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The Aspen Vacation Ch. 01

by j267©

August in south Texas is not a pleasant time of year, as the heat and humidity is stifling, driving everyone indoors. Thus, when we were offered the use of a small house in Aspen for a week, my wife Erin and I jumped at the opportunity. The primary issue with work calendars had been a case Erin had going in her job as a young associate at a law firm. Fortunately, just a few days later the matter settled which completely freed her, and also put her in a great, lighthearted mood.

In an effort to save some money and to make it something of an adventure, we decided to drive instead of fly. It was going to be a long drive, but I hadn't been on a road trip in years and Erin had never experienced one, so we were actually looking forward to it. Our plan was to leave very early Friday morning in Erin's X5, overnight along the way, then make it in to Aspen the next day.

Erin and I were both in our late twenties. As mentioned, she is a lawyer working for a mid-size firm and is on track for partner, while I am a regional leader in equipment sales in the oil & gas industry. We had met through friends almost five years ago just as she was coming out of law school and dated then married in less than a year. Too quickly, we fell into the routine of work and urban living so we viewed this vacation as a bit of a revolt from the mundane. In addition, Erin was starting to feel her "biological clock", and although when she brought it up she presented it in a humorous way, I knew there was some underlying seriousness too. Thus, I thought this might be our last childless vacation for a very long time.

I've never been that turned on by blondes, always preferring brunettes, and Erin fit my desires almost perfectly. She struck me so profoundly when we first met that it took half the evening for me to gather my composure and talk to her without sounding like some needy idiot. She is 5'7" tall with shoulder length raven hair and is slender, weighing 125 pounds. She is a 34 C on top, with dark eyes and has nice full juicy lips that I love to kiss.

On top of her natural good looks, she loves to workout, typically making it to the gym over lunch at least three times a week and running three miles at least twice a week. The result is a very well-toned body, especially her butt and legs, which are not only shapely but very firm too. I am six-feet tall and weigh 180 pounds with receding medium brown hair, and like my wife, I try to stay in shape as well, often running with her if schedules permit.

"I'm bored," Erin announced, while turning to smile at me not even thirty minutes into our trip.

"Well you better find something to keep you occupied. This is going to be a long road trip," I reminded her.

"How long again?" she asked, smiling and trying to be cute.

"Two days my love. We will make northwest Texas or New Mexico this evening and then drive into Colorado tomorrow," I explained, for at least the third time.

Erin poured me a cup of coffee from a thermos and we drank and idly chatted for the next few hours. Driving on freeways is fast but generally boring and it was certainly the case for us. We would drive for a couple hours, then stop to use the bathroom, get a snack and stretch. The miles slowly ticked by and by mid-afternoon we were heading into the Texas panhandle. The land was now very open and dry, and the traffic was much lighter.

My wife had taken some short spells at driving, although mostly had remained content reading magazines and listening to her IPod. I had expected some discussion on the "biological clock" thing, but so far it had not come up, which was fine for me as I wanted this vacation to be about fun.

When 5:00 PM hit I asked Erin if she wanted to stop to eat, but she declined saying she wasn't particularly hungry and would rather just get to the hotel.

"How much farther till we stop?" she asked.

"Couple hours. About the time it gets dark," I answered.

From nowhere, I felt her hand on my leg stroking lightly with a clear intent to arouse, and looking at her I saw she had an impish smile that indicated something was churning in her head.

"I'm horny," she whined.

"Well an odd time for that to come up," I laughed.

"A girl can't always control these things," she replied, smiling even more broadly.

Erin is pretty conservative and only gets in a playful mood like this on rare occasions. I love it when she does and wish it would happen more often, but my encouragement doesn't seem to have much effect. Rather, I just have to enjoy those special times when she does let go.

Erin had been intimate with two men before we met. One was a long-term boyfriend, but I still didn't consider her to be very experienced when we started dating. Although she was always responsive, she normally wanted me to lead in our love making and stick to standard things. Over time, I had progressed her some and she now eagerly accepted oral sex and occasionally would provide it, but still seemed to prefer the routine.

