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by cunningluvr©

I love summer, sun, the beach, skimpy swimsuits and cock.

I'd just received my latest swimsuit order: a shiny sky-blue lycra g-string with a micro pouch that barely contained my cock and balls and lifted them straight up and out. The back tapered from a tanga-style thong to a thin little strap designed to show off most of my brown pucker when I lay face-down with my legs spread. I tried it on and felt so hot in it that I ballooned out the pouch while admiring my reflection. I had to show it off so I planned a trip to my favorite beach the next day.

I got up early, thoroughly douched, shaved my cock, balls and ass and generally made sure I was stubble-free everywhere except for a well-manicured treasure trail. After a hot shower I lotioned up from head to toe and squirted a generous portion of lube up my ass. I followed that with a buttplug that was a bit of a challenge but filled my ass nicely, then struggled into a heavy cock ring.

I put my new swimsuit on, loving the way it made my bulge so obvious. A tight white t-shirt, a pair of red nylon short-shorts and black flipflops were an attempt at modesty until I got to the beach. In the kitchen I filled a large thermos with a lot of vodka and a little orange juice; packed that, a couple of waters, suntan oil, condoms, more lube, poppers and a beach towel in a backpack and grabbed my car keys.

My favorite beach is a two-hour drive away. It's on the south-western side of Lake Michigan, with a very artsy gay town nearby. The beach is secluded with a long hilly hike through a pine forest that marches right to the tops of the white dunes. The seclusion and the gay population make for great man-watching and cruising. Guys in thong bikinis aren't uncommon, but I knew my suit would still attract attention. I couldn't wait to get there.

The drive was wonderfully frustrating as every bump in the road bumped my buttplug against my joy spot. By the time I got to the parking area I was way horny, way hard and seriously tenting my shorts. I slung my backpack over one shoulder, locked my car and followed my barely-confined hard-on down the path.

The buttplug beat a steady rhythm in my rectum with each step, plus it was already a warm day so my thin t-shirt was drenched with perspiration by the time I crested the last dune. I found a spot with a good close view of the guys already there, spread my towel, kicked off my flipflops and shorts, peeled off my wet t-shirt and walked into the water just deep enough to wet my suit. The lake was warm and calm, and I bent over to splash my face and let my ass attract some attention. I wondered if anyone spotted my buttplug under the thin strap of my g-string.

I walked back to my towel and sat down to enjoy the scenery. I broke out my thermos and started my buzz with the strong quart of screwdrivers I had mixed. The beach was very studly today. There were a few guys in trunks, but enough guys in speedos and thongs to keep my attention. I gazed at the full baskets and pert buns as I applied my tanning oil to a high shine. My cock grew hard and my cock ring kept it that way.

One guy near me lay on his stomach facing me and I had a feeling he was watching me behind his sunglasses. He wore an extra skimpy yellow speedo that contrasted nicely with his smooth dark tan, and the oil he had on really brought out his musculature. He didn't look like a gym rat, just well built, and I guessed taller than I. His shoulders were broad, his waist thin and his thighs looked powerful. He had a full bubble butt and his swimsuit clung to his ass crack enough for me to imagine running my tongue there. I lay back, propped on my elbows with my knees bent and legs spread a little. He lifted his head and I knew he was looking. I raised my sunglasses and smiled. He smiled back and laid his head back down. My asshole started to tingle and grasp at my buttplug. I lay all the way down, closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations.

I was enjoying the sun's heat and the cooling breeze and my buzz and daydreaming about how big his cock must be when a shadow fell across my face. I opened my eyes to see yellow speedo stud standing above me. He smiled, but didn't say anything for a few seconds more. I didn't care; I was distracted by the outline of his large plum-shaped cock head in his unlined swimsuit.

"I think this is yours" and he held up my t-shirt. "It was blowing down the beach".

I said thanks and I sat up to take the t-shirt from him. He squatted down on his heels to hand me the t-shirt and without thinking I just kept staring at his crotch, now just a couple feet from my face. I think he knew how much I wanted his cock in my mouth.

"My name's Chris." He waited until I introduced myself, then "This is my first time here. Is there a restroom on the beach?"

