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Hiking in the Mountains

by indy_pop©

The younger accomplice was standing awkwardly near me, his cock again getting back to full erection. With one hand he was holding the gun, which he was trying to point at me unsuccessfully as his eyes were glued to the live fuck going on in front, and his left hand massaging his semi-tumescent cock.

It was a golden opportunity for me to make my move, however, I didn’t have any intension of jumping at him and trying to snatch the gun from his hand. My eyes were more interested in watching the great spectacle where the aged intruder’s cock was pounding my mother’s pussy. I tried to guess how my mother would be feeling; her face was still passive, not showing any emotions at all.

Suddenly, the elderly intruder increased his tempo. He grabbed mother’s shoulder and started ramming his cock ferociously into her cunt. He was now thrusting at daunting pace, his throat emitting incoherent guttural sounds. His pumping was reaching to a crescendo. All of a sudden, with a sharp yell he hurled forward his hips and buried his cock deep inside my mother’s pussy. His ass cheeks were completely sucked in as if he wanted to bury his entire pelvic region inside mother’s pussy. He was howling rigorously. I knew he was cumming inside my mother’s pussy, but it was not possible for me to see it, as his cock was completely hidden from my view and fully immersed into mother’s cunt. He remained there for a while and then collapsed over my mother’s body.

The junior’s cock was again fully erect. He was lightly fondling his balls and waiting for his elder partner to move from my mother’s body. After a while the gray haired goon forced himself onto his feet. He looked tired from exertion, his cock completely limp.

The junior handed back his gun and positioned himself between mother’s thighs. He guided his recharged fuck tool at the entrance of mother’s unfurled cunt and slowly his cock sank back into those divine depths. I looked at his fucking with jealously. He was certainly a lucky guy today, getting to fuck my sweet mom twice.

The elderly intruder sat near me, his gun his pointing towards me. He was panting wildly and trying to catch his breath. He looked tired; the episode with mom seemed to have drained him out. His cock was languishing between his thighs and the coating of love juices on his flaccid cock were already started drying. After catching his breath he finally looked at me.

“Hi…son…! Liked the show?” He pointed towards the floor where his younger buddy was pounding my mother’s cunt. “Your mom is the best pussy I have fucked in recent years.”

Then he saw my swollen cock and his mouth spread in a wide grin. “Sure, enjoying it.”

I felt embarrassed, but the scene on the floor was so titillating that there was no way I could have controlled my erection. I wanted to avoid his gaze so I turned my eyes. But nothing helped me as my eyes were again glued to the live fuck session on display. The aged thug laughed at my dilemma.

Meanwhile, the junior goon was pumping my mother’s cunt furiously. He was rambling incoherently, mumbling strange noises from his mouth. He was approaching his peak very aggressively.

I looked at him surprisingly, as unexpectedly he pulled his cock out of mother’s steaming pussy. Grabbing his hardness into his hand he moved towards mothers face, his fingers pumping his shaft passionately. He directed his cock towards mom’s face and shot his load.

Gobs of white semen landed directly over my mother’s lovely face, wetting her lips and cheeks. With every jerk of his cock, more and more drops spouted from his pisshole, ultimately splashing over her face and covering every area of her face with a white gluey liquid. Gradually, the jerking subsided and he squeezed his cock to release the last drop of his cum over my mother’s lips. He massaged her lips with the tip of his cock spreading the cum over her lips.

“Suck it,” He ordered trying to insert his cock inside mom’s lips. Mom didn’t open her lips, so he turned towards his aged companion and snorted. “Pap!”

Pap immediately responded with driving the muzzle of his pistol into my temple. Mom fearfully looked at me, and immediately took his spongy cock inside her mouth and started sucking it. She licked his complete length, cleaning the coat of their love juice from it.

The junior then ordered her to lick the cum deposited over her face. She obliged him by licking the cum from her face, first using her tongue and when it was beyond the reach of her tongue, she took it into her fingers and licked it off from there. Once she finished cleaning and licking the cum off her face, she was in complete mess. Satisfied the lad moved away from her.

He looked at older goon as if asking what to do next. Pap looked at me with his wicked eyes and said. “Your turn son…fuck her.”

As if a bomb had dropped in the cabin, mom suddenly emitted a hoarse shriek and tried to sit and cover her genital. But she was stopped midway as the lad slapped her across her face, driving her back to floor. She didn’t try to move then but started crying.

