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Open Up, Wife

by spider007©

by spider007 (c) 2013

Russell and Anne have been married 20 years and have two children, Chad, 18, and Wanda, 16. For the past 5 or 6 years their sex life has been in the dumps. Anne has lost much of her interest. She still has an eye for other men, just not so much Russell. He on the other hand is a near perverted sex maniac, always ready and wanting to go. Anne knows this and figures her husband hadn't got any on the outside but not for lack of trying. It causes much friction between the two. Russell's begging and pleading never works. But when he loses his patience and temper, slaps her around, sometimes putting whacks on her ass with his belt, and putting vise grip pinches on her nipples, she relents -- almost with enthusiasm. And he works his 9" to the hilt. If she cries out in pain he just slaps her face. She then takes it, though secretly pictures any number of other men screwing her.

Russell eases his frustration by escaping with his son, Chad. While only 18 Chad is a man's man. He and his dad act more like peers than parent and child. They watch football games together, downing a couple of six-packs in the process. Russell joins Chad out on the town sometimes. If Chad (or Russell) isn't batting well, they'll lounge around some bar getting smashed. Russell has been open about his frustrations with Chad's mother, and, Chad, since he only hears one side, is a sympathetic ear.

Russell knows that Chad is a virile horny sonofabitch. He's seen him in action dominating his young chickies. He watches them leave knowing that Chad will fuck 'em, leave 'em and be right back. His eyes and ears have convinced him that Chad sees females as a cunt, not a person. Once when Russell was asking about ways he might get in some of Chad's chick's panties, Chad responded with a throwaway line, "... but what do I get in return?" Russell just nodded and took another sip of his drink. Then a 10,000-watt light bulb went on in his head. He could repay Chad by letting him get a piece of Anne! He bet Chad would view her as just another cunt, not a wife or mother! That would be a triple win-win. He'd get laid; Chad would get laid; his bitch wife would get a good lesson.

Over the next months Russell gingerly brought up the subject. He complained a little less and praised a little more. He offered that when his wife did give him some, she was a pretty good fuck, or on the rare occasions he got a blowjob, "Your mother does know how to suck a cock good. I'll grant her that." Russell detected a little receptiveness.

It was early one Saturday evening. Russell, hornier than usual, walked in just as his wife was putting on a bra and panties after a shower. Her beautiful monstrous protruding 36DD tits always made him forget his frustrations for a minute and focus on getting screwed. He slammed the bedroom door and yelled, "You're not going to wave your tits in front of me without giving me a sample." Anne recoiled. "Don't back away you sonofabitch, not tonight!" He grabbed her by the hair to hold her steady and slapped her face hard three times. She gave away 8" and 80 lbs to him and was no physical match.

She whined, "But the kids will hear ..."

"I don't give a shit!" He slapped her some more and threw her on the bed. In a flash he retrieved for the first time his secret stash of cords, tied her spread-eagled to the bed, threw her bra away and ripped off her panties.

"What are you doing?" she wailed

"Tonight I'm goin' to fuck you all I want for as long as I want. And why don'tcha yell a little louder so the kids can hear and enjoy," he snarled. He climbed on the bed and straddled her. Using both hands he repeatedly slapped her tits. Occasionally he used his fists. Anne loudly protested and he slapped her face. Then back to her tits. She whimpered. "Want me to stop?" he sneered. She nodded. "I'll stop when I fuck you. If you want me to stop ask me to fuck you." She shook her head no. The pummeling continued in earnest -- fists on the tits, palms on the side of the head, once or twice a fist to the jaw, a couple of time a fist pile drove into her midriff, all accompanied by, "Ask me to fuck you. Let me hear you beg for it." This went on for two minutes and bruises were starting.

Finally Anne moaned, "Please stop. Please stop and fuck me."

"Ask me nicely and sincerely, bitch."

"Please Russell, please fuck me, please fuck me now."

It sounded sincere. Russell briefly thought maybe his wife is more receptive if degraded and forced. He knew other women like that. He filed that pleasant thought away, moved forward, and slid his cock into her mouth. "Make sure it's good and hard." In her awkward position she couldn't suck very well but she tried. Russell snickered at her efforts. To help he would rise up and ram his cock straight down in her throat making her gag and cough. Finally he slid down, put a pillow under her hips to raise her pussy, and shoved in all 9" in one hard push.

"AAAAAUUUUUUUUGGHH," she cried. He pulled all the way out then slammed 9" back in hard.

"AAAAAUUUUUUUUGGHH," again. It went exactly like that for close to 15 minutes -- a hard 9" thrust followed by a loud painful groan with some whimpering. But he took note that after ten minutes she thrust back and wiggled her pussy just a little... and had an orgasm! Finally he pulled out, zipped up his pants, removed the tie-downs, and left growling, "Get used to it."

