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"Pet Mommy": Fucking with Mommy-Slut

by silkstockingslover©

Recap: This is actually part three. Obviously, you should read parts 1 and 2 first, as they will help understand how the mother ended up where she is now; if you already have read the first two parts and can't remember the basic plot or just want to start here on part is a very brief summary of the story so far.

"Pet Mommy": Creating a Mommy-Slut Summary: A mother learns her son fantasizes about fucking her and, realizing just how much he resembles her deceased dominant husband, decides to make his fantasy a the end seducing her son and becoming his submissive pet mommy.

"Pet Mommy": DP Mommy Slut!-Summary: A mother's dominant son makes another fantasy come true...her first double penetration. He also insists that she seduce her daughter and give her to him as a present at his graduation. That is what part three will focus on.

Notes: Thanks as always to my editors MAB7991, Leann and Goamz for the laborious amount of time they spend in helping to make this sequel better.

"Pet Mommy": Fucking with Mommy-Slut

I love Michael, my son.

I love how he has become the man of the household, I love that he knows what I need sexually.

I love that he has discovered my long lost submissive side.

I love that he uses all three of my holes whenever he wishes, even sharing me with his best friend Frederick has been amazing.

I love the taste of his cum in my mouth, his cum exploding in my pussy and his cum leaking out of my ass.

I love that he is my Master and that I am his submissive.

Yet, it is one thing to make a promise while in the throes of passion, it is another to attempt to fulfill it once clarity hits; his latest expectation of seduce his sister, my daughter, which seems an impossible expectation to fulfill.


Two days before Crystal was to return home for Michael's graduation, Michael asked, while his cock was pounding my ass slowly, his cum still dripping out of my cunt from his last load just a few minutes ago, what my seduction plan was?

"I-I-I don't know," I stammered, distracted by just how good his cock felt in my ass, not to mention I really had no good idea how to make such an impossibility a possibility.

His cock lodged deep in my ass, he stopped fucking me as he pointed out, clearly disappointed by my answer, "Mother, it has almost been a week. She is going to be here in two nights. I expect her on her knees, ready to please me by Saturday evening, is that clear?"

He pulled out and slammed into my ass hard. I screamed, "Buuuuuuuuut hooooooooow?"

"You want my help?" He asked.

"Of course, Master," I purred, trying desperately to get him to assist in this crazy conquest he had in mind. Oddly, when horny, which was often, the idea of seducing my daughter was quite the turn-on; I had already crossed the line in every way possible with my son, doing it a second time with my daughter didn't seem as bad as the back and forth guilt I felt while seducing him. Accepting yourself for who you are and ignoring society's beliefs on incest was very liberating. So was doing research on incest and realizing three things:

1. Historically, it used to be quite common.

2. Although not talked about openly, incest is much more common than let on...once you dig deeper into the underbelly of society's false expectations.

3. The more I accepted the first two, the easier it was to convince myself that there was no better way to show how much I loved my son than to give myself to him unconditionally: mind, body and soul. After all, those are the exact expectations of a woman when she marries a man and that was exactly what I had done with my husband for all those years. In the most simplistic terms, Michael had replaced his father as head of the household and now received the exact same benefits my husband used to enjoy. Plus, as much as I loved my husband, god bless his soul, I love my son even more.

"On Friday take her shopping somewhere to get her a new dress for the graduation ceremony, and then suggest going to a lingerie store as well, telling her you have a new man in your life," he began.

"Okay," I moaned, his cock pumping in my ass a constant distraction. "I am not sure that will be enough."

"Well, if she is as big a slut as her mother, it may be, but I thought while you were bonding with her, I would go do some reconnaissance on her computer," he continued.

"Oooooh," I moaned, thinking this idea seemed like a good start.

"If the eyes are the gateway into the soul of a person, their hard drive is the gateway into the true kink in them," he concluded, something that was pretty hard to disagree with.

On the computer you could research secret kinks, read stories based on such interests, have chats with people with similar kinks and, of course, watch every type of porn imaginable, many of which I never knew existed (Did you know there is cartoon porn site involving many of the cartoon characters we grew up watching? I sure didn't). Since seducing my son, I have watched online incest porn and read lots of incest stories. Each story making my guilt fade away little by little. Since Michael's order to seduce Crystal, I have been reading mother-daughter incest stories trying to find ideas to use to come up with a game plan. Yet, incest stories are exactly that and making such a seduction a reality was way more complex then pen on paper.

