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My Father My Slave

by AlleyKat©


If erotic material with sexual content is illegal to read in your country at your age, then please obey your laws, and do not carry on reading.

If explicit writing of sex scenes offends you or upsets you in anyway please do not carry on reading.

All of my stories are fiction, some are based on real-life or experiences, some are pure fantasy, perhaps secret desires, dreams, or wishes of my desires, none are intended nor designed to belittle abuse or degenerate or disrespect anyone, any group, or race of people.

I mean no one any harm or upset, I simply try to excite and arouse sexual feelings in a good way, many of us have secret desires or fantasies, sometimes through writing those can be realised and no harm comes to anyone.

I hope you enjoy my story


* * * * *

I suppose, really, it was wrong of me, you see, my mother left my father when I was 12, and I only saw him twice a month on visits, yes I loved him dearly and still do, as I do my grandfather.

A few months after I was 18, I decided I would go and stay with my father for a while, he was of course overjoyed at the visit. I have to say many have said I am a real pocket Venus in fact my father has called me his goddess since that time he "caught" me naked.

It was of course on purpose on my part, I enjoyed the delicious feeling of standing they're letting him see me fully even though I was still developing. I often thought back to that time several years ago, I had attempted it several times and for once it had worked. And I had to laugh, when I next stayed there, I noticed a new addition to the bathroom, and on examination discovered that from the spare room there was a good view into the bathroom. And so I always made a thing of having a shower, even masturbating knowing my father was probably doing the same watching me.

I had spent many nights there, I had my own bedroom, but this was the first time, that I planned to stay for a while, depending on how my plans worked out. You see I had decided to seduce my father; I have often dreamed what it would be like to have my father wrapped in my arms and legs while he fucked me.

I have often dreamed of having a slave, with him fully obedient to me. I knew My father desired me I could see it in his eyes, I giggled knowing my grandfather also had secret thoughts but I wasn't sure if he could still get it up.

I laughed happily at my thoughts wriggled on my car seat feeling my pussy growing wet.

I had waited a long time for this, but, intended waiting no longer, besides I thought "why bother with boys, when there are mature men around, who I'm sure would be more adept at making love rather than the fast quick fucks of boys. Not that I minded, I had quite a few, but wanted more, a lot more with men.

I had never been shy and love nothing more than exposing myself, and think nothing of being naked anywhere, even twice now for a bet I have sat in a busy pub stark naked, I have even for a laugh taken money for sex.

I am tiny just under five feet, very slim, small breasted, small feet, small everything, but very long raven black hair that I can sit on, elfin features large hazel eyes, completes the picture I suppose,

I pulled up outside my father's house, parking my old car, quickly getting my bags, I walked the garden path round the back of the house, then entered through the large patio doors calling out

"Father? I'm here"; I called out, as I took my bags up to my room.

As I turned to leave I bumped into daddy squealed in delight and hugged him my arms around his neck. And as normal he straightened up lifting me of my feet holding me close, I giggled as I kissed his cheek very close to his mouth as I felt one hand for a moment on my ass.

I could feel his excitement as he held me tight to his body, he flushed and quickly put me down but not before I had felt his cock hardening as I had pressed my groin to his, I giggled happily thinking to myself.

"Today daddy dear, you get to fuck your goddess "

I laughed happily seeing his eyes, seeing his guilt, but felt deliciously sexy knowing full well here was a grown man, my father no less, who would give anything probably to fuck me, little knowing I was planning and plotting for the very thing he desired the most.

We spoke for a while, then I told him I wanted to sunbathe as it was a brilliant summers day, he grinned happily, and went off to get cold drinks, I grinned at his back, knowing full well he was looking forward to seeing me in my bikini.

Leaving the door open I undressed and very slowly unpacked everything and put it away. At one point I heard the small creek of a floorboard, and hummed happily making sure not to look at the doorway knowing full well he was spying watching me. I enjoyed the sensation, it felt very delicious, my pussy was wet, and made sure he got a good view of everything including bending forwards with my legs straight and even opened them as I pretended to search for something. I heard quick footsteps, and the bathroom door shut, I giggled softly, quickly crossed to the spare room, then using his viewer watched as he wanked and was pleased to see his large cock spurting a good amount of cum, nodding in satisfaction.

