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Air Force Wives

by Vic5©

It seemed just the logical thing to, I guess, because Janet and I kissed. It was so good, we began kissing very sexually with tongues probing. I was very surprised that we were doing this, but it was a big turn on for us. I was riding this big cock and realized I was building up to an orgasm. I began moaning as he began to push up hard to meet my movements. Just then he yelled and groaned as he cum in my pussy. My orgasm was reaching a high as I was riding him very hard. My orgasm seemed to go on an on for an unusually long time.

As I came down from my high, I felt exhausted and leaned into Janet’s body with my head between her tits. I could feel his cock that was so big, now becoming smaller. I knew that Janet had not had an orgasm. I raised up which allowed his cum to drain out of me on to his cock and balls. He got up and went into the bathroom to clean up while I remained in bed with Janet. When he came back into the bedroom, he said, “Janet, now it is your turn”. I went to the bathroom to clean up, but when I came back, I saw both the pilot and Janet in the living room. They were on the living room floor lying on the bedding he had evidently brought from the bedroom. This would give us much more space than the small bed. Janet was lying on her back with her legs spread and his mouth was on her pussy. It looked as if he was an expert in making Janet feel good. Janet began to buck up to his face and soon had an orgasm.

He fixed drinks for us and we three sat on the couch together. Janet began to feel his soft cock which was rather big even though it was not hard. As we sipped our drinks, I began cupping his balls while Janet played with his cock. It soon began to get hard. Janet and I then got down on our knees and took turns taking his cock in our mouths. He then told Janet to lie on the bedding on her back and spread. She was more than ready to take his big cock. As he got on top of her, she reached to aim his hard cock. He started spreading her pussy as his cock was probing her hole. Slowly she was fully stretched as I could see his cock was nearly buried. As he started fucking her, I cupped his big balls with my hands. He said he liked that and to keep doing it. He began thrusting harder and she began to groan. I could feel his balls tighten up and knew it wouldn’t be long before they both would have a climax. Again he yelled as he cum in her pussy.

We decided it was time to leave after Janet had cleaned up. We told him our husbands would be home in about a week. He said he probably wouldn’t be able to land here to stay over night in the foreseeable future. Tomorrow would be his wife’s birthday and he had to fly home in the morning. We all agreed it had been an enjoyable evening.

The next morning at my desk, I saw our handsome and sexy black pilot come to operations to file a flight plan to leave. He looked at me, smiled and winked. I told him to enjoy the evening with his wife. He waved and walked away. Now my thoughts turned to my husband’s homecoming. I promised myself that I would be a good little girl until his return. Janet called to say she just received another phone call from her husband in Germany. Our husbands would be home in two more days. We started planning a party for just the four of us when they arrived.

That night I received a phone call from my husband. He said he could hardly wait to see me.

He said, “You already know what I’ll do when I first get home. The second thing I’ll do is take off my boots.” I laughed and told him I was ready and waiting.

Saturday morning found me at home for the day. Janet had come over to my house to say she received a phone call from her husband, Jim. He said they would land at our base around four o’clock. We had all day before they would arrive. We decided to have a cook out in our back yard later in the evening. We went to the store to buy steaks and other goodies for a homecoming party. Then we had time at home to prepare ourselves to meet the guys. I combed my hair and did my makeup. I wanted to dress on the sexy side, so I put on a mini dress to show my shapely legs. I knew my husband would be horny when we got in the house so I decided not to wear panties. The less clothing to remove the better it would be.

When it was about time for them to land, we went down to the flight operations waiting room and snack bar. After they landed, our two husbands came to operations to close out their flight plan. That’s when we ran to them for hugs and kisses. It was so nice to have him hold me in my arms after being gone several weeks. I greeted Jim with a friendly hug and kiss, too. When we arrived at home, we two couples parted for our own privacy.

No sooner than we walked in the front door, my husband grabbed me and kissed me. Our mouths opened and our tongues meshed for a very long kiss. He reached down to feel my crotch. He then pulled up the hem of my dress to insert a finger. I was practically on fire as I was so turned on. I reached down, found the zipper, and unzipped his pants. I reached in to get his cock. It seemed like a tug of war to get his cock out of his shorts and pants. I hung on to his neck, lifted my legs to wrap around him as he aimed his cock in me. My body was in an uncomfortable position, but his cock felt so good. He lowered me to the floor and fell on top of me. We were kissing and gasping for air as his cock pound me. I could feel his body stiffen as he became very vocal. I knew he was cumming I exploded with a wonderful orgasm. We laid there for awhile in each others arms in the afterglow. I looked at him, then we both started laughing. Here we were in the middle of the living room floor and he still had on his clothes and boots. He said he knew he was dirty and smelly after being in the airplane all day and badly needed a shower.

We both stripped off and got in the shower together. We soaped and hugged each other. His cock was still rather limp. That made me wonder if he had been having an affair with one or more German girls. I thought I would test him by suggesting we dry off and have more sex right away.
We went into the bedroom where I had him lie down so I could take his cock in my mouth. As I licked all around his cock and balls, then deep throated him, his cock became very hard. That made me think he hadn’t been with another girl in the last few days. Could it be that he had been a good boy all those weeks? I’ll never know and I don’t care. I have him now. I haven’t been an angel either. I sat down on his cock and rode him until we both had another orgasm. As we laid in each others arms, we commented that Jim and Janet were probably doing the same thing. We were wondering if they had sex twice or maybe more.

