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(DBZ) Two of a Kind Ch. 04

by Darkinferno©


Smiling joyously, Chichi felt as if she was floating on a cloud as his strong arms held her close, guiding her through the dance's slow steps and carrying her away to a world of their own. In the back of her mind she could feel the heated stares of the joylessly glowering crowd, yet she paid them no heed. This was her day, at last, the day she had been waiting for all her life. She would not let them spoil it for her now.

She could feel his breath creasing her cheek, glancing up she saw him smiling warmly down at her. She smiled playfully back before leaning up to whisper in his ear. "Everybody is staring at us." She whispered so that only he could hear.

"Let them stare; I've waited a life time to hold you like this, I don't care what they think so long as I have you in my arms." She could feel herself blushing at the suggestion and quickly rested her head against his chest so he wouldn't see as they drifted round the dance floor. It had felt so strange to be dancing again. As a girl she had always loved to dance and her father had been happy to indulge her, paying handsomely for instructors to come to their kingdom in the mountains and teach her all they knew. She had dreamed of the day she would lead the first dance of her wedding, in the arms of a great lord from a distant land and serenaded by the grandest orchestra.

Then she had met Goku and the direction of her life changed. Dancing had become martial arts, and that great lord had been overshadowed by that strange boy with a tail who rode a cloud and came into her life so unexpectedly before vanishing again, never lingering so say goodbye. He had dominated her thoughts for so long that she forgot all else, until the day they were married and she recalled a distant childish fantasy. They had been married at the World Martial Arts Tournament, the ceremony had been small and lacking any grandeur, but there had been a floor to dance upon. Goku had resisted, forced her to lead, and stepped on her feet with every other step before pushing her away, complaining that dancing was stupid.

Trunks had made no such objections. Though he'd tried to keep it a secret, she knew he'd been secretly taking dancing lessons for the past two months so he'd be ready for today, when they took their first dance as husband and wife. He had wanted the day to be perfect.

And it had been the most wondrous day of her life.

They'd both felt a chapel would have been inappropriate, so instead they'd arranged a more lavish ceremony along the banks of the Five-Flower Lake where they were married before, as over half the number of guests could fly around the world in a matter of moments, moving the so called celebrations to a five star luxury hotel, a bit closer to their new home in Florence. There they'd drank and toasted and cut a ten-tier wedding cake, all the while doing their best to ignore the stark, disapproving looks of most of their guests. It was no secret that their relationship had been met with a frosty, almost hostile, reception by most of their friends and family.

Opening her eyes as she felt Trunks take her hand and spin her like a ballerina, she couldn't help but giggle as Trunks pulled he close. There wasn't a sliver off light between them as he dipped her back before bending down and nuzzling the hollow of her throat. "What do you say we get out of here?" He asked as the band accompanying began to go quite, his hot breath ticking her bosom through the lace of her gown.

"Mmmm...that sounds wonderful."

Flashing a knowing smile, he helped her back up before taking her to her seat as he went to announce their impending departure. Having already finished her cake, she quickly drained the orange juice in her champagne glass before taking his arm as they left the white dressed ball-room through its glass doors and stepped out into its lavish gardens. It was early autumn, the air a pleasantly cool and she could taste all the rich flavours of fall as they walked down a quaint cobble stone path to a glassy clearing beside a shallow creak. It wasn't yet seven so the sun was hanging low In the horizon and the darkening sky was streaked with pink and pale orange.

Slowly their guests began to follow them down. Bulma and Vegeta were the first to approach. Though ten years her senior, her new mother-in-law had made every effort to defy the years and look resplendent in a gown of flowing blue silk while her husband wore what must have been a newly fashioned panoply of Saiyan battle-armour over a black spandex bodysuit.

Smiling broadly, Bulma embraced her in a tight hug before kissing both her checks. "You look so beautiful Chi, I'm so sorry for the way I've been acting. I really couldn't have hoped for a better daughter-in-law." Vegeta could only smirk triumphantly as he watched them, to the surprise of most he had been one of the few to not object to their union, marital or otherwise. However it for want of his son's happiness rather than to his mind, Trunks taking Goku's wife put their rivalry to an end, in his favour.