I quickly put on the bottom half of the smallest bikini I found and believe me it left nothing to the imagination, carrying the top I went downstairs to the garden, by the time my father arrived I was laying full length, on a sun lounger on my stomach.

I giggled as my father stopped his mouth open; finally he said "are you naked?" almost in a whisper.

I laughed my eyes watching his as I turned over saying "no daddy, I had my bottoms on "I answered innocently.

Then opened my legs, running a finger under the tiny triangle barley covering anything with the flesh coloured material and very thin strings "see."

His eyes flickered from my bare breasts to the tiny material not quite covering my pussy, he cleared his throat several times, and finally said, "OH, yes, so you have "he cleared his throat again then said "not much of it is there? "

I giggled and stood up very slowly turned around and said, "should I change daddy? Don't you like it? "I turned around my back to him and then bent down to pick up the top, I heard the small gasp.

Finally he said "no, it's fine, it looks very HMMMMmmmm tiny"

I giggled dropped the top, spun around and jumped up slightly wrapping my arms around his neck and kissed his cheek and part of his lips, as he automatically caught me. My breasts crushed against his now bare chest then said "I'm glad you like it daddy, I bought it special."

I clung to him for a while, I felt his cock hardening, he excited me, I kissed his lips, and I pressed my groin to his hardening manhood enjoying the sensation of his hard large cock pressing against me. He started to breathe heavily, I parted my lips on his, and I opened my legs and wrapped them around his waist locking my ankles.

He pulled his mouth away a fraction and said "my god, your my daughter, this is wrong "

I put my hand behind his head licked his lips and whispered against his mouth "yes daddy, deliciously wrong "

I wriggled as I felt his hands on my ass, his mouth open under mine, his tongue hesitantly entered my mouth, I eagerly and greedily sucked it into mine, and giggled softly as I heard him grown deeply into my mouth. His fingers were under the strings of my bikini sliding them down.

He groaned and said, "if you keep this up I'll end up fucking you "

I whispered as my tongue follows his into his mouth "Hmmmmmmm yes please daddy "

He gasped, put his hands on my ankles to unlock them, I clung to him harder kissing him madly grinding my pussy on his hard cock, fighting to keep my ankles locked, he grown deeply. I felt his hands on my hips and felt his fingers exploring the crack of my ass and underneath and sighed deeply with his fingers exploring my pussy, my very wet pussy.

He groaned and seemed to shake him self, put his hands on my ankles and unlocked them, and quickly unlocked my hands around his neck. As my feet touched the floor I felt my bikini bottoms fall around my ankles, I reached down grasping my daddies cock through the shorts. I quickly knelt pulling the shorts down, grasped his cock with one hand his balls with the other, and quickly took his cock into my mouth and began sucking.

I heard him groan, as I took his cock in my throat my nose buried in his hair, swallowing and working my throat on his cock head. I was working my hand fast on his shaft, sucking for all I was worth, then bobbing my head up and down, I could feel his pre cum, he tried a few times to push my head away, but I knew he didn't mean it.

I peered up at him as I sucked, his eyes were closed, and he had surrendered.

I said "daddy "still working my hand on his shaft "please, fuck me."

He moaned deeply, then looked down at me and said "it is wrong girl, but, how can I possibly refuse?"

I giggled happily, stood up, still holding his cock I led the way inside, as he followed.

Inside I pushed him down into an armchair. Quickly put my feet either sides of his hips in the chair, and happily guided his cock into my very wet and very eager pussy, looking him in the eyes as I did so. Seeing the consternation, but also pure lust, and pleasure as I sank down onto his cock, feeling delight with every inch that entered me, until at last I sat in his lap. Like I have done countless times before, but never with his cock impaling me. I happily wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him deeply my tongue seeking his, as I slowly started a rhythmic movement with my hips on his cock, enjoying the feeling, but enjoying the reactions of my father also.

I whispered into his mouth "daddy, do you like fucking your daughter, doesn't it feels deliciously exciting? "

He grown deeply into my mouth saying "oh my god, it's fantastic, your pussy is so tight, I always fantasise about this, even secretly spied on you, but never dreaming I would actually fuck you."

