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BabySitter's Wine

by Ashson©

Elissa sighed, looking down at herself. What else could go wrong, she was wondering. She normally enjoyed baby-sitting for the Morgan's, but this night had just been one thing after the other. Three sweet little children had suddenly transformed into three fractious little monsters.

After a long hard slog she'd finally got them all bathed and tucked in and asleep. And then little Timmy woke up wailing, which promptly woke the other two, who promptly started whining. Sandi and Joshua finally settled back down, but she'd had her hand full with Timmy for a while.

Elissa had been walking the floor with him, trying to calm him, when he'd suddenly given a tremendous burp. Thinking that that was probably the cause of the trouble she'd leaned him back a little and smiled at him.

The little monster had smiled back, and thrown up comprehensively over her new jumper. Then he'd gone to sleep, his work completed.

Now at last, peace was the order of the day. All she needed to do was wash her jumper and then she could settle down and watch TV until Mr & Mrs Morgan arrived home.

Heading off to the laundry, Elissa dropped her jumper into the washing machine. After a moments consideration, her t-shirt joined the jumper for a quick wash. Fortunately, the Morgan's had a washer/dryer, and all she had to do was wait for an hour and both t-shirt and jumper would be clean and dry.

What she needed, Elissa thought, was a nice glass of wine. Even before she'd turned eighteen, the Morgan's had told her she could have a glass if she wanted one. Not being a drinker, Elissa had never actually taken them up on the offer, but tonight she thought she was entitled.

Going to the small bar, Elissa looked at the array of bottles. All she wanted was a nice light drink, but she'd be damned if she knew what was what. She didn't even know how to pronounce half the labels, let alone know what they were. She looked through the names, hoping to find something familiar.

Chivas Regal? She remembered her dad saying that he'd had a nice bit of Chivas Regal at the Morgan's. She'd try a glass of that.

Elissa poured herself a nice glass and took a mouthful. Gasping, she managed to put the glass down before she started coughing and choking. She stood for a moment, looking in shock at the glass. What sort of wine was that? And her dad liked it?

A memory came floating to the surface. Her dad said you should sip slowly, not drink it like water. Elissa picked up the glass and sipped. It still burned a little, and it hit her stomach like a bomb, but it was really quite tasty, and it certainly made her feel better.

Retiring to the couch and the TV, Elissa sat and sipped while watching. Time slipped past. The Chivas Regal was gone, but Elissa felt too happy just sitting to bother about a second glass. Her t-shirt and jumper would be ready by now, she mused, but they could wait a while. Elissa sat, totally relaxed, watching TV.

Nelson and Marie Morgan arrived home, slightly surprised when Elissa didn't promptly come into the hall to greet them.

"TV's on," said Marie. "She's probably lost in some show."

"I'll check her out," said Nelson, walking towards the family room.

In the family room, Nelson found Elissa sitting curled on the couch, watching TV. To his surprise she was topless except for a very small lacy red bra. Her skirt had ridden up her legs, and he could see matching red undies.

Elissa noticed Nelson walk in and smiled.

"Hiii," she carolled. "Kiddies are asleep and I'm still awake."

"Ah, Marie," called Nelson. "Can you come in here for a moment?"

Marie arrived, startled to see the state Elissa was in.

"Hiii, Mrs. Morgan," called Elissa. "Did you have a nice night?"

"Ah, yes, thank you, Elissa," replied Marie. "Um, you do realise that you're not wearing your top?"

"Yeah, I know," drawled Marie. "Timmy sicked all over them. They're in the machine. I'll get them before you come home, so don't worry about it."

"Elissa," Nelson said softly, "you seem to be slightly inebriated. Have you been drinking?"

"Just one glass of wine," said Elissa. "You always say I can have one if I want one." She lifted the glass to show them. "See, one glass. It's empty now, but it was full earlier."

Nelson looked at Marie. "One glass of wine does this?"

He turned back to Elissa.

"Ah, Elissa, which wine did you choose?"

"The one with the nice name," Elissa informed him. "Something Regal."

"Chivas Regal?" asked Marie, a laugh in her voice.

Marie nodded enthusiastically. "Tha's right. Chivas Regal."

Nelson looked slightly appalled.

"She's drunk a large glass of Scotch Whiskey. It's a wonder she's not out cold."

"She will be before too much longer," said Marie. "I suppose we'd better tuck her into the spare bed for the night."

Nelson grinned. "Look at the bright side. You were wondering earlier if Elissa padded her bra. You said she must because they're too large for a girl that small. Now you can see she doesn't. You're curiosity is satisfied."