Smiling, Chichi quickly said goodbye to her friend before turning to see Gohan coming towards them with a heavily pregnant Videl on his arm. Though somewhat less enthusiastic about the situation than Vegeta, Gohan had witnessed first-hand how unhappy she had been at times and now only wanted her to be happy. As both the best man and the maid of honour, the couple had made every effort. Despite approaching her eighth month of pregnancy, Videl wore a gold, emerald studded tiara in her raven hair and an elegant turquoise gown that had fluttered around her as she'd danced, Gohan had dressed in a matching shirt and Armani suit. They were both sweet and kind; both embraced her and kissed her lovingly before saying they'd had a wonderful time. Neither said what had been on their mind nor commented on who was missing. Chichi loved them all the more for that.

Despite Gohan and Videl's attempts to persuade them, neither Goten nor Pan had been willing to come to the wedding. They had announced their relationship to their families a month or so after Goku was officially declared deceased. Goten had listened to them for all of a moment before bellowing with rage. He had gone super and attacked Trunks in the blink of an eye, sending both fighters through the wall before she had had a chance to stop them. Gohan and Vegeta had quickly joined the fray, not so much as combatants as to forcibly pry the two apart while a heated shouting match broke out amongst the woman with Videl and Chichi on one side, Pan and Bulma on the other. The entire truth had come out that day and things had only begun to calm down after Goten and Pan had stormed out of house.

For what it was worth, Gohan was confident Pan would eventually come round. She was young and fiercely devoted to her grandpa, but Goten had all but renounced them. It had been more than six months since she had last seen her youngest son.

Some others came from the hall to see them off, but few ventured close enough to exchange words as her dad approached. Despite his snow white beard and balding pate, the Ox king seemed to dominate the clearing. Towering over his newest son-in-law, the giant of a man gave him one last scrutinising glance before laughing jubilantly and seizing him up in a bone crunching hug that would have broken most men. Being half had its advantages, yet Trunks still seemed a bit shaky as he stepped away before the Ox bent down and a deceivingly tender kiss on his daughters head. "I'm so happy for you my darling; I hope this fine young man brings you every happiness."

"I know he will dad." She promised, smiling lovingly up at his wrinkled, yet jolly face before turning back to her new husband. At her nod, he suddenly seized her in arms and took flight into the slowly darkening sky.

The wind howled in her ears and she could feel it biting through her dress as he sped across the horizon. It was a short flight, less than fifty miles as the crow flies along the river Arno, into the Casentino Valley. There, near the shadow of Monte Falteron, their Villa dominated the Tuscan countryside. An intricate mix of classical roman and medici architecture, it was a two tiered structure with walls of white marble and a red tiled roof fronted by high columns. A huge fountained peristyle had been laid before its entranceway and more than a mile of open country encircled it. They touched gently down on the mosaic ornamented veranda, yet he didn't set her down until he had opened the heavy oaken door and brought them both into wide foyer.

"Mmm...what a day..." She sighed; feeling truly content for the first time in months. Shutting the door with a swift backwards kick, Trunks warped his arms around her waist, pulling her against him as he lent down and began to hungrily kiss her neck. Feeling a hot shiver coursing up her spine, Chichi couldn't resist arching into his touch, uttering a low wanton moan as he began to nip a fiery trail along the crook of neck. She could feel his arousal pressing against her buttocks, his hips rolling insistently as his hands tailed up her ribs and seized her breasts through the delicate lace of her dress.

She was still for a moment, her full lips parting in hot lustful breaths as his sharp fangs and rough fingers stirred such incredible sensations. Her knees began to tremble, and she could feel the liquid heat of her desire .gathering at the apex of her thighs. Conscious thought left her, lust was flowing hot and thick through her veins...

"...No" It took all her willpower to utter the word, but somehow it gave her new strength and she quickly pushed his hands away. Turning in his arms, she saw the lust and confusion in his eyes and couldn't resist smiling at his innocence, and eagerness. "This was my mother's dress; you don't think I'll let you just rip it off me, do you?" For a moment Trunks looked as if he were about to object, perhaps even dare to protest his innocence of such a deed; however they both new better and so resisted the urge. "Be patient my love, you will have me soon enough. But first I need to take a bath and slip into something a little more appropriate." Leaning forward, she then kissed his check before turning and scampering up the foyer's stair.