"We can be naughty when we stop," I told her, as if it was a promise.

"You better be naughty. It's been over a week. You haven't been taking care of business!" she said with feigned indignation.

I realized she was right, that it had been a long time. I was sure we were going to make love last night, but Erin fell asleep early, and I had put it down to the adrenaline drop from her case ending. However, with the way she was acting now, I was getting hopeful about the prospects of some playful sex during the vacation.

"Why do we have to wait until we stop?" she persisted, acting very out of character.

"Well this console and the bucket seats aren't very conducive to sex," I said, pointing to the mass between us.

Undeterred, she leaned over and put her hand on my crotch and squeezed gently. In doing so, she had to lift out of her seat and was now partially blocking my view of the road.

"Sweetie, you're going to cause a wreck," I scolded her.

"I just wanted to get your pants off," she said with a fake pout.

I laughed while she dropped back into her seat, and we drove on in silence for a few more miles when a thought struck me.

"Why don't you get naked?" I asked.

"Why? Alone?" she answered with some confusion.

"So I can see you. You know how much I enjoy seeing your naked body," I replied.

"What about you?" she asked, looking at me with her big brown eyes.

"No sweetie, just you," I responded, with a wry smile.

"That's no fun," she replied, using the fake pout again.

I gave her a hopeful stare wondering if she would give in. It would definitely be unique, but I thought maybe she would see it as a vacation adventure, especially since she was in a playful mood.

"No, someone might see," she finally responded.

"Okay, that's fine," I said, knowing from experience it was never wise to push her.

"You really want me to get naked?" she asked after a minute of silence.

"Yes," I replied flatly, while trying to hold back my smile.

Erin looked around us at the four lane road and I think took some comfort seeing that the traffic was light, as at that moment, no other cars were within a half mile.

She reached down and unlaced her tennis shoes, and I instantly felt my cock getting hard thinking it might actually happen. These came off along with her sockettes, which she placed beneath her legs. Next she undid her khaki walking shorts and pushed them down revealing a red thong, and followed by unbuttoning her sleeveless blouse, slipping it off when she was finished leaving her sitting there in just her underwear. Up until then, neither of us has spoken as she performed her striptease, and she looked around again confirming that no cars were close.

"I can't believe I'm doing this. I must really love you," she said, and shot me the impish grin again.

"You're making me hard," I told her, offering it as encouragement.

"Let me see," she demanded.

"No, not until you're naked," I replied, now thinking I could bargain.

The impish grin was replaced with a fake scowl but she reached behind her and unclasped the bra. She let it fall forward in her lap revealing the breasts I love so much - firm, with small nipples that turn up slightly at the end of her breasts.

"Damn I love those," I told her sincerely.

Obviously pleased with the compliment and smiling, she wiggled the thong over her hips then pushed it down her legs and used her feet to kick it the rest of the way off. Now I got to see Erin's lovely smooth pussy, which she had only started shaving about three months ago when she found out during a girl's night out that all her friends did. I remember her asking me if I wanted her to shave and how I had to pretend indifference at first, when in fact I wanted to scream "YES."

She looked beautiful sitting there, but I could see she was also quite nervous.

"Give me your clothes," I demanded, putting my hand out.

She handed everything to me without arguing, and I reached behind me and put them on the back seat.

"You're acting a little dominant," she responded, giving me an odd look.

"Am I?" I answered, smiling back.

For the next fifteen minutes, I drove so that the car was never passed by another vehicle going in the same direction. In the light traffic it wasn't that difficult, and it allowed Erin to settle in and relax. We chatted and listened to the radio, but I had to adjust the A/C so she didn't get cold. After a while, I think she almost forgot she was naked as she was now idly flipping through magazines like she had been doing before.

In my mirror, still at some distance, I could see a car coming up fast. It was approaching too swiftly to stay in front of without running up on some cars that were ahead, so I pulled into the right lane and slowed so it would go by quickly. I knew that there was no way anyone in the car could see Erin since we were so much higher, still I was worried about her freaking out and I decided to be extra cautious.

