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The Massage Pt. 01

by hwm©

Chapter One

He arrived at his appointed time, the last scheduled time she had available for his weekly massage. He had been going to her for more than 15 years, he was confident in her procedures, and he expected only a massage, a long one for a change.

They talked for a bit about goings-on for them both, then she excused herself to take care of some business. She said he could take a quick shower to rinse away the day's dirt, which he gladly did. He also took the opportunity to relieve himself, knowing the session he had scheduled was going to be longer than usual, about an hour-and-a-half.

Wrapping himself with a towel, he went into the massage room and neatly hung his clothes on a tree in the corner. He decided this time, however, to remain uncovered. He had never done this before, as he was highly attracted to the therapist, and on more than one occasion in the past had come to a full erection during the massage. He had questioned her about it, and she indicated that it was a natural reaction, that it was nothing to be embarrassed about, that it was his call to be covered or not. That being said, he chose to be totally naked and uncovered for this session, mostly to observe his and her reactions to the session.

After a few moments, she lightly tapped on the door and entered. She noticed that he was uncovered, but said nothing of it. She also noticed that he was shaved in the pubic area, completely, and while she had seen this before, this time it took her quite by surprise. Here was a client she had been seeing for a long time, with whom she had shared some intimate concerns in conversation only, completely naked on her table. She noticed, too, that he was slightly tumescent, and that his cock was laying back on top of his groin. But mostly she noticed the completely hairless pubic area, and she felt a twinge in her own groin, something she had not experienced in many, many months.

Being summertime, the air conditioning was on, but not running at the moment. She tended to keep the temperature up in the massage room and had installed a ceiling fan some years before, just to keep the air moving but comfortable for the client. She was dressed quite simply, herself, with a light front opening, flowery blouse and light shorts. She usually wore a bra, although today she had decided against it, because it was summertime and she, too, wanted to be comfortable. After all, he had scheduled a longer massage session, and the extra time was going to be a bit tiring for her.

She turned on some soft music to enhance the relaxing mode. She pondering removing her own clothes as well, and decided why not. He had signed an agreement many years before not to pursue a sexual union with her during a session, and she had faith that he would hold the agreement. Anyway, if he did decide to pursue her in a sexual union during the session, she would stop the session on the spot and kick him out.

She asked him if he minded if she, too, got undressed. He immediately said no, saying he had hoped she would. It was the last session of the day for her anyway, so there would be no interruptions.

Chapter Two

She briefly stepped out of the room to secure the doors to the office, and returned to remove all her clothing, which wasn't much to begin with: her shorts and blouse, and her panties. She was already barefoot. She noted her comfort with this immediately, and felt a sexual blush beginning at her breastbone and going up. She also felt her nipples rise, and felt another twinge in her groin, even a slight dampness between her legs.

He, too, noticed her blush and nipple reaction. He had a reaction to her nakedness, feeling his cock twitch. He felt his erection beginning, but she had said that it didn't matter. He wondered how she felt about precum, as it was already dripping lightly on his belly, but he didn't push the subject. He was amazed and thrilled at what was finally happening.

Again he closed his eyes and awaited her ministrations of the massage session. He was relaxed, taking slow deep breaths to calm himself, and focusing on not focusing on anything in particular. He felt the tensions of the day begin to subside, and squirmed a little on the table, moving whatever body parts to get really comfortable.

She took a little extra time to set up for the session. She dimmed the overhead lights a bit to cut the glare. She lit a small candle on a shelf to enhance the energy in the room. She asked if he was comfortable and ready to begin. He only groaned and nodded his head, he was relaxed and waiting.

Chapter Three

She reached over to her oils and picked up a bottle of almond oil. She remembered it was his favorite scent. Setting the bottle on the table but not pouring any in her hands, she slowly started by lightly touching the temples of his head, slowing massaging in a circular motion down to his ears and the back of his neck. She remained on his head for several minutes, seeing the facial muscles relaxing and becoming softer.

She moved to his left side first, picked up the oil and poured some in the palm of her hand. After rubbing her hands together she started working on his left shoulder, working the oil into his skin, kneading deeply, feeling the tensions flowing away. She worked her way down to his fingers, and then back to his shoulder. Keeping a hand on him for continuity's sake, she moved around to his right side, and repeated her technique on his right shoulder and arm.

She then began the deep massage on his chest and abdomen. She didn't use lots of oil here, for she wanted her fingers to be able to grasp the skin and pull it, to make it move over his rib cage and gut. She worked him from the top of his chest to the top of his groin. On his abdomen, she rolled the skin from one side to the other, deeply working the muscles of his abdomen. Several times she moved lower on his groin, never coming in direct contact with his cock, but only lightly brushing it out of her way with the backs of her fingers. This proved difficult for he was now fully erect, and he knew it.