He joined Chad and Wanda in the kitchen. "Didja hear that?" he asked Chad, paying Wanda no mind. Not waiting for a reply he added, "Told ya the few times she did it she was good." Chad got a big grin on his face. "So, are you ready to leave and go find some action?" Chad gave a big nod and they both headed out the door, hardly recognizing Wanda who just stood there wide-eyed and agape.

They were not having much luck at the bar. They downed a few bourbons and beers are were getting wasted. Russell thought it a good time. "Ya know, Chad, one way I thought about punishing my wife is to make her fuck my friends. Ya know, I have friends that would like to fuck 'er. Do ya think that'd teach the bitch?"

"Gee, I dunno, dad. Sounds like it might if you can make her do it."

Chad referred to his mother in the third person. That's good, thought Russell. He jumped. "I bet you'd like to fuck my wife, like my buddies, eh?"

"Ya mean my mother?" he exclaimed.

"No. Of course not your mother. My wife. She's the same to you as she is to my friends -- just another cunt," Russell explained. Chad didn't respond but a slight smile crossed his lips. Russell didn't miss the opening, "Good then! You'll love it, I'll love it, and I'll be paying you back in advance for screwin' one of your chickies. You fuck my chicky, I get to fuck one of yours," he chuckled.

Chad showed no signs of revulsion. To the contrary he quietly got a dreamy look. Russell concluded it was a done deal and that Chad would not just be agreeable but an enthusiastic partner.

Things went normally the following weeks. Russell would "joke" with Chad like when Anne walked past and say, "Looks like a good fuck, eh?"

Once Chad bantered back, "Not bad, dad. Not bad."

"Hey, I got my cock in it a few days ago. Felt pretty good even if she is a bitch!" Russell shot back. Then late one Friday night the two watched a ball game and downed two six packs. Wanda and her mom had headed to bed. The men began six-pack number three when Russell slurred, "Bet the bitch is up there in bed with no clothes on and her big tits looking like a mountain range." Chad smiled. Russell went on, "I like big tits. Just thinking about her tits makes me hot." He paused. "I think tonight I'll fuck 'er," and got up to leave. As he staggered to the stairs he mumbled, "C'mon up in about 20 minutes and watch."

Sure enough Anne was sound asleep, naked, with her night mask on to block the light. "Perfect!" he thought. He quietly got the straps and before she knew what was happening had her wrists tied to the bedposts.

"God damn it! Not tonight!" she yelled.

"Shut the fuck up," Russell ordered and shoved a bright red ball gag in her mouth. "You haven't been fucked for a while. Tonight you will be -- maybe more than once." Anne hummed through her gag as he tied her legs back toward her head to the same posts as her hands. "My, my, my. What an inviting looking cunt. I bet there's a ton of men that would want some of that." More high-pitched hums into her gag. "But I want to play with those tits before I fuck you," he announced and began his tit-slapping routine. "Man I do like the way these hooters bounce around when I hit 'em. And those nipples!" Now his thumb and fingers began to pinch pull and twist. A long hum. "Can't here ya. You say do it harder? OK." He latched on to both nipples and while twisting pulled them four inches further out. He held them for 30 seconds. "From now on, if you don't fuck when I say, this is what you get." Her loud hums turned to murmurs and sobs.

He slid down between her legs and was elated to see cunt juice pouring out. Then all 9" went up her pussy. He fucked her slow but hard for 15 minutes, and shot his load. As he stood up he said, "Didn't cum, didja? Well, I'll fix that. Bet you thought I can't recover. You just wait." He motioned for Chad, who had been standing there for 10-15 minutes, to hold tight and then motioned for his son to get his pants off. "The moment of truth," he thought to himself. Chad was naked from the waist down in less than a minute and grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

Russell whispered instructions into Chad's ear. Then Chad quietly and slowly climbed between his mother's outstretched legs and rubbed his cockhead over her pussy lips. Light hums. His 7" slowly penetrated her pussy.

A muffled guttural, "Aaahhhh" exited the ball gag. Chad too pumped deep and slow. He leaned forward to reach as much of her clit as he could. It was now a muffled stream of "Aaahhhhh"s and "Oooooooo"s coming from Anne. Russell concluded this was working perfectly. Then a staccato "ugh... ugh... ugh" followed by Anne's body thrashing as wildly as it could. Anne mumbled a long "Oooooooooo" to announce her orgasm.

