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Sex TV: A Game Show

by CarolinaPeach©

My name is Marissa. This story is about my sole experience in the pornography industry.

I was selected to perform on a TV sex game show after going through the audition process. I conformed to their specifications -- big breasts, small waist and moderate ass, round but not too fleshy. I would be one of 5 women participating, and from what I could tell, I was the only amateur actress picked. The scenario was simple: one man, the contestant, would inspect 5 women hidden behind a screen and choose his favorite based on their responses to his investigations. Then the women would be unveiled and he would have to guess which woman was his chosen one. The contestant's reward for guessing correctly would, of course, be sex with her.

We were asked to strip, and then rigged with small microphones so that the audience would be able to hear our responses to the contestant's exploration. Each of us was given a tube of lube to apply in order to be ready when the game began, but I didn't need it. I was literally dripping wet with the idea of being anonymously fondled by a strange man in front of a live audience. I surreptitiously wiped away the moisture running from my pussy down my leg and put away the lube.

We were positioned, totally nude, behind the first screen. We were lined up as if behind 5 glory holes, but for breasts, not pussies. We had to position our breasts to protrude through the hole in the screen. The lights were hot and staying positioned exactly was not easy. I was woman number three. I turned my head to watch number one and number two as they were felt by the young man. They seemed fairly unmoved. Then it was my turn.

Not being able to see what was coming next was exciting. The contestant cupped one breast and gently bounced it to sample its resiliency. Then he cupped both and pushed them together as if to see if I could be tit fucked. My breasts are large, so the answer was yes. His investigations continued. He touched, kneaded, and fondled my bare breasts in front of the audience and the cameras. When he began rubbing my nipples lightly, I moaned softly. The microphones detected even this, and I heard my moans amplified. As I felt more pinching, the audience heard louder moaning. I could feel pussy juice sliding down my leg. I was surprised when I felt his mouth on me, and caught my breath at the sensation. He sucked and nibbled and nipped for what felt like a long time. Then his attention was over; he went on to numbers 4 and 5. Neither of them made any noises. Only I had been turned on enough to be audible.

Next we were lined up behind a new screen that was very much like a glory hole as it exposed only our pussies. The other women stood naturally, with their legs together. Knowing I was being seen by so many people excited me, and I spread my legs so as to afford them a better view of my glistening wet lips. Again, I had to wait while numbers 1 and 2 were inspected. This time, they vocalized their pleasure. I didn't know what he would do with my anonymously exposed pussy.

It was my turn again. He used both hands to spread my legs further. He ran his hand lightly over my Mons and outer labia, evidently inspecting for smoothness. I had had a wax job just for this show, so I was baby smooth all over. Then he spread my outer lips, and kept them open for a while, letting the audience see me exposed, nothing hidden, all on display. My juice continued running, down both legs now. He noticed this and collected some on his finger. Perhaps he was tasting me, I imagined.

Next he slipped a finger between my outer lips, rubbing my inner lips, clitoris, and opening. My moans were again being broadcast. Everyone would know how much I liked being touched by a strange man. He slipped a single finger into me easily, and then added another. He plundered my pussy like this, bringing me close to orgasm, and then began touching my clitoris. That was too much and sent me over the edge. Everyone could hear me, and knew I had just climaxed.

He finished that round of inspection. I have always cum easily; men love that about me. But I was the only one who got so carried away as to cum on a stranger's fingers. None of the other girls had had an orgasm. I felt a mixture of pride and shame. Overarching everything, though, was out and out ravenous excitement. There were dozens of people in the live audience, and that was actually more exciting than the thought of being on television. These were real people, right there, nothing between them and me but a stage.

I was curious to know what was coming next. What happened was this: we had to bend over and stick our asses through another screen. We were given a table to lean our arms on, so as not to get too tired while holding the position for so long. Numbers one and two were pretty vocal, and they went on for a while. When number two finally quieted down, I knew I was next. It was thrilling that I had no idea what he might do to me.

Even though I knew I was next, his touch startled me. He gently rubbed my ass cheeks, as if sampling the softness of my skin. He gave me a couple of light slaps, and then squeezed my flesh, evidently enjoying the firmness. He pushed my legs further apart. Being compelled to do what he demanded was exciting. A strange man I couldn't even see was shoving my legs apart so the whole audience could see my exposed pussy.