Marie threw a look at him.

"It was just idle curiosity. I wasn't intending to actually ask her. Besides, you can't really tell. The bra could still be padded."

Nelson smirked.

"Easy to find out," he observed. "Elissa, dear. Marie was wondering if your bra is padded. I told her it wasn't but she's still not convinced. Do you think you can take it off and pass it to her so she can check for herself."

Elissa blinked at Nelson. "Take off my bra?" she queried.

"If you don't mind. Just to show to Marie that you don't need to pad it."

"Oohh, OK," said Elissa.

She looked down at the bra, tugging at it, then looked helplessly back at Nelson.

"I forget how it undoes," she said, a puzzled note in her voice.

"Marie," said Nelson, indicating the perplexed Elissa.

"Let me help you, dear," said Marie, laughing.

She walked over to Elissa and unclipped the bra, sliding the straps over her shoulders and down her arms. Marie slipped her arms around Elissa and cupped her breasts.

"Definitely all her," she told Nelson. "Why don't you come over and feel for yourself."

Nelson strolled over to the two women, smiling.

"If you don't mind," he murmured to Elissa, and on receiving a bemused nod he cupped her breasts. "Very nice indeed," he told Elissa, who beamed with pride.

"Elissa," said Marie, "I'm curious. "Are you still a virgin?"

Elissa looked down and shook her head.

"Why not tell me what happened?"

"Well, you know Johnny, he was my boyfriend. He's been getting me to play with his cock for the last year or so, and he likes to touch my breasts and pussy. You know what boys are like. Anyway, about two months ago, we were doing a little bit of petting and he talked me into taking my panties off so he could feel me better.

I liked the way he used to stroke me, so I did. I knew he had a stiff one, because he'd got me to touch it earlier. Anyway, after a bit of touching he told me to turn around for a moment as he wanted to touch me from behind.

So I turn around and bend over the armchair a bit and he's patting my pussy, then all of a sudden he yanks my pussy open and jammed his cock into me. I squealed that he was hurting but he didn't stop. He just stuck it in and wiggled it a few times and then he pulled it out and said wasn't he a great lover and he just knew I'd enjoyed it.

I had news for him. I punched him on the nose and made it bleed. Pity. I was trying to break it. He hurt and I didn't enjoy it at all."

"Well," said Marie, "that doesn't seem right to just do it like that. I'll give you a few tips for your next time."

"I don't know if I'm going to want a next time," grumbled Elissa.

"Of cause you will. You just need to get someone who knows what they're doing. Nelson, come here and take of Elissa's panties."

"What do you think you're doing, Marie," asked Nelson.

"It's the wrong time of the month for me," said Marie, "but you woke up horny this morning and you're also horny right now and Elissa is tailor made to solve your problem. Now take off her panties.

Elissa, if you're going to have sex with a man, you should try and arrange it so he takes off your panties. You'll find it makes it exciting for you and men like doing it. You just watch how Nelson pulls your panties down."

Nelson urged Elissa to stand, which she did, although swaying slightly. Kneeling before her he reached up her skirt and hooked his fingers over her panties and started drawing them down, smiling up at Elissa while he did so. On her part, Elissa watched as her panties slid down, her intoxicated state making it seem quite reasonable.

"OK, Elissa," Marie said. "If you unzip Nelson, you will find that he's got so excited over pulling down your panties, he'll have an erection. Just think. All he did was pull them down and he's probably stiff as a board. Why don't you check and see."

Elissa frowned at Nelson, trying to look through his trousers.

"Are you sure," she asked Marie. He doesn't look all excited the way Johnny used to."

Marie shrugged. "The only way to find out is to see for yourself."

Elissa nodded slowly and turned back to Nelson. Leaning against him, she fumbled for his zip, finally locating it and opening it. Reaching in she found Nelson did in fact have an erection. One that Nelson thought might explode prematurely, if Elissa didn't stop fumbling with it.

Finally drawing her prize out into the open, Elissa stared at it. Turning to Marie she calmly observed that it was bigger that Johnny's.

"Doesn't it hurt when something that big goes inside you?" she asked.

"Not if it's done properly," Marie told her. "I'll tell you what. As a favour to you, I'll get you to bend over the way you did for Johnny, and I'll have Nelson show you how a cock should go into you. You'll find it won't hurt at all."

"Oh. That's nice. Nelson won't mind will he? I don't want to make him if he doesn't want to."

"No, it'll be fine, Elissa," Nelson told her. "I guess there's a bit of teacher in me. I think I'll like to give you some instruction. Are you on the pill?"