I giggled into his mouth, then said as I worked my pussy on his cock "I know daddy, about the spying. I have watched you many times wanking in the bathroom after I have let you see me naked, I had hoped many times that you would have just taken me, rape me, forced me to do what you wanted "

He said increasing his efforts really ramming into me "god girl, had I known, I would have been fucking you years ago "

I giggled into his mouth squeezing his cock with my pussy "well, we will just have to make up for lost time, from now on I will sleep with you when I'm here, you would like that wouldn't you? "

He spurted his cum deeply into my pussy grunting as he did so; I smiled happily as I kissed him, my pussy greedily and happily milking him dry.

He looked at me in wonder then said "you are totally amazing, and I am very grateful, and extremely willing to sleep with you "

I opened my eyes hearing his words, the deep desire burst into life, something I had secretly dreamed of for years, I whispered kissing him between words "daddy! I always had a fantasy "

He groaned as I squeezed his cock "what fantasy "he sounded excited.

I said after kissing him long and hard again and slowly movie my hips on his cock "I always wanted a slave, someone who do my every bidding, I find that thought extremely exciting "

He looked at me amazed, then said very quietly "that is one of the reasons your mother left me, I begged her to dominate me, it has been a secret desire of mine since before you were born."

I giggled happily kissed him very deeply then said "then daddy, I will be your mistress, and you'll do everything I say."

He looked at me then lowered his eyes and simply said "yes, my mistress "

I giggled kissed him deeply then stood up, pushing his head back putting 1 leg over the back of the armchair pressing my wet cum filled pussy to his mouth and said "lick your mistress clean, suck your cum from me "

He muttered against my pussy "yes, my mistress."

I shivered with excitement at his tongue started to lick me, I could feel his cum trickling downwards inside me, I caressed his hair smiling down at him, watching him obey, his eyes flickered I knew he was tasting his own cum,

I said softly "suck me, suck your cum from my pussy "

The feeling of ecstasy flowed through my body as I felt him sucking, I could see from his face he didn't like his own cum, but nevertheless was obeying me. It gave me a great sense of power, as I looked down at him my own father a slave to my desire.

I said "daddy, my slave, open your mouth wide, I wish to pee "wondering how much power I held over this man.

The feeling was very deeply amazing, I had felt nothing like it before as I felt his mouth open wide under my pussy.

I said "look up at me I want to see your eyes as I pee into your mouth, you will of course swallow everything, I'm giving you a gift to precious to waste "

I shivered once again with excitement seeing his eyes open looking up at me. I stared down into his eyes as I started to pee into his mouth unable to believe the feeling of power watching his eyes flicker as he drank my urine I was delighted to be able to pee quite well. I found by giving little pauses he didn't waste any it was one of those long pees.

When I had finished I commanded him to lick my pussy. I then turned around and sat on his face, pulling my ass cheek apart positioning myself feeling his nose at my asshole telling him to breathe deeply through his nose. As I ground my pussy into his mouth commanding his tongue to fuck me, within a few minutes I was cumming in his mouth.

Afterwards I just sat on his face, thinking what a perfectly wonderful day. My feet in his lap playing with his cock thinking about an article I had read and discussions I had had at school. About ball torture and constriction and stretching even piercing. I put my head on one side holding his cock between my feet imagining the cock pierced and his balls weighted and stretched over time. I giggled as I thought if they were stretched two or three inches how wonderful that would be to have them in my mouth chewing on them, I laughed happily at that thought, as I stood up and stepped from the chair turning to my daddy/slave.

"Slave, from now on in my presents, in the house or garden you will be naked no matter who is here unless I tell you otherwise, is that understood? "I said rather haughtily.

The shiver passed through my body again as he said mildly "yes mistress, I am yours to command "

I nodded still feeling my way then said "you call me mistress always, here, in public, no matter who is listening, and if asked you will tell them I am your daughter/mistress and you are my slave, is that understood? "

He looked uncomfortable for a second then said very softly "yes mistress."