He collected more of my juices from my thigh, perhaps to show the audience how depraved I was. Part of me cringed, knowing my whorish nature was being exposed. The rest of me waited with bated breath to find out what new sexual acts I would be subjected to. He used all of his fingers to investigate my vulva, allowing them to trail across my entire sex. I realized the hoarse panting I heard was my own.

Then he put two fingers inside me again, slipping them in and out with an occasional dexterous twist that stimulated new parts of my pussy. When he withdrew his fingers, I implored him not to stop, forgetting that the microphone communicated everything. Everyone heard me begging like the slut I was. I quickly became oblivious, though, when I felt him rub his cock up and down my inner lips. He teased me a bit, and then pushed in. I came hard and suddenly as he fucked me. I leaned all my weight on the table, thrusting my ass out. Ecstasy washed over me, and I blacked out for a few seconds.

Abruptly, he pulled out. I actually sobbed, feeling empty so suddenly. I was left to listen to four and five enjoy themselves. They were pros, though, and I thought they might not be getting any pleasure out of it. To them, it was just work. I might be the only one who actually enjoyed this lewd display.

Finally, we were allowed to move freely. My body was stiff from staying in that bent over position, and had trouble straightening up. Luckily, we were given a short break backstage. One and two were friends, apparently, and shared a cigarette, while four and five were aloof. The lone amateur, I was apart from them, and did some yoga exercises to loosen up.

After our break, we were given short, silky robes, and led out onto the stage. The male contestant was asked to identify his chosen woman. The audience was abuzz in anticipation, and I wondered if they could guess who he would pick. The man walked up and down the line several times. Then I saw him look down at my leg. Streaks of pussy juice remained on my thighs, glistening. He chose me. The audience erupted; he had chosen correctly.

We were led to an open area, with a raised, padded floor and cameras. The audience would see us on the stage, but the cameras would provide them with close-ups and views not visible from the audience. Our robes were removed, and I was laid out on the platform like an offering, legs spread, and arms at my sides. Everyone could see my wide open, wet pussy, my hardened nipples, and my flushed skin. The contestant and the cameramen must have been able to smell my musk.

The contestant was a young man, and seemed a bit hesitant. I knew he was a professional porn actor, so this was all artificial. But it still felt incredible when his faltering hand contacted my pussy. It was a teasing, light touch but became firmer as he appeared to gain confidence. Soon he was sliding his fingers vigorously in and out of my hot pussy. When he put a thumb on my clit, I came intensely. That did not satisfy me however; it left me hungry for all this man could do to me, with everyone hearing my cries, seeing my face contort and my body jerk.

It seemed he wasn't just following a script, but trying to please me. He teased and satisfied me alternately, never giving me the release I longed for. I was begging, showing the whole world what a tramp I was, how I wanted to be rammed by a stranger in front of a camera, and in front of a live audience.

Some part of me cringed at my behavior, but my feelings were overtaken by lust. I couldn't control myself, even if I wanted to.

Eventually he gave me the release I craved. I distantly heard a cameraman saying "Perfect, beautiful, keep going." He thought I was faking it, and wanted me to continue. But it was real; I couldn't help myself. Finally, I was spent. I noticed people were around me -- it was a break in the action. If I had been a disinterested pro, I would have gotten up easily and nonchalantly, and put on the robe offered to me. Instead, I sat up, still trembling, and had to be helped up.

I vaguely heard a ripple of conversation going through the cameramen and other stage staff. They knew I wasn't faking it. They knew what a little whore I was. One man tried to touch me, but the game show hostess slapped his hand away. The contestant helped me into my robe.

"My name is Joe. What's yours?" I pulled myself together to answer him. He seemed genuinely interested in me.

"Marissa." I stopped being 'Number Three.' He stopped being 'The Contestant.'

"You really like this?" I hung my head in embarrassment. "No, that's cool. I've never done this with someone real. It's good."

It was his turn to look uncomfortable. "I'll try to make you enjoy it."

Our break was over. The hostess put her arm around me as she led me back.

"Whatever you're doing, Marissa, keep it up. We're getting great video from this."

