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A Little Play Thing

by wordunderscoreword©

Molly looked at herself in her full length mirror. She was wearing a sexy little getup under her cashmere turtleneck and jeans. She loved her new pixie cut and she did her makeup just right. She couldn't wait to go show off to her friend this afternoon. He thought they were just going to the library on campus to study but he'd be putty in her hands when she showed a little skin. She loved having so much control over him and all past suitors but she had always wondered what it was like to submit to a man. She desired a man who would dominate properly. She hadn't remembered a single time that was out of her control since she lost her virginity.

She shrugged off the thought and continued getting dolled up for her study date. With just a touch of eyeliner and a new metallic rainbow piercing in her septum she was off to the library.

Looking at her phone clock she saw that she was already late. She knew she couldn't keep her boy waiting all day. He was used to her being late but she still felt bad about it. She was just never good with showing up on time. She decided to take a shortcut through the chemistry department and just book it to make up for lost time.

While she half ran through a mostly vacant lab she caught the eye of the one student still working, despite the beautiful Sunday weather. Questioning his motives made her lose her train of thought and she tripped over her own feet and into an array of lab equipment and chemicals.

At first the lab table that fell over on top of her wasn't so heavy as it was terrifying. Keeping it steady was easy enough but the beakers began to slide closer to the edge. When the chemicals hit her skin there was a burning sensation that exploded throughout her body. She tried to keep my arms up to push the table aside but she felt weaker and weaker. she couldn't hold it up much longer and when a drawer came flying out and hit her in the chest she was pushed backwards. Darkness enclosed around her but she escaped unharmed. The chemical burn fizzled out into a soft, tingly feeling and as she felt herself up there was no oozing or burned flesh.

The only question now was, where had she gone to? The room she was now in seemed empty and hollow. Surely she wasn't in the same room. At first she considered there had been a short out in the electrical but then remembered the windows that lined the lab walls. Had she fallen into some sort of trapdoor below the lab? Had that been what had caused her to trip? It seemed the only reasonable explanation.

Before she had time to think the room had tilted and swiftly knocked her off her feet and against a wall. As she felt herself sliding, clinging to the floor to steady herself, the room filled with light and a giant trembling hand formed and eclipse up above. Surely this was a joke. From behind the hand came the pale, worried face of the boy she had made eye contact with just moments ago. He poked her stomach like a brute with no social skills.

"What the hell happened to you?" she shrieked, much higher than intended.

He gave her a puzzling look. "Oh god, you have to be kidding.."

"What kind of fucking mad scientist are you??" She was freaking out. She knew she shouldn't have insulted someone as tall as a building but she was terrified and without her wits.

"You.. uh.. you shrunk." He picked her up and examined her tiny frame.

When Molly looked down at the trap door she saw what it really was. An empty desk drawer. It was unreal. She looked back down at the floor, covered in broken glass on a floor that seemed nearly a mile away and clung to his fingers. "Don't you dare fucking drop me!"

"Hey, chill out and stop squirming if you don't wanna fall." His voice sounded quiet soothing but she was still trembling. He set her down on a lab table. with a sigh. "I work in the field of gene therapy. That serum was supposed to enlarge certain.. features for smaller than average men. You spilled the whole thing and now I'm back to square one.."

What a selfish prick. She had half a mind to slap the shit outa him for blaming this all on her but all she wanted was to be my normal self again. She cried to him that she wanted to be fixed.

He sighed and pet her back. It was comforting but frightening, given the size of his hand and the fact that she was just half a foot tall, if that. "Hey, I'll fix this for you. I promise. This isn't your fault.. I just.. ugh can we go to the cafeteria I'm so hungry I'm getting dizzy.

"No! Never. I Refuse to be seen like this."

"Okay. Okay. I'll grab something and we can go back to my dorm. My roommate is gone for the weekend visiting his folks." He picked me up and put me in his pocket.

She nestled in still trying to process what was even going on. She wiped her tears away on the fabric of his jeans and tossed a few gum wrappers out of the pocket to make it cozier.