“Listen cunt,” The boy grunted. “If pap says he’s to fuck you, you gotta listen him, otherwise I’m gonna cut your boobs. Then I’ll cut your son’s cock and he won’t be a man anymore. You wanna him to be a man, wanna him to marry, have kids, then screw your son.”

I had not expected that the things would turn in this direction. I was afraid. Moments ago, I was enjoying the sight of my mother getting fucked from these intruders. But when pap asked me to be a party, I felt paralyzed. I could not comprehend my own reactions. I didn’t know whether I felt elated by his offer or not. I was confused and dumbfounded.

I could not continue with my dilemma as the goon called Pap forced me to my feet and jostled me forward. I fell forward between the opened thighs of my mother, her charming cunt only few inches away from my lips.

I looked in front of me; the most delightful cunt of universe was lying opened before my eyes. Mom’s cunt lips were slightly opened showing its inner pink folds and the divine depth between those pretty lips. Her dark brown bush covering those lips was fully painted with a thick coat of white cum deposited there by our two kidnappers. A large chunk of cum fluid was oozing out of her pussy, slowly trailing towards the narrow valley between her cunt and ass.

A peculiar fragrant aroma entered my nostrils, a musky smell of a female cunt that though pungent in nature but was so intoxicating that I felt like kissing those opened lips. Every sniff of her cum coated pussy was driving me crazy, making me realize that I too very much wanted to feel that pussy, very much wanted to fuck that pussy. I could sense that I was enjoying my impasse. I was no more perplexed as it was now clear to me what I wanted. I wanted to fuck my mom.

As if reading my thoughts from behind, Pap bent forward and faced me. “Nice pussy! Isn’t it?” He winked at me. “Wanna fuck her?”

He put his hand over my head and forced my head towards my mother’s inviting pussy lips. “Why don’t you just clean your mother’s pussy before putting your cock inside her? He continued bending my head till my face was buried into mother’s hot pussy.

My lips touched the first pussy of my life. I felt the cum glued to her thatch over my lips, nose and chin. With every intake of my breath the sharp smell of my mother’s cunt was entering my nasal cavity and driving me to the verge of delirium. I never knew that the smell of a woman’s cunt could be so fascinating. I had always known the cunt and ass as dirty area from where women excrete. But the truth was entirely different and with my lips buried into my mother’s hot pussy, I didn’t feel any repulsion.

“Lick her cunt!” A call from behind pulled me out of my trance.

I protruded my tongue and licked her cum dipped pussy, running my tongue along her open slit. A large lump of a mix of male cum and pussy juice entered my mouth. I tasted it hungrily. It was somewhat salty but it was rather tasty.

I enjoyed my first taste of fuck fluid, and again buried my tongue to pick another chunk of cum juice. Slowly, I licked the entire juice sticking to her pussy. I even lapped the juice that had oozed out of her pussy and was deposited into her ass crack. Then I inserted my tongue inside mother’s pussy lips. It was also filled with cum and I continued eating cum out of her pussy. My face was completely buried into my mother’s cunt and I didn’t know how my mom was responding to my lapping or what those thugs behind me were doing.

I didn’t remember how long I continued licking mother’s cunt. I rubbed my tongue along her slit; I drowned my tongue deep inside her pussy. Slowly, I was able to feel an initiation of mild pulsation in her cunt muscles. Gradually, the gentle trembling in her pussy aggravated and all of a sudden, I felt a gush of fluid entering into my mouth. My mom was spending into my hungry mouth.

Without a whimper, I continued lapping her cunt, drinking every drop of fresh nectar released by her pussy. Once her throbbing subsided I stopped my lapping and pulled my tongue out of her cunt. My tongue was aching because of the rigorous efforts it had to undergo while eating my mother’s pussy.

I lifted my head away from mother’s cunt and looked at mom. Her eyes were closed and her face was emotionless. She had stopped crying. I looked at our spectators who were keenly watching our escapade. Junior smiled at me, shrewdly. They seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed the live demonstration of incestuous cunnilingus.

“Well done, son.” Elderly goon remarked. “You certainly got an A in eating your mom’s pussy. Now its time to make a complete mother fucker out of you.”

He turned to mom who had now opened her eyes and was listening to our conversations.

