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Big Black Cock Glory Hole Adventure

by BBCAddict©

My husband and I had been talking about glory holes and my husband Neil had wanted us to go visit a Glory Hole Club together for a while. I had never been that keen really but lately he had been pressing the issue more and more, telling me it was a fantasy of his to watch me play with lots of cocks. He wanted us to go along and watch and just see how we felt about it. Neil had discovered a Glory Hole Club in our local city. I was really hesitant about it not really liking the idea of playing with other cocks. I had never had a big black cock before and Neil's fantasy was about me playing with one or more. Reluctantly I agreed that one night we would go along and just see what it was like. Neil was so keen and had made it sound like fun and as we were solid together there were not going to be any issues.

Neil suggested that if I dressed sexily I would feel sexier within myself and be able to feel the mood better. With this in mind he suggested I wear black lace top stockings, black silk suspender belt, a very short black skirt with no panties and a low cut top. He wanted so much for me to enjoy the experience.

I was nervous getting dressed and took my time making sure I was looking my best.

As we travelled to the Glory Hole Club Neil kept reminding me 'This is for fun, to see how you feel and to just see what happens.'

As we approached the entrance I said to Neil 'I'm not sure I want to do this, I don't think it's a good idea!'

Neil replied 'Come on Jane this is my fantasy, I've always wanted us to do this, we have come this far let's at least go in and give it a try!'

I really don't want to disappoint Neil so cautiously we walk in together. Neil speaks to the receptionist and at this point I realise he has booked a glory hole booth for me. Neil encourages me to enter the booth telling me he will be in a central control room with audio contact to me so I am not on my own; he is with me every step of the way. Neil then disappears off to the control room to watch me on camera. I nervously look around the booth, it looks OK for now lots of holes at various levels all around. Suddenly Neil's voice audios in 'this is fine Jane just relax and enjoy this for me!'

Suddenly a big black cock appears through a glory hole in front of me, instinctively I step back until I reach the back wall. I shout 'NO! NO! I can't, please Neil please don't make me do this!'

'Go on Jane! Just touch it! No harm in that! Go on I dare you!'

My hand slowly, cautiously reaches forward, I nearly touch it with my fingertips then I suddenly withdraw my hand. 'This is madness Neil I can't touch another mans cock it's just not right!'

'Just touch it Jane and tell me what it feels like!'

My hand reaches cautiously forward again as I hear Neil say' that's it Jane go for it!'

I stroke the big black hard cock gently 'Ooh Neil it feels warm and really hard! God it is so long and thick! Neil is this real cock?'

'Jane just look at the tip!' Neil laughs at me, as I look I see pre cum at the tip glistening in the low light of the booth. 'Oh my God Neil this is a real cock! I never knew cocks could be so long and thick!'

'Just grasp him in your hand Jane, close your hand around his massive shaft!'

My hand tightens around the massive cock and my fingers barely reach round the full width, I gasp at the sheer size of his manhood. Slowly I tighten my grip and start to wank his mighty shaft. 'Neil are you ok with me doing this?'

'Yes Jane it's so good to watch, see I told you it would not be bad!'

'It's ok Neil but I am still unsure this seems a bit sleazy to me and you know I'm not that sort of girl!'

Suddenly another cock appears to the side of me, I stop in panic but compose myself quickly and take hold of that cock as well. I start to work them hard one in each hand knowing how pleased Neil will be with me for giving this a good go.

'Good girl Jane see it's just harmless fun, it's not like cheating or anything, we don't even know who it is or what he looks like!'

'OK Neil if you are sure, I do like the feel of them!'

'Jane you know this is a fantasy of mine so please continue with this, it's so horny watching you!'

'Mmm they are so thick and hard, I can't believe it this is the first time I have had big black cock in my hand! I really want to please you Neil so I am going to do this for you!'

'Jane this is so great watching you wank those two massive black shafts but the next big cock that appears I want you to suck!'

'No way Neil I am no way going to suck a cock!'

'Just relax Jane give this a chance and have fun!'

The next big black cock appears and my brain goes into overdrive, my god three massive cocks bigger than any I have ever seen before and I am in control of all of them. I move my mouth towards the latest and biggest black cock, mmm it does look good and I know I like the feel of it. My inhibitions wane as my mouth closes over the tip and I taste some salty warm pre cum.

'Good girl Jane, so horny to watch you enjoy sucking that big black cock, I never thought you would look so sexy doing this!'

Neil keeps talking me through telling me how much he is enjoying this. I stop for a minute and ask 'Neil are you totally sure you are OK with this? It still doesn't feel right to me!'

'Jane this is fine, please I want you to enjoy this for me!'

I am shaking as my mouth closes over his massive hard shaft again, this time I work him deep into my throat. I suck and deep throat him so hard to prove to Neil I can do this for him.

'Go Jane, good girl suck his massive cock, make him dump his cum seed deep into your throat!'

Neil watches in amazement as I take the cock so deep, he starts to feel uncomfortable and thinks to himself god I never thought she could do this; she seems really into this now. I hope I have done the right thing bringing her here, maybe she won't be satisfied by my little white cock any more, maybe she will only be satisfied by big black cock. Oh Christ she is totally devouring that massive shaft so deep his balls are slapping her chin.

I realise another black cock has appeared behind me, I can just feel it touching my ass. I stop and look around. Suddenly with a glint in my eye and a smile on my face I look directly into camera and say 'Neil this one is for you, watch me take this big black cock deep into my sopping wet pussy!'

'No Jane this is not part of the plan don't take him in your pussy, I don't want this!'

I don't even reply I thrust back so hard I scream in pain and pleasure forcing my dripping moist pussy deep and hard onto his rod of stone. My pussy has never been so stretched and I have never taken cock this deep before. Oh my god Neil, this cock is so thick and so long it feels amazing, I didn't even think my pussy could take it. I pull myself off his cock, I can feel every inch slowly withdraw. My pussy suddenly feels very empty so I slowly push my ass backwards watching this beautiful big black cock destroy my little pussy. I lean forward and suck the cock in front of me whilst grasping one in my hand. My movement backwards and forward is fast and deep. I can still hear Neil shouting' Jane please stop, I don't want you to do this anymore!'

I am enjoying it so much now I am out of control I thrust back deep and hard my pussy stretching more with every thrust. My gasps are muffled by the big black cock deep in my throat, god I have never felt this good before, so horny and so alive!

Neil is desperate now terrified he will never satisfy me again, knowing deep down I am spoilt for him, his cock will never satisfy me again. Neil begs me to stop 'please Jane we need to stop this and leave right now! This is enough!'

Just as he says this I feel the big black cock in my throat swell even more and know its going to erupt hot salty cum very soon so I take his cock out of my mouth and wank him hard until he spurts his cum all over my face. My god there is so much of it, blast after blast goes on my face, in my hair, everywhere. I've never seen so much cum in my life

'Neil you have got to be joking this is serious horny hot big black cock action I do not want to stop! I love it, thank you for bringing me here!'

I continue thrusting loving the sensation of hard black cock deep inside my pussy when suddenly my orgasm starts to build quickly. I scream out a muffled 'Oh my god, Oh God Neil I am going to cum hard on this big black shaft! Watch me cum!'

I thrust back harder taking his 14 inch cock and as I take his full length my orgasm rips through me, deeper, harder and longer than any orgasm before. I ride the waves of ecstasy as the sensations pulsate through my body, taking me to a level I have never experienced before.

I become aware of Neil's voice begging me to stop; I look at the camera with a total look of contentment

'Ok Neil I'll stop for now but baby I want more ..."

Written by: BBCAddict

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