"No, the nearest is all the way back at the parking lot. Most guys pee in the woods." I tried to sound nonchalant when I added "I've got to pee too; I'll go with you". Chris motioned for me to lead the way. As I walked ahead of him I let my hips swivel just enough to seem slutty. I hoped he didn't think it was too femme, just very bottom.

We were a few steps inside the tree line and sort of hidden from view when he pulled the front of his suit down and let his package fall free. His cock was soft, but thick and heavy-looking, and the head of his cock was a big knob. His crotch was clean-shaven, and big smooth balls hung low under his cock. He kept his hands on his hips while he arced a full stream of piss a few feet in front of himself.

I realized I had been staring and he knew it and just let me keep staring. I pulled my cock out and took a quick pee as if to disguise my lust but I needn't have bothered; he'd finished hosing down the sand and just stood there with his manhood hanging out. He had no tan lines. He turned to face me, silent. He didn't have to say anything. I walked to him, knelt and took his cockhead in my mouth.

I closed my lips behind the ridge and worked my tongue around his cockhead and into his piss-slit, polishing his knob while it swelled in my mouth. He tasted of coconut tanning oil and sweat and man-musk, and I became hard, my own cock painful in the pouch. As he grew harder I began to slide my mouth slowly up and down his cock, taking a little more each time until he was fully erect, but his length and girth were more than I could swallow whole. I could taste his pre-cum, not particularly salty or sweet, but manly and thick and I sucked his cock harder to get more.

He said "I knew you'd get on your knees for me - keep swallowing" and placing one hand in my hair and the other behind my neck, began slowly face-fucking me. He slid more cock into my mouth with each thrust and I kept swallowing because it was clear all of his fuck-tool would be in my mouth before he was satisfied. I was learning how to deep-throat on the spot.

I quit the pretense of trying to do anything with my tongue and just let him use my throat. I kept swallowing and it became easier to take more of his cock, and I put my hands on his firm and oily ass-cheeks and pulled him all the way into my throat, until his balls were against my chin. He stayed there, filling my throat completely as I kept swallowing to keep from gagging, then he pulled out so I could catch my breath. Now that I could see his cock fully erect for the first time, I was amazed I had taken it all. His erection jutted straight out from his crotch with a slight curve up, the helmet rigid and perfect for ravaging my ass.

"You're a fast learner." He put his cockhead back to my lips and I licked the pre-cum off, and took him in my mouth and sucked hard. He started fucking my face again, not as deep this time, but faster, and I looked forward to his orgasm, flicking my tongue under his big dick as he thrust in and out. He was in control and used me to bring himself off quickly. I felt his cock stiffen and swell just that little bit more and he groaned a little and started splashing my mouth with his creamy spunk, at least seven thick shots and then a long stream of thinner man-juice, almost as if he was pissing.

I put my hand around his cock, and greedily milked the last drops of his seed onto my tongue. As he softened a little I gently licked his cock clean. He tucked himself back into his speedo and then rubbed his crotch against my face. I could smell that wonderful man-fuck smell of cum and sweat and musk. My own erection still pressed firmly against the small pouch of my suit, the cock-ring keeping me hard. My suit was wet with sweat and slightly transparent. He pulled me up by my arms and kissed me forcefully, his tongue owning my mouth like his cock just did.

"Let's relax a little." And that was it. I followed him back to the beach because he had me and he expected it. I think I heard a little buzz of commentary about our return from the other sunbathers but I didn't care. I enjoyed the after-taste of his cum in my mouth.

He lay back down on his towel as I brought my towel and things next to him. "Lay on your stomach." I did so, my own erection forcing my ass up in the air a little. He draped his hand across my ass and began to press against the base of my butt plug. So he had noticed when I was splashing in the water! His fingers pushed against the plug and then relaxed, pushed and relaxed, fucking my ass with my toy in little frustrating pokes, grinding my hard, restrained cock against the sand below my towel. I couldn't help but moan a little and started adding my own pre-cum to my sticky, wet suit.

"This suit's going to give me tan lines. I have a privacy fence around my pool. Let's go." We got up and packed our things in our bags and I put on my t-shirt and started to pull on my shorts but he took them from me. "Go like that". He put on his sandals but nothing else. I slipped on my flipflops, grabbed my bag and started back towards the path. "Nice." And that was all he said until we got back to our cars, except for an occasional chuckle as we passed other men headed towards the beach, my ass on display for him and my swollen cock barely covered by my cum-stained suit.