At the same time Chad cried out, "Aaaarrrrrgggghhh," and filled his mother's pussy with his cum. Then he got dressed, gave his dad a thumbs up, and left. Russell undid her tie-down straps, pinched a nipple as a reminder, chuckled, "Told ya I could do it," and left.

Next morning Anne was cleaning in the sink while Russell and Chad sat at the kitchen table talking in subdued tones. Russell nodded toward his wife and said, "Told ya she has a great pussy, huh?"

"Uh huh," Chad replied.

"I think we can get her to open up. Whaddaya think?"

"Open up?" Chad inquired.

"Yeah. Open up her pussy more readily and more often. Ya know the old one about a woman's like a screen door... the more she's slammed the easier she is to open. She needs more fucking. Lots more."

"By us?" Chad asked.

"Of course by us. And maybe others."

Chad looked at his dad quizzically. Just then Anne interrupted, "What are you boys talking about?"

Russell answered, "About you. How fine you look this morning in your short little robe." He chuckled.

Anne gave him a cold stare and declared, "I have to ask you something, in private." Chad excused himself and went into the family room. "What was the deal last night?" she whispered. I don't think you can recover that fast sober, let alone drunk."

"I can't recover?" he asked loudly.

"Sshhhh! Chad will hear.

Still loudly he retorted, "Jeeze, Anne. Chad's a man now. You think he doesn't know about recover, fuckin', tits, and pussy? Chad, c'mere a minute." Chad returned. "Do you know how to spell pussy?" Russell asked.

"P_u_s_s_y," he responded with a grin and returned to the other room.

"Now where were we?" Russell continued, "You don't think I can recover... wha, ya think I had help or somethin'? Though with your cold pussy that's not a bad idea."

"I don't know what to think," his wife mused.

Russell chimed in, "Think about fucking me a lot more often than you have the past years." He reached under her robed and crushed a nipple. She screeched. "And remember what I said last night what would happen."

Chad rushed back in, "Everything all right?"

"All OK," Russell answered. Anne's eyes got wide as saucers. She was horrified that Chad saw her bare tits and nipples being crushed in plain view. As he let go he commented, "Don't get so god damn uptight. He can spell nipple, too, ya know."

That Saturday night Russell went up just as Anne was getting ready for bed. He pinched a nipple. "Leave everything off and get on the bed," he commanded sternly. Surprisingly Anne quietly lay on the bed. Russell tied her spread-eagled, put the ball gag in her mouth and her nightshades on. As planned Chad came in and massaged her tits. Russell whispered something too low for Anne to make out but loud enough to hear a whisper tone. Chad slapped her tits a few times and both men quietly marveled how they shimmied and bounced and how she whined through her gag. Then Chad finger fucked her -- a minute with one finger, three minutes with two fingers, then a couple of minutes with all four. Anne was getting sopped and her whines turned to moans.

Chad then slowly fucked her. He kept up a slow pace stopping every third thrust to rub her clit for a minute. She had an orgasm in three minutes. Russell beamed. Chad kept fucking while he massaged her clit and tweaked her nipples. Soon a loud moaned sneaked past her gag, her body undulated like a tidal wave, and juice poured out of her pussy. The whole neighborhood could now here the squishing. It had been just another three minutes.

It was clear she immediately started up the hill toward her third! Her moans were continuous except when she gasped for breath through her nose. She was thrusting back as hard as her tied legs could. She was becoming delirious. This was Russell's cue. Without touching her he whispered in her ear, "You really like cock, don't you."

She shrieked. She felt dumbfounded. She gasped. The mouth that was whispering in her ear could hardly be on the face of the man with a cock in her.

He whispered again, "Just focus on getting your cunt fucked."

A longer shriek. She knew there had to be two. She became incensed. But the fire in her loins quickly overcame her anger. Her pussy and clit and the feel of a large cock overtook rational thought. Somewhere in the back of her mind there was anger. But everywhere else was a compulsion to help the cock. She moaned disapproval and then moaned in ecstasy as she ground her hips into the man on top. Then came the biggest orgasm she ever had. Thunderbolts raced through her body and her pussy pistoned up and down in a blur.

"Told ya," Russell whispered. He ripped off her eyeshades. A long scream of horror snuck around her ball gag and her body froze. Chad looked into her eyes and with a wide grin silently kept pumping. In a loud whisper Russell chortled, "That's right, my new slut of a wife. I needed help but wanted to keep it in the family. Now Chad ain't finished so tighten up your squishy cunt and get back to fuckin'."

"No! God damn it," she howled.

