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Watching Wife in the Shower

by Morelove4her©

My story is from quite a few years ago now. My wife and I and our two young boys had moved into a new home we built, and though we had been in it for sometime, we still had not got around to putting curtains in all our rooms, one of course being our bedroom.

My good friend Tom who had been one of our groomsmen at our wedding use to come and visit regularly. Tom, in our single days had always got on well with the girls, but at this stage had not had a serious girlfriend for quite some time.

Tom would normally show up just after dinner, and we would have a coffee with him watch TV and just have general chit chat.

On this particularly night my wife Nic had not been for a shower yet, we had just finished dinner, so as usual we watched some TV with Tom and talked as usual.

My wife is a very attractive women, always looking much younger then her years. At the time she was about 27 I think, pretty face dark hair, beautiful Italian olive skin nice size breast, skinny waist and a hot curvy ass to die for!

Anyhow, on this night Nic decided to go for a shower, and Tom, being a smoker, would usually take this opportunity to go outside on the patio and have a smoke. Tom had been gone for a while and usually I can see the glow of his cigarette from our lounge room. On this night I couldn't but didn't think anything of it at the time. I got up to wash our coffee cups in the kitchen. In our house at the time, you had a clear view from the kitchen window and into our bedroom through the bedroom window.

As I rinsed our cups in the sink I looked out and could see my hot wife in the shower, in the shower, god she looked hot naked and wet, and to my surprise I was not the only one admiring the view on that night.

With the reflected light from inside and the moonlight, I could see Tom was watching my hot wife also, and stroking, from what I could see, to be a thick and long cock. Tom had alway had a reputation of having a large cock, but this was the first time I had seen it!

I did what any red blooded husband would do of course and pulled my now also swelling cock out of my shorts and joined in, stroking in time to Tom's fast tempo!

Shortly my wife emerged from the shower and into our bedroom giving us both an even better view of her hot curves and jiggling breast as she dried herself.

This was too hot, I was sweating nervously, but watching Tom stroke his cock over my naked wife had my head spinning and my cock ready to explode.

I think Tom was in the same situation, being somewhat more exposed, I guess the sight was too much for him, particularly given he had not had a girlfriend for some time.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better Nic turned around and bent over, flicking her hair forward as women do, and giving us the best view of her hot full rounded ass and pussy lips as she bent over. I guess it was too much for Tom too as I heard a stifled groan, and proceeded to shoot his load off the side of the patio, this made me also shoot my load into the kitchen sink! I quickly washed a huge load of cum away and cleaned myself up, while Tom was busy looking after himself.

Shortly after Tom went home. I was curious to see if he had actually cum as I suspected while watching my hot wife, so later when I got the chance I went outside with a torch to see what I could see. It must have been a long time since Tom had emptied his load, because one of the plant off the side of the patio was literally dripping with cum!

I never mentioned this whole episode to my wife for years, feeling a little guilty that on seeing another man masturbating over my naked wife I just joined in rather then confront him....

I did tell my wife about 18 months ago, during a phone sex session, and to my pleasant surprise, rather then being angry, she found it quite exciting!

The only regret I have now is that I didn't invite Tom into our bedroom that night to share my wife, so that we both could have shot our large loads of cum into her rather then waste them.

Written by: Morelove4her

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