelly's bare breasts were larger than hers.

Many of the girls in the club, Jelly included, had abandoned shaving in favor of the natural way. Jelly's dark bush grew thick and unruly between her thighs. As of yet however, Liz had been unable to completely forgo the ritual, and still kept hers neatly trimmed...she also couldn't yet bear the thought of underarm hair.

As the Beatles gave way to Jim Morrison on the sound system, Liz suddenly had to pee.

The three bottles of water that she'd downed during the trip were pressing against her bladder with increasing urgency.

"HENRY!" she yelled over Jim Morrison towards the front of the bus. "I HAVE TO PEE!"

Miraculously, from the driver's seat, Henry heard her over the melee'.

"ANYONE ELSE NEED A PEE STOP?" he called, turning Jim down just a bit.

Several hands went up, both male and female among the club members, accompanied by verbal acknowledgments of the fact that some of the group indeed needed relief.

Slowing the bus, Henry pulled to the right, onto the shoulder of the two-lane mountain highway next to a growth of high brush along the edge.

With a whoosh, he pulled the lever to open the front and back doors of the school bus from another era.

Rising, Liz made her way naked and barefoot behind the group of people headed out of the back door for relief.

Once onto the pavement in the bright sun, she felt the gravely texture of the shoulder under her soles and realized how high she really was.

It was a very warm day and as the sweat rolled off of her, she was glad she was naked. Finding a spot behind the brush, away from the others, she squatted to relieve herself finally.

The bottles of water had filled her bladder to what seemed like the bursting point, and it took a moment to relax.

As she listened to the other voices of the group...some of them already finished and heading back to the bus, she let loose, as a thick, hard stream hit the gravel under her feet.

It felt so good to at last relieve herself and she peed long and hard...much longer in fact than she'd expected.

Suddenly, she heard the bus engine wind up.

Peering through the brush, she watched as the final member of the group, a young man, entered the rear door of the bus, and Henry closed it with another whoosh.

"WAIT!" she called out at the top of her lungs, still pressing the urine from her body, "I'M STILL OUT HERE!"

To her horror, her cries went unheeded as the bus's engine continued to rise.

A thick, black cloud of diesel smoke exited the tailpipe as Henry dropped the transmission into gear.

Terrified, and still peeing, Liz scooted forwards on her bare feet and waved her arms frantically.

"HENRY! WAIT! I'M STILL OUT HERE!" she screamed again.

But the bus lurched forwards, groaning and complaining loudly as it pulled back onto the road, headed up into the mountains.

Then it was gone, disappearing over the crest of the hill in the distance, leaving Liz stranded and naked behind the brush on the side of the road.

Finally, the last of her urine fell from her body and she stood, in shock and disbelief at the fact that they'd left her behind. All of her clothes were on the bus and she had nothing to cover herself with.

Surely, she thought, they'd realize their mistake at any moment and turn around for her.

But as she waited, behind the brush, the moments turned into minutes.

Finally, after what she thought had to have been at least an hour...she realized that they weren't coming least not any time soon and her fogged brain began to panic.

She was completely naked on the side of the road, miles from anywhere, with no way to get home or to get to the campground.

The pavement burned under feet.

It was one thing to be nude with the group...but to be left naked on the highway was something else entirely.

Out of nowhere, a car appeared, racing its way up the road in her direction. Panicking again, Liz crouched, covering herself behind the brush as it passed right by her with a young man behind the wheel.

Then, she realized how stupid that was.

It could have been her way out.

On the other hand, she thought, she couldn't just go waving down any car she saw. She was naked after all...and who knew what kind of people she might encounter.

Yet, she also knew she couldn't possibly walk all the way down, back out of the mountains. She didn't know exactly how far from the campus she was, but she did know that they had driven for at least a couple of hours.

She had no idea exactly how far away the campgrounds were, but she did know that Henry had mentioned that they would drive at least another hour or so through the mountains.

Looking around her, Liz took stock as she crouched behind the brush. To the left of her was the two-lane road with mountainous boulders jutting out from all angles at the edge of it. To her right was an embankment that led down a steep side to what seemed like oblivion.

In front and behind her, the road stretched out as far as she could see...uphill one way and downhill the other.

For all intents and purposes, as far as Liz could surmise...she was trapped.

Another hour, by her estimation, passed as she sat on the hard ground behind the brush. Her brain had cleared, but the fear remained. Several cars had come her way, but as of yet, she hadn't been able to muster the courage to wave any of them down.

Still, as the sun moved towards afternoon, she realized that she would soon be out of options...she was going to have to do something.

With an exhale, she pushed herself to her feet.

Peering through the brush again, she saw that the road was deserted.