"Don't forget the rules, slut," he growled. "These will remind you." Russell grabbed a clamp. Anne's eyes got big. These clamps were new. They were long shiny metal with a spring clamp that Russell had trouble squeezing open. The jaw faces were large, flat, and serrated. She screamed in pain as they clamped on a nipple. Russell stretched her nipple and commanded, "Get humping. You'd better fuck good or this clamp will pull your nipple right off." Anne screeched and sobbed but forced her hips up and down as fast as she could. The clamp came off. Russell said, "If you don't want my clamp back on keep fuckin' my partner, and fuck him good until he plants his seed in your cunt."

She whined but fucked. Her body had been in the cumming mode and suddenly the fire in her pussy took over and clouded away everything else. "Shit! God damn it!" she cursed to herself. But she had no control and her son's cock was working its magic. She fucked with abandon, squealing with each thrust. Chad started banging her hard and she responded in kind.

Russell purred, "Way to fuck, slut. Fuck him 'till you cum again all over his cock and milk out his seed. That's right. Harder! Fuck 'em harder. You're a goddamn cockhound. Like a good slut."

Chad pumped for another five minutes then bellowed as he filled her pussy. To her chagrin, Anne came a third time! "Ooooooooo!" Russell cooed. "Three fuckin' times. You must love his cock. Now my turn." He shooed Chad off, climbed between her legs and slid his 9' up her slippery pussy. He told Chad to remove her ties and gag. "If you scream too loud you'll wake Wanda, she'll come in to see what's happening, and you'll have lots to explain."

Anne gasped and tried to get herself up. "No more, goddamn it!" she yelled. Russell slapped her in the face. "Wrap your legs around my back and thrust your wet cunt as hard as you can into my cock." He told Chad to put the clamps back on her nipples.

"Oh! No!" she cried. She looked at Chad astonished. "Would he dare do that to me?" she thought to herself. She knew in a nanosecond when Chad, still grinning ear to ear, rushed for the clamp.

She watched Chad aghast. He didn't just clamp her nipple. He flicked it "to get it hard and something to grab on to." Horrified she watched Chad squeeze the base of the aureole to force her nipple to protrude another inch. Then she felt the clamp sear her tit.

Russell bellowed, "Now start fucking me!"

Anne screeched from the pain and yelled, "I'll do it! I'll do it!" She started to hump.

Chad was enjoying it. He stretched, twisted, and yanked her nipple side to side. Anne screamed louder. "That's right," Chad sneered. "Scream loud so Wanda can hear!"

Anne was beside herself. Her own boy was torturing her nipples and loving every second of it. She knew how to stop it and began fucking her husband back for all she could. Russell told Chad to release her. "Now fuck me good, slut." She did as told. Then the goddamn fire in her loins returned. She couldn't help it and her mind was again focused on a cock reaming her pussy. She fucked in earnest. "You're doin' good," Russell proclaimed. "Now one more thing. Every time you thrust say out loud that you're my slut." Anne became silent. "Maybe the clamp will help!"

"Oh! No!" she whined. As she fucked she uttered, "I'm your slut. I'm your slut. I'm your slut." With prodding she added, "I'll do whatever you say. I'll fuck whenever you want." The thrusting cock and maybe the naughtiness of it all rekindled her sexual burning. She became an automaton. She fucked with abandoned and unthinkingly growled, "I'm your slut. Fuck me. Fuck me. I'm your slut. I'll do anything you say."

Russell winked at Chad, "Wonderful things, those tit clamps."

Anne was so far gone that when Chad presented his cock she swallowed it right up. Then she had her fourth orgasm of the night; she had had two once before, now a record-shattering four -- three with her son for heaven's sake. "The goddamn mother fucker," she chided herself.

Russell bellowed and blasted his sperm in her. "Now ya got a whole family of cum seed in ya," he chuckled. "Wonder which one will take..." he mused. Though he kept his cock in her and whispered instructions which included a tit clamp reminder. As preplanned Chad started the video cam and recorded her face and words. As Russell toyed with her tits she looked directly into the camera and slowly but clearly repeated, "From... now... on... I'm... your...... and Chad's........ slut. I'll be your...... fuck.... toy, ..... and do everything you tell me to....."

"Good! Russell retorted. He and Chad put their pants on. He snarled at Anne. "Don't forget. I'm now the absolute boss around here. I do whatever I want; you do whatever we say whenever we want. If you ever hesitate you'll feel my clamps on your tits and my rod on your ass. Give us any shit and you'll be responsible for Wanda joining our little club. You wouldn't want that now would you?" He didn't wait for a reply. "Chad and me are going out bar hopping to celebrate. Might get some outside pussy to tide us over until we fuck you again." Anne was left in a dazed befuddled and angry state. Angry with Russell for what he did; angry with herself, too, with how well fucked she felt. The glow she felt pissed her off, but it was a nice glow.

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