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The Relief Teacher

by mlaurent©

As she articulated to the class, Miss DuPont gradually raised the hemline of her skirt to expose her mellifluous buttocks to the two boys. Her honeyed cheeks were clasped in sexy black lingerie, and her thighs fastened with suspenders. She licentiously rolled the warm mounds of malleable flesh, enticing them both to reach out and burnish her cheeks with fervent hands. John and Marcel ardently fingered Miss DuPont's shapely bottom, and instantly the teacher became inflamed.

She wanted to prolong the gratification but could barely manage a fleeting touch to her skin before exuding her satisfaction.

Miss DuPont emanated pleasure but became alarmed that she might display her elation to the other students, so abruptly lowered her skirt and drove the spirited fingers away from her bottom. Miss DuPont then flashed a sassy grin at the boys and sauntered away to take her seat at the front of the class.

John and Marcel were astonished by Miss DuPont's audacity. Any one of the students could have spotted them touching her. She was bold to have jeopardised her career for the sake of a hasty grope, and the boys realised that this would not be the last time they would have to indulge her. This truth excited them, and they spent the remainder of the examination with potent erections.

As the exam drew to an end Miss DuPont dismissed the class but asked for John and Marcel to help collect the papers. She waited for the last student to make egress then shut the door quietly. Miss DuPont then hurried back to her desk and raised her blouse. The boys fell upon her naked breasts, hungrily ravishing the fleshy orbs with their mouths. Such was the strength of their fervour they shoved their teacher against the wall. She cried in elation as her pupils desecrated her breasts.

"Meet me tomorrow afternoon in the copse behind the sports hall" she uttered as the boys lavished wet kisses upon her pliable flesh.

John looked up from her chest.

"We have lectures with Mr Beaumont at that time" he answered.

"Leave that to me. Just be there at 1pm."

With that she reluctantly prised the boys away from her breasts and dismissed them. The next class of students had assembled outside and John and Marcel sloped out of the class as she beckoned them in.

At close to 1pm the following afternoon John and Marcel approached the copse as Miss DuPont had instructed. They found her waiting patiently at the centre of a small clearing. She was sat on a smooth rock wearing a tight red dress. She saw them and gave them a cheery wave. The boys hurried over to join her. They both thought she looked astonishingly beautiful and couldn't wait for the encounter to begin.

"Hello boys" Miss DuPont purred. "Are you ready for some fun?"

"Yes Miss" they replied expectantly.

With that Miss DuPont beckoned them to stand directly opposite the rock.

"Then take off your clothes" she commanded.

John and Marcel did not hesitate. They undressed hurriedly as Miss DuPont watched. She had not seen them fully naked before and she was impressed by their well-built physiques. The boys were not erudite but were undeniably athletic, and of course had enormous penises that were already standing firmly to attention.

"Oh oui! Tres erotique. I approve."

Miss DuPont applauded the two naked youths and then removed herself from the rock.

"Help me with my zipper" she demanded. It was time for her to strip bare.

Miss DuPont turned her back to John and Marcel and they happily obliged. They unclasped her dress and Miss DuPont allowed it to fall to her feet. She wore no panties or brassiere underneath. Now she was as naked as the boys, and spun around to confront John and Marcel with her hands covering her lustrous globes. For the first time the boys could appreciate the complete magnificence of Miss DuPont's body.

She had polished legs that stuck out like spokes beneath the wide expanse of her hips, with smooth honeyed skin that shimmered. Her arms were toned and she had a deliciously curvy bottom. Suspended above her belly were those plump, resplendent breasts that were barely cossetted by Miss DuPont's tiny hands. John and Marcel could scarcely suppress their rising lust. Their senses were indulged by the sensuous display of opulent flesh, and with hungry eyes trailed the inward curve of her stomach down to the shadow between her thighs where the hair was neat and glossy.

Miss DuPont flaunted a seductive smile.

"Do you like what you see boys?"

"Yes Miss" they retorted favourably.

"Tres bien. And tell me, would you like to fuck me?"

"Yes Miss" the boys repeated.

"Then say it!"

"We would Miss."

"Say it properly!" Miss DuPont instructed.

"We want to fuck you Miss."

"Tres bien! Now you, come here to me."

Miss DuPont gestured toward John and then lay back against the rock. John stepped forward keenly and awaited direction. Miss DuPont pointed at her genitalia.

"Lick me" she demanded.

John immediately fell to his knees as Miss DuPont's thighs parted of their own accord. He stooped his head between her legs, clasped her hips securely and positioned his mouth above the cleft of Miss DuPont's mound. Then he extended his tongue and penetrated her fur trimmed lips, stimulating her clitoris with meticulous precision. Miss DuPont murmured with pleasure. The young man was dexterous between her legs and eager to satisfy.

Marcel jealously observed his friend pleasure Miss DuPont. He craved to be immersed in her sex. Mercifully he did not have a prolonged wait.

"Come here" Miss DuPont said at last.

