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Wife's Fantasy Cums True

by jcace©

It was pay day for my sexy wife and she wanted to go into work and pickup her check. I watched as she dressed her sexy body into a very tight pink top that showed off her large breasts and wiggled her nice firm ass into a very tight and very small pair of hip hugger short shorts. She put white lace ankle socks on her feet and then slid them into a pair of white tennis sneakers, she was very sexy. She went into the bathroom and I watched as she applied cherry red lipstick to her lusious pouty lips that matched her sexy red finger nails and teased her hair into a sexy fuck me look. She had me place a pearl choker around her slender neck and afix her diamond ankle bracelet to her right ankle. I did not get to see her put on her panties and asked her to show me. She looked me in the eyes and said no, but she went on to tell me that they were the pair of baby blue lace thongs that I had bought her for valentines day. I remember them I said, they were the pair that she had never worn for me before. She definately was a hottie and she knew it to.

I tried to kiss her but she wouldn't let me for fear of smearing her lipstick she said. I tried to rub her sexy ass but she wiggled away. I tried to get her to let me lick her pussy and she said maybe later. All I wanted to do was make love to my beautiful wife but she flatly refused my advances which left me with a raging hard on. I started pouting and she rubbed my hard dick saying that she would give me a treat when she returned if I was a good little boy, she emphasized "little", winked at me and giggled. Damn she really knew how to turn me on. I watched as she wiggled her sexy little ass down the hallway to the garage. She stopped, turned around and said, " I dont know how long I will be as my boss wants to see me about something, I could be a while" and she had a cute smirk on her face as she said it. I told her that I loved her and that I would be waiting right here for her to return. She placed her sweet ass into the car and was gone. I killed time by hand washing some of her sexy lingerie and masturbating untill I was about to cum but held back as I wanted to save it for my sexy wife. She had been away for around 2 hours now, what could be taking so long I wondered?

She returned 2 hours and 45 minutes later. I was staring at the tv and did not realise that she was back. I was daydreaming about her getting fucked by some well hung stud and slowly masturbating my hard "little" dick. She cleared her throat and quickly brought me back to reality. I was caught jacking off by my sexy wife and was extremely embarrassed. She said," are you having fun little dick" and I bowed my head in shame. She stood in front of me and slowly unbuttoned then unzipped her sexy short shorts. I watched as her shaved pussy mound came into view and suddenly realised that she wasn't wearing her sexy blue panties. I asked her about her missing panties and she said that her boss had kept them when he took them off of her. I was shaking with lust as more of her pussy came into view as she slowly slid the short shorts down over her sexy hips. I could see that the lips of her pussy was distended and hanging down, they looked like a really large cock had made good use of them. She sat down beside me on the couch and kicked the short shorts off of her feet, (she still had on her tennis shoes and lace ankle socks) and spread her legs open. My sexy wife then told me that she had a treat for me, and started rubbing her pussy and clitoris. I watched in awe as cum started seeping from her slit and she rubbed her fingers through the clear liquid spreading it all around her pussy lips. I begged her to tell me all about her experience with her boss in his office and leaned forward to lick and suck at her filled pussy. She continued to rub her slick pussy with one hand and pulled my mouth tight against her mound with the other. She ground my face into her pussy and proceeded to tell me of the days events about how she ended up atop the boss' desk.

She told me, I knew that I wanted my boss to take me the day I met him. He was so sexy and good looking that I got wet just thinking about him fucking me. We have been flirting back and forth and accidentally touching each other for sometime now. I dressed sexy to tease him and to let him know that he could have me anytime he desired. Well honey, I let him take me today and it was the best sexing that I have ever had, better than I have ever received from you anyway. I moaned into her pussy as she humilated me with her sexy talk. She asked," does it turn you on to know that I was fucked today, well does it?" She moaned as I licked her pussy and drove my tongue as far inside her as possible. "Thats it cuckold, eat it all up" she said as she rubbed her pussy on my mouth and smearing their juices across my lips. She had an orgasm and told me to stop licking her and that she wanted to watch me jack off as she told her story.