As he walked she could feel his manhood through the fabric. It, although mostly flaccid felt larger than any she had ever before felt. It felt so warm and nice that she laid against it through his pocket. It gave her some comfort in this stressful situation and a bit of satisfaction when it started getting hard.

He swatted at her and pushed her to the other side of his pocket. She could hear a large crowd outside and felt content with herself.

She heard some rumbles of laughter laughter outside. It got closer and closer and suddenly she felt the boy fall, her tumbling along with him.

"Geez, watch the fuck where you're going, asshole." One said.

"God, what a fucking loser." Another chuckled.

"Dude, you gave him a stuffy!" a girl shrieked.

The boy laid on the floor for a bit nobody bothering to help him up. Molly climbed out of his pocket and went to go talk to him "Are you okay? I'm sorry.. That was a dick move."

He cupped his hands around her to hide me and patted her on the head like a child. "Yea it's okay. It happens. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't cute." He looked down and sighed seeing his shirt had torn.

She looked into his eyes; they were deep pools of blue and green. She began to study the rest of his face, under his curly mess of hair he had a cute face; very soft cheek bones, a pale complexion, juicy red lips, and an adorable grin she got lost in before he plucked her up from the ground and into his pocket.

He made into his dorm in no time, setting Molly down on the only piece of furniture not cluttered with notes, garbage, and books; the bed. He threw his backpack onto his desk and pulled off his polo, blushing when he looked back at the tiny girl. "Sorry," he chuckled.

He had a nice, lean, and muscular body, unlike what she had expected. She thought he'd be a fragile twig with skin barely hanging off his bones. "You have nothing to be sorry for."

He moaned and groaned while running around the dorm looking for another shirt to put on. "Ugh.. it's laundry day. My roommate took all my clothes.

"Hey, I'm not complaining." She sort of chuckled to herself and hung her head, realizing she was flirting shamelessly.

He blushed and laughed along, sheepishly sitting down beside her.

After sitting in silence for long enough she leaned against his leg. They both knew they had nothing to talk about and no reason to be together other than the current predicament. He was just a chemistry major and she was an art major. The other would have just sounded like a complete bore in their mind. He did put his hand on her back though. His hands were soft and warm and offered some comfort.

He laid back down on the bed and she crawled onto his lap as a natural reflex It was nice to have someone close to hold on a stressful day like this, even if it was a total stranger. She tiptoed up to his chest and sat down.

He just giggled and stroked her back with a finger as she lowered herself onto his chest. His heart thumped so loud it vibrated through her whole body, not just because he was so large in comparison, but he was nervous.

"What's got you so uptight?" she finally asked.

"Well, you females are pretty intimidating, no matter what size."

"Guessing you don't have much experience with girls?"

"Pfft, that's an understatement if I've ever heard one."

"How many girls have you been with?"

"Well if you're talking about sex; not a one," He admitted. "I've made out with a few and fondled my ex's tits, you?"

She didn't want to confess that she had been with five different guys but she did reluctantly. He seemed even more intimidated.

He was timid and I liked that It was chaiming on him It helped that she was already into submissive guys. She was starting to develope a bit of a crush on him and being in his room, in his bed with him shirtless and petting her got a her little hot. "I'm Simon by the way," he told me before readjusting and turning on his side, taking her and putting her on his arm to nestle in the crook of his upper and forearm.

"I'm molly."

They talked a bit more, both slowly drifting off to sleep and spouting silly things neither could hardly comprehend.

* * * Simon awoke sometime in the middle of the night. He couldn't remember when he'd fallen asleep. He remembered staying up til he was too exhausted to hold on just to talk to molly.

He looked down at her sleeping body, shocked to find it wasn't just some dream he'd woken up from. She looked so peaceful and beautiful he just wanted to hold her close. He picked her up and brushed her into his hand softly. She was a heavy sleeper; flopping back down completely undisturbed from her rest.

He cupped his hand around her and nuzzled against her stomach. To his surprise her shirt slid up a bit, just enough to reveal a bit of lace. It was a little brown corset with white gold trim and buttons he discovered when he lifted it a bit higher with his free hand. Little intricate vine designs ran down her torso.