“Honey, help your son, put his cock inside your pussy.” On finding that mom had not responded to his order, he moved from his place, took mother’s palm in his hand and kept it over my rigid organ. I could feel my mother’s fingers clasping around my hardness.

“Put it inside…baby.” The thug shouted and waved his gun over mother’s face.

I felt mother’s grip stiffening around my cock. Slowly, she pulled my cock forward and planted its swollen head at the entrance of her pussy. The blunt head of my cock was now nudging at mother’s enticing opening ready for its debut invasion. I gently lurched forward. Mom’s well fuck pussy opened its gateway without offering any resistance, allowing my organ to trespass into her heavenly depths.

Because of the earlier fucks, she had received moments ago, her cunt was exceptionally lubricated and just in a single thrust my entire cock was buried inside her. My balls slowly came to rest against her ass.

I remained in the position for long, savoring the every moment of blissful delight. Finally at the age of eighteen I lost my virginity. My virgin cock was now drowned into first of its pussy, and the realization that it belonged to my own mother had added an additional flavor to it. I could feel soft muscles of her vagina clasping my cock tightly. My cock seemed to have lost into a hot abyss, but was not willing to search its way out.

“Fuck her!” The command came, again pulling me back to real world. Pap and junior, both were shouting excitedly. “FUCK HER…!”

I bent my body over my mother, gripped her shoulder and started moving my boner in and out of her dripping pussy, pumping my hips rhythmically. With every pull my cock was moving almost out of her cunt and with every thrust it was again immersed into mother’s divine pit.

With every stroke I could feel mother’s cunt releasing and contracting around my throbbing shaft and then I suddenly felt an unmistakable movement of mother’s hips. She had moved her abdomen with my rhythm but immediately controlled her movement.

It gave me a gut feeling that mom too was enjoying our fuck, but in an attempt to prevent showing her true feelings she was trying to appear passive and exerting to control her emotions. The realization gave my cock a new impetus. I increased my movements and my cock was moving fiercely into my mother’s pleasure canal.

Our two spectators were suddenly alive and both of them moved closer to us. The lad moved near mom’s head. He was again hard. Gripping his cock by his hand he directed it over mother’s lips and started massaging it with his cock head. Slowly he forced his cock into mother’s mouth. I felt a hand over my cock; the elder thug was feeling my cock moving in and out of mother’s pussy. Then, his fingers glided to mother’s clitoris, he slowly griped her clit between his fingers and started rubbing it fervently.

“OOOHHHHHHH…” A long moan escaped from mother’s mouth.

Her resistance had reached to its limiting point and it appeared that finally she had surrendered to the overwhelming waves of lust flowing through her body. Her mouth was still filled with younger goon’s cock, which she had started sucking now. She had stopped all her imitation and it was clear from the way she started humping me back.

With every stroke of mine, she was lifting her ass high in the air to meet my impinging cock and to prevent it from moving out of her delicious folds. I had never expected her to respond to my fucking, and when she did it, I certainly loved it.

The atmosphere in the room was extremely salacious. I was reaching my peak and so was junior who was now grunting lecherously. The old thug was furiously jerking his cock, his other hand rigorously massaging mother’s clit. Mom too was now howling relentlessly, though her wails of passion appeared more like an incoherent grunts.

She had gripped the lad’s cock by its base and the remaining length of his cock was completely engulfed by her hungry mouth, which she was sucking like a delicious lollypop. Four bodies were approaching to their summit together, three cocks and a cunt; everyone wanted to prolong his journey to eternity.

I was the first to succumb. With a deep cry, I lunged forward and drove my cock deep into mother’s pussy, my furiously throbbing cock emitting droplets of cum into her delicious pussy. It was my first ejaculation inside a pussy and I was on cloud seven.

The younger goon was second; with a sharp cry he grabbed mother’s head and forced his shooting members into her mouth. Mom didn’t flinch a bit and kept on sucking his jism.

Almost instantaneously, I felt mom’s cunt shuddering violently along the length of my drowned cock. Her cunt was pulsating involuntarily, alternately gripping and releasing my spitting organ. I was busy relishing the thrill of my mother’s vibrating pussy around my manhood, when from the side the old man shot his load. He ejaculated with such a force that his cum first flew high into air, then landed over mother’s belly. A part of his jism also landed over my right hand and the side of my body.