The car, a beat up ten-year-old red sedan went rushing by and Erin's head quickly looked up. She shot me a look of concern, but I immediately explained that there was no way they could see inside, and she seemed to relax and accept the explanation. In fact, I felt I had built up some credibility with her by my efforts in moving over. A few seconds later, I reached over and patted her naked thigh, and Erin moved her hips as if encouraging more contact but I drew back.

"Later sweetie," I said, stifling a laugh.

"Ass," she said, reaching to the A/C controls to make it warmer.

We drove on and the occasional car would go by which no longer seemed to concern her. In fact, she was now showing almost no reaction and kept her attention focused on the magazines and music. On several occasions, I asked her how she liked being naked, and each time she replied that is was for me, although I was pretty sure she was enjoying too.

The sun was low and the car had become quite warm inside since she had adjusted the A/C. I noticed that she had grown quiet, and looking over I saw that her head was tilted back and her eyes were closed. The way her mouth hung partly open I surmised she was dozing, which I felt was probably a good thing. After all, vacation is about rest and this part of the trip was the toughest, with little of interest to see.

After a few minutes, I looked back to see an eighteen wheeler quickly catching up, and I decided to increase speed to keep the distance between us. I went to five miles over the limit and then ten, but still the truck was overtaking us although now more slowly. With a sigh, I decided I would rather him pass then risk a ticket, so I moved to the right lane and slowed. The truck bore down from behind, directly behind me in the right lane, and was about to move to the left lane to pass, when some evil impulse within me acted.

With a jerk of the wheel, I pulled back into the left lane and sped up intending to let the truck pass on Erin's side at a slow rate, and get a cheap thrill from putting her on display while she was sleeping. Since the inside of the BMW is very quiet, I hoped that the truck would pass without her realizing.

My nervousness made me speed up several times before I finally let the truck approach our car. It closed the distance until it was on the back bumper, now edging forward very slowly, and as his window came alongside, I worried that maybe he wouldn't look and if he did he might not be able to see because of the glare of the low sun.

Looking over, I could see it was a Peterbilt truck pulling an apparently empty livestock trailer, and with my peripheral vision I watched the front wheels slowly inch forward until they became even with the passenger door. Slowly, with the seconds feeling like minutes, they continued to overtake us as my foot on the accelerator became the dynamic that subconsciously controlled the pace of closure. Realizing I was hindering the last step, I let off the pedal slightly and the truck moved forward quickly with the cab passing Erin's window.

I'm not sure whether the next move was me or the truck driver's, but within seconds the truck's window was right next to Erin's keeping perfect pace. Even though I couldn't see him, I knew he was feasting on my beautiful wife, viewing her completely nude below his elevated seat. Thankfully, there was only a background whine of his tires that gave away his presence, and so far, it had not been enough to attract my wife's attention.

After driving together for a short distance, I started watching the odometer, as a mile went by, and then two, and we remained in synch. We were driving fast enough that no one was approaching from behind, and the unseen driver was able to maintain his voyeuristic treat.

I was concentrating on the road when I heard Erin gasp, and looking over I saw her hands trying to cover her breasts and pussy.

"What are you doing?" she hissed more than yelled, but her anger was clear.

I immediately dropped back and the truck began to slow too, but I wouldn't allow him alongside. Erin unsurprisingly was giving me a very harsh stare.

"What the hell! I mean what the hell!" she exclaimed, with her voice rising.

"Okay, sorry," was all I could think of to say.

"You're not sorry at all. You did it on purpose and you liked it!" she accused me, as she saw me fighting to hold back a smirk.

I was now going about 50 mph and the truck, realizing the show was over, was rapidly moving away.

"You let him see your wife naked you pervert!" she exclaimed, and when I didn't say anything she went on becoming very agitated, "Hell, pull up again and I'll play with myself for him."

And, when I didn't respond, she challenged me harshly, "You're actually thinking about it aren't you?"

"Erin, he has no idea who we are," I said to her, partially playing, but somewhat serious too.

Erin reached for her clothes in the back seat, but I caught her arm and stopped her.