He blushed and let her shirt slip back down when he felt himself getting hard. That was wrong but it gave him a rush. He felt and sense of entitlement and the circumstances were just too tempting; in his hand he held a small, sleeping girl who, under her modest attire, wore the most beautiful lingerie he'd ever seen. Her body surpassed even the classiest porn stars that accompanied him every night on his desktop.

Against his better judgement he nuzzled into Molly's soft little stomach and began rubbing himself through his pants. He imagined commanding her to do a little strip tease and grind against his member and that really got him going.

He pulled his cock out and slid his pants down to his ankles Setting her back down on his pillow ever so gently. He was so eager to continue stroking himself but he wanted to see all of her.

Getting on his knees hunched over her, Simon slowly plucked off her little shoes. She was so small he worried about breaking her; she was a little china doll with paper skin and was to be treated as kind and delicately as possible.

Next to come off were her pants. After struggling long enough with The impossible zipper he grabbed a scalpel off his desk and made two incisions along the sides of the jeans. They slipped off with ease to reveal a cute little garter belt, panties, and stockings that matched the course. He'd taken the moment to ponder who the getup was intended for and who was missing out on this beautiful sight.

He knew he didn't compare to her. he was a skinny little freak with a dick smaller than her at only five inches long. She was outgoing and beautiful and all of the men she had been with were probably strong, muscular and handsome. She would never give someone like him a chance.

Molly shivered when the cold air hit her skin but after Simon stroked them for a bit she was lulled back to a deep slumber.

Simon again took the knife to her shirt instead of trying to slip it over her head. Her arms slipped out easily and left her arching her little bare chest up to him. They looked so soft that it was impossible to leave them alone. He caressed them softly with his fingertip before bringing his hands back down to his groin.

His lips touched down to her chest and opened gradually to take in her soft breasts, feeling them with his tongue ever so gently. The whimper that escaped her tiny mouth sent shivers down his spine and made him twitch.

The next item to be cut off were her panties and when he threw them aside to spread her legs he found the most beautiful pink pussy he'd ever seen. it was so small that when he placed his finger over it, it completely covered it. He pushed his finger against the pink velvet and spread it open. She was so tight it would have been difficult to put even his pinkie finger inside her, even as wet as she was. He didn't dare try with the risk of waking her up.

He pulled his finger away, glimmering with her juices and stuck it in his mouth. It was initially salty but had a strange creamy, sweet aftertaste that he found to be pleasant. He crouched down over her body and look a taste directly from the source. The warm and steamy feel of her little lips made the taste even better. He wasn't exactly sure what to do but the whimpers that escaped her mouth made him think he'd at least done something right.

He felt the precum escaping his shaft and imagined what it was like for Molly to suck it all off. He pinched some of the liquid between his fingers and ran them along her breasts, leaving them shiny. He jerked his cock even harder, getting anxious at the idea of cumming all over over her body and completely covering her.

He let out a load groan, just on the verge of cumming, but froze in fear when she began to stir. He was unsure what to do or what she would do but still too aroused to think straight. When her eyes began to flutter open he scrambled to pull his pants up. His worst fear was that their eyes would meet before he had a chance to cover his face or run away. How that would solve the problem he had no idea but he didn't want to face her. He fled to the corner of his closet after hiding he tattered remains of her clothing under his bed.

He could hear her frightened whimpers before everything fell to silence. He was as bad as a rapist he kept telling himself. He was wicked and cruel. An animal not even in control of his own libido. He wanted to hang himself.


He looked back to see Molly's stark white face. "I...I'm so sorry.. So sorry," He choked out.

"What did you do?"

"I'm sorry.. I don't know.. I'll just let you leave."

Molly's thoughts had just become coherent. She knew what he'd done. She had such mixed feelings about it. She'd always wanted to live this fantasy, but... consensually. This was wrong. What kind of person had she actually put herself in the care of? She didn't know him. Why was she so eager to trust him? Looking at his sad, frightened face, though, she felt sorry for him. She could tell he felt bad how could she forgive him?

He kept muttering the same things over; saying sorry, wishing he were dead, she should leave him to die, he didn't deserve her. She finally broke in with, "Simon.. I understand." She just couldn't let him live with that guilt. She wasn't sure what had come over her. "Simon, come here.."