Slowly, the jerking in the every organ subsided and cabin was suddenly silent. Four mortals inside a little mountainside hut were trying to recover from their bout of intense fucking.

I felt completely drained, slowly letting my body descent over mom’s cum coated belly. My cock was still buried into her pussy and I had no intension of pulling it out. My head was resting over mother’s tits.

Junior pulled his cock out of mother’s mouth. Mom had sucked every drop of cum out of his cock without wasting a single drop. Her lips were glistening with his cum juice. Finally, the two goons stood from their places. Reluctantly, I had to pull my limp cock out, which came with a loud plop sound, the sound that now appeared quite familiar to me.

I moved away from mother’s body and sat by the wall. Mom didn’t try to move, she continued to lie in the same spread-eagle position, my cum oozing from her agape cunt. Either she was completely spent with her continuous fucking or now she was not bothered about what was going to happen to us.

I too was unaware about the next intensions of the intruders. The fear that had been subsided for an interlude, again gripped me back. I looked at the older thug. He didn’t seem to be interested in us. He was busy putting his coverall back. Finishing, he turned to junior who had already worn his smock and together they again searched through our remaining rucksacks. I saw them collecting our edibles. They emptied our rucksacks and collected the edibles from one bag to the other. The lad settled the knapsack filled with foodstuff over his back and to my utter surprise they moved towards the door of our cabin.

The old man was at the door, suddenly he turned, his face covered with a smile. He looked at mom, and me who from her supine position was watching them leaving silently. She also seemed dumbfounded.

“Thanks lady!” The old goon appeared jubilant. “Thanks for the nice fuck, it was certainly the best. We are taking some of your foods, but don’t worry, we have left enough for you and you’ll not starve.”

Then he turned and winked at me.

“Thank you son, for the nice show. Your mom is the best cunt in the world, don’t ever let her go.” Then he opened the door and was gone, his younger partner following him silently.

There was pin drop silence inside the room. Neither mom nor I said a word. We were slowly coming back to our senses. Whatever, happened in the cabin for last one hour or so had left us speechless.

I was feeling ashamed and perhaps mom was also in the same situation as she was avoiding eye contact with me. Only minutes ago our relationship had changed from that of a mother and son to a man and woman, a change that was irreversible. I had fuck my mother and worst of all I had enjoyed it immensely. I didn’t know how mother was feeling; at least she appeared calm, perhaps thinking the same.

All of a sudden, mom stood from her place. She didn’t bother to cover her nakedness. She went out of our cabin. I followed her. She was collecting her cloths and the hiking gear thrown out by the intruders. Silently, we brought our stuffs back to the cabin. Once everything inside, mom clutched her clothes and took a soap from the bag.

“I am going to wash. Are you coming?” The first words mother uttered since the incident.

I nodded my head silently and followed her to the water stream. While I washed myself, mom took the bath, thoroughly cleaning her body. In the silvery moonlight, I was clearly able to see my mom rubbing her tits and cunt with soap. I again felt a gentle stirring between my thighs and tried to control it unsuccessfully. Mom was not unaware of my prying eyes but she didn’t seem to bother about it, and continued with her ablution. Finishing her bath she wiped her body and put her clothes back onto her. I also had changed my clothes and we returned to cabin.

As soon as we entered our cabin, mom informed that she was going to sleep. So, we adjusted our sleeping bags and finally settled into it. Mom closed her eyes. I too closed my eyes and tried to sleep. I didn’t remember when the sleep overtook me.

Chapter 2

When I woke up, mom was already busy with packing her bags. She looked at me but she didn’t speak anything and continued to roll her sleeping bag. Her cheeks looked little swollen; I recalled that the younger goon had hit her last night. I felt pity for her. I loved my mother and seeing her in that condition hurt me.

I got up. I knew that our weekend was ruined and there wouldn’t be any hiking or training. Although, I wasn’t much willing to go back, but it was not the proper time to request her to continue with our planned weekend.

“We’re going back?” Mom finally confirmed my suspicion. “I’m not in a position to continue. May be we return sometimes next week.”

“Ya!” I nodded in agreement, halfheartedly.

We collected our knapsack and started our return journey. Mom was silent throughout the journey and I also didn’t feel like pressing her. I rather kept myself busy with the sensuous memories of last night. Bob at the base inn was surprised to see us returning so early, but mom told him that we met with an accident and she had sprained her ankles, so it was not possible to go further.

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