Of all the rooms in the villa, there was none Chichi adored more than her ensuite bathroom. It was a wide, open chamber with a smooth onyx floor, white marble walls that were decorated with statues of mermaids that had each been carved to her likenesses, and a sunken bath set into the centre of the room. Nearly a metre deep, a seat had been etched about halfway down so she could be seated in the wondrously hot water without fear of drowning.

Resting her head against the rim of the bath, her long locks of raven hair unbound and floating freely on the perfumed waters, Chichi felt every worry that had been building up inside her for the past couple of weeks float away on the steaming waters. It had finally happened; she was, at long last, Chichi Briefs. How she had longed for this day, longing for it like a blushing slip of a girl; now it was almost done and she had never been so happy. It had been the lavish wedding of her girlish dreams, complete with a prince from the most foreign of lands.

Trunks, Chichi felt a hot shiver at just the memory of him standing by the bank of the pale blue and green waters; he had been so handsome in a finely tailored suit and pale lavender shirt that matched his hair perfectly, his shoulders dressed with a cape of red scarlet that bore the insignia of the planet Vegeta. He had told her after that it had been his father's command that he wear it and she couldn't but blush as she remembered her own Dad's pleading that she wear her mother's wedding dress, repeatedly insisting in fits of tears that the one regret of his life was that she had not worn it during her wedding to Goku.

She turned to look at her mother's dress, once again safely sealed away in its air-tight garment bag and now hanging from the stone arm of one of her mermaid likenesses. It had required two alterations to fit her size and even then she had been afraid it would not be enough, her pregnancy was only just over two months, but her body had begun to show the subtle signs and she had feared she would be too far gone to wear the delicate, flowing gown of pearl adorned lace. She would not have risked it being torn; before her death, her mother had often described her own wedding day and how beautiful she had felt in such a fine garment. Chichi was pleased to say the tales had not been exaggerated, she held so few memories of the late Ox queen, it would have been a shame for her to look back now and realise she been misled.

And she still had to think up a way to tell her husband of their impending arrival.

The water was getting cold but, in her sea of thoughts, it took Chichi a moment to realise how tepid her bath had become. Feeling her skin suddenly become a mass of goose-bumps, she reached out and flicked the switch that opened the bath's three drains before rising up out the depths. The heat of the bath had warmed the air to a pleasant temperature, but she could feel cold drops of later running down her back in rivulets as she walked across the damp onyx floor and took her towel off the heated rail. Rubbing herself dry with the fluffy fabric, she then placed it back on the rail to dry before donning her white silk robe, not bothering to tie the belt, and padding bear footed out of the bathroom and into the Villa's master bedroom.

"Oh my!" She gasped, shocked by the sight that awaited her.

Though the drapes were open, the darkening sky now offered them little light but that of the twinkling stars, instead the high chamber was lit by the soft glow of almost a hundred candles. Expensive oaken furniture cast long shadows across the tiled floor. Rose petals had been scattered everywhere, and standing at the foot of their bed was Trunks. He'd undressed, gone was his expensive attire and ridiculously expensive silken boxers that he so favoured, leaving him utterly naked except for a black and crescent masquerade mask tied across his eyes and checks. He was holding a rose, she noted, a red rose.

"Th...this reminds me of that night..." She stammered, unable to resist admiring the way his hard, chiselled muscles seemed to glisten in the low glow before letting her eyes drift down to drink in the sight of his prominent arousal. There was a chill in the room from the open windows, yet she could hardly feel it against the fire burning inside of her. He didn't move, yet she could feel the heat of his eyes moving across her skin. His thin lips spread into a wide toothy grin, and then suddenly he was standing over her, a predatory glint in his pale eyes as he bent down and captured her lips in a fierce kiss.

