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The Lust Boat Ch. 15

by Lexinatrix©

Ch. 15. Lacey has been tasked with some of her own conditioning. Can she be trusted with the responsibility, or will she bring punishment on herself?

Lacey's hands barely shook as she turned on the lights and sound pickups and removed her robe for the camera. She was alone on the set this morning, though an unknown number of people were watching the live feed from the camera. "It's time for you to take more responsibility for your own upkeep," Angie had declared three days ago. "Debbie and the rest of the staff won't be around once I take you home." She threw an armful of equipment on Lacey's bed: dilation probes and gauges, an enema kit, waxing strips, and various other items. "Make sure you do your morning routine every day. We'll charge anyone who wants to watch, and they'll keep you honest. I'm sure any of them would be glad to report an infraction and see you punished."

Lacey had already given herself her morning enema and shower. She wasn't totally sure there were cameras in her bathroom, but she was too scared of finding out to try skipping any of her regimen. Now, naked in front of the camera and however many perverts might be watching, she prepared the dilation equipment for the third day in a row. Debbie had supervised her the first time, showing her how to turn on the cameras and read the gauges.

Lacey decided to work on her ass first. It was more humiliating, and she wanted to get it out of the way. She lay down on the table with her crotch towards the camera and the probes arranged by her right hand. She lubed up the slim, cool probe and slid it easily into her anus, shutting her eyes as if that would keep anyone from seeing her. She hated to think about the viewers; whenever she did, she couldn't help wondering how many of them were masturbating as they watched her.

She had to open her eyes to watch the gauges as she started squeezing down for the strengthening exercises. The probe warmed up gradually, moving slightly every time she clamped down on it. She knew the protruding end of the probe was wiggling visibly.

Lacey tried to ignore the fact that she could feel her pussy plumping up and opening like a flower in the sun. She wasn't doing this because she liked it. Avoiding punishment was the only reason she had slid that smooth toy into her rectum, where it was currently shifting against her tight muscles.

Done with the contraction exercises, she reached down to press the button that would start the probe expanding. The inside of her wrist brushed against her clit, but her sharp intake of breath was mostly lost in the hiss of the probe. It swelled inside her, gradually opening her until the skin around it was taut and bloodless.

When it grew too uncomfortable, she stopped it. Trying to hold very still, she looked at the readout. Still a few millimeters short of the dilation she was required to reach. Lacey breathed out slowly as she allowed the probe to edge her ever so slightly farther open. She lay still, watching the clock as her blood pounded around the probe sheathed so tightly in her ass. Finally, the time was up. She pushed the button to deflate the probe. Even before it reached its smallest diameter, it was sliding loosely out of her hole, which was collapsing at a slower rate. Lacey caught the probe and laid it aside. Halfway done.

As soon as she was done with her cunt, she'd be off this table and out of the camera's unblinking scrutiny. Grabbing a fatter probe, she pushed it into her vagina. It made a juicy noise as it slipped inside. There was no denying that playing with her ass had made her wet. Lacey did her best not to let her face show how good it felt to have the probe in her cunt. She began the clamping exercises. Each contraction fucked the probe minutely inside her. On the seventh repetition, she had to stop, panting, afraid she would trigger an orgasm. She let herself cool down before finishing the set, but her clit was throbbing by the time she was done.

Relieved that she was almost through, Lacey pressed the probe's expansion button. She felt the pressure of the probe's slow growth almost immediately. As she pulled her hand back, Lacey bumped her clit. *Oh, no!* She knew at once that she would not be able to contain herself. Her cunt felt like it was trying to swallow the probe, and pleasure spread from her center like a shockwave.

The best she could do was try to hide the forbidden orgasm. She bit the inside of her cheek and tried to hold her body rigid. As the pleasure passed, though, she realized that no observer could have missed the way the probe jerked as her cunt grabbed at it, over and over. The device had continued its dilation as she came around it, and now she was almost fully stretched.

