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Two Moms, Two Laps: Taking Charge

by Tx Tall Tales©

"Honey, sex is different. You can feel love for our family, but you don't get to screw everyone you meet."

"I told Mom that if she wasn't in my bed, you would be."

She gave me a piercing look. "I get no say in the matter?"

"I told her last night. I'm telling you now. One or the other. I love both of you. Whoever I'm not with can be with Dad."

She shook her head. "Jeremy, Jeremy. Really? Your father gets your castoffs?"

I nibbled her neck. "Don't be ridiculous. Like either of you are castoffs. The sexiest, most beautiful women I know. I want both of you. That's what I really want. But Mom is Dad's wife, and I know how you've felt about him forever. I'm willing to share. With Dad. Nobody else."

"And my boy?" Aunt Marie asked, giving me a hard look.

"You said it. You want his first time to be with someone his age. I think it's cool that you two are teaching him. You know he doesn't have the same level of feelings that I have for you two."

"What about Penny?" Aunt Marie asked.

"I don't know. Jesus, Marie! It's so confusing, and if I try to make things work, it just goes to hell. I don't know. I want you. I want Mom. That's what I want. I think Penny is great, and love being with her, but it's not the same as with you and Mom. Can I be any clearer?"

"Honey, I'm not sure you know what you want. You're 18. You're going off to college. Things are going to change."

"No. I'm not going to love you or Mom any less. I'm starting to regret going away to college. Big time, when I could be here with you two."

"And Penny," she reminded me.

"Maybe. She's pissed at me again. I'm getting tired of it. I don't even know what I did wrong."

"A girl wants her man to stick up for her."

"Right. Last time I stuck up for her, she got mad. This time I don't, she gets mad. I can't win for losing."

Aunt Marie pulled me in for a hug. "We'll happen, Honey. I promise. For now, the most important thing is your parents. Their marriage is on shakier ground than ever. We've got to see them over this. That comes first, don't you think?"

"Sure, but I don't know how."

"That's for you and your father to work out," she said.

"I thought you and Mom said you were going to work it out?"

"We're trying, but it's slow going. You bangin' the hell out of your Mom last night didn't help. Alice is very vocal, you shouldn't have her screamin' like that with your father right down the hall. That's not right."

"He didn't want her. He sent her away. Told me to take her."

"He was angry and hurt. You know that. Don't be a jerk, Jeremy."

"No. If he doesn't want her, I do. If he sends her out of his bedroom, she's going to sleep with me."

"Talk to him, Jeremy. You two were always so close. Just talk to him and be honest."

I sighed. "Alright. I'll try. But if it blows up, don't blame me."

The conversation I knew I needed to have with Penny would have to wait. Aunt Marie was probably right. She usually was. Smarter than me about these things. I was willing to give it a try.

I got our mini-cooler, and put a six-pack in it. Opened the porch umbrella, and setup the beers. I went inside and hunted down Dad. He was parked in front of that damned TV again, watching some weird show about fishing. Golf? Fishing? I was getting worried.

"Dad, can you and I talk, man-to-man?"

He turned. "Always."

I held out my hand to help him out of the chair, he was moving worse than me. He gripped my hand and I pulled firmly, standing him up. I nodded outside, and he followed. At the table, I waited for him to get seated, and passed him a beer. He saw the six-pack and smiled. "Six beer talk? Must be pretty damned serious."

"I think it is."

"I don't suppose it would have anything to do with the dogs barking in the night?"

I guess he meant Mom. "Everything's a mess, isn't it? And I started it all. I'm sorry, and I want to work things out."

"Bangin' your mother is workin' things out?" he snapped.

"God Damn it! Stop, already!" I yelled. "No more fighting! We need to fix things, not keep pouring fuel on the fire. Jesus, I love you, but you're one stubborn old fool!"

"Don't sugar-coat it, Jeremy. You're taking her from me."

"You know, Dad, I thought you knew everything. Everything. But some areas, you're blind as a bat. I could never take her. How the fuck can you even say that? She loves you."

"She sure knows how to show it."

I sighed, taking a long drink from the beer. "This is going nowhere. Let's start over from the basics, Ok?"

He stared at me a while, took a sip and put his beer down. "Fine. What are the basics?"

"I think it's pretty simple. Mom loves you. You're angry at her, and she screwed up, hiding things from you. But you love her, and she loves you. Tell me if that isn't true."

"Just because I love her doesn't mean..."