We got in our cars and I followed him for about five miles, not really wondering what I was doing, just obeying. He turned into the driveway of a nice house on a couple of acres of lawn and I could see a stockade fence at the back of the house.

He got out, walked to the front door and entered, leaving the door open. I followed and closed the door behind me, the air-conditioning forcing my nipples into tight nubs. His sandals and speedo lay in a corner on the floor. I set my backpack near them and stood in the foyer until he called me into the kitchen. "Thirsty?" He handed me a glass of Chardonnay and I nervously gulped it. "I guess you were." He took the glass from me and pinching my nipples, pulled me to him for another kiss. His hands moved to my ass and he pulled my hips to his, grinding his stiffening cock into my crotch. He released my mouth as his fingers toyed with my buttplug again.

"Drop your suit, go out to the pool and cool off. I'm going to call a friend over to join us." and he pointed to the pool through the French doors at the other end of the kitchen. He stood in front of me waiting, so I stepped out of my suit and handed it to him. He threw it into the foyer, grasped my balls briefly as if to weigh them, then went to the phone. I walked to the French doors and stepped outside, dressed only in my cock ring and buttplug, feeling vulnerable and horny but oddly relaxed.

The stockade fence enclosed a large patio with a small pool about four feet deep. I stepped into the warmish water and immersed myself briefly, then left the pool to recline on a chaise. I heard the door open and Chris appeared with two big plastic tumblers of Chardonnay in his hands and that wonderfully heavy cock swinging between his legs. He held a tumbler to my mouth and let me take several swallows, then set the glasses down and straddled the chaise, his cock brushing my lips. I opened my mouth and received him, loving the feel and taste of his manhood on my tongue. I nursed on his cockhead until it stiffened to its full size then he pulled out of my face and reversed position, bending over so I could service his ass.

I ran my tongue up and down his crack from his smooth, large balls, across his tight pucker, to his tailbone and back again. He sighed and leaned back further, so I placed my hands on his hips and pulled him to me, spearing his ass with my tongue. His glutes relaxed and allowed me in deeper so I sucked on his rosebud while tongue-fucking him. His ass tasted of the same as his cock did, coconut tanning oil, salty perspiration and enough man-musk to make me desperately horny. Resting his ass on my face, he pulled my knees up and started playing with my buttplug, pulling it out just so my hole stretched around the widest part of the plug, then letting my ass suck it back in. I regretted the size of the plug as it slackened my ass, but knew the ass-stretching would be necessary to accommodate the fucking Chris' big tool promised.

He pumped my ass with the plug roughly a few more times then pulled it out and stepped back, his body sweaty and shiny in the sun, his cock hard and leaking a long string of pre-cum. He threw my buttplug in the pool. I reached to take his cock in my mouth but he knocked my hand down. "Do you want more lube?" I told him I had some in my bag. He laughed a little. "Did I pick you up or did you pick me up?" He went into the house and returned, rummaging through my bag. "Poppers too? OK, you're going to get an ass-stretching. Lube up." He tossed the bottle of lube between my legs.

I squirted some onto my fingers and spread it around and in my now-loose man-pussy. He took the bottle of lube from me and held the poppers to my nose, pressing one nostril closed while I took a deep huff, then alternating with the other nostril. Poppers, the Chardonnay, the hot sun, his gorgeous naked slick body against mine; I was overwhelmed as he pushed my knees up to my chest and slowly sank his cock into my ass. My head flooded with hot sparks when he popped his big cock head past my sphincter and my ass was electric as his over-sized manhood tunneled into me. His thighs flexed as he long-dicked me and I rotated my hips up to take all of his cock. My eyes closed and my mouth dropped open as I rode the waves of sensation, moaning like a slut, my ass becoming his cunt as he pleasured himself in me.

I opened my eyes and held my knees up as he fucked me and I watched in wonder that I could take all of him. His strokes slowed, his dick punching in and out of my ass, my hole gapping when he pulled out, my cock leaking when he pushed back in. I pulled my knees up to my chest to invite him to give me all of his wonderful erection, and he sank his entire length into me, his cock rearranging my guts to make my hole his own, me whimpering like a girl with each deep thrust. I felt him swell inside me and he pinched both my nipples hard as he came, pushing himself deeper into my ass with each volley of cum, banging me senseless until he sat down on the chaise, letting my thighs rest on top of his, both of us trying to catch our breath.

