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Jessica's BBC Adventure Ch. 02

by scuik©

He quickly pulls his trousers back on and goes to answer the front door. Jessica gets to her feet, then sits down on the edge of the bed. Her naked back facing the bedroom door.

She hears their voices drawing nearer as she fantasises about what will happen next. Looking over her shoulder, she sees the guy whose cum still coats her throat walk in. He is followed by two more tall, well built black men. He sits down on a chair in the corner of the room while the two new guys walk round in front of her.

They each reach a hand down to fondle her breasts. Jessica responds by fondling their crotches through their trousers. They both seem as big as the first guy to fuck her this evening as she feels them stiffen beneath the fabric of their clothes.

She unfastens each of their trousers and pulls out their dicks. She sucks and fondles both of them. Alternating between the two until they are both fully erect.

As she comes up to catch her breath, the guy to her right grabs her shoulder and pushes her down onto the bed. The two of them both undress as Jessica waits for them on her back. One of the guys picks up her legs and slings one over either arm. His big hard cock glides easily into Jessica's still sopping wet pussy and he pushes his strong body between her splayed thighs. He begins to fuck her hard as the guy who pushed her down moves round to grab a handful of her tits again. Jessica wraps her lips around his cock and blows him as his hands move over her.

They both fuck her exuberantly from either end, before changing places. Jessica licks her pussy juices from the stiff cock placed in her mouth as the other guy takes his turn to pound energetically at her pretty pussy.

The guys order Jessica to get up onto all fours. She sits up, then swings her legs underneath her to present herself to the guy she had just been blowing. As he climbs onto the bed, Jessica takes the other guy deep into her mouth. He pushes himself into her. The angle of penetration opening her throat and allowing him deep into her mouth.

The dick in her pussy is withdrawn from her. He brings the shaft of it to rest on Jessica's upturned ass hole. He rubs his long black dick, slippery from Jessica's pussy, between her ass cheeks. Jessica moans with anticipation as she feels his stiff length rubbing over her ass.

He kneels up a little more to change the angle of his cock and slowly pushes himself into her sexy white ass. She yields to him easily and soon his slow yet powerful and deliberate thrusts are reaching deep, deep inside her. She sucks greedily at the big dick in her mouth as her ass hole is taken by a well hung black stranger for the second time that evening.

Soon the third big black cock enters her ass as they two guys switch places. She sucks his cock while her ass is fucked frantically. The first guy lifts himself from his chair and removes his trousers to display his proud erection. Ready for more of Jessica, he moves in front of her and she alternates between sucking the two big black cocks being waved at her face.

The new guy sits next to her on the bed. The guy in her ass pulls out and holds her cheeks apart to admire her beautiful, neatly gaping ass hole.

Jessica climbs off the bed and moves round to straddle the sitting man. As she does so, the guy on the bed stands and walks over to Jessica. She puts her mouth around his dick as the first guy pushes into her ass.

The three guys triple penetrate her as she grinds her hips against the guy she is straddling. Her pleasure rises as she moves herself over the dick in her pussy and the one in her ass. Filled to the brim with satisfied greed for big black cock, Jessica orgasms strongly.

As she regains her senses, the first guy pulls out of her ass and jumps onto the bed. She licks his dick as the other guy climbs down to fill her ass once again. He fucks her ass until he says he is about to cum. The first guy tells him to hold on as he moves down to push him to the side and take his place in Jessica's ass.

The guy about to cum moves onto the bed and tells Jessica to suck his dick slowly. She does so expertly as she keeps him simmering close to orgasm.

The first guy fucks Jessica's ass frantically as he races to catch up to his friend. After a few minutes he pulls out and tells Jessica to drop down to her knees.

She does so as the three guys crowd around her. She sucks each of them until one of them declares he is going to cum. She leans her head back, opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue as the first shot of sperm splashes onto the left side of her face. This is followed by another stream of hot cum and then another onto her right cheek as the second guy begins to drain his balls onto her.

More spunk comes from the guy directly in front of her and they all empty themselves onto her pretty face. She swallows everything that lands in her mouth and dribbles down from her tongue. Her cheeks are thick with sticky sperm dripping down over her tits and strings of it lay across her nose and forehead.

She is passed a towel and told that it is time she got going. As she wipes herself up and dresses, the guys let her know that if she ever needs more of the same, she knows where to find them.

Jessica walks out onto the street, making sure to remember the address.

Written by: scuik

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Category: Interracial Love Stories