She motioned for him to stand facing her then steered John away from her groin. With John still on his knees Miss DuPont pointed at Marcel's cock.

"Now lick him if you really want to fuck me."

Without delay John opened his mouth and placed it on Marcel's penis. He gorged unashamedly on his friend's meat as Miss DuPont watched in delight. Marcel released a generous sigh. The sensation of his best friend fellating his cock was not without enjoyment.

But Miss DuPont soon grew tired of this enthusiastic display and told John to release his friend's cock from between his lips. Then she ordered John to place himself between her spread legs. She needed to be fucked immediately.

"Stick it inside me now!" Miss DuPont implored.

She gripped John's wrist and dragged him forward so that his groin was level with the hollow at the junction of her thighs. John clutched Miss DuPont by the waist and burrowed his cock inside her. He gasped in delight. It felt as if he had slipped his cock inside a ripe apricot.

Miss DuPont grinned and leaned back against the rock. She tightened her pelvic muscles and his mouth dropped. The sensation was unbearable. She knew John would be incapable of enduring the sensation of her sex gripping his cock like a vice.

John was already close to coming. He had turned his hands under to clasp Miss DuPont's posterior and accelerated his hips forward, pounding her sex with his thick shaft. The teacher delighted in observing the young man fucking her. Her hand had dropped to her mound and was busy pleasuring her clitoris.

"Hold me" she ordered Marcel who was watching excitedly. The young man sprinted behind his teacher and wrapped his arms around her chest to steady her. He squeezed her breasts and Miss DuPont sighed. She could feel Marcel's erection prod against her spine.

Miss DuPont had raised her knees upward allowing John more access to her body. Her ankles were level with her hips and John gripped them strongly so that her bottom was glued to the rock. Miss DuPont's thighs were split wide, completely exposing her sex. John bore down on top of her, penetrating his cock deeper so that her clit nudged his pubic bone and his scrotum beat against her ass cheeks as he pounded into her.

Miss DuPont murmured in delight as her students pleasured her. She angled her head so she could brush her mouth over Marcel's lips. Then she asked the young man to raise his leg above her head. Marcel planted his foot on the rock by her crown and Miss DuPont took his cock into her mouth. She suckled his hard penis as John thrashed between her thighs.

Then John made a garbled sound and whimpered. He looked at Miss DuPont in confusion.

"It's OK, you can come inside me" she said kindly.

With that John finally flourished and cried out weakly as a crescendo of pleasure exploded from his cock and into her womb. He collapsed onto Miss DuPont, grinding his hips until his orgasm was complete. She was still sucking Marcel's cock but managed to tenderly run her hands through John's hair as he rested on her belly.

"Well done" she murmured. "Good boy."

But Miss DuPont was still unsatisfied. Fearing Marcel would come too soon she spat out his cock and ordered him to replace John between her thighs.

"Now it's your turn" she said. "But first, you must clean his cock. Do you understand?"

Marcel nodded and knelt down in front of John. He held the base of his cock and placed his lips about the glans, imbibing the semen that seeped from the prepuce until the foreskin was cleansed.

"Excellent" Miss DuPont commended. "Now you can fuck me."

Marcel stood up and readily clasped his teacher by the flanks. She seized him by the waist and directed him inside her. Both Miss DuPont and the young student moaned favourably. She was close to orgasm and became animated at the pleasurable sensation of a second cock inside her.

Miss DuPont lay back on the rock and allowed Marcel to ravish her. The young man plunged energetically and her hand fell between her legs, stroking her sex from perineum to labia. Her fingers smeared the oozing secretion over her clitoris and glided over the passionate bud.

The effect was startling. Miss DuPont cried out urgently for John to kiss her breasts, needing tenacious hands to pummel her flesh. Her nipples were as large as grapes and burned for caresses. John gladly fell onto them, taking the fleshy lobes in his mouth and sucking the large areolas with zeal.

With Marcel fucking her and John stimulating her breasts Miss DuPont could not hold back.

"Oui, oui!" she screamed.

Her back arched off the rock and she gave an impassioned cry. She had reached the pinnacle of pleasure and with her hand a blur between her legs she climaxed lavishly, her elation prolonged and generous.

Marcel was also at the zenith of pleasure, but in the chaos of Miss DuPont's orgasm his cock had slid from her opening. He gripped her knees and propelled his cock along the exterior of her cunt, finally ejaculating on her belly and the folds of her sex. Marcel watched wide-eyed as he issued the milky embellishments onto her body, then fell away from her open thighs.

After a moment of repose Miss DuPont pushed John away and slid off the rock to sit on the grass with the two boys. They kissed for a moment and the boys stroked her satiated body. Then both students helped clean her up before dressing.

Miss DuPont was very pleased with John and Marcel. She had had a wonderful orgasm, and her students had proven to be energetic and eager to please. They were completely under her spell, and would do anything she commanded. This was just as she had planned it.

As the boys walked back to the main building of the University she was already arranging their next meeting, eager to repeat the pleasures of outdoor afternoon sex with her young students.

Written by: mlaurent

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