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The Succubae Seduction Ch. 12

by DBs_Bro©

With water all around, will Lyden be able to overcome his fear of drowning? What will it take to save his childhood friend, the mermaid assassin? Fear builds as Lyden meets a new, very powerful being. Will he be able to make an ally, or a new foe?

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Chapter 12

We sit motionless near the dim ocean floor, the recently recovered Orange Bubble's headlights shining on two ornately carved columns. Fish swim around both my car and the columns, but not between the barnacle-encrusted edifices.

Shimmering between the two pillars is the portal back to the Shadow World and Varun's demesne. None of us speak as we contemplate what lies ahead of us. Varun, the Pillar of Water, is holding my childhood friend, the assassin mermaid Brooke, captive. Despite her role in freeing him from the Pillar of Fire, he has imprisoned her for failing a past mission, which I know has to deal with my own past.

I don't want to dwell too much on that. I'm afraid of what I might learn or realize.

"Is the plan to stare at that portal?" AnnaBelle asks, and I give a guilty start at her voice. The longer we wait, the longer Brooke suffers.

"Can my car go through that?" I ask, unsure now that I'm faced with going through with this. I'm not questioning the fact that we need to go save her, but whether we can pull this off. A succubus tied to the fire element, an Aikido instructor, a woman with more religious faith than I feel is emotionally healthy, and me; a generator with unknown skills and abilities. Oh, and the Orange Bubble, a magical Volkswagen Beetle.

"How do you think I got it back from the Cyclopes after getting it fixed up?" Angela gives a nervous laugh. It's only then that I remember that Cyclopes are supposedly the offspring of Poseidon. I desperately hope we don't run into Him! It's taking all my effort not to freak out about being surrounded by so much water as it is, and the thought of facing a water god is daunting enough. Knowing that Varun is even more powerful than Poseidon doesn't encourage me.

"Cyclopes?" I hear one of the women in the back seat murmur, but I ignore the question.

The water seems to press in all around me, and I have the strong desire to turn and go home, but my friend needs me. She's saved my life more than once, and I can't turn my back on her. Willing my car forward, I steer it between the two columns.

The car jounces as it lands hard on wet sand. Rain pours down from a dark sky above, but it's still brighter than the bottom of the ocean had been. I can't help but wonder where the light comes from in this world. It takes me a few moments to process the changes around us. Waves lap against the sandy beach as wind and rain buffet the Orange Bubble.

"Lyden," Lisa states, her voice filled with awe, "we are going to have a long talk when we get home. There is a lot you haven't told us."

Once again, I'm riddled with guilt. She'd been willing to follow me into danger to save a woman that means nothing to her, and I've been keeping a wide range of secrets from her and Becky, my two girlfriends.

"Where to?" I ask, turning to the blue-haired succubus. I can't look Lisa in the face.

"We're going to need some help," Angela says, looking at the two women in the back of my car, and then back at me.

"How did you plan on me doing this by myself?" I ask her. She'd wanted me to come here without her and rescue Brooke, but the further we go towards that goal, the more I realize I couldn't have done this without her.

"I have no doubt you could have done this," she says with enough confidence that I almost don't doubt her. Her eyes gleam at me, and I wonder how much of her statement is how she thinks of me, and how much is her love for me. "We need to see an old acquaintance of mine."

"Um, this isn't going to turn out like it did with the Pillar of Fire, is it?" I ask, worry about meeting another one of the succubus's 'friends' making my heart skip a beat.

"Only if you're into men," she tells me, a twinkle in her eyes. "I know he isn't very particular about who or what he copulates with. In fact, he has a wide range of perversions."

I open my mouth to protest that that's not what I meant, but Lisa pipes up first. "What does she mean, Lyden?"

Angela seems to have been waiting for that question. "The last time I introduced him to someone I know, he screwed her in front of a huge audience. He didn't even care that she was a huge fire-breathing dragon."

"Now wait—" I protest, my cheeks going a deep crimson color.

"Lyden" Lisa cuts me off, and I can hear a smile in her tone, "I knew you were kinky, but I had no idea!"

"Ahem," AnnaBelle clears her throat, cutting into the conversation, "If we're done joking around, I believe a woman needs saving?" Chagrined, I realize she's right. "And you berated me for my past," she continues, directing her tone at me, undoubtedly referring to my outburst against her earlier this week. Even though I can sense the humor in her tone at her second comment, I can also hear an edge to it. She still hasn't completely forgiven me.

