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Dinner and a MMF 3 Way

by Tazz27©

This story contains a MMF 3 some including some Male Bi-Sexual acts.

Jamie had been working for a few weeks with a local insurance agent while he was on a break from college. He spent most the days just answering phones and doing some filing for him. Jamie's days were boring with all the exception of when his bosses wife came in to visit. The insurance agent was a long time family friend and was in need of help since his daughter who used to work for him had just left for college so he was more then happy to help out.

"I really appreciate you letting me come into work for you Mr. Jones." said Jamie as he set the phone down after answering some woman's question.

"Jamie my name is Ray, you know that. And of course you are very welcome it is actually me who should thank you. I wasn't sure what I would do when Terra left for school." Ray spoke with a loud boisterous tone as he moved his office chair back and fourth.

"Well I really do appreciate it Ray. You giving me this job got my parents off my back about taking a break from school."

"College is tough Jamie, I understand take your time and make sure it is all working our for you. But I know your break had a lot to do with a girl so don't let women fuck your head up to bad."

Jamie just nodded yes as he knew most people did not understand his reasons for the break from school.

The ding of the door opening interrupted the conversation as a beautiful blonde walked through the door the clicking of her heels on the tile was loud and hard to ignore. She leaned on the counter allowing her ample breasts to be exposed as much as possible. She took a few moments to remove her sunglasses and place them on the counter. "Hey sweetie are you taking me to lunch today or what?"

Ray jumped from his chair almost as if the woman had issued an order to him rather then a request. "Well of course." Ray grabbed his jacket and headed to the front counter in a rush.

"Hey Jamie, how are you today?" Asked the woman as she took a moment to eye the young man from head to toe, while running a her long well manicured fingers down his muscular arms.

"Oh not to bad Mrs. Jones... I mean Beth." Jamie quickly corrected himself as he knew it bothered Beth greatly to be called Mrs. Jones.

"Good boy." She said with an evil grin as her eyes locked on what she suspected was a very large cock hidden away underneath the young mans khaki pants. "I like good boys... but bad boys are fun as well." she said with a little laugh.

Jamie could feel her eyes locked in and it was making his cock quite hard. Beth was in her 40's but looked way younger and was in better shape then most any girl he had ever dated. He tried to not lock eyes with her. She had a way of looking at him that drove him absolutely wild and he was pretty sure she knew she had a power over him. He soon felt a moment of relief as Ray put his arm around her and led her out of the office. Jamie glanced back just long enough to get a look at her amazing heart shaped butt.

Ray and Beth left the office and walked across the hot asphalt parking lot to her car and headed to lunch.

"Well have you invited him over?"

"Not yet Beth, please just relax I will. I just want to handle this right. He is Mike's kid and me and him been friends for years."

Beth's bottom lip stuck out slightly as she looked over at her husband with the saddest eyes she could make. "But honey you know this is something we both want."

"I will when I get back to the office I promise. He can't say no to you he is beyond enamored with you and you know it"

Beth immediately perked up in her seat as she parked the car at a local restaurant, she always loved it when she was reminded of the effects she had on many younger men. "Thank-you!"

The couple ate in near silence for most of their meal as Ray wondered how to invite Jamie over without it sounding weird or give the boy the impression something suspicious was going on, he knew it needed to be natural if everything was going to go according to the plans of his wife. Beth meanwhile daydreamed about all the wonderfully kinky things that could possibly go on if the night went perfectly.

"You think we should get him drunk?" asked Beth as she took a nibble from her salad.

"Well maybe but we can't just pour alcohol down his throat it needs to be natural."

"Natural? Hmm maybe I can give him some of that special herb my sister grows."

"That worked the last time we tried this." Laughed Ray as he took a bite from his sandwich.

They soon finished lunch and returned to Ray's office to find Jamie still at work filing away some papers. "Oh hey y'all how was lunch?" questioned Jamie with a large smile on his face while easily holding what had to be a 50 pound box of files.

Beth admired how easily the young man held the box showing no effort that it was straining his muscles. She could see that the back of his long brown hair was slightly damp with sweat. She could feel herself getting slightly wet as she continued to imagine what she could do with him.