When she had the strength, Lacey checked to make sure that the probe had fully expanded. She might not be able to avoid punishment for coming without permission, but that was no reason to invite further punishment by failing to complete her exercises.

When she had put the equipment away and donned her robe, she went to serve her mistress breakfast.

"Clear these dishes away and then lick my clit," Mistress Angie demanded.

Lacey hurried to obey. Her mistress had been working on her laptop at the breakfast table, but so far she had given no indication that she knew Lacey had come during her morning exercises. *Maybe,* Lacey thought, as she knelt in front of Angie's chair, *no one noticed. Maybe no one was watching right then, and I'll get away with it.*

Her apprehension and guilt made her tongue especially fervent on Angie's clit. Angie came twice and then let Lacey up. As Lacey was wiping her face on her robe, Angie said, "You've been naughty, little plaything."

Lacey froze. *She does know.*

"You came without permission," Angie said, her voice level and calm. She turned her laptop so that Lacey could see the video of herself trembling in the grip of orgasm. "You'd be shocked how eager the viewers were to tattle on you. You'd almost think they want to see you punished."

Lacey turned her eyes to the floor, afraid even to look at Angie.

"But I'm not going to punish you," Angie said.

"Mistress?" Confusion warred with relief in Lacey's mind.

"You're going to do it yourself. If you don't, believe me, you'll suffer far worse."

Lacey nodded.

"I'll set it up for this afternoon. Now, beg me for the privilege of punishing yourself instead of having it done for you."

Lacey knelt. Whatever the punishment was, surely she could limit it by doing it herself. If Angie ordered her to whip herself, she wouldn't hit as hard as Angie would. "Please, mistress, let me administer my own punishment."

"I'm not convinced you really want to," Angie said. "Maybe I had better do it myself."

"Yes, I do, please! Whatever it is, please let me do it myself."

"Do you understand why you deserve to be punished?"

Lacey flushed. "Because I'm a slut. I wasn't supposed to come without permission."

"That's right. Those exercises are to make you a better toy for me, not for your pleasure."

"Please, mistress, let me punish myself for being so bad."

Angie made her wait long moments for an answer. "All right."

For the rest of the morning, Lacey could barely concentrate on her chores. After she choked down a light lunch, Angie took her back to the soundstage.

Angie wheeled the table away and replaced it with a chair with a partially reclined back. She got out a stainless steel buttplug and a plug-in vibrator.

"You wanted to come so badly that you disobeyed. You need to understand that what you want is—well, it's not exactly *irrelevant,* since the more you want it the more fun you are to tease. Shall we say that what you want is not the deciding factor in what happens to your body. Your orgasm belongs to me." Angie paused expectantly.

"Yes, mistress." Lacey said.

"You will not come without my permission. And you will come when I want you to." Angie handed the vibrator and buttplug to Lacey. "When I leave, you will insert that buttplug. You will sit in that chair for all our viewers to see, and you will spread your legs like the slut you are. You will turn that vibrator on and press it firmly to your clit for one half hour, no less. I don't care how many times you come; you aren't allowed to stop until the time is up."

Lacey's guts twisted a little. She knew from experience that the plug-in vibe was far too intense. Angie had used it to break her when she first introduced herself as Lacey's owner, and Lacey hadn't developed any higher tolerance for it since. Holding the vibrator on her clit constantly for so long might be beyond her endurance. But she didn't have any better choice. "Yes mistress," she said.

"Don't look at me like that," Angie said. "You're the one who wanted to come so bad. Now you can come all you like—a slut like you should be glad of the opportunity." With that, she left the room.

Lacey stood still for a second, then moved towards the chair. *A half hour isn't so long. I can do this,* she told herself. She lubed the buttplug and slid its tip into her anus. It took her a couple of tries to get the fat part of the plug past the ring of muscles, but she finally got it in. She tried not to think of the lewd picture she must make struggling to insert the toy.

When she sat in the chair, the plug bored further into her. She spread her legs, as ordered, and placed the large, blunt head of the toy against her clit. She looked at the clock. *Only half an hour.* After one last hesitation, she flipped the switch.

