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Cheryl's Housewife Adventures Ch. 01

by bigchief24©

On the outside Cheryl Bernard was your ordinary suburban housewife. She participated in the local community; she even was in the book club... But behind her soft red lips, was a sex mad animal. She lived with her husband Harry in an outer city mansion. Harry had done well in his career, and those long days and trips away from his wife had earned them a beautiful home, and any other luxury the desired. Cheryl stayed at home and tended to the house and also enjoyed her secret hobby of masturbating, which would have been frowned upon in their upper class suburb.

It was the tenth of October, Harry's 40th birthday. What do you give to the man that can afford anything he desires? Well Cheryl had an idea...

The day started like any other day in the Bernard household. Harry would get up at precisely 6.02 a.m. Cheryl would get up a minute later and pull him back in the bed for a final kiss before falling back asleep while her husband got ready for work.

"Goodbye Hun!" He shouted from downstairs. Cheryl would usually reply with an affirmative grunt, however she suddenly realised it was Harry's birthday, and answered back with "I'll get your surprise ready!" She had eleven hours to plan his surprise, but what would she do? She got up from her bed and stood up. Cheryl slept in a grey silk night gown, which she took off and threw it on her bed to reveal her body.

Cheryl was a beautiful woman by most people's standards, and was definitely a head turner. She had dark, almost black hair which came just past her shoulders. She had a natural sun kissed skin thanks to an Indian ancestor somewhere up the line. Cheryl did not look 40. She had matured like a fine wine. She was around 5 foot 7, with all the curves in the right places. Her breasts showed no signs of aging and remained a pert 34D, which would show off her magnificent cleavage, whether she wore a bra or not. Her arse was equally impressive. It was perfectly proportionate to her body and resembled a ripe peach, prime for a bite! Cheryl wasn't a large woman per se; however she had a 60's hourglass figure, a rarity nowadays. Her face hadn't aged in over fifteen years, and she still had a glow of someone in their twenties. Her lips were full, which she prominently featured using a blood red shade of lipstick. Cheryl's eyes were brown, with coloured flecks which gave her a youthful look. She had subtle dimples on her cheeks in line with her lips, which made her irresistible to any man she laid eyes upon. She certainly was a stunner.

After cleaning the house and preparing dinner, it was almost five. Her husband would be back soon and she still didn't have a surprise that she promised. She quickly ran upstairs to change, and picked a red cocktail dress the same shade as her lipstick. She opened the door of the wardrobe to reveal the full length mirror. The dress was tailor made and as a result, clung to her every curve. She topped up her make up before looking back at the mirror. She looked HOT, and she knew it. Cheryl had never really considered herself to be bisexual; however she could tell when she saw a beautiful woman. An idea came to her head. Maybe she could be the surprise!

The door opened downstairs. She ran downstairs and passionately kissed her husband. He grabbed her by the waist before moving his hands to her bum, and giving her a playful spank. Cheryl had her own tease, by taking his tongue in her mouth, and biting on the end, causing him pull out. As she embraced him she could feel his penis through his pants against her body. She couldn't resist, and gave it a quick touch, she smiled up at him.

Cheryl had dinner ready to be served, and after their dinner she led Harry to the living room to relax for a few minutes while she got prepared. She took off her dress and went into the shower. She turned on the hot water and got the shower gel and started to rub it on her body. Her body tingled as she moved her hands over her nipples. Cheryl had relatively large and dark areolas, with her nipples sitting perfectly in the middle. Touching herself had got her nipples erect. She realised she hadn't had any time to pleasure herself yet. She inserted her warm fingers inside her wet pussy, and could feel her body tingle. She took her other hand and massaged her clit, rubbing it faster and faster till she got her first orgasm of the day. She took more of the gel in her fingers and rubbed it from her clit all the way to her arse. Cheryl was an anal virgin. Harry had asked for anal on numerous occasions, however Cheryl enjoyed G-Spot stimulation too much to try it.

Today was the perfect day to try it. It would be the icing on the cake for Harry if he could have anal sex. She put one of her fingers inside her arse, and moved it around. The first one went in easily, so she tried another. Now the pain began. "Urhh, Oh My!!" She kept on thrusting and loosing up her secret hole. The pain eventually subsided and she gave herself a final rinse and stepped out. She didn't want to loosen it too much. That was the whole point of anal. She knew the pain would come after, but also realised how much Harry would love fucking her arse.

It was time for her second outfit change. She picked up a black lacy flyaway babydoll, and a matching pair of panties. If the red dress got him hard, then this would send him over the edge. She lay on the bed and called him upstairs. She heard his steps. This was it. He was going to get the best fucking of his lifetime. He stepped through the door and stopped in his tracks. She knew she looked sexy, and he'd want her there and then. He approached the bed. Cheryl started to crawl towards him slowly like a lioness on the prowl. She grabbed him by his tie, and pulled him in for a kiss. She put one hand below and started to tease his prick through his pants. She could feel it going larger in her hand, giving her even more confidence and control.