He shook his head and she restated it in a commanding voice. This time he listened and with his shoulders hunched and his head hung he sat down on the bed beside her.

"Simon, where are my clothes?"

"Under the bed.. They're all cut up. I'm so sorry."

"You need to calm down. Right now."

He nodded and sniffled a bit.

She had just remembered she was still mostly naked but she shamelessly went over to and hugged his wrist. "It's okay.. I forgive you. I don't know why but I do. Okay?"


"I appreciate you helping me. It's very sweet of you. I can forget about this for now." She chuckled at the ridiculousness of what she was saying but now she wasn't going to take it back.

He cried for a bit and she just sat and consoled him. She knew that after he had just victimized her that this was unhealthy behavior but she wasn't sure what else to do.

She started thinking about all the things he must have done to her. Going back to her fantasies mentally really made it hard to be disappointed in him. She'd say it'd almost made her excited. "Simon, I want you to tell me everything you did."

It took a bit of coaxing Simon into admitting but eventually everything came out. She was exasperated by the time he was done telling her what happened but he was curled up in fetal position, too busy trying to hold back his tears to notice he excited her.

He finally looked up to see Molly's legs shivering and her face red; out of arousal or shame he couldn't really tell but it was beautiful. She was absentmindedly stroking her chest and fingering her nipple softly with one hand and wiping the sweat off her brow with the other.

"Molly..?" He coughed.

"Simon.. I've never been with a guy who dominated and took what he wanted like that. I want that."

He was astonished. He never expected to hear anything like that from a woman, nonetheless one so beautiful. He shot up hard as a rock when those words touched his ears. He was still so shocked to have heard that, that sound would not escape his lips.

She thought his astonishment was adorable and charming. Still as shy as other men she'd been with, if not worse but she knew he was an animal. She just needed to cross over his comfort zone and he'd run on instinct. "Well, if you're not going to do it then I'll just take care of myself," She shrugged with a bit of spite in her voice.

She flipped onto her stomach with her ass in the air and slid one hand between her legs. The images of his large body taking control of her drove her crazy. She wanted to know everything he could do to her. His giant fists would do much worse things to her than she could ever with her dainty little hands.

The frustration Simon was going through gave her even more of a thrill. This felt like a good punishment for him; the temptation right in front of him while he dealt with his own guilt.

He unzipped his pants and stroked himself, kneeling down on all fours looking down at the little girl just below him. Not being able to penetrate her sweet little pussy was the only downside to her size. Other than that it was adorable. He just imagined taking her from behind and ramming it into her really good and it made him buckle down. His breath blew Molly's hair all out of place and the moan sent chills down her spine.

She threw her head back and bucked her hips. "Please, Simon. I want you to dominate me.. Please..!" She begged, forcing two fingers inside herself and pushing against her g-spot as hard as she could.

He couldn't hold it back anymore. He pulled one hand out from under her and the other he slapped away from pleasuring herself. Both he pinned to the bed and then he placed his cock between her legs. He slid it along her body until the head rested just at her chin.

"Lick up all the precum," Simon ordered. "Don't miss a drop."

In a weak voice she just whimpered out, "Yes, sir." and grinded her hips against his shaft a few times before leaning down to suck up the sticky, clear fluid. It was the sweetest cum she had ever tasted, and being dominated into it made it that much better. She had to swallow two mouthfuls and savored each one. "Good girl." He unpinned her arms and pet her back softly. "Now stand up and give me a kiss, sweetie." Molly adored the kind words she received for pleasing him. She of course obeyed him and eagerly tiptoed up to him.

He laughed every time she had almost reached her lips. He'd let the teasing go on for a few minutes before he tickled her tummy and made her fall squirming onto the bed. It was so precious that he didn't stop until she was running out of breath from begging so much for him to stop. Then he bent down and kissed her forehead. He loved the way she nuzzled into his kisses. He started licking her cheek softly then let his tongue travel down her neck, dragging his tongue along her skin long and slow. Finally he made his way to her breast and sucked rather forcefully, making her moan. He stopped abruptly without a word.

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