"Basics Dad. You love each other. It's obvious. Next, I love you and Mom. Differently, I admit," I tried to make light of it, grinning.

"Thank God for that," he smirked.

"Did you hear me Dad? I love you. God, you... you're the best father a son could have. I hate changing that, hurting you like I did. Not the fight, that was just stupid. I broke your trust, and I hate that. Please, forgive me for messin' with Mom, and not telling you immediately after it happened. Please."

He stared at me, but I saw the glisten in his eye, matching mine.

I got up and knelt beside his chair. I hugged him. "I'm a fucking lousy son, I know it. I'm sorry."

I felt his arm slowly go around my shoulders. "No, you're not. You love your mother. You stuck up for her. You took her in when I threw her out. I get it."

"How do we fix it, Dad? How?" I pulled away, and sat back in my chair. I wiped my eyes, and downed the rest of the first beer.

I barely heard his reply. "I don't know, son."

I popped two more beers. "Do you hate me now?" I asked.

"Don't be stupid. It doesn't befit you. You're my son. My only child. You're part of me. I could never hate you. I may get pissed at you, or be disappointed. I may even feel like kicking your ass, although that's becoming more troublesome. But I couldn't hate you. You... you know that. You're my son."

I nodded. "You and Mom love each other. You and I, you know how I feel. Mom and me..."

"Yeah, what about you and her?"

"We love each other. More than a mother and son should. My fault. I accept all the blame. But it happened and it is what it is. I love her more than anyone."

"Don't you understand that's wrong?" he said.

"Yeah. Doesn't change things a bit. I love her and she loves me, second only to you, and a close second at that. There's a difference of course. She's in love with you. She loves me largely because you and I are so much alike, and I'm her son."

"This doesn't seem so basic," he said.

I ignored his comment, moving on. "Finally, Aunt Marie loves you, and always has. I love her and she loves me. The only real question is how do you feel about her?"

Dad looked embarrassed. "Honesty, Dad. What about Aunt Marie?"

"She's a beautiful woman. A beautiful person, but I'm married to your mother..."

"No, forget that for the moment. Do you love her at all?"

"As family. I... I guess that after your mother and you, she would be the closest."

"Can we make this work out for us? You and me? Mom and Aunt Marie?"

"What are you saying?"

"You know exactly what I'm saying. You get both of them. Whoever you're not with, is with me."

"Do you even hear what you're saying? Me and Marie? Your mother would have a heart-attack. Hell, isn't that what our damn fight was about?"

"No, it wasn't about that. It was about the way you did it. Throwing Mom out, and bringing Aunt Marie home to rub her face in it. No more of that, Ok? Nothing out of spite. Everything out of love."

"Listen Jeremy..."

"God, Dad, can't you just admit it? You'd love to do Aunt Marie. Get those big breasts of hers. Be the first in her cherry ass. She'd faun all over you. You'd get the two hottest fucking women in the state. Just admit that you want her."

"It's not that simple," he continued to argue.

"Fine. You don't want to listen. You want to keep arguing. Here's how it goes. If Mom's not in your bed, she's going to be in mine, with all that entails. If Aunt Marie's not in your bed, she's going to be in mine. You can have either one. All you have to do is ask. Otherwise they're mine."

"She's my wife, damn it!" Dad growled.

"Yes she is. You threw her out of your room. I'm not saying you didn't have some cause. But you can't hold it over her forever. Take her back to your room, and she's yours. Not mine."

"And you'll leave her alone?"

"No. I love her. I'll be showing her a lot of attention, and will be willing to go back to our old rules. I won't fuck her, as long as she's in your bed."

"Mighty white of you, offering not to fuck my wife," he said sarcastically.

I nodded. "I think so. At the same time, I'm going to give you the same rules with Aunt Marie. No fucking her, front or back, as long as she's in my bed. You want her, all you have to do is ask, and I'll send her to your bed. With Mom's full approval."

"You don't know that."

"I do. I told her last night. I told Aunt Marie today. They're ours. Actually, for the moment they're mine," I said grinning. "But I'm willing to share with you. Even give you top billing. You make the choices."

"So I'm supposed to roll over and be thankful that I get my wife back?"

"No, Dad. We try to make things work. That's all. They both love you. They're finally willing to share you-"

"Your mother actually said that? She's fine with me being with Marie?"

"Yes. Any time you want. Say the word, and I'll have her on her knees in front of you, with Mom teaching her the basics." I smiled. "She's really not that good."

"But if she'd do it topless..."