We dressed and prepared to meet our friends in the back yard. Jim brought the steaks over and Janet and I fixed drinks for the four of us. We took our time sitting around talking while having drinks. The guys grilled the steaks while we two girls fixed the remainder of the food. After eating and cleaning up, we went into the living room for an after dinner drink. We turned on some music so we could dance. I danced with my husband and then with Jim back and forth a few times. I was getting tired of dancing. The last dance I had was with Jim, so we two sat down on the couch together. My husband had taken Janet into our office room to show her an item he had purchased overseas.

Jim put his arm around me and hugged me. I turned to face him and we shared a sexy kiss. I asked him how may times he an Janet had sex this afternoon. He said two times. I asked if he was worn out for the evening. He responded to say he was just getting started. He would love to get me in bed.

This was a rather straight forward suggestion, but Janet and I had shared our husbands in the past, so it would be nothing new for us to have sex. We kissed some more as his hands roamed my breasts. I felt his hard cock through his pants and told him I thought he was ready for action.
We got up to go find Janet and my husband. He had his arms around Janet and was kissing her.

I said, “OK, looks as if the party is starting.”

We all went to the master bedroom, lowered the lights, and stripped off. Jim and I laid on one side of the king size bed while my husband and Janet laid on the other side. Jim and I kissed while his hands roamed my naked body.

Jim was always a very good lover and I have enjoyed sex with him in the past. His foreplay always brought me up to a high peak of sexual feelings before he would fuck me. Jim kissed my mouth, my chin, my neck, and my breasts, taking each nipple slowly in his mouth as if he had all night to kiss me. Then he kissed my stomach, then on down to my inner thighs to bypass my pussy. He continued kissing my legs slowly moving up to my clit. By the time he was sucking my clit, I was really turned on ready for his cock. But he didn’t give me his cock right now, he suggested I look at my husband and Janet.

Janet was taking my husband’s cock in her mouth as he was hunching up to meet her movements. I noticed her breasts were slightly swinging back and forth as her head went up and down. I couldn’t resist reaching over to pinch her nipples and feel her breasts. Janet sat up to look at me. She reached over to tweak my nipples. Then we two girls moved together at the center of the bed to kiss. Our kisses became open mouth and very sexy. I moved around to take her nipples in my mouth while she reached for my pussy. When she touched my clit, a little sexual shiver went through my body. Jim’s foreplay had made me very sexy.

Now with Janet touching me, I was ready for anything. Janet got on top of me in a six nine position. I could feel her tongue licking my pussy lips and searching my hole. Now I was staring at her pussy just inches from my face. I had never done this before and thought I never would want to do it, but I started licking her pussy. I vaguely heard our husbands encouraging us to continue. Janet was now sucking on my clit and I knew my orgasm was approaching. I sucked on her clit and soon felt her body tense and struggle through an orgasm. Janet continued to suck my clit all through a long intense orgasm for me.

When I finally began to relax, the sound of our husbands’ voices came through to me. They really enjoyed watching us and wanted more. Janet and I laid still for awhile to recover. That was a first for us and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Our husbands were so turned on by watching us that they wanted to fuck us right now. Both the guy’s cocks were very hard. I put my hand on Jim’s cock and slightly jacked him. I asked him what position would he like. He wanted to do it doggie style. I got up on my knees and lowered my head down to the bed. My butt was sticking up for Jim to get behind me. I could feel him move the head of his cock up and down my pussy lips. He applied pressure on my hole and I could feel his cock spreading me. His cock went in deeper and deeper until he was completely buried in me. He slowly started back and forth movements.

I had just had an orgasm with Janet and I knew I would not have another one this soon. I moved my head to the side so that I could see my husband and Janet. He was lying on his back while Janet had his cock in her mouth. Jim had chosen a doggie position while my husband evidently wanted a blow job. Jim seemed to be in no rush to cum. Evidently he wanted to fuck me for a long time. Since he was slowly moving his cock in and out, I knew he had a good view of my pussy and ass. I’ll cooperate with whatever turns him on. I assume he was also watching his wife with her mouth on my husband’s cock. I think my husband was holding back as much as he could so he would not cum too soon. He wanted to savor Janet’s mouth on his balls and cock for a long time, too.

I knew I would not have an orgasm, but I was thoroughly enjoying Jim’s cock in me. I was in no hurry for it to end. Jim started rubbing my butt with one hand. His fingers moved up and down the crease in my ass. He began to put pressure on his finger when he moved over my ass hole. He then pulled his cock out of my pussy and moved the head over my ass putting pressure on the hole. I told him if he was going to that, he had to put KY jelly on me. I don’t know when it got it, but he had a tube in his hand and started putting some in my hole with his finger. He then put the head of his cock at the entrance and started applying pressure. I could feel the head beginning to enter me. He was taking it slow and I soon felt his cock going in a little at a time. It hurt some but it did feel good.

I looked over to see my husband starting to vigorously hump up to Janet’s mouth. I was wonder if he saw Jim fucking my ass. Janet was holding on to his cock because he was jumping around as he started shooting cum in her mouth. At the same time I felt Jim pounding his cock in me as he flooded my bowels with cum. Jim slumped forward on my body, but I was able to hold him up and stay on my knees. Janet passed the tissues for me to use when Jim pulled out. We four laid still without talking for a little while. I think we were all sexually finished for the night. It had been a very satisfying homecoming. I grabbed my robe and went to the bathroom to clean up. When I came out, the other three were dressed and in the living room. We kissed and hugged each other’s spouse and said goodnight as Jim and Janet left. There would be more tomorrows. My husband and I fell in bed in each others arms and went to sleep. It had been a wonderful homecoming.

Written by: Vic5

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