"That's a good idea," I moaned, my orgasm starting to build, my greatest orgasms coming from anal sex (strange but true).

"And just to add a little motivation to your task," he announced, surprising me by pulling out of me, he loved coming in my ass.

"Whaaaat?" I whimpered, frustrated he had pulled out with me so close to orgasm.

He moved around and shoved his pulsing, stiff cock in my mouth and began fucking my mouth as he explained, "You are not allowed to come until your task is completed."

My eyes went wide; the gravity of his expectation and the consequences of failure were now clear. I would have responded, but his cock was fucking my mouth, his balls spanking my chin with each thrust forward. I usually loved his aggressive need to come approach, but with my orgasm so close and knowing I was no longer allowed to come, I was super annoyed.

He continued, "You can still get your daily dose of my cum with blow jobs but you are not allowed to cooooome."

His sweet white stuff exploded in my mouth and I focused on swallowing it all like I had been trained to do, wasting cum was way worse than wasting booze. He slowed down as I milked his cock for every last trace of his addicting sperm.

Finally, he pulled out and continued the conversation as if it hadn't been interrupted when he shot his load in his mother's mouth, "Is that understand, Pet Mommy?"

"Yes," I answered, stretching my mouth after the quick pounding it just took.

"You don't like the idea?" He asked, clearly catching my disappointed tone.

"May I speak honestly?" I asked, looking up at him.

"Of course," he shrugged, his cock beginning to shrink before me. It really is one of the real great wonders of the world, the beauty of a cock growing to an aroused state or a just-shot-its-load-cock slowly going back into sexual hibernation.

"I am very close right now, Master," I explained, praying for sexual release.

"All the better for you to really understand the full depth of my expectations of you, I want Crystal as my graduation present," he answered.

"I just don't know if I can do it," I admitted.

"I know you can, Mom," he said, putting his cock back in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around giving his cock a quick wash before he pulled out and said, "Now, no more of this defeatist mindset, is that understood?"

"Yes, I understand," I answered, adding jokingly, "May I go and have a cold shower?"

"Does that work for women?" He asked with a chuckle.

Standing up, I answered, "I'm about to find out."

Although the coldness didn't distinguish the burning flame entirely, it cooled down the fire inside enough to let me think straight.

The next two days were torture as I tried to resist the temptation to come, especially when each morning wake up and evening bed time included me swallowing a load of Michael's cum. I wanted him in my cunt and ass, I wanted to be fucked, pounded, and used. Yet, each time Michael only reminded me of the task at hand.

When not being used as a cum deposit, or working, I was reading sex stories, chatting with online mothers who had seduced their daughters (if they were really mothers) and trying to formulate a plan that had a chance of working. In the end, a mixture of flattery, intimate contact and open conversations seemed to be the key...and, of course, booze. The problem was I was on a very strict timeline.

The morning of the day Crystal was to arrive, Michael deposited a load down my belly for breakfast and asked, "So, is my pet excited for her new task?"

"I'm excited to be allowed to come and to make you happy," I answered.

"You don't want to seduce your daughter?" he asked, his tone implying he was actually surprised by this possibility.

"More scared than anything," I answered. "Even though I knew it was technically wrong when I seduced you, I knew it was your fantasy."

"That it was," he smiled, his beautiful cock beginning to shrink.

"But Crystal...first of all girls are different," I began.

"Oh, I beg to differ," he quipped back, tracing my lips with his cock.

"Okay, but I am the exception," I smiled back, licking the bottom of his cock.

"Well Crystal looks like you, has the same body as you and the same quirky personality as you," Michael pointed out.

"So if Mommy is an incest slut, Crystal must be an incest slut too?" I quipped, moving my tongue to his balls, something I had never done to him before.

"It's a theory," he moaned, as I took one of his balls in my mouth.

I didn't respond as I pleasured one ball and then the other.

"Shit Slut, you never cease to surprise me," he moaned softly.

"I aim to please," I replied.