When I entered the building, every guy that was working stopped and looked in my direction. They all whispered to each other, they probably wanted to fuck the hottie that just walked in the door, she giggled. I strutted my sexy ass up to the counter and asked Mary for my pay check. She looked at me like I was some kind of a tart or something, she was probably just jealous because of the attention that the guys were showing to me. I was dressed a little sexier than normal, but that was because the boss wanted to see me and I wanted to see him too. I had Mary page him to the front desk and when he arrived he undressed me with his eyes which caused a little wet spot to form in my sexy panties. He invited me to his office and he stepped aside to allow me to pass. I accidentally brushed my hot butt across his bulging cock as I wiggled by and I could feel his eyes on my butt as he followed. I made sure that I walked in a sexy provocative manner in order to provoke his emotions and give him an erection and it worked. I wanted this man to seduce me she said. I was busy stroking my dick and trying hard not to ejaculate before she finished her story but she was making it very difficult on by playing with her pussy. She giggled as she saw the tormented expression on my face and then ran her tongue around her lusious red lips making them shiny and wet. "Are you going to cum cucky," she teased. It was very hard to hold back the pressure that was building in my little balls.

She continued. As we entered his office, he had me sit in the chair across for him with only his big wooden desk between us. He asked me about my day and commented on my sexy attire. I noticed that he kept squirming and trying to adjust his growing erection. I batted my eyelashes and licked my cherry red lips and he stood up, came around the desk and stood at my side. I was staring right at the growing bulge in his pants. He looked down at me and our eyes met, I knew what he wanted. I slowly reached up and felt his hard cock with the palm of my hand, it was throbbing against my touch. I found his zipper and began lowering it down then reached in and extracted his hard cock. I stroked his shaft and was amazed that I couldn't touch my fingers together, oh! honey he was so big, much bigger than yours. I then kissed the head of his cock and left red lip prints where our skin touched. I looked into his sexy eyes and opened my mouth and allowed my boss' cock to slide into my mouth. I guess that he was enjoying me sucking his cock because he closed his eyes and moaned." I have hardly ever allowed your little dick in my mouth have I cucky" she said in a teasing way. I shook my head no and groaned because I was extremely jealous and very turned on. She went on to say that she had wanted him to cum in her mouth but that he had other ideas, he wanted to cum inside of my tight married pussy.

Before I could make him cum in my mouth he pulled back. He pulled me up and our lips touched, his tongue forcing its way between my lips as we french kissed. He escorted me around his desk and sat back in his chair. He had me stand infront of him and then he unbuttoned and unzipped my short shorts. He slowly pushed my pants down exposing my blue thong panties. When the tight shorts cleared my hips they fell to my ankles and then I stepped out of them. My boss pushed me to the edge of his desk and easily picked me up placing my butt on the rounded edge. He spread my legs open, leaned forward and started licking my pussy through my panties. I reached down and pulled the crotch of my panties to the side to allow his tongue to touch the flesh of my shaved pussy. I moaned loudly as he did an expert job at eating my sweet pussy, it was almost as good a job as you do for me honey. I loved when she praised me for my oral talents. He brought me to orgasm with his mouth and then stood up between my open legs. I laid back on his desk and he stepped forward rubbing his large cock head at my opening. He teased me for a minute only allowing his head and a inch or so of his cock to penetrate my pussy lips. I begged him to fuck me and reached down, grabbed his shaft and was pulling him into my body. When he was fully inside, I new that I was getting fucked. He was touching places inside of me that you never knew existed and you never will know. He knew how to treat a lady and had me climaxing over and over as he penetrated me with his large cock. I told him that he was the best lover that I have ever had and that he was a lot more of a lover than you are. He enjoyed hearing me compare you and him and that he was so much better than my hubby. He started moaning loudly saying that he was about to cum and wanted to know if he should pull out. I wrapped my legs around his waist and begged him to shoot his fuck inside of me. I pulled him down and our tongues met as he shot his cum deep into my belly. We stayed locked together in that position for a long time and my pussy milked all of his cum for his cock. He was so big that his cum never did leak out around his cock like it did when I used to allow you to cum inside of me.

After holding each other for about 15 minutes we separated. I started to slide my panties on but he stopped me, pulled them from my ankles and placed my panties in his desk drawer. I didn't say anything and just pulled on my short shorts. He escorted me to his office door, kissed me and said that I should tell you that I will be working late tomorrow. As I walked through the front office, I saw mary staring at me with her mouth open and all the other guys were probably wondering if they had a chance to bed me too. I strutted right out the door and rushed home to you. I was going to give you sloppy seconds but I see that you have cum dripping from your hands, I guess you'll just have to lick me again. I did as I was instructed and once again licked my sexy wife.

the end.

Written by: jcace

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