Elissa nodded. "I thought I'd better, in case Johnny or one of his friends tried to stick me again."

Nelson steered Elissa back to the couch and encouraged her to bend over. Reaching down he cupped her pussy and gently squeezed.

"Nelson is going to play with you for a little while to help you get ready," Marie said to Elissa. "Do you like what he's doing?"

Elissa nodded. "It feels nice," she admitted. "Is he going to put his fingers inside me?"

"Of course," Marie told her. "How else is he going to tell if you're wet and ready?"

Elissa stood there, relishing the subtle movements of Nelson's hand and fingers coaxing a response out of her pussy. She could feel warmth gathering, and wondered what it would feel like to have Nelson just put his cock inside her.

Nelson was paying some serious attention to the shapely little bottom and pussy in front of him. His fingers stroked and caressed, squeezed and massage, darting in and out, stirring up responses.

He glanced over at Marie who was watching eagerly. He raised an eyebrow inquiringly, and she nodded.

"Do it."

Edging Elissa's lips apart, Nelson eased his erection between them. Elissa gave a little gasp as she felt him moving into her and tensed slightly, waiting for pain. As Nelson moved even deeper into her, Elissa sighed and relaxed, finding she was enjoying the feel of him sliding slowly in. There was no pain, just the sensation of something invigorating all her nerves, filling her up and telling her to pay attention to it.

Finally home, Nelson paused for a few moments.

"There you are, Elissa," said Marie. "That didn't hurt at all, did it? How does it feel to have Nelson inside you like that?"

"Strange," gulped Elissa. "I've never really felt something like this before."

"Not like with Johnny, eh? Strange bad or strange good?"

"Strange good," gasped Elissa. "I like it."

"That's good," murmured Marie. "Now do you want him to take it out now, or would you like him to play with you a bit longer?"

"Don't stop," said Elissa, breathing hard. "Let him go for a bit longer."

"OK, Nelson," Marie said softly. "Fuck her brains out. I want to hear her scream with pleasure at the end."

"I live but to serve," came the murmured response, as Nelson slowly started moving within Elissa.

Elissa felt Nelson moving inside her. She tensed as he slowly pulled back, waiting to see if he was leaving her, then gasped when he pushed quickly back. That felt good, she decided, and waited for him to do it again.

Nelson slowly started to build up a nice little rhythm, pulling slowly back and then driving forward quickly. Elissa found herself giving little squeals of pleasure as he drove into her, followed by sighs of anticipation when he pulled back.

Nelson paused, startling Elissa. Leaning forward he clasped her breasts in his hands, squeezing them.

"When I move into you," he whispered in her ear, "why don't you push back against me and see how it feels. I'll take it slowly to let you get a feel for it."

Once again Nelson started moving within Elissa, thrusting slowly into her, gratified to feel her first tentative movements to meet him. Taking his time, he slowly built up his pace, encouraging Elissa to move faster, squeezing her breasts in time to his rhythm.

Elissa was starting her little squeaks and squeals again, but this time they were combining excitement with her pleasure. Nelson could both hear and feel her gathering tension, and increased his pace still further.

Elissa was lost now. All she wanted to do was move in time to the pleasures that were hammering at her body. Her bottom was bobbing up and down as she frantically raced to meet Nelson's driving need. She was on fire, and every movement she made was fanning the flame, with Nelson standing behind her and stoking the furnace.

She screamed when the fire flared up and took her away, gasping and sobbing with relief as she slowly found herself coming together afterwards.

Nelson withdrew, letting Elissa settle onto the couch. She sighed, looking up at Nelson and Marie. Then, with a small smile on her lips, she slept.

Nelson and Marie looked at each other.

"Interesting," said Marie. "She certainly took to that like a duck to water. Her boyfriend must have been awfully crass not to be able to please her."

"She certainly shows some natural talent," said Nelson. "However, I think we'd better get her cleaned up and into bed."

"Good idea. You can carry her to the spare room. I'll bring some things to clean her up and then I'll tuck her in."

"She was a bit more than tipsy. Think she'll remember what happened in the morning?"

Marie shook her head. "If we just act as though nothing happened, she'll think it was a wet dream. She won't dare raise the subject, because she'd think she'd look like a fool."

"You realise we'll have to raise the subject of wine vs whiskey. A full glass of Chivas Regal?"

Marie giggled. "When she realises what she drank, she'll be even more convinced that it was a dream. Of course, if we repeat her little sex lesson in the future, she'll probably catch on. But next time, not at this time of the month. We'll see if we can talk her into a ménage à trois."

Written by: Ashson

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