She ripped off his shirt and trousers, and ordered him to remove the rest. As he removed his boxers, his dick popped out and was rock hard and ready for a good fucking. She placed it in her mouth and lubed up his dick with her spit. She wasn't going to use proper lubrication, this was for his pleasure and not hers. She turned around and teased his cock with her arse, before bending down in front of him. He started to pull down her panties. "NO! Tear them off with your teeth!" He tore them off and positioned his cock in front of her pussy. "Today, you get to fuck me in the arse. You've always said an arse like mine needs a good hammering! Fuck me!" He put the tip in and Cheryl let out a little moan. He entered her tight butthole. "Uhh, YES, Fuck me like the whore I am!" He thrusted faster and faster. Harry spanked Cheryl, and grabbed each cheek with a hand. He pulled out her arse, and started to tongue fuck her arsehole and her quivering cunt. Cheryl's whole body was shaking, it had hurted like hell, but she started to enjoy herself.

Harry put his whole face into her pussy and started to lick her and tongue fuck her. "Oh God, YES, YES!" she shouted out, unable to control herself. The arse was great, but nothing could match Cheryl's soaking wet cunt, contracting around his cock.

As she bent over the bed, her breasts dangled from her dew covered body, and shook after every thrust. She had a clean looking landing strip, which lead to her tight slit, with was accompanied by two narrow labia at the sides. Only in the nude can a person truly appreciate the art form of a woman's body. After every thrust Cheryl's face was in complete ecstasy. This wasn't acting... This was real.

Harry pulled out from his wife and turned her around so she laid there on the bed, her body still writhing from the immense orgasm she just experienced. They weren't done yet however. Cheryl pulled down Harry by his cock, and guided it towards her mouth. Harry's average length but thick penis disappeared past Cheryl's shiny red lips. She repeatedly sucked in till she had dimples on her cheeks, each time at varying depths along the shaft. After every suck left, Harry let out a slight "Ahh", obviously enjoying the sight of a gorgeous woman around his dick. Cheryl knew how to give a blowjob, this obviously wasn't her first time. Her hands were massaging the testicles, and would occasionally stop to give a firm squeeze that would cause Harry's whole body to twitch in pure ecstasy. Cheryl took the cock into her throat as far as it could go until her whole face disappeared into Harry's pubic area. She held it there for a few seconds before pulling it out, covered in saliva mixed with the salty pre-cum. She kept eye contact throughout, showing her dominance and also that she was enjoying it as much as he was. A red ring from her lipstick covered the base of the penis. She looked up into Harry's eyes with a devilish smile, pointing out her achievement and marking her territory. This was her personal sex toy, and no one else's.

Cheryl's took out her tongue and licked the whole length of the shaft before continuing to the balls, and even underneath further. She lingered on the testicles, taking turns to using her tongue and suck them into her mouth for an oral massage; before taking them both and gagging on them. Harry's cock was twitching uncontrollably. This only meant one thing. He was going to cum, and by Cheryl's performance, she deserved a big load. Harry pulled her face from his balls, causing a lubricated pop sound. He pulled her for one more kiss, and put her face below his cock ready to be glazed in his hot sticky cum. Cheryl smiled again and held her big breasts together ready to catch any that leaked from her face. As Harry stroked his dick faster and faster, Cheryl used her tongue in a circular motion at the tip to speed up the process. This was her prize. She had earned it.

Cheryl pulled away just at the perfect moment, which can only be learned with experience, and with a final grunt from Harry, the pearl covered cum shot out of the tip. The first spurt reached from her forehead, covering her left eye and continued down past her red lips until it reached her chin. Harry distributed the rest of his seed evenly across her face with the majority going into her awaiting open mouth. Harry held his semi-flaccid penis near her mouth, and like the good wife, she licked up the last remaining drops. She had taught her kids to finish up everything given to them, and in the bedroom at least, she was no hypocrite. She licked the cum from around her lips like you would to the sugar from a doughnut.

She slowly opened her eyes, her left cum covered eye opening significantly slower, and smiled from ear to ear. As she smiled a pearly strand fell from her chin directly into her cleavage, which was still held together by her hands. With her eyes she signalled Harry to use his prick as a mop and pick up the drop from between her ample bosom. He guided his cock to each of her dark large areolas, slowly circling each one and then touching her ultra-sensitive nipples. Cheryl giggled each time, causing a tingle in her moist pussy. He wanted to make her wait, tease her and not give her the final sweet but salty drop of his seed. He finally picked up the cum and fed it to her eager mouth, like a kid awaiting their final sweet in the pack. She used her finger to clean up the rest of the cum from her mouth and swallowed it instantly.

She wasn't going to let her husband not feast though. This was Harry's night, it was his birthday and this was his surprise. She took her other hand and cleaned out her own cum from her moist pussy and offered it to her husband, who happily accepted. The air filled with the unmistakable musty smell only the juices of a woman can produce.

Harry collapsed into the bed. He had a long day at work, and a tiring but immensely enjoying sex session with his beautiful wife. Cheryl kissed her way up from his now flaccid dick up to his face, leaving red lip marks from her lipstick. She lingered her kisses on his neck before giving him a final French kiss. She pulled up the covers and rested her head on his chest. She could hear his heart rate slowing back to the normal rate. She looked up at his face and smiled, before closing her eyes. She was a sex goddess, and boy did she know it!

Written by: bigchief24

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