I chuckled. "Yeah that would make up for a lot."

"What are you going to do about Penny?"

"I'm not sure. I think the real question is, what are you going to do with those two, when you don't have me to help you take care of them in a couple of weeks?"

I saw the first real smile. "Hell of a problem, don't you think?"

"Take a better man than I am, to work that one out."

Dad took his third beer, cracked it, and passed it to me. "This is insane, you know?"

"Fuck if I know. What I do know, is that week of sharing Mom with you was the best of my life. You teaching me how to take care of her, what she needs, what she likes, that was the best ever."

He smirked. "I bet." He took a sip. "I... I'm sorry I blew up at you guys. You're right. It was good. Some of the best sex of my life, too. Knowing the truth, when I already suspected, shouldn't have hit me like that."

"Nobody blames you. I screwed up a lot, with my games, trying to bring them back together, make everything work out."

"Like now?"

"No. No more games. I'm just laying it out there. With everyone." I leaned over. "I want to double them with you. Both of them."

"You are a sick little mother, aren't you?" he chuckled.

"I can't help it. When Mom's riding you, I want to walk up to her, stick my cock in her face, and make her suck me. When she's done, I just leave and let you keep fucking her brains out. I've fantasized about that since the first time you told me I could have her mouth."

"And your Aunt?"

"She's riding me cowgirl. You walk right in, swat her ass and tell her to get ready. I hold her to my chest, while you take her ass. We ride her ragged, taking turns, seeing how many ways she can handle two big cocks."

"You think she'd go for that?"

"She fantasizes about it. Want me to go get her? She'll tell you yourself."

He was half done with his beer, sitting back. "You're serious about all this?"

"For the next couple of weeks. Then they're both your problem."

"So if I said I wanted Marie tonight..."

"I'd say you were getting ahead of yourself. The doctor said you should give the old python a couple of days rest."

"Right. Thanks a hell of a lot for that. Asshole."

"You threw the first punch," I reminded him. "You still have to teach me that one."

He nodded. "Still. Even if we didn't do that, I could have her naked in my bed tonight?"

"She'd smother you in affection and those bodacious tits of hers."

"And your mother would be Ok with it?"

"Yes. She'd be with me," I explained. "Although I think it would be good at some point for us to keep the sisters together. With you. Let Mom deal with it better."

"You think that would help? You're stupider than you look."

I laughed. "I look like you, Dad. Just a little prettier now."

"Seriously. Both of them?"

"Here's my idea..."

* * *

I still had to deal with Penny. Dad was perched in front of his TV, but we was back to watching the NFL channel, thank God. The sisters were doting on him, and he wasn't taking it lying down, teasing them back, getting a little grab-ass in. I got a few curious looks from Mom and Aunt Marie, but I just smiled. I received my fair share of attention.

I called Penny's cell, but she didn't pick up. I tried her house, but she was out. Her mother said she and her father had gone to pick up her new car. They were supposed to be back any minute, so I headed over.

Colleen let me in, fixed me up with an iced-tea, and clucked over my condition. I forgot I still looked pretty sorry, and tried to brush it off, but she's a pushy one. She plopped herself in my lap, and had to check things out herself, kissing my boo-boos.

"Penny tells me things are different around here."

Colleen blushed. "In a big way. In a good way."

I gave her a peck. "I'm so happy for you. I take it you're happy?"

"Ecstatic. I know it's probably temporary. Nobody can keep up what we're doing forever, but it... it's amazing Jeremy. I guess we owe it all to you and the ornery daughter of mine, and your little video gifts." She grinned, leaning against me while I held her. "Not just the sex. That's great right now, but it's everything else. The renewed intimacy, the talking, discussing our future, our dreams again. He's... he's everything he was, when I first fell in love with him."

"I think that's pretty wonderful. He's a lucky man."

"Not near as lucky as me," she said softly.

"Has Penny talked to you? She ran out of the house the other night, pissed off. I didn't even know why."

"No, she's not talking. She probably just needed to blow off some steam. She'll probably be in a much better mood when she returns."

"She said she might be getting blowjob lessons from you. Any chance of that?"

Colleen laughed. "Oh she did, did she? And who does she think she's supposed to learn on?"

"Don't ask me, I'm just wondering."

"No, no BJ lessons yet. Something could probably be worked out. I don't know if we could do what y'all did."


"Yeah. She told me. Your mother giving her lessons, using you and your father for practice. That was a bit of a stunner."

"That's a secret..."