Lacey's entire body stiffened into an arch as the loud buzz of the vibrator filled her bones. All thought of the camera and the audience disappeared at soon as the vibrator switched on. It felt strong, but so good! She could feel her cunt opening, welcoming the sensation. In less than a minute, she was coming. Animal noises clawed their way out of her throat, but she remained aware enough to keep the vibrator pressed against herself.

As soon as the first climax passed, she felt another one building. The vibrator's power could not be ignored. Her hips pumped at the device, pushing her clit against its rounded head. Shaking and twitching, she came again.

Now she remembered why she hated this toy. Her clit was getting more sensitive with each orgasm. The overwhelming pulsations were already too much. It had only been—-she pried her eyes open—-four and a half minutes.

Lacey's discomfort was growing even as her clit swelled again under the vibrator's onslaught. The vibrator was so intense, she couldn't keep her hips from writhing away from it, back into the chair. That offered no escape, though; the stainless steel buttplug tunneled into her harder each time she cringed away from the vibrator. She was caught between Scylla and Charybdis, between a rock and a whirling vortex.

She came again, and now the vibrator was actually painful on her swollen groin. She could feel the vibrations in her clenched teeth. Grimly, she continued to press the toy against herself. Mistress Angie had threatened worse punishment if Lacey failed to obey, and Lacey believed her. Angie had a vast collection of clamps, whips, and electrical toys, as well as a thorough knowledge of Lacey's body. She could make Lacey suffer horribly at her slightest whim. If Lacey had to torment herself to avoid a much worse fate, she would.

Halfway through. Lacey's thighs were cramping as she forced them to remain open. She wasn't sure how many times the vibrator had pushed her to orgasm; her cunt spasmed continuously. Pleasure and pain crowded out all thought except the need to make it to the deadline.

Another massive orgasm was looming. Lacey's belly and thighs tensed in anticipation. She began to tremble, then to shake. As the climax took her, she jerked as if she were being electrocuted.

The vibrator twisted out of her clutching hand and fell, bouncing on the seat. Consumed by orgasm, Lacey didn't even notice for nearly ten seconds. When she realized what had happened, panic clutched her heart. *Oh, God, no. Please, no!* She scrabbled to regain the toy.

Even as she hastily jammed the vibrator back between her legs, the door burst open. Mistress Angie strode in. "I knew I couldn't trust you to punish yourself properly. Trust, but verify. Sluts like you are too weak to trust with anything difficult; that's why you need a mistress to take you in hand."

Angie's eyes were bright; Lacey thought with dread that she looked more gleeful than angry. *She's glad to have a reason to punish me more.* "Please, I'm so sorry! It was an accident." She knew it probably wouldn't do any good, but pleading was the only thing she could do now. "I promise I'll be good."

Angie just smiled. "Kneel, fucktoy." Lacey wobbled over on weak legs to kneel in front of her mistress. Angie walked around behind her, but Lacey knew better than to turn her head and look. Angie nudged one of Lacey's ankles in with her foot. Then she pulled Lacey back and down by her shoulders, forcing her to sit on her own foot. The back of Lacey's heel slid between her buttocks and pressed insistently on the base of the buttplug.

"Stay here and wait." Angie opened a small fridge, handed Lacey a bottle of sports drink. "Drink that so you don't get dehydrated, but don't move otherwise." She left.

Lacey did as she was told. The plug drilled into her ass, and her entire crotch felt tenderized. The light on the camera indicated it was still filming.

She didn't know how long Angie was gone, but she felt a kick of fear when she heard her returning.

"Stand up, pet."

Lacey stood, still a little unsteady on her legs.

"What you lack, pet, is self discipline. You don't have the willpower to resist your slutty urges to come when you're doing your training exercises. You let an orgasm interfere with administering the punishment you deserved." Angie shook her head in mock disappointment. "Well, if you lack self discipline, it's up to others to provide that discipline."