"That you do, Mom," he agreed, calling me mom without any derogatory words before it or after it was rare when we were alone. I was used to pet mommy or mommy slut, mommy whore, mommy slave or the past couple days just 'cum bucket'.

I slid my tongue back up his stiff rod wishing he would just fuck me hard.

As if reading my mind, "Does Crystal's mom want her back door plugged?"

Using my daughter's name was strange, yet I responded, playing along, "Yes, Master, Crystal's mom would love her back door to be pillaged."

"Show me that ass," he ordered.

If there were an obedience speed Olympics event, I am sure I would have set a new world record as I quickly got in position offering my ass to my son.

"You are such a good bad mommy," he commented, his cock now between my ass cheeks, teasing my hunger.

"Please Master, I need it soooo bad," I begged, my hunger for his cock more addicting than nicotine.

"What are you willing to do for it," he asked, the head of his cock just pushing into my tight rosebud.

"Whatever you wish, Master," I responded, so horny I would walk into church, drop to my knees and blow our minister during his sermon if ordered.

"You will eat your daughter's pussy?" He questioned, his beautiful cock so close to filling me.

"I'll be her mommy-slut too if you want, Master. I'll make sure she is in stockings for you on Saturday when I offer up your sister as a gift for you," I answered, the idea turning me on more than I thought it would.

"If you promise she will be my slut by Saturday night I will let you come from a good hard ass fucking," he offered, as his cock broke through and slid in my wanton ass.

"Yeeeees," I screamed, a two day withdrawal two days too long.

He started slow but I begged, "Don't make love to Mommy's ass, baby, pound it."

Obliging the unique mother request, he slammed into my ass filling me so fully that my orgasm began bubbling inside me after just a few strokes.

"Oh God, Michael, I love your cock in my ass," I screamed. "Promise me you will never stop using Mommy."

"That is one promise I know I can keep," he laughed between deep hard thrusts.

He fucked me deep and hard for a while until my orgasm was inevitable.

"Oh yes, Michael, I looooooove yooooooou," I screamed like the slut I was, as I came from being ass fucked from my son.

"I love you too, Mom," he replied, even as he continued hammering away as my orgasm coursed through me.

"Fill my ass with your cream, baby, I want to walk around all day with the constant reminder of you," I said, the thought so nasty that another gush of pleasure pulsated through me.

"Fuck you are such a hot little slut, Mom," he groaned.

"Just your slut, son," I moaned back, as my ass began bouncing back on his cock, my ass clenching as I tried to milk his cock dry.

"And Frederick's," Michael reminded, memories of my first double penetration flooding back to me, causing a second orgasm to begin building inside me.

"Yes, and your best friend who you shared your mommy-slut with," I agreed, wishing I had a second cock for my cunt now and maybe even a third to blow, another fantasy I had not yet fulfilled.

"And soon you will have either a Mistress or a pet of your own," he added, throwing in another wrinkle to the upcoming seduction of my college daughter. I just assumed I would be the submissive, but making my demanding daughter my pet...well, that was suddenly a delicious idea.

I asked, "Do you want your bitchy sister to be my mistress or Mommy's little cunt slave?"

"Both sound delicious, but it would be awesome to see her knocked down a peg or two," he answered, as I continued riding his cock with my ass.

"I'll make her my little eager cunt-licking, cocksucking, ass fucking submissive for us," I moaned, getting drawn into the nasty seduction, a second orgasm inevitable.

"Shoot, Mom, you know just the right words to say."

A few more hard bounces back on his stiff rod and I was about to burst as I begged, "May I come again, my son, my master?"

"You really are insatiable," Michael responded.

"You turned on my long dormant inner slut, baby, and it has no intention of ever going back into slumber," I squealed back, holding back the inevitable earthquake.

"Don't you dare cum until I do, slut," he ordered.

"Okay, baby," I moaned, knowing that as soon as I felt my son's seed fill my back door my orgasm would follow instantly. It seemed I had an ass trigger as absurd as that was. Knowing he liked dirty talk, I asked, "Should Mommy go and buy a nice big strap-on to fuck your sister?"

"Shit, yes," he grunted, clearly close.

"Or maybe a double-ended dildo so we could fuck each other, our stocking-clad feet pressed together," I continued, turning myself on as I tried to get him off.