Maybe, she thought, she could walk behind it until someone came by. She feared the possible consequences of flagging down a motorist...she was just an eighteen year old girl after all. But, maybe, if she chose carefully, she would run across a nice person who would help her.

Liz still couldn't believe that anyone on the bus...especially Jelly, hadn't noticed that she was missing.

She grew angry at them.

How could they leave her stranded, completely nude on the side of the road like that?

But, her anger didn't help her.

She had to get out of this situation somehow before dark.

Steeling her nerve, she set out behind the brush walking upwards. She figured she was probably much closer to the campgrounds; therefore, some form of help, than she was the city at the bottom of the mountains.

The road remained empty as she padded along with the gravel digging into her feet. The shoulder on the other side of it was smoother, she saw, but she didn't really want to walk along the open road naked.

After a while, maybe half an hour or so, she thought, she realized that her choice was made for her as the brush thinned, growing ever shorter, until finally, she reached the end of it.

She stopped a moment.

Past the end of the brush, lay nothing but the open road. She would either have to turn back or continue on, totally exposed on the side of it.

Exhaling again for resolve, she faced her choice and set off as the brush disappeared, finally walking naked and exposed along the side of the road.

The sun beat down on her and she sweat bullets as she moved along the incline, wondering if the choice to walk uphill had been the best one.

After more time had passed, her feet began to hurt and she cursed herself for not waving down a car sooner.

It was odd, she noticed...walking along naked like that. She'd been naked before in places with the club, but never alone out in public. She'd especially never walked naked alongside a highway before.

If the circumstances had been different, she thought, she might actually have enjoyed it. The idea was kind of exciting...and she noticed her nipples stiffen somewhat at it.

But this was no time for that. She pushed it away and concentrated on the task at hand, placing one foot in front of the other as the sweat poured from her naked body.

Finally, as the road steepened, and she regretted her choice of direction, she heard the sound of an engine winding up the hill behind her.

Swallowing hard, she turned to face it and stuck her thumb out.

As the sound drew closer, she spotted the emerging silhouette of a motorcycle, atop which sat a man.

Instinctively, Liz withdrew her arm and tried to cover herself, crossing one arm in front of her breasts. With her other hand, she tried to cover her vagina...praying that the man would pass her by.

But it was too late.

Spotting the naked young girl hitchhiking on the side of the road, the man slowed the bike towards the shoulder and pulled over, stopping right in front of her.

He was a good-looking young guy, a few years older than her she judged. Naked from the waist up, he was deeply tanned, and wore a pair of jeans shorts, socks and tennis shoes. Liz thought that it was odd...and probably dangerous to ride a motorcycle dressed that way...but then...given her state of total nudity, who was she to criticize?

She needed help.

The young man's dark hair fell across his blue eyes and he smiled at her.

He didn't look dangerous...but you never know, she thought, still trying to hide herself.

"Hi," he grinned at her from the motorcycle.

"Uh, hi..." Liz returned, not really knowing what else to say.

"Where ya headed" he asked, still smiling...which made her all the more embarrassed.

"Well, see," she began, "I was on a bus trip and..."

Her voice died as she watched him study her body.

She was absolutely mortified.

"I'm...I mean, I need..." she stumbled on. "I need to get to the campgrounds."

With that she fell silent.

"Which ones?" the young man furrowed his brow.

"I...I'm not sure," she said. She hadn't realized that there was more than one.

"Well, I can take you up the road aways and we can check out a couple," he offered in earnest.

Liz wondered that he hadn't mentioned her nudity.

"I'm Chris," he said warmly, extending a hand over the handlebars at her.

"Liz," she said, meekly, moving to take his hand. Then realizing that she'd just uncovered her breasts, she snatched it back.

He grinned at her.

"Have you ever ridden on a motorcycle before Liz?" he asked still grinning.

Liz shook her head. The idea of riding naked on a motorcycle terrified her.

"Look," he said, pointing to the rear foot pegs. "I will help you get on, then I need you to put your feet on these pegs...and don't take them off, okay?"

Liz nodded again.

"C'mon," he said extending a hand.

Liz hesitated. She was embarrassed and scared. But, so far, Chris was her only way out.

Releasing her breasts, she extended a hand as they tumbled free in right in front of him. Needing both hands, she took his, exposing herself fully to him and held on as she swung one leg over the seat of the bike.

Once seated, she placed one bare foot on either peg.

"Good Liz," he said over his shoulder at her.

"Listen, since this is your first time, I'll take it easy for you okay?"

Terrified, Liz nodded.

Reaching behind himself, he took hold of her hands and placed them around his waist.