He was aching from her brushing and moving his cock around on his groin, and while he never opened his eyes to look, he could feel the precum starting to ooze from his cockhead, dripping onto the skin of his groin. Several times he nearly said something to her, to grab it and massage it, but instead he just refocused his mind on nothingness, taking more than several deep breaths to do so. He reminded himself of his agreement with her from long ago, and he surely didn't want to ruin a client-provider relationship.

As she was working on him, she was making small talk, asking about his job, his home life, other trivialities. But what she wanted to know mostly was about the shaving. He told her it was a sort of fetish for him nowadays, that a previous lover had shaved him once. He so loved the feel that he had continued on with the hairlessness. He also told her he had better lovemaking sessions, as well as masturbation sessions when he was shaved and clean. She herself didn't shave, never had thought much about it. She had guessed at his length in previous sessions, noticing his erections beneath the covering sheets, and she estimated around six inches or so. But now he was in full view, and she was thoroughly entranced with the size and girth of his erect cock. She saw he had shaved his ball sac, too, and his balls were starting to rise to the occasion, as was his cock. She had to put the temptation to reach out and stroke him out of her mind, to continue with her ministrations of a legitimate massage. Difficult, but she was successful.

After working on his torso for a bit, she moved back to the left side of his body to work on his left leg. Pouring more oil in her hand, she started at the hip joint and really dug into the fascia muscles there. She had moved his leg farther away from the median line of his body, to facilitate massaging his inner thighs as well. She had to move her fingers between his ball sac and his leg, and her initial touch there was excruciatingly sensual for him. He felt the warmth of her hand, the slickness of the oil, and immediately felt another rush of precum on his groin. He also felt the hardness of his erection, just about painful, and he could tell the glans was also fully engorged. He wanted to look, but forced himself not to.

She slowly worked her way down his left leg, getting away from his ball sac, to his knee, the top of his calves, and finally to his foot. When she got to his foot, she poured a different fluid, a creamy substance into her hands and began working on the bottom of his foot. She lingered here more than usual, pulling his toes and working the sides of his ankles. She finally stopped working on his foot, and slowly dragged her fingers back up his leg to the hip, lightly brushing her fingertips on the skin. Daringly, she brushed her fingers on his sac to see what his reaction would be. She noticed the copious amounts of fluid starting to flow from his cockhead now. She smiled to herself and walked around the table to work on his right leg as she had done with his left leg and foot.

When she finished his right leg and foot, and after once again dragging her fingers back up his leg and over his sac, she began again on his legs, but instead of massaging them, she leaned over and laid her weight on them, rocking them back and forth. When she reached his groin she never hesitated in leaning over and purposefully laying her nipples and breasts on his cock and rocking back and forth. His groin was now wet with precum, and her nipples and breasts actually slid on contact. He groaned quite loudly this time, knowing he was close to cumming. Hearing him, she quickly moved on up his abdomen and chest, never losing skin-to-skin contact. She then asked him to roll over so she could continue on his back.

Chapter Four

When he hesitated, she said not to worry, she had received some suggestions from her other male clients about the hardons and having to lie on them. She had taken the initiative to cut and line a hole in the center of the table just for this occasion. She told him to roll on over and feel his way around, to find the hole and to insert his cock there.

Pleasantly surprised and greatly relieved, he did as she instructed. He found the hole in the table she had spoken of, spread the sheet and inserted his cock before finding the other hole at the head of the table for his face. What a relief, he thought, easing his way down to the table once again. In previous sessions he had gone through the uncomfortableness of lying on his hard cock and never being able to really relax while in the prone position. The hole was large enough for a horse, for her clients were both large and small, tall and short, and she had to take all this into account when deciding where to make the cut. She had lined the hole with sheepskin, which was changeable after each session with a male client. He was truly grateful. His hardon began waning within just a few moments.

Once again, she started at the top of his head and worked her way down to the nape of his neck with no oil. She worked on his back first, all the way to his buttocks. She noted that his buttocks were exceptionally tight, and really worked them hard, and used as much oil as was necessary to slip and slide her hands around.

Finishing his back and buttocks, she returned to his shoulders and arms on either side, kneading and shoving the muscles and skin around, effectively breaking the tension in the backs of his arms.

After finishing his arms, once again she moved to his left leg gently out toward the edge of the table. She could see his ball sac and noticed it was tight. From the hardon, no doubt, she thought. Starting just below the buttock, she worked her way into the back of his thigh, going deep into the fascia muscle. Applying more oil, she worked the inside of his thigh, again working her fingers between his sac and his thigh.

She proceeded on with his right leg, using the same technique. She paid particular attention to the sole of his foot, as she knew he stood a lot during the day, and that a foot massage would do wonders for him. This also gave her the opportunity to gaze upon his sac, and to occasionally check herself for wetness. She wasn't surprised to find that she was indeed wet, and that her clitoral hood had retracted and her clitoris was fully exposed. Of course she knew he had never seen any of this, for he had kept his eyes closed while supine, and when prone he couldn't see more than a couple of feet beyond the bottom of the table.