"It was good." Ray said as he could see his wife's big green eyes locked on the boy as if he was a piece of meat. "Hey Jamie, me and Beth were talking at lunch and well we know we aren't paying you much so why not come over to the house tonight and hangout with us have a good home cooked meal. I know your mom and dad aren't home this week and all so what do you say?"

"Ah, sure why not. I would like that." said Jamie as he reluctantly accepted the offer put fourth by his boss.

"Well then sweetie I will see you tonight. We will grill some steaks and maybe watch a movie or something." Said Beth with a large smile on her face as she finally broke her gaze and headed to the door.

The day slowly dwindled down as business continued as usual at the office. Ray drifted off into thoughts of how the night would go. He and his wife had a few MMF threesomes in the past but it had been awhile since the last time and they all failed to fully fulfill the fantasy they had, and Beth had never been as pushy about having one as she was being this time, there was something about Jamie. She was very attracted to him and she believed that he may be the one who would fulfill everything they wanted and push the envelope for them.

"Well it's 4:30 so it is quitting time, try to be at the house at 6:30 sharp Beth is a real stickler for being on time."

"Oh yeah of course Mr. jon...I mean Ray."

Jamie and Ray walked out of the office and into the hot July heat and almost immediately both broke into a sweat. "Should I bring anything?"

"Oh no sir I won't have that at all you will be our guest just be on time."

Jamie went home long enough to shower and shave. He trimmed his goatee neatly and took the time to trim up his pubic hair. He laughed to himself as he did it. "Ain't no one seen you in a month." He said as he turned loose of his thick shaft.

Ray and Beth cleaned and straightened the house as they both were filled with nervousness and excitement as the doorbell rang.

Beth smiled bigger then Ray had ever seen her smile before as she ran to the door and jerked it open. "Oh hey Jamie look at you showing up early." Beth leaned against the oak door frame her tiny black dress barely covering anything as she motioned for Jamie to come in.

Ray quickly met the young man at the door with a beer in his hand. "Here you go boy make yourself at home."

"Well thanks." Jamie said as he took the beer and took a few large gulps from the bottle. He was not sure what was going on but something seemed off about Ray and Beth. He had overheard a few stories his parents shared about parties with Ray and Beth, but was unsure as to what made their parties so special.

Jamie followed Beth and Ray through the house to the back deck where a grill was smoking away. Jamie could smell what he believed to be steaks. He took a seat on a wicker chair with a large orange cushion and set back looking at the pool. The backyard was immaculate the yard perfectly cut and not a weed to be found. The pool was perfectly clear the tiles looked as if they had been painstakingly scrubbed to look virtually new. Jamie admired the yard he could tell this was a show piece for the couple where they obviously entertained often.

He finished off his beer and set it to the side on a small table and was surprised that no sooner did his hand turn loose of the bottle Beth was there to give him another.

"Oh okay thanks." Jamie said as his head was already a little dizzy from drinking the first one so fast.

"Well Jamie I love that your here and your willing to hang with a couple of old folks like us on a Friday. But you don't you have a girlfriend or anything?"

"Oh no me and Samantha broke up about two months ago. She is actually why I am taking time away from school." Jamie said as his eyes locked in on Beth's nipples which looked as if they could pop through the paper thin material her dress was made from.

Beth and Ray took turns tending the grill as they other made small talk with Jamie. Beth made a point to lean on the table it kept her just slightly higher up then Jamie. She would inch her legs open slightly just give the young man a peek that she was not wearing anything under the tiny dress. Beth also kept making it a priority to keep touching him as she spoke with him. She would rub his arms and comment on their size and put her hands on his chest.

Her flirting was becoming more aggressive as more alcohol was consumed. The more she flirted the more Jamie would look to Ray who just nodded or acted as if everything was okay.

The group finished off a twelve pack before dinner was even done. Beth finally pulled the steaks from the grill and set the table. Jamie breathed a sigh of relief that dinner was finally done and that he could put a little space between himself and Beth.

Beth had the table set in such a way that the two men and her all set on the same side of the table. She took a seat in the middle between them both. As the three ate their meal Beth would take a moment in between bites of food to wipe her hands on the napkin she placed on her lap. She would allow he hands to drift over to rub the bulges in both mens pants.