I was led back to the cushioned platform, robe removed, and again laid out, this time spread-eagled. I allowed them to position me, bending my legs into place, spreading me wider. Then the cameras were rolling again. Joe approached me on his knees. I waited to see what was scripted next: cunnilingus. His initial licks were tentative, lightly brushing my outer lips. His tongue then lightly touched my clit, so softly that I barely felt it, but so arousing, it brought a cry from me.

From then on, I was immersed in sensation, with no consciousness of the lights and cameras. Joe used his tongue devilishly well, teasing and satisfying me in turn so that I came, again and again. After uncounted times, Joe left his place between my legs. As I was helped up, I shuddered, and my knees wouldn't support me. Joe and the hostess steered me to a chair. Then the hostess was consulting with Joe and the head camera man. Apparently, the cunnilingus scene had run too long, and other scenes were being rearranged and cut.

I had just collected myself, and remembered where I was, when abruptly the break was over. Next, it was to be doggy-style fucking. The thought of this position renewed my awareness of the audience. I was positioned on my hands and knees, legs spread so everyone could see my pussy. I arched my back, wanting everyone to see as much of me as possible. I had abandoned myself to my desires. Everyone knew what a dirty girl I was, what a slut. I was determined to satisfy myself and enjoy it without shame.

As he had done during the contest, he teased me by rubbing his cock up and down my cunt lips, without entering. I had a feeling he would have done this far longer if we had been alone -- he was a master of suspense. Finally, he plunged into me smoothly, despite his girth. I was so excited that I accepted him easily, reveling in the tight fit.

I revealed more of my lewdness, and debased myself further, by showing how desperate I was for sexual pleasure. I snaked a finger back to play with my clit. The tight fit, Joe's masterful stroking, and the stimulation on my clit, all fused into one huge sensation. I clamped down on his cock as I came again.

No break this time; we switched quickly to another position, lying on our sides, he behind me and holding up my leg, so that he could enter me from an angle. This excited me further, as it meant I would be entirely on display. Everyone would be able to clearly see everything: my vulva, inner lips, as well as his cock entering me. They would see all of it.

Again, I fingered my clit, reveling in my depravity. I had no shame; I was ravenous, unquenchable. Joe held onto my leg as he fucked me, and my entire body convulsed with orgasm. I was only vaguely aware of the stage crew moving about, and the head cameraman encouraging me again.

Then Joe roughly pulled out and forcefully pushed me onto my back. I spread my legs for him and he was inside me, pounding me. I lifted my legs, and managed to wrap my ankles around his neck. He was going so deep I could feel him banging against my cervix. Although I sensed it coming, his orgasm took us by storm, and he groaned and dumped his load in me.

There was a commotion. I lowered my legs, and Joe eased himself down on my chest. He kissed me. Ironically, in this setting, that was a more intimate gesture than all of the flat out crazy sex. The audience clapped and cheered wildly, but nearby, someone was yelling in a fury. It was the game show hostess.

"You weren't supposed to cum in her! You were supposed to do another position; you weren't supposed to be on top of her. Goddammit, Joe, what the hell were you doing?"

Joe looked at me with a silly smile, looked up, and then said, "Listen to them. They seemed to like it."

And they did; the audience was on its feet, cheering.

Joe withdrew, his cum dribbling out of me. He stood up and then helped me to my feet. He clasped my hand and raised it, as one does after a sports or theater performance. I threw my other arm up, and we bowed, left, right, and then left again. It seemed we should have someone presenting us with a bouquet of roses or a medal or something. I was aglow, still aroused from the thrill of exposing myself in front of a cheering crowd. Joe once again collected juice from my thigh, held his finger up to the audience, and then put his finger in my mouth. I licked it clean. We made one final bow, and then retreated backstage.

The hostess was furious, but Joe didn't seem to care. The cameraman was tugging at her sleeve, trying to get her to look at the footage. Finally, she looked, and seemed impressed, despite her rage.

Joe said to me, "I'm never going to work again. She's going to blackball me." He seemed quite happy nonetheless. "This wasn't for me anyway. I like being a mechanic more."

Backstage, the other girls looked daggers at me, and one muttered, "Whore." Luckily there was a shower, and I was able to clean up before putting on my street clothes. Joe gave me a kiss goodbye. I never saw him again. But I like to imagine him as working on cars, grease under his fingernails and coming home to a wife who fucks him like a bunny.

Written by: CarolinaPeach

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