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Me And My Horny Sister Ch. 01

by Stewart05©

***This is the first installment of what will hopefully become a long running series of incest erotica. the story centers around a 20 year old male and his 18 year old sister Charlotte. I hope you enjoy.***

I awoke to the sounds of keys jingling in the front door. I opened my eyes slowly so they could adjust to the darkness of the room, the only light coming from my TV, I had fallen asleep watching a film. I heard the front door open and Charlotte, my sister, (who was clearly drunk) stumble through.

Charlotte had gone out drinking tonight with a bunch of her mates and she always came back hammered. I had just come back home from university that Friday, and a lot of my mates were still at their universities, so I didn't go clubbing.

Charlotte pathetically attempted to climb the stairs in silence. If my mum and dad weren't such heavy sleepers they'd be awake too. She stomped and stumbled and swore, her high heels made climbing the stairs a much harder task. Finally she got to the top and walked across the hallway, my door was open so any minute I would see her stumble passed, and suddenly I was aware that I had a raging hard on.

It often happened, I have very horny dreams. She wouldn't notice though, she would stumble passed without a care in the world. But just in case I covered myself a little tighter with my duvet.

Suddenly the footsteps stopped, Charlotte poked her head into my room and had a huge drunken smile on her face. "What are you still doing up big brother?" I was two years older than Charlotte, I'm 20 and she is 18.

"I was watching a film." I replied, trying to sound as if I hadn't just woken up.

"What film?" She asked as she stumbled into the room and sat down on my bed.

"300" I told her. It was one of my favourite films, and I was all excited having seen the trailer for the sequel that same day.

"Is that the one with Gerard Butler in?" She said whilst drunkenly squinting at the screen.


"He's fit." She place her hand just above my knee and slowly moved it up. There is a thick duvet between her and my leg but I couldn't help get aroused. My sister was a horny drunk, the amount of stories I had heard about drunken one night stands were beyond counting.

"Has it gone passed the bit when he's having sex with his wife?" she said biting her lip, her hand still rubbing along my leg.

"Yeah, that bit is right at the start." I couldn't believe how calm I was, she had her hand mere centimetres away from my rock hard cock. The only thing that scared me, even a little, was that if she touched it it might go off.

"Rewind it, I wanna watch it."


"Come on, please."

"No, fuck off, go to bed, you're drunk." I don't know why I was sending her away, I didn't want to admit it to her, but I was loving this.

"Please." She begged again, this time she gave me the puppy dog eyes and the quivering lower lip. MY GOD! She looks hot when she does that. Charlotte was a gorgeous girl; 5'5, blonde, slim, hourglass figure and huge tits.

"Fine." I said, feigning anger, though I wanted to watch it too, that bit always made me hard, Lena Heady is gorgeous.

I rewinded the film to the sex scene and together Charlotte and I watched. Muscular body, pert tits, laboured gasps and moans, it was hot. Charlotte moved her hand under the duvet this time and continued to rub my leg, my cock was pulsing.

As the scene finished I rewinded it again, with no protest from her, and we watched it again. With each rub up my leg I noticed her hand got higher and higher, inching closer to my cock, until finally she grasped it.

She took her eyes away from the TV and looked straight at me, she seductively licked and then bit her lip. I smiled back, she had a tight grasp on my cock, not so tight that it hurt, but still tight.

"I was waiting for you to get to that." I said in my sexiest voice.

"Mmmmm" Charlotte moaned "it's big."

She pulled the fistful of cock up and down slowly, leaned in towards me and stroked my chest with her other hand. She leant closer and closer until finally she was close enough for me to kiss. I threw myself into it, and at first she seemed shocked that I went for it, but soon she began kissing back.

She continued wanking me off under the duvet, up and down, up and down, getting faster and faster. The kissing followed in the same fashion, the kiss became harder and harder, more passionate, my tongue was given free access to every inch of her mouth.

I could feel that I was moments away from blowing my load when finally she let go of my cock, backed away from the kiss and stood up. She moved her hand behind her back and unzipped her dress, once the zip was down she let it fall to the floor. Her body was amazing, curvy in all the right places, her pubic region shaved smooth but for a small blonde triangle.

For a second I was paralyzed, paralyzed in thought, everything I had ever dreamed of doing with my little sister I could now do.

She bit her lip again, "do you like?"

"Oh yes." I said smiling, I flung my duvet to the ground to reveal my naked body, my 6ft athletic frame and my 7inch cock which was still rock hard.

Without another word she mounted me, she kissed me and began grinding her hips. My cock hadn't entered her, but as she grinded my cock rubbed against her arse, her thighs and her vagina.

Suddenly she began lowering herself; she kissed my lips then lowered, she kissed my neck and lowered, she kissed my chest, my abs and the she came to face with my cock and without hesitation she took it in her mouth.

The inside of her mouth was wet and warm, the pleasure took over my entire body, my eyes flickered and my heart pounded. She started the same way she had started her and job, slow. She paid a lot of attention to the head, flicking it and massaging it with her tongue. The longer it went on the further down she swallowed until she had the whole thing in her mouth; licking, massaging, flicking, sucking, slurping, kissing.

"Oh my god, I'm gonna cum." I moan.

She pulled away, my clock fell out of her mouth and she stroked down my body, from my neck to my pubes. "Not yet, you're not."

She climbed back up me and mounted me again, this time she grasped my cock and slid it into her wetness. It felt so good that I almost came there and then.

She bounced up and down on my cock, her huge tits bouncing in my face. I took on of her tits in my mouth, caressing the nipple with my tongue, after I'd finished I did the same to the other one.

Once I'd finished with her tits she kissed me again, the kissing was hot and heavy and passionate. I grunted, she moaned, I thrust and she grinded, and we both began breathing heavily.

My hands made their way down her back, tracing the line of her spine until they split apart and each hand grabbed a firm handful of her arse. Her hand found their way to the back of my head, her fingers ran through my hair, down my face and then clawed into my chest.

Each thrust I gave was harder and faster than the one before, each grind she gave was wider and more circular than the one before, we were fucking in perfect sync.

"Ready?" I asked

She nodded, her eyes flickering and her lips quivering. I pulled her closer, our lips met, I didn't want any moans to wake our parents. After a few more thrust I shot my load into her, my cock pulsed as the warm cum exploded out of it. She push her lips harder into mine to stop herself from screaming, her toes curled, her muscles tightened and her fingernails dug into my back.

For a moment we stopped, no movement, my cock finished pumping the last of the sticky white mess inside my sister's vagina. We pulled our mouths away and took control of our frantic heavy breathing.

Charlotte climbed off of me, bent down and picked up her dress. She turned and smiled and bit her lip. "That was fun." She giggled and walked out of the room, completely naked.

I waited until I heard her bedroom door open and close before I pulled up my duvet over me. My cock had returned to flaccid, still a dribble of cum on the tip, I wiped it away with yesterday's boxershot which were on the floor and returned to watching 300.

I was to stimulated to sleep, but I was way too horny to pay attention to the film, so I sat up thinking a million questions. Did that really just happen? Was that a dream? What does this mean? Will we ever do this again?

Written by: Stewart05

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