"Here it comes, you cum slut," he grunted, the second his cum shot inside my ass my own orgasm triggered as I came simultaneously.

I continued slowly moving back on his cock as we both enjoyed the after effects of our orgasm.

Pulling out eventually, Michael said, "I really do love you, Mom."

"I love you too, son," I replied, the soft words warming my heart.

The brief minute of intimacy was short lived as Michael spanked my ass and ordered, "Now go and make my sister our slut."

"Yes, Master," I agreed, a little more excited about the possible seduction now that I thought of it in terms of her being my pet and not the other way around. Crystal had been a handful to raise, unlike Michael who was pretty simple. The thought of disciplining her sexually somehow made Michael's demand exciting to attempt to the payoff would be awesome.

All day at work, I was distracted thinking about the next 48 hours and the seemingly impossible, yet incredibly intoxicating possibility.


That evening, after swallowing loads from both Frederick and Michael, I headed to the airport to pick up Crystal. I had butterflies in my stomach as I contemplated the task at hand.

The flight was late and Crystal, being Crystal, was in a foul mood as she ranted about the inept stewardesses and the turbulence as if the gods were after her.

Trying to be a normal mother, once in the vehicle, I asked about her first year and about how the summer job was going, college already done, and how she enjoyed the west coast. I learned her job working as a secretary at a dental clinic was mind-numbingly boring, she loved the ocean but hated the cool breeze and she was on a 'I hate all men' phase.

An opening given, I joked, "Well, you could be a lesbian."

She laughed, "I am seriously considering it."

Trying to keep the conversation going, I admitted, "Can't deny I don't miss my college days."

Crystal's eyes went big. "Mom, are you implying what I think you're implying?"

"I don't know what you think I'm implying, I am just saying I miss the carefree college dorm days," I replied coyly, before adding, another seed planted, "and nights, late, late nights."

Crystal was clearly stunned by my implication that I played around with other girls in college. After a brief moment of silence, she said stunned, "I can't believe you dyked out in college."

"I didn't say I you so eloquently put it...dyke out."

"You implied it," she countered.

"No, you construed it," I countered right back, enjoying the verbal manipulation and frustration and confusion I was clearly causing her.

"So Mother, do you have any naughty secrets from your past?" Crystal asked, seemingly impressed her old bag of a mother may have been wild when younger.

"Do you?" I countered, continuing to elude answering her questions.

"Are you asking your daughter if she is s dyke?" Crystal asked, clearly surprised by my strange behaviour.

"Dyke is such a crude word," I replied, continuing to manipulate her, trying to draw her into my web of seduction as I tried to feel her out.

"Sorry, Mother," she said, her tone implying she was annoyed by me. Using her bluntness she was usually known for she asked, "Did you lez out back in college?"

"Define lez out," I requested.

"You are more frustrating than my last boyfriend was," she said, exasperated by my answers. She asked bluntly, "Licking pussy, munching cunt."

"Crystal," I said scolding her, "watch your language."

"Are you kidding me?" She asked.

I glared at her for a moment before breaking in laughter and answered her question vaguely, "I too was young and carefree once."

"So you did?" she asked clearly wanting to hear the words out of my mouth.

"Did I eat pussy and munch cunt?" I asked with a smile, repeating her foul language, she still unaware just how dirty my mouth was or what it had been filled with daily ever since my seduction.

"Mom, what has gotten into you?" she gasped.

"That is a rather personal question," I joked, as we rolled into the driveway.

"I can't believe this conversation," Crystal said, her tone portraying just how overwhelmed she was by the frank, yet vague, conversation.

"You're an adult now Crystal," I said, putting my hand on her leg. I softened my tone as I said, "I want us to have a much deeper relationship than mother and daughter," the real meaning of my words much more sinister than it sounded.

"Really?" Crystal asked, used to her and I bumping heads more times than not, although I hoped to be doing a whole different type of bumping with her soon.

"Of course, honey. You're turning twenty soon. I want our relationship to move to another level, "I explained, staring into her blue eyes, my pussy wet with intent.

Crystal was so surprised by the shift in our mother-daughter relationship, she said, "Cool," still sounding like a teenager, which she technically was.

I gave her leg a firm squeeze as I added, "Of course, I am still your mother, and I always know what is best for you."

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