Angie attached restraints to the arms of the chair. Lacey tried to avert her eyes, but she found herself sickly fascinated as Angie prepared to punish her. Angie unplugged the vibrator, then plugged it back into a control box, which was connected to a laptop with a USB.

From a drawer, Angie produced a black harness. "Put this on," she ordered. Lacey obeyed, untwisting the tangle of straps and fastening them without too much trouble. There was no strapon attached to the harness, and she wondered what it was for.

Lacey allowed Angie to strap her into the chair; Angie would enjoy subduing her if she struggled, and the outcome be the same in the end.

"What you're wearing, my lovely disobedient toy, is a forced orgasm harness," Angie explained. "Think of it as the opposite of a chastity belt." Deftly, she unsnapped part of the harness and inserted the head of the plug-in vibrator. Snapping them back in place secured the vibrator snugly up against Lacey's clit.

Lacey had a bad feeling about this. She'd already been pushed past her limit by that vibrator, and she had not had time to recover fully. "Please don't, Mistress," she begged.

"Oh, I won't." Angie laughed at Lacey's surprise. "*I* won't. But I've hooked up this toy so that our subscribers can play with you remotely for an hour or so. You poor thing. Tormented and manipulated by strangers-- how degrading. A nice girl wouldn't enjoy that at all. Of course, if you are really just a sex toy, it'll probably make you come until your bones turn to jelly. It's hard to claim you don't want it when you can't stop orgasming long enough to catch your breath."

Lacey whimpered slightly. Her clit was already twitching, and the vibrator hadn't even been turned on yet.

"The trick is making the stimulus intermittent so you don't go numb or tune it out. Here's how it works: Any subscriber can hit a button to make that vibe go for 20 seconds. It costs five dollars a hit. Once the vibe shuts off again, that person's button is locked out for a full minute before they get the chance to buzz you again. Any other subscriber can still activate the vibrator in that period, though. We tested this system last week on one of the other slaves, and it was pretty popular. Well, popular with the subscribers. Who cares what the slave thought?"

Angie walked over to the door. "I'll be back in an hour. Do try to stay conscious; any time lost to fainting will be tacked on at the end of the session. And remember, you brought this on yourself. If you had simply done what you were told and controlled your slutty urges, you wouldn't be in this position."

The sound of the door closing was lost in the growl of the vibrator. Lacey sobbed and pleaded with her unseen tormentors as they dragged orgasm after orgasm from her. Her genitals felt hugely swollen and tender, and the vibrator relentlessly pummeled her like a throbbing fist.

The irregular, unpredictable assaults shredded her nerves. Rest, rest, BUZZ, rest, BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ.... There was no pattern to the device's activity. She knew that she was being watched by perverts who were taking sadistic pleasure in her reactions, who were undoubtedly stroking themselves as they watched her cry and writhe. But she couldn't hide what the toy did to her, couldn't suppress her reactions.

She fought the restraints, kicked and bucked, and came and came and came. As time passed, her struggles weakened. She mewled softly, eyes closed, as the orgasms washed over her. The vibrator's pulses were still too unpredictable to allow her to slip away into a trance, but her body simply could not sustain this intensity of sensation for so long.

Cold water caused her to open her eyes. Angie was standing over her. The vibrator was quiescent. Angie patted its handle, making Lacey shudder. "Now, pet, I hope you've learned your lesson about how important it is not to come when I tell you not to."

"Yes, mistress," Lacey whispered. Her cheeks were sticky with tears.

"Let's make sure, shall we?" Angie flipped a switch on the vibrator. It buzzed back to life with a vengeance. Angie had turned it up to its higher setting; for all its intensity, it had only been on low the whole time. Lacey convulsed with a silent scream.

"Never--" Angie thrust the toy savagely against Lacey's sex "disobey--" another thrust "me--" thrust "again." She held the toy hard against Lacey until the slave came excruciatingly.

Angie shut off the vibrator. "Thank me," she demanded.

"Th-thank you mistress, for punishing me."

"You will obey me," Angie said to the limp, panting woman "on pain of pleasure."

Written by: Lexinatrix

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