When she was finished with his foot, she slowly rocked her way back up his body, leaning on him, feeling his skin. It was then she decided to add a little something to the massage routine. Telling him to relax for a moment, she went out of the room to the bathroom and retrieved a clean towel and washcloth. She wet the cloth with warm water, rung it out, and returned to the massage room. She wiped the oil off his back, and then toweled him dry. When he asked what she was doing, she told him she was going to walk on his back for a few minutes. She had only done this once before, many years before. Being petite in her frame, and light in her weight, this was a welcome addition to his massage.

Chapter Five

Having completed the task of drying him, she crawled up on the table, and briefly lay on top of him, feeling the skin against her skin from her nipples to her thighs. Her breasts were small in size, maybe a 34B, but today her nipples were erect and her breasts were full and heavy. When she did this, he sighed heavily, and felt his hardon returning. She squirmed around a little, rubbing herself on him, feeling her clitoris coming erect again. Abruptly, she rose from him, and reaching out to the wall, stood on his buttocks. Ever so slowly she started flexing her toes and began edging her way up his back. She concentrated on his spine, and several loud pops were heard when she pressed on a particular joint. She only walked on his back for a few minutes, as she knew her weight, albeit light, was more than enough to finish off the session.

She placed her feet on either side of his waist, and slowly sat down on his buttocks. By now she was not only wet, but dripping. She had noticed this when she started the walk, feeling the fluid creeping down her inner thighs. She couldn't reach down and touch herself for fear of losing her balance and falling. When she sat, she briefly ran her hand to her crotch and confirmed what she already suspected, she was now very wet, and even some of her own precum was deposited on his buttocks.

Quickly she eased off him, setting her feet on the floor. She went back to his head for a few final strokes, and then on a whim asked him to turn back over. He was groggy from her ministrations of the last hour or so, but without too much struggle he raised himself from the table and turned back over. No surprise to either of them, his cock was now fully engorged, as hard and tight as any time he could remember in the recent past.

She continued to work on his temples for a few minutes, watching his now erect cock pulsate with each beat of his heart. Her juices were beginning to flow now, and his precum was again dripping. Reaching behind her, she found her aloe vera cream. Carrying the bottle with her, she moved down to his left side. She had never done this for him before, but she could tell, she could obviously see that he needed the relief as much as she.

Chapter Six

She poured a handful of the cream into her hand, capped and then uncapped the bottle, set it down and rubbed her palms together, warming the cream a bit. She placed her right hand on his groin, just above the tip of his cock, and at the same time, placed her left hand on his ball sac. He immediately gasped, a strong intake of air. At the same time, she slid her right hand under his cockhead, palm up, and encircled it. His cock was hot and hard with the flow of fresh blood, and his sac was warm and tight. She started moving her right hand up and down the shaft, slowly at first, and cupped his sac in her left hand, letting her fingers move down to his perineum. Stopping briefly, she reached the bottle of cream and poured it over his pubic area, letting it run freely down between his sac and thighs. Setting the bottle aside, she continued stroking his shaft, which was now as hard and erect as any she had seen or felt in a long time.

In her stroking she occasionally went over the glans, picking up the precum and working it into the cream. While stroking him she moved her left fingers from his perineum area toward his anus. Finding it, she lazily rubbed around it, lightly poking at it. She slowly inserted her middle finger in his anus, massaging the inner sphincter to relax. He raised his knees to let her go farther, in effect, asking her to go farther. When he did, she pressed her way in, all the way to her knuckle and found his prostate gland. She started massaging the prostate while still stroking his cock. In only a few seconds, he raised his hips and cried out. As he did so, a large load of cum erupted from his cock, reaching three or four feet in the air. She had pulled his cock toward her, and the second spurt of cum landed on her neck and chest. He had three or four major spasms, and she continued stroking his cock and massaging his prostate. He thought he would pass out from the enormity of it all, and he felt his toes beginning to curl. He held tightly to the table to keep from falling off. As the contractions got shallower, the cum started tapering off, now flowing freely on her hand. She removed her finger from his anus, moving her hand back to cup his balls, to fondle them, to hold them.

The spasms all but stopped in a few minutes, and his erection started to subside. She continued to stroke him until he was flaccid and his balls had started to drop down in the captive sac. He relaxed on the table, infatuated and broadly smiling with the thought that she had done something he had only dreamed about. She reached over for the washcloth again, cleaning herself of his cum, but slowly massaging it into her skin, too. She then went back to the bathroom, washed her hands, and rewet the cloth. She returned to him to wash him off, too, and then to dry him. By the time she was finished, he was near sleep, thoroughly relaxed in a different way than before. Seeing this, she covered him with a sheet, then stepped out the door, slowly closed it, and returned to the bathroom to masturbate.

As this is my third submission, I would appreciate any/all criticism by way of anon email. And there is a second part to this story, which I will submit shortly.

Written by: hwm

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