"Of course. We have our own secrets, don't we?"

I nodded.

"I can keep them, if you can. Maybe we'll have to have you over for dinner... and a movie?" she teased. "I'm sure that would be conducive to lessons. Although I'm not sure if she should be practicing on her father. That's a little over the top. Hell, that's a lot over the top."

"Yeah, I suspect so. I doubt he'd complain."

She laughed again. "I doubt that very much." She sat up, gave me a peck on the cheek, and slipped off my lap. "I think they're here."

She had good ears, and I heard the rumble outside. I stood to face the music, and her father walked in. Alone.

"Where's Penny?" Colleen asked.

Joe smiled. "Heading over to his house, to show off her wheels, I imagine."

I opened my cell, and dialed her. No answer. Crap. "She's not answering."

Joe frowned. "She turned off her ringer while we were doing our negotiating. I bet she forgot to turn it back on."

I sighed, and gave Colleen a kiss on the cheek. "I'm gonna go get her. Thanks for seeing me."

Penny's father shook my hand on the way out the door. "She's my baby. Try not to hurt her."

"Never, if I can help it. Although I seem to be pretty clueless half the time. I never mean it, I swear. She's pretty wonderful."

He grinned. "I know. Hard to figure 'em out."

I headed back up the street, and was nearly home when a Mini-cooper convertible blew past me, a certain gorgeous young blonde at the wheel. She did a U-turn half way up the block and drove up beside me. "Hey handsome," she called out from the car, pushing her shades up to her forehead.

"Hey lady. Nice wheels."

"You like?"

"Fits you."

She grinned. "I know, right? I owe it all to you. You and a certain movie. The old man is putty in my hands."

I walked over to the car, looking in. "He was putty to begin with. You girls and your Daddies."

She grinned. "Go for a ride?"

I climbed in. "I'm sorry about last night. I'm not 100% sure what about, but I am sorry."

She laughed. "That's Ok. I was pissed at your old man, more than you. I wanted you to stick up for me, but I understand it's awkward. Like taking sides within the family. If I want to be part of the family, I need to stick up for myself."

We drove around a bit, and I have to admit, it was a cute car. Little tight fitting, but as long as there was no one behind me, it was alright. We finally ended up back at our place. "Coming in?"

"Not tonight. Tomorrow, Ok? Tonight I've got to do my best appreciative daughter, plus I told Emma I'd stop by. Rain check?"

I leaned over and gave her a kiss. "Soon? I think I'm going into withdrawal."

She laughed, and gave me long deep kiss. "Soon."

* * *

I could smell dinner. Someone was cooking steaks. "I'm home," I called out.

Mom poked her head out. "Penny with you?"

"Not tonight. Needs to show off her car tonight, and do some serious sucking up at home."

"Her car?"

"Her Dad bought her a new mini."

Mom smiled. "You two Ok?"

"Like nothing ever happened. How's things around here?"

"Your father insisted on grilling. Marie's helping him." She looked a little surprised when I moved in for a hug and a kiss. "You and your father both. What's gotten into you two?"

"We had a talk. A good one."

She looked at me suspiciously, "How good?"

"You'll see."


"Patience Mom. Where's Colin?"

"Out. I don't know what's gotten into him either. He's meeting Kelly and some friends. Told his mother not to wait up."

"Good for him." I pulled her in and kissed her.

"Jeremy! What if your father sees us? I don't want to be causing trouble."

"No more trouble Mom. We love you. No more fighting, Ok?"



"What exactly does that mean?"

"After dinner. Still a few things to work out. One thing though," I said.


"Aunt Marie. What I said last night. She's your backup, wherever you're not, she'll be."

"What a horrible way to put it! My backup. What's that supposed to mean?"

I gave her a squeeze and a pat on the rear. "Go with the flow Mom. Just know that Dad and I both love you more than anyone else in the world. We do, but for the moment, Aunt Marie's going to help bridge our recent issues."


"Something's boiling over," I said, gesturing at the stove, and hurried off to see what the other two were up to when she turned away.

Dad was sitting by the grill, watching, his little spray bottle at hand. Aunt Marie was across from him. It sounded like they were talking about Colin. I leaned over her, gave her a kiss on the neck, reached down and gave her tits a squeeze."


"Damn she has nice tits, don't you think, Dad?"

He grinned. "I think the word you used was bodacious."

"Arms up, Aunt Marie," I said, while tugging her shirt upward.

She lifted her hands but quickly brought her elbows in. "What are you doing?"

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