"Yes, well," I say, swallowing my pride, and trying to get back to the matter at hand, "where to?"

"He's not far," Angela says, pointing inland.

Putting my car in gear, I press on the gas.

And go nowhere. The engine revs, and I can hear the tires turning but the wet sand is too loose, and my car with all of its enhancements, can't gain traction.

"Anyone care for a walk?" I ask, dreading the prospect of hiking through the torrential rain.

"It might be better if it's just you and me," Angela states, and I look at her curiously. "He doesn't like large groups. And while he isn't very particular, having three women around may be too tempting for him."

"I think I'm a little old for anyone," AnnaBelle says at the same time Lisa states, "I can take care of myself."

"I meant what I said about him not being particular, AnnaBelle," Angela says with a meaningful look. Turning to Lisa, she adds, "I have no doubt you can handle yourself against regular humans, but Marchosias is a warrior of some renown."

"So . . . he's dangerous, then?" I ask, already afraid I know the answer.

"Have I introduced you to anyone who isn't?" she replies, grinning widely as she opens the passenger door and steps out into the rain.

Sighing, I look into the rearview mirror at the other two women. "I'll be back as soon as I can. Sorry about this." I don't wait for a response, before stepping out.

It feels like I step into a waterfall, the water is coming down so hard and fast. My pants stand no chance against the deluge, and I'm immediately soaked. I still haven't put on a shirt, after using my last one to bandage the succubus's wounds. Placing my hand over my eyes, I try to look around. Angela is ahead of me, and I can just make her out on the edge of a forest.

Jogging forward, I kick sand up behind me as I move over to the blue-haired woman. "How far do we have to go in this?" I yell to be heard over the downpour, and squinting to keep the torrent out of my eyes.

Angela's clothes are plastered to her lithe body, and I can easily make out her nipple rings through the thin material. "Just through here, there is a cave a little ways up," she yells back, and then begins the trudge into the woods.

The trees slow the inundation a little, but thankfully it's a warm downpour. I realize that I'm having very little problem being surrounded by this much water, and wonder if I can use this experience to overcome my terror of water. I try to imagine myself swimming through the forest, the swaying trees nothing more than flowing seaweed. While my heart rate rises, I'm able to keep my breathing under control.

By the time we reach the cave, the beach is no longer in sight. I hope Lisa and AnnaBelle will be all right. I feel bad about leaving the two behind, but if we're going to see another of Angela's acquaintances, they should be safer in my car.

I hope.

Water sheets off the entrance to the cavern, but as I'm already soaked, I don't mind stepping through it. The ground just inside rises slightly, and the air is just as warm as it had been outside. I'm surprised I'm not chilled at all, until I realize I'm completely dry. Looking down at my body, my jeans look slightly stiff, as if they had been hung out to dry. Running my hands through my hair, I find it lacking just as much water.

"Rather convenient, isn't it?" Angela asks as she steps through the water curtain. "Though I was enjoying the way you were looking at me."

"You noticed, huh?" I ask, feeling embarrassed for some reason.

"Your thoughts were a little loud," she teases me, her smile growing. To my surprise, she reaches down, and pulls her shirt up over her head, displaying her tasty assets to me.

"I don't think we have time to fool around," I say, though my second brain is trying to argue that there is always time to fool around.

She hands me the shirt, and I notice it's changed from what she'd been wearing. "You'd better put this on," she says, and I look up to see that she's already recreated another top for her to wear. I don't miss the fact that this one is a little tighter. "No sense in tempting Marchosias. Come on, we still have a bit of hiking to go."

I'm not sure if she was worried about her tempting this Marchosias, or me being the temptation.

I follow her for a ways, deeper into the hillside. Orbs of light are interspersed through the cave, providing a soft white glow. I approach one to get a closer look, and notice that the orbs are actually floating just off the side of the wall.

"I wouldn't do that," Angela warns, and I pull my hand back. I'd been about to touch it, but at her warning, I take a couple of hasty steps back. "They're pretty, but they are also a trap. Touch one, and you'll be stuck to it, until either Marchosias releases you, or something else eats you."

Gulping, I wonder again just what sort of creature we're going to see. "Tell me about Marchosias," I say, and the smile vanishes from her face.