"I need you to hold onto me Liz," he said gently. "Lean with the bike okay? That means when I turn, the bike leans a bit and I need you to lean with me, not against me...okay?"

Scared out her wits, Liz nodded again.

"There's a gas station a few miles up the road. I need to get gas, and maybe we can find out which campground you belong too." He stated, gunning the engine.

Liz's heart stopped in her chest.

The thought of pulling naked into a gas station was mortifying. But at this point, she had no other choice.

"Ready?" Chris said.

Once more, Liz nodded.

Chris pulled the clutch, dropped the bike into first and released it. Scared, Liz hung on as the bike lurched onto the road, picking up speed as he changed gears on the way up the hill.

Absolutely terrified, Liz pressed her face into Chris's back and hugged into him tightly as the wind took hold of her hair.

"YOU OKAY LIZ?" Chris yelled over his shoulder.

She nodded into his back.

"HANG ON!" he said again, gunning the engine for the final upshift near the crest of the hill.

Suddenly, as the engine roared in her ears, Liz felt the vibrations welling up from under her seat, straight into her crotch.

They took her by surprise. Hugging into Chris, she felt them reverberate through her, each and every time he twisted the throttle.

She noticed that they weren't unpleasant. In fact, they felt rather good, caressing her between the legs as Chris changed gears towards the top of the hills.

Liz's nipples stiffened into his bare back...and to her utter surprise and embarrassment, she found herself wet between the thighs.

She was mortified by her excitement and hoped Chris didn't notice.

But as they approached a truck ahead of them, the road split into a passing lane.

"HANG ON LIZ, I'M GOIN TO PASS!" Chris yelled over the wind.

Helpless, from behind him, Liz watched.

As he slowed just slightly, Chris dropped down and moved into the passing lane. Then, he gunned the engine and upshifted sending a fresh wave of vibrations straight up through her bare pussy to the center of her body.

Liz trembled, biting her bottom lip and hung on...trying not to moan. The feeling was incredible.

As they passed the truck, Liz looked up to see the driver's mouth fall open at the naked young girl on the back of the motorcycle.

Her pussy gushed and her nipples bore into Chris's back.

Finally, with the truck behind them, the road merged into two lanes again as it leveled out.

On level ground, Chris picked up speed.

The once hot day had suddenly chilled as the wind raced over her bare skin, raising goose bumps. The vibrations were driving her crazy...caressing her, teasing her pussy...the motorcycle was like one enormous vibrator between her legs.

Unable to stop herself, Liz moved her hips, grinding her sopping cunt deeper into the seat as her clitoris ached and throbbed...biting her bottom lip again, she tried not cum all over it...but she knew it would soon be inevitable.

At long last, she felt the bike slow as they approached a gas station just ahead to the right.

Liz panicked as Chris slowed...pulling into it, he stopped in front of the single row of pumps and killed the engine.

Her body raced and pounded, still feeling the aftershocks of the vibrations as she carefully put her bare feet to the ground.

Chris smiled over his shoulder at her. "You okay?"

"Yes...I...I mean...I have to pee..." Liz stammered, as her pussy quivered, still soaked from the ride.

She was shaking.

"The bathroom's that way around the corner" he pointed.

Climbing down, Liz stood on rubbery legs, trying to recover.

There were a few other people around the gas station, and Liz tried in vain to cover herself as they suddenly stopped what they were doing and gawked at her.

Trotting quickly to the bathrooms, she found the door locked. Looking back at Chris, she saw that his back was towards her as he filled the bike's tank.

Needing to pee, she crossed her legs and struggled with what to do.

There was no way she could hold it if she got back on the bike again.

But she couldn't just walk naked into the store and ask for the key.

Finally, nature won out and Liz ran to the front of the store, ignoring the young man who stopped dead in his tracks on his way out...holding the door open in utter disbelief at the totally nude young girl entering the store.

With her head down, she pushed right past him.

Once inside, the air conditioning hit her full felt frigid compared to the outside, making her nipples stiffen and her entire aureole swell in front of her. Instinctively, Liz covered her breasts with her arms as she made her way through the store to the front.

"Holy cow! You see that?"

Barely daring a look, Liz saw two young men waiting in line at the end of the aisle to her right.

"Lookit those tits!" the taller one...a greasy looking fellow with long hair said, nudging the other.

The second one whistled through his teeth.

"Hey girl," he said leering openly at Liz's bare ass, goring on her with his eyes. Reaching in front of him, he grabbed at his crotch and shook it.

Mortified and embarrassed, Liz hugged her breasts tightly and approached the clerk for the key.

Stunned at the sight of her...he passed it over the counter to the naked girl.

"You have to use the men's," he said, incredulous, "the women's is out of order."

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