I hugged myself in excitement, then said "I hope you enjoyed your cum and my pee, but, it doesn't matter if you didn't, you will be used to them both in time, I suspect you will have difficulty with my morning pee, but, you will overcome it, wont you?"

I saw him swallow, but still with downcast eyes he replied "yes mistress, I am your to command, if you command me to drink your pee, then I will do so "

I looked at him, enjoying my power, I said harshly "you will beg to drink my pee rather than me having to command you "

He said "yes mistress "the voice very quiet.

I smiled happily, then said, "I hope you have some money, you may put on a shirt and trousers and shoes, but nothing else, you are going to take me shopping. I will choose a collar for you, you will pay for some toys, sex toys, I know of a sex shop that specialises in BDSM stuff although I have never been there, it should be fun "I laughed with excitement, enjoying my new sexual power.

As my father simply said "yes mistress "and proceeded to dress,

I told him neither of us would wash, let others smell the sex upon us.

He asked if he may drink some water, I put my arms around his neck reaching up on tiptoe and smelled his breath and felt excitement as I smelled my sex, his cum and my urine on his face and breath.

I replied "you just had a long drink, you may savour the taste, and enjoy them "

And thoroughly enjoyed it when he said "yes mistress, thank you."

I had to tell someone the news, it was to exciting to keep to myself, still naked I told my slave to kneel on hands and knees by the telephone, and sat on his back knowing my pussy will leave a big wet patch. I called my friend and excitedly told her the news, at first of course she didn't believe me, but eventually she sort of did. I told her to be ready in 10 minutes we will come and pick her up she could come shopping with us; she was delighted at this. I laughed and told her she could even try him out if she wanted, I felt my father muttering under his breath, he had known my friend since she was a little girl, my friend laughed then said in disbelief "you really are serious aren't you? "

I said, "of course, listen to this "

I said into the phone "daddy, tell my friend who you are, what you are, and what we have done, and especially of the drink you had and what you smelled," then held the phone so he could talk as I lay on his back to listen to my friend.

My father hesitantly at first relayed everything that I told him to, I heard the astonishment in my friend's voice, and I then said "now will you be ready in 10 minutes?"

She laughed with excitement and said, "I'll be ready in 5 minutes " and put the phone down.

Laughing I stood up very excited, I quickly dressed in a short skirt and crop top and slipped my feet into open sandals, looking every inch I thought the innocent teenager. Told my slave to get the car keys, and walked out to the car enjoying the feeling of wearing no knickers, but also knowing my father knew as well. I smiled as he held the door for me letting him get a really good view of my naked pussy as I got in the car, smiling as I could see his cock hardening in his trousers.

I said, as he put his hand down to move his cock, and so make it less obvious no doubt.

"No, leave it, let others see your excitement, when we are out you may not touch your cock, unless I give you permission, understood?"

He flushed with embarrassment but said "yes mistress."

Again I shivered in delight as he walked around the car his cock like a tent pole in his trousers, I fully intended to enjoy keeping his cock hard so that everyone can see how devoted he his with his cock ready for me, I giggled happily.

As soon as we stopped outside my friend's house, she came running out, and quickly climbed in the back, she was giggling then said, "I still think you're conning me."

I laughed then said watch, I said to my father "undo your trousers."

I watched my friend, saw her eyes go wide as I heard a zipper go down, knowing full well my father had complied.

I giggled and said to my friend "see, I told you.You can play with it while he drives "and laughed happily at both their expressions.

I said to my father "you may drive on, you have some collars to try on."

I felt wonderful when he said, "yes mistress "then groaned deeply as my friends hand closed around his cock as she reached through the seats.

She looked at me in wonder, then said "you really have fucked your father, and pissed in his mouth?"

I laughed "do you really think my father would be sitting there with his cock and balls on full display, driving through the city, while you wank him off, under normal circumstances?"

She giggled; slowly stroking his cock then replied "I guess not, what's it like, to pee in someone's mouth?"

I grinned, it felt very beautiful, I even had him looking up at me."

She said "and he drank it?"

"Yes, of course, every drop "I said proudly.

She pushed her shoulders between the seats, her face inches from my father's cock, then licked the pre come from his cock, as she said, "would he drink mine?"

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