She's quiet for a bit as we walk, before finally speaking softly. "Remember me telling you about the demon that gave me a portion of his soul?"

I whistle softly as that sinks in. We're going to see the creature that helped turn Angela from a human into a succubus.

She stops, and looks at me seriously. "We need to be extremely quiet through this next part."

Perking my ears, I try to see if I can hear anything, but all I can make out is a constant, uninterrupted din that sounds unlike anything I've ever heard before. Slightly higher pitched, but the way it echoes off the rock walls distorts it beyond recognition.

"What's up ahead?" I ask, suddenly nervous.

"Cyclopes, shh" she states, and then starts walking. Gulping again, I follow her; careful of every step I take. As we continue to travel deeper, the odd sound gets louder, until it starts hurting my ears. Why are we supposed to be quiet with all this racket? I wonder, but don't say anything. I also start to notice an increase in heat, and when we turn a corner, I have to swallow a gasp.

A large ovoid shaped hole punctures the right side of the cave wall, and through it are a large number of big hairy creatures. Muscles bunch as hammers are raised, and then brought down on various things creating the unpleasant clamor. Their bulk is greater than the orcs that'd captured Angela and me, but their skin, barely visible under the thick mat of their hair, is a rich bronze color. Their humanoid faces could be taken for rather ugly men, if not for the large single eye in the middle of their foreheads.

Something tugs the sleeve of my shirt, and I turn to see Angela trying to pull me along. Suddenly very anxious to get moving again, I put my feet in motion.

When the clamoring of their hammers is well behind us, I speak up again. "Those were the creatures that fixed my car?"

The succubus shudders, but nods her head. I remember Brooke saying that they exact a heavy price for their work, and while I'm tempted to find out what she had to pay, another part of me decides I'm better off not knowing. For a demonic creature of sex, there can be only one real coin for payment.

In less than a few minutes later, we arrive at a wooden door. A large brass knocker sits above eye-level, cast in the shape of a snarling wolf's head.

"Let me do the talking," she says, before turning and using the knocker. Eerily, there is no sound as the brass ring strikes the wood, but the door opens a couple seconds later.

Angela leads the way, and I have to force my legs to carry me after her. Beyond the door is not what I expect to see. Lush carpets adorn the walls, except where various heads are mounted. Some are recognizable, like the roaring lion's head or the saber-toothed tiger with fear filled eyes. There is even an orc's head mounted next to a Cyclops's cranium. The one with both an elephant's trunk and a pig's snout on the other hand is new to me.

A human skull sits white on a wooden table. Around the table are three large-backed reddish chairs. Only two of them are empty. Curled up in one is a wolf-like creature, with large feathered wings folded against its back and a serpent's tail, replete with a rattle.

The beast raises its head as we approach and gazes at us with sharp golden eyes.

"Marchosias," The blue-haired punk says, addressing the monster, "I see you were expecting us."

The thing growls at her, before its outlines become fuzzy, and it morphs into the shape of a robed man. His head is hidden behind a cowl, but when he speaks, his voice is deep, and sounds familiar. "I always know what happens in my domain." The cowl turns to face me, and I can feel the demon's gaze wash over me. "So this is the young man in question," he states, rather than asks. "Yes, I can sense a great deal about him. You know you really should have come to me first, instead of the Pillar of Fire. She's been a little. . . unhinged lately." The succubus stays quiet, and I don't think I could talk if words were put into my mouth. "What a delicious treat you've brought me, Angelica."

My heart pounds as the large creature approaches me. I can sense how powerful this being is and shudder in response.

"We're here to seek your help rescuing a friend of ours from Varun," Angela speaks up, and I sigh in relief as Marchosias turns away from me.

"Another Pillar that has become unsteady lately," he says sadly. "What you ask for is no small thing." He returns to his seat and indicates for us to sit. I wait for Angela to be seated, before I follow suit. "But I suppose you already have experience rescuing people and escaping from the demesne of one of our benevolent Pillars." Derision is thick in his tone as he speaks of the creators of this world. "What aid can I offer you?"

"We have two others with us. The three of them will need to be able to breathe while in Varun's home," Angela says calmly, and my respect for the woman increases. My legs are shaking so bad, that I'm thankful I'm sitting. How does she stay so relaxed?