The three ate quickly as they continued making small talk. Jamie did his best but lost track of the conversation many times due to the teasing his cock as getting from Beth. As soon as everyone was done with their meal, Beth reached into a small box on the table and removed a lighter and a joint.

"You don't mind do you?"

"Oh not at all I have done it a few times myself." Said Jamie as he leaned back in his chair, his stomach full and his body slightly relaxed from the alcohol but still a bit on edge because of Beth's teasing.

Beth took a few hits from her joint as she passed it to Ray. He followed suit and passed it Jamie.

"No drug test on Monday right boss?"

The couple laughed loudly as Jamie took a few hits from the joint as well. The three of them did not take long to finish off the joint. Jamie sat in the chair and felt the most relaxed he had felt all night with Beth and Ray. He liked them both a lot but something was not right he was still not sure where the night was going but now between the alcohol and the pot he wasn't really worried about it anymore.

"Come on Jamie lets go into the living room."

Jamie got up and followed them to the living room. His head was clouded but he was still coherent as he took a seat in the living room. The living room was comfortable, a nice leather couch with attractive matching end tables and the large coffee table sitting on an oriental rug was obviously the center piece of the room decorated with flowers and covered with a few books along with the various remotes that controlled the electronics in the room.

Ray walked over to the DVD player and inserted a disc before clicking the power button on the television. The large seventy inch television came on as an FBI warning played on the screen.

"You like adult movies?" asked Beth as she took a seat next to Jamie cuddling up next to him as Ray took a seat on the other side of the couch sandwiching the boy in the middle of them.

"Yeah I seen more then a few." said Jaime as he looked at the screen seeing that the movie had no story just sex. He watched as two guys were fondling a blonde woman's tits and pussy. The porn star wasted no time in pulling out the cocks of both the males. It was just a matter of time before she was on her knees sucking both cocks.

Ray leaned over to whisper into Jamie's ear. "Beth loves this movie. She wants to do everything from this movie."

Jamie focused on the movie and then looked to Beth who was had allowed her skirt to ride up further her pussy nearly exposed. "I bet you would look amazing doing that." Said Jamie looking into Beth's eyes as he spoke.

"Well let's find out." Beth wasted no time taking Jamie's comment as an invitation to take what she been wanting for some time now.

Jamie gulped hard as he felt his pants being tugged off. Beth was like a kid ripping wrapping paper on Christmas morning stripping Jamie and letting his cock out. She gasped as she was very happy that she was right. The young man's cock was long and thick much bigger then Ray's. "I guess you can be a bad boy also, no underwear how naughty." said Beth as she licked her ruby red lips.

Beth got on the floor on her knees and took Jamie into her mouth swallowing as much of the young man's cock as she could. She worked her mouth up and down taking it deeper and deeper, she gagged and slobbered all over the shaft but she was determined she would take the whole the thing.

Ray sat next to Jamie watching his wife swallow the cock it made his own cock throb as he stood up off the couch and removed his own pants. "Stand up."

Jamie stood up just as Ray said both men standing next to one another with their hard cocks out. Beth took her time going from one and then back to the other. She would slowly slide her lips up and down Jamie's shaft two or three times before turning her attention to Ray. She slid her lips up and down his shaft one or two times before going back.

"I think she likes yours more."

Jamie unsure as to how to take the comment, looked down at Ray's and said "Well yours is nice too."

Beth smiled at Ray as she took a few moments from sucking the cocks. She worked both the shafts up and down squeezing them tightly. She pulled the guys closer together and carefully stretched her mouth around both the cocks.

Jamie and Ray both started thrusting forward into her mouth. Beth felt as if her jaws were going to break as she tried to suck both their dicks together.

Jamie grunted hard he had never had his cock so close to another man's. Beth's mouth felt amazing and then having his cock rubbing against Ray's made it feel even better. Ray held his wife's head by her hair as he thrusted in and out of her mouth. Both men grunted hard as they fought back the urge to explode in her mouth.

"Come on boy fuck this sluts mouth!"

Jamie placed his hand next to Ray's on the backside of Beth's head as both men took turns thrusting hard in and out of her mouth while they held her head by the hair.