"No, not yet." I commanded.

I had never done anything remotely that bold before, and the look she gave me was part confusion, part anger, along with something else too that I took to be a bit of curiosity.

"Do you want him to see me again?" she asked, as if reading my mind.

The question was asked in a tone that had lost much of the previous anger, and I think her curiosity had a great deal to do with it.

"Yeah," I replied, after a long pause.

"Why?" she asked, and I never realized a simple one-word question could be so hard to answer.

It took me a bit to gather my thoughts, and several times I considered just stopping and forgetting the whole thing. After all, we had already had an experience way outside the norm and maybe it was best to just be happy with that.

"Well I guess it's different and know. And fun. And we are on vacation," I finally answered, thinking it was a feeble attempt at putting into words why the whole thing aroused me.

The truck was now a half mile in front of our car and continuing to move away.

"You didn't even discuss it with me. You were just sneaky," she scolded, and she was right of course.

"I was just playing," I answered, unable to think of what else to say.

"At my expense!" she exclaimed.

"You're right. I'm sorry," I responded, realizing it was best to tactically retreat.

"You're just sorry you got caught! What you really want is to do it again," she challenged me.

"No, never mind. I was wrong," I said.

There was a long silence, and the truck continued to disappear until it was barely visible. I was worried I had been too bold and would have to deal with the consequences, especially so early in our vacation. But, for some odd reason, I also wondered what was going through the mind of the truck driver.

"You shouldn't be sneaky," she finally said, scolding me not for my desire, but for not discussing it with her.

"Would you have let me?" I asked, as my eyes locked onto hers.

There was a silence that lasted several seconds before she spoke, "I'll do what you want."

There was a strange look in her eyes, one that I couldn't recall ever seeing before. Had it actually excited her too? It must have some I thought to myself as I continued to stare. At least, I rationalized it that way when I pushed the accelerator down.

It took a couple minutes to catch back up, and I wanted so badly to break the silence and say something funny or witty, but my mouth was dry and Erin seemed to be struggling with the same issue. So, we closed the gap in silence.

The trucker clearly saw us coming back because he suddenly slowed the rig. Drawing near, I slowed to match his speed and once more the last few yards to draw even with his cab seemed to take forever. I could see that Erin was looking straight ahead, expressionless, but her nipples were very erect and her breathing a bit ragged.

"Relax, sweetie," I said, trying to ease things, but all I got was a nervous look.

We finally got alongside, and after several seconds of Erin looking straight ahead, I saw her glance up at the driver and a few seconds later she did it again.

"What does he look like?" I asked.

"Older guy, in his forties with short hair and a beard. He's wearing a cap too," she described with short forced breaths.

I thought that this could describe about fifty percent of the males in the country, but it wasn't time to get picky.

"Is he looking at you?" I asked.

"Yes," she responded quickly.

"What's he doing?" I queried, forcing myself to concentrate on the driving.

"Just looking...staring," she replied.

"Does he want you?" I asked.

"I don't know," she whispered, with a hint of exasperation.

"Spread your legs wider," I said to her, expecting a bad reaction, but unable to control myself.

Instead of showing anger, she settled into the seat more and opened her legs, which allowed me to see her pussy, and I could tell she was very wet.

"You're soaked," I said, unable to hide my surprise.

"Please stop this now," she implored me.

I realized that I had pushed pretty hard and it was time to back off, so I slowed down and let the truck move away.

"Thank you," I said to her, before she could speak.

"Did that turn you on?" Erin asked me, while looking hard into my eyes.

"Yeah, it did," I admitted.

I wanted to ask her the same thing, but held my tongue knowing the answer already and deciding it was the wrong time to press.

"I'm putting my clothes on now," she announced a few seconds later.

"Not yet," I replied.

"Why?" she followed with a nervous look, no doubt wondering what I would attempt next.

"You have to kiss me first," I told her with a big smile.

She looked down then smiled and leaned over to kiss me. It started as a deep kiss and got only more passionate before I finally had to break away or risk crashing.

"You're special," I said to her.

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