I felt his dick soften a little, allowing his cum to leak out of what used to be my ass but was now just his man-pussy. My balls were slick with the cum he had fucked out of me. He palmed my sloppy crotch and asshole, massaging our combined juices into my groin.

"Anybody home?" Chris' friend walked onto the patio, respecting the naked-only protocol, a Prince Albert piercing his only dress. Chris walked over to his friend and embraced him fully, kissing him deeply and cupping his ass. They broke off the kiss and Chris introduced his friend as Tom. Like Chris, Tom was completely smooth. His balls were low-slung, pillowing his ample cockhead.

Tom walked over to the chaise were I still lay and leaned down, putting one hand in my hair and kissing me fully while his other hand cupped my sticky crotch. He stood up and licked his fingers. "Oh my god, I believe you two have been fucking!" He laughed and sat straddling the chaise, my hips over his, his package stiffening against my taint. He put his hands on my shoulders and began to knead them, relaxing me while I felt his cock swell against my balls, his PA teasing my anus.

I reached down and pulled his fuck-stick out from between my legs so I could feel its full length. It grew as I stroked it until both my hands grasped his shaft, not counting his plum-sized cockhead. I found the lube where I'd dropped it and slicked Tom's cock, then poured more on my ragged asslips. I put Tom's cockhead against my hole and slid forward to urge the big cockhead through my sphincter. Tom slid forward too, just enough to hold my hole open with his fat plum, and the sensation of being so wonderfully stretched took away all control from me. He put his hands around my waist and pulled me onto him, impaling me fully with his huge tool until I felt a delicious pop deep inside me and knew he had opened that sphincter way up my ass. He held me there until I relaxed around him, then pulled me back on the chaise with him so I straddled him, my weight forcing all of his cock into me.

He moved me around on his cock, breaking me in for his use. My biggest dildo had never filled my ass so fully or deeply. I could feel his big cock piercing rubbing my walls and loved it.

"Ride me boy" and with my feet on the patio and my hands on his pecs I pushed up as far as I could, half his cock still buried in my ass. I sunk down on him and felt him open me up deep inside again. The deep penetration was so addicting, and I rode him that way as long as my legs would last. I sat speared on his fuck-stick. Cum leaked from my cock and pooled on his stomach. He scooped it up and brought it to my mouth, and I sucked my cum from his fingers.

Tom laid me back, holding my knees around my head and started rocking into me again, his big mushroom banging back and forth across my pleasure spot, sending waves of pleasure through me. I was getting so thoroughly fucked by his glorious meat, my asshole spasming around his thick shaft while his length turned my insides into his man-cunt.

A glow began to build inside my ass as his cockhead sawed across my prostrate. I moaned and gasped with each stroke. I couldn't believe how good his cock felt. My ass was his playground, and I wondered if my hole would ever return to normal size. My orgasm was close as he fucked me, and I begged him to fuck me harder.

"Oh, I will boy. I'm going to fuck the cum out of you" and he started banging me hard, with long strokes that slammed into my hole, pounding my prostate with each thrust until my ass tightened around his shaft and I sprayed cum all over the both of us. He kept ravaging my ass, prolonging my orgasm painfully as my rectum clamped down on his pole, making me delirious while I convulsed around his big cock. He slowed down and fucked into me deeply and groaned and I could feel his cum boiling over in my ass.

I was absolutely spent and nearly fucked to death but he was scarcely winded. "You've got a great pussy, boy" and Tom smiled at me.

"He's good at sucking cock and rimming too". Chris had been stroking his erection while he watched us and came over so I could suck on his cock head some more. I polished his cockhead with my tongue and was rewarded with another taste of his precum.

He sighed with my cock-worship. "Let's cool off for a sec and then get his pussy inside for round three."

Round three? I was exhausted and thoroughly fucked out. Tom gently pulled out of my loosened ass and could feel his cum dribbling out between my ass-lips. I gingerly touched my hole and it did feel like a pussy, my lips swollen and puffy, my hole gooey and open.

"Yes, let's, I'd like to really stretch him out. We'll have to work him up to it though." Tom looked to Chris for an answer.

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