Marchosias laughs loudly for a few seconds, before replying. "The two women in this mortal's car? That is easy enough, but this man doesn't need my help with that."

I really wish I could figure out who he sounds like. I feel like I should know, but I can't seem to put my finger on it.

Angela stares at me for a moment before evenly replying. "He has some of my skills, but I don't think he is able to give himself gills."

"Just so, he will be fine under the water." There is no mistaking the mirth in his voice. He turns his attention back to me, and I feel my shaking increase. "What you need is through that door, mortal, but I warn you: grab only the two blue vials on the table in the very back. Have your playthings drink from them, and they will be able to breathe underwater for as long as they stay conscious. Should they sleep, the potion will wear off and they will drown. Take anything else, and the consequences will be dire."

I don't think I want to know what Marchosias considers 'dire.'

"Go ahead," the hidden demon encourages me. "The succubus and I have some things to discuss."

Standing, I look to Angela. "Will you be fine out here?" I ask.

Marchosias roars with laughter, startling me and making me want to run for the door. I'd rather face the entire room of Cyclopes than stay in here with the demon a moment longer, but I won't abandon my friend.

"The mortal has balls!" he croaks when he can get enough air into his lungs. "Run along now, little thing. I mean her no harm, you have my word on that."

"He is honorable," Angela vouches for him. I'm still not sure, but Angela nods to me and I head for the indicated door.

Despite my generator abilities, I feel so small compared to all the supernatural creatures in this world. No wonder humans rebelled against them. Even with Angela's assurances, I'm terrified.

The knob turns easily, and the door swings open on silent hinges. With one last look, I turn to Angela, but her back is turned to me. Taking a deep breath, I step through into a long hallway.

Shelves line the walls, filled with more things than I can identify. I easily see why he warned me not to take anything else, though. A stack of gold bullion sits on one shelf next to what I assume is a diamond the size of my foot. Riches aren't the only things in here, either, though I'm certain that everything has some sort of value. There is a mint condition, first edition of Action Comics with Superman, sitting next to a sword, its tang exposed and the blade made of something shinier than chrome that exudes power. Ancient scrolls sit beside a pile of straw, which calls home beneath a. . . .

Did something just move? I almost reach for the sword, something in it drawing me to its brilliant surface, but remember just in time not to touch anything else. Why didn't I think to get some kind of weapon before coming to the Shadow World? Some rescuer I am!

A small noise catches my attention, and I turn to see what'd made it.

My eyes light on one of the glowing orbs, but I can't see anything that would make a noise. I watch the orb for a couple more seconds, but give up. I need to get the vials and get out. This place is giving me the creeps.

"Please," the voice is soft, and I barely hear it, but it catches my full attention.

"Who?" I ask, turning back to the globe.

A small creature walks around the light, its right hand brushing the glowing orb's surface. This is a creature I recognize immediately, with its tiny golden butterfly wings and lithe form covered in a slight golden dress. Her golden hair hangs down to her shoulders, framing a delicate, but pretty face.

"You're a fairy!" I exclaim.

"Darn it!" she pouts, stamping her tiny foot. "I was hoping for a smarter hero. This one'll never do." She tries to fold her arms, but it's then that I realize her hand isn't resting on the glowing light, but stuck to it.

"You're stuck," I say before I can think better of it.

"Wow! You must be a genius of your kind," she says, her eyes going wide in feigned admiration.

Feeling my ire rising at her condescending tone, I state, "Odd to hear such comments coming from a four inch fairy stuck to a light bulb. I'm sorry I disturbed your rest. I'll be out of your hair soon enough."

I turn to head deeper into the hallway, but she stops me.

"Wait! You can't just leave me here! Do you know what he does to poor innocent fairies like me?" She gives a cute little shudder, but I don't buy it.

"Poor and innocent? You must be taking me for a bigger fool than you look right now." Okay, I know I shouldn't treat her like that, but she started it!

To my surprise, she actually starts laughing. Has she gone mad?

"Oh, I like you," she says after a moment, then seems to examine me. "What are you, exactly? You look like a human, but that's impossible. No one would be dumb enough to bring any humans to this world, much less to that demon's home. So what are you? A werewolf? Not many vampires come this way, and you don't have that aura around you anyway. . . ." No one would be dumb enough to bring a human here, but I brought two. What does that make me?

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