All thought left her and she could feel her lips parting as his tongue forced its way into to her orifice. There was little tenderness about it; Trunks had long since learned to treat her like diamond rather than glass, and his tongue circled her own in a passionate dance as he gathered her up in his arms. She had a feeling of floating, before the bed-sheets rose up to embrace her and she was suddenly trapped between the bed and his hard embrace.

She moaned as his erection pressed against her warmth through the silk, her hands rising up to embrace him, to coil around his neck and draw him closer, but in one move he'd seized both her arms and pinned them to her side. She groaned in protest yet he would not release her, his lips wantonly feasting on her for a moment more before pulling away, his smile broadening at the sight of her challenging, angry glare.

"Be patient my love, you will have me soon enough" He said, reciting her own words in a way that was all too cocky for her liking, before using his hips to pin her where she lay whilst he reached back and retrieved the rose. Bringing it up to his lips, he lightly kissed the blood red petals before lowering it down to touch her cheek. It had the feeling of velvet, and she could feel the wetness of his kiss against her flushed skin.

To her surprise he seemed in no hurry and used the flower to lightly trace along the curve of her jaw before dipping down into the hollow of her throat. She shivered at the contact, fidgeting slightly as the cool petals gently creased her skin, suddenly running along the edge of her robe's lapel and into the valley between her breasts. With a quick flick of his wrist, the flower pushed the silk across, exposing her heaving left bosom to his gaze. Arching her back, she gasped as the petals touched her already hard nipple and Trunks answered her less than subtle request by slowly circling her pert bud with the rose, its silken caress sending hot shivers through her entire being. His movements started quite wide, but with each twist of his wrist the circle grew smaller, eliciting further gasps from her as it drew closer and closer... At the last moment he turned the flower away, so that it continued on a feather light trail down her trembling torso, over her burning abdomen and into the junction of her thighs.

"Enough!" roared Chichi, her breathing ragged as the rush of sensations coursed through her body, inflaming her need, driving her mad with wanton desire. "Please baby, don't tease me anymore. I'm sorry I denied you, I'm so hot, I've wanted you to take me all day. All through the wedding my every thought has been of you just bending me over and taking me in front of all of our friends and family. But I'm all yours now baby, you can have me however you want to, but I'm begging you to stop teasing and fuck me! No games, no foreplay, just fuck me!"

Trunks's grin grew from ear to ear. "Shhh...Don't sound so needy," he quickly chastised while discarding the rose and seizing her hips. Before she could retort, he'd slipped between her shapely thighs and thrust his entire length into her wet channel.

"Ohhh...Holy Shit!" She cried, squeezing her eyes shut and seizing great fistfuls of the sheets at the feeling of his immense girth filling her depths, her back arching off the bed as a tsunami of white hot pleasure crashed over her. Uttering a low moan at the feeling of her plush walls convulsing around his engorged arousal, Trunks drew back until just the pulsating head remained inside her before suddenly driving back into her warmth with a single sure thrust. Feeling him plunging even deeper, her head lolled back into the pillows and her mouth gaped open in a voiceless moan as he began a deep penetrating rhythm.

Easing back and then surging forward, his muscular hips slapped against her thighs with jolting force and she could feel her body rocking to his pace. He filled her so completely that for a moment she feared he might disturb the embryo growing inside her, yet she couldn't stop her inner muscles from clutching the shaft, writhing around it as her hips began rising off the bed in time to catch his every penetrating thrust.

"Oh yesss!" She moaned out, molten pleasure coursing through her veins like liquid fire. "Mmm...give it to me baby...Fuck me harder...ohhh harder!"

Uttering a deep growl in answer, Trunks hooked his arms under her knees before seizing the full checks of her buttocks in his palms as he reared back onto his knees, pulling them both up into a seated position. Feeling herself sinking even further down his rigged length, Chichi's lips parted in a small cry of surprise and her back arched as she curled her legs around his waist, digging her heels into his tight buttocks to urge him on. His eyes lost focus and feeling suddenly disorientated from the added penetration, she shrugged her shoulders to send the silken fabric spilling down her arms, leaving her utterly naked in her lover's embrace, before coiling her arms around his neck.

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