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Wife's First Gang-Bang Ch. 02

by CyrusMann©

Wondering around cleaning the house up from the previous nights exploits, Bridget was again amazed that she had done all seven men. She looked in on Ken asleep in their bed. He was completely spent from the many hours he, and his new co-workers had spent enjoying her. She knew she should be completely exhausted, but somehow felt even more energized by what she had done. The last of his new friends had left only minutes earlier, she could still taste him in her mouth. She just could not get over Kens willingness to allow her to explore, what she had always wanted to try, but never had the guts to ask for. He actually enjoyed watching as she fucked herself silly on all of those willing cocks.

She knew that the feeling she had was one of total satisfaction, and should be remembered for what it was. After cleaning up the last of the mess, she walked in and slipped into one of Kens shirts. She again looked at him peacefully sleeping and decided to let him get some rest. She walked back out into the den and slid onto the couch. Turned on the TV and just let her mind drift back to the events of the morning. She could feel her body warming at the memory of what she had done.

When she had asked, Ken had told me "Be my guest!" I just decided to see if they were indeed up for another round. Tim was my first target. He was asleep on the recliner, apparently these guys just fell out where ever they had been. I walked slowly over to his sleeping form, and slid down between his legs, lowering my lips to his flaccid cock. I again looked at my husband. He was all smiles at the thought of what was to come. Slowly, so as not to wake Tim until it was too late, I slid the soft cock into my mouth. I let my tongue encircle the head slowly, then pushed my head forward to get it all in while it was still soft. I could taste myself on him. I could not remember what he had felt like from last night. I had had all of them, but with the exception of Eliot and my husband, none of them stood out in my mind. She wanted to see if she could rectify that. Tim’s cock was coming to life in her mouth, she swirled her tongue around his cock like a lollipop. She could see she was getting her desired affect. His dick was stiffening quite nicely under her tongue lashing. His soft moans only drove her to begin sucking him a little harder, wondering if she was the object of his dream. His body flexed at her probing around at his now fully hardened cock. She was using her hand to keep his legs apart, and her head was wedged against the other. She decided to change her tactics and really give him a great blow job. She stood so her back was to the room and bent over his sleeping form. His breathing had subsided but, his cock was still very stiff. She wanted to know what deep-throating was like and figured this was her chance. Tim was about six inches so she should be able to handle it. She again placed her lips around the head of his dick and slid all the way down. As she felt it hit the back of her throat she remembered Ken saying to relax her throat and let it ease down. Easy for him to say she thought, with his monster. But she felt no rush as she did just that with Tim.

At first she had to resist the urge to gag, but soon had his entire cock in her mouth and down her throat. She adjusted her lips to allow his balls to press against her lips. She decided to see just how much she could take in. She began pumping his cock with her mouth, going to the very tip then all the way down to his balls. His body reacting to this sudden change, his hips flexed at her face. She was amazed that Tim had still not awaken. She had been sucking his cock for about five minutes when she felt the tell tale signs that a mouthful was coming. His cock grew a little more and she doubled her efforts, sliding up and down his cock. She could taste the beginnings of his explosion, when he finally was getting ready to erupt, Tim awoke with a start. He reflexively grab her by the head and pushed his cock all the way down her throat emptying his load in her. After a few second, Tims mind made the connection, and he jumped back looking around at his surroundings. She sat up and just smiled. "Good morning", she said to him, as a look of worry spread across his face. She looked around to see why he looked so nervous. Ken was standing there watching her little performance. She looked back at Tim and told him to relax. The cum running down my chin was all the explanation he needed, remembering the night before.