Ray and Jamie both stared down at Beth and then back to the movie playing on the television the two male porn stars now had the woman on her back. One was fucking her pussy as the other was having her suck his cock.

Ray just nodded at Jamie as he pushed his wife flat on her back. Jamie took the cue and spread Beth's legs wide and slid his cock inside her waxed bald pussy. He wasted no time in filling her up with his cock going balls deep filling her with every inch. Beth moaned hard as she was filled deeper then Ray was capable of filling her. Ray took up a position similar to the guy in the movie he sat on his knees and turned his wife's head to his cock.

She wasted no time and swallowed his cock taking it all down her throat easily. She moaned hard with pleasure on her husbands cock. Ray could feel the waves of pleasure rushing through him as she moaned on his cock.

"You ever fucked a piece of cougar cunt like that boy?"

"Oh fuck its so good!" Jamie grunted as he thrust into Beth with great force.

"It tastes good to." Said Ray as he leaned down putting himself into a 69 with his wife. He placed his tongue on her clit and started sucking on it working his tongue up and down it. His tongue would graze the young man's shaft then move back up.

Beth lost in the total pleasure could not even manage to suck Ray's cock anymore she managed to give it a few licks but the pleasure was to much for her to concentrate.

Jamie at first felt a little uncomfortable as the man's tongue ran along his shaft. But he could not deny it he loved the loved the feeling and made no effort to stop what was happening.

"Ray please fuck my pussy." moaned Beth as her nails dug into the carpet. Her orgasms were coming fast and hard.

Jamie slowly pulled his cock from her pussy. She was was soaking wet the carpet underneath her was even wet. Ray and Jamie moved around to trade places. Ray spread her legs apart further to accommodate his slightly larger frame. "Open that cunt for me."

Beth reached down and spread her pussy open wide as Ray lowered his mouth to her sopping wet pussy. He sucked on the clit then shoved his tongue inside her deeply he could taste Jamie's pre-cum on her pussy.

Jamie stood to the side watching the movie and then the couple his attention jumping back and fourth between the two as he looked back at Ray and Beth he saw her squirming a bit Ray was obviously very good at eating pussy. As he moved his head away and lined his cock up with bald wet pussy and put his hard cock into her in one motion. He started fucking away hard and fast.

Jamie looked on shocked at how hard Ray was slamming his cock in and out of her pussy. He then heard something that grabbed his attention. The movie was still playing as he heard the woman on the movie say "Suck his cock."

Ray at that same moment almost as if on cue reached up to Jamie and pulled him closer. He grabbed his cock and stuck it in his own mouth while he fucked Beth harder with each stroke. Jamie was a bit surprised and a bit unnerved at first.

"I'm not gay please stop." Jamie breathlessly pleaded. His cock was throbbing even harder as he looked down to see the man sucking him. "Please."

Ray did not stop as he thrusted his hips forward into his wife and worked his mouth down around the young man's cock. Beth in between moaning from the fucking said to her husband "Damn honey you look so good with that big cock in your mouth."

Ray and Beth both ignored Jamie's plea to stop as he slowly went from trying to stop it to now thrusting forward into Ray's mouth. Ray was now more interested in the cock in his mouth as his wife slowly inched away setting on her knees now behind Jamie.

"Suck it you cocksucker!" She said with glee as she reached around to pump Jamie's shaft. Her long fingers barely about to reach around the thick cock.

Jamie was so close he looked down at Ray sucking him and he had to admit to himself he loved it. Ray was giving him one of the best blow jobs he ever had. "Yeah suck my dick." moaned Jamie.

"He wants your cum baby. Give that cocksucker your cum!." Beth said as she turned loose of Jamie's cock and spread his ass cheeks wide. She lowered her tongue to his asshole licking it teasing it.

That was all it took as Jamie shot a load into Ray's mouth with amazing force. He had never came so hard in his life. Ray started to swallow it all but it was to much, Jamie was spurting huge globs of white hot cum. Ray tried but some ran out the sides of his mouth and Beth wasted no time sitting up and licking his chin clean. Jamie had never came like that before and he was quite shocked to realize he liked it.

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