Ken and Tim went to the kitchen to make coffee. I on the other hand was just getting started. I spied the two Jims on the floor. They slept side by side a few feet apart. From my point of view a perfect spot for a warm body to be. I got between them, and again was astonished at my complete transformation into a slut. These two guys didn't know what was about to hit them. I positioned myself so both of their cock were within reach. I started to do the same as I had done to Tim, only minutes before. Going back and forth between them. Unlike Tim however these guys woke up immediately. They looked around to see that they were indeed getting head while everyone else slept. Both these guys decided that head wasn't what they wanted. Within seconds I found myself being pulled on top of one Jim while the other was probing my ass with his fingers. Both of them were almost the same size short and fat. I mounted one and began to slide down on his waiting cock. I could feel the hardness of his morning hard-on. It a pleasure to at last have a willing dick again filling me. I could feel Jim one, playing with my tits. Jim two was now sliding two fingers in and out of my ass. Just as my oragsm hit Jim two pulled out his fingers. He waited as the tremors of my orgasm subsided. Jim one had felt it coming and slowed to allow me to regain my composure. After I had calmed somewhat, he again pulled me down to start furiously pumping into my, now saturated pussy. I was in heaven, I just couldn't get enough. Just as I felt another climax start to build, Jim two pushed the head of his diamond hard cock against my ass. I knew he would have no trouble getting in, my ass was still leaking from last night. He seemed to realize this as well, and just slammed himself up to the hilt in my ass. I almost passed out from the total pleasure of these two guys now pumping me from both sides. They seemed to know when to slow and when to pick up the speed. I was moaning like the whore I was. I had now cum almost constantly for five minutes. I didn't care what noise I made. I could feel another cock at my mouth, as the Jims continued their assault. I didn't look or care who's it was, I opened my mouth and greedily took it in. As the man in my mouth pushed in, I realized I couldn't breath. It was then that I opened my eyes to see Eliot and that monster of his standing in front of me. I wasn't sure if I could do what I had done to Tim, he was so big. Eliot smiled and relieved me by saying, "I'm next guys, so don't wear her out too much." At hearing that I'd have that huge cock inside me again, I fucked the Jims for all I was worth.

They lasted for another few minutes before pumping their loads into me. I could feel the warmth fo their loads in my ass and used box, running out of me mixed with that of all the rest. I had no idea what was keeping me up. I turned to look at Eliot and that battering ram of his. He smiled and told me to put my head on the arm of the chair. This position put him behind me doggie style. I knew I would be tasting him soon. From that angle he would be able to fuck me silly, reaching all the way inside. I couldn't wait, I turned and awaited him to impale me with his monster cock. I felt the head spread open my pussy lips easily. Then like a wedge, I could feel him slowly push it into me. I thought he would never stop, he just kept going, he was much bigger than I had remembered. I could feel him in my stomach and still he seemed to keep going. I didn't believe I could take anymore, when he started to pull out. The mix of relief and loss pushed me to new heights of slut. I pushed back onto him yelling for him to fuck me! My husband and his friends stood watching, egging Eliot on. The sounds of me being seriously fucked by Eliot was all that could be heard. All Ken's friends were watching as he slammed into me, he was not being gentle and I wanted nothing less than to be abused. I could feel him hit bottom each and every time, my cervix getting a the beating of my life. I lost count of how many times I had cum. He kept up the pace for what seemed forever. I no longer knew or cared how long, he seemed a machine just fucking me senseless. I could feel the blackness of oblivion again creeping over me. I was just about to pass out when Eliots cock exploded inside me, he grabbed my hair pulling back while he jammed that monster completely inside me. The feeling of my hair being pulled was enough to wake me. I was jerking around like I was short circuiting, and could feel Eliot's cock deflating inside of me. I fell forward completely spent, my body spasming like a fish out of water.

The guys were now all awake, they had watched as Eliot fucked me senseless. The high fives were being given to him, like a conquering hero. I could not move from the floor. Ken came to me and asked if I was OK. I mumbled that I needed coffee and some rest, but otherwise I was fine. He and Justin helped me into the lounge chair. I could not help but wonder if I could take anymore. Justin smiled and began rubbing my legs. He seemed content to just massage them and I appreciated the kind act. I just sat as the guys all drank coffee and talked about work the following week. I was left to sleep and knew I would enjoy a hot bath when I woke up. Little did I know how far from the truth I was.

I was drifting out when I felt Kens hand on my face. I looked up and his face smiled down to me. "I'm headed to bed baby, is that OK?", he looked at the two guys left. I looked to see only Justin and Art still there. I smiled at Ken and said, "Sure, I'll be fine!" He looked again at his new buddies, "Leave some for me OK guys!" Then headed for the bedroom. Justin smiled at me and asked if I was up to finishing. I looked at him and Art, not sure if I was able to move much less finish. Art suggested that maybe they should just leave. That was all I needed to show I could indeed finish. I pushed up from the lounge chair and got down on the floor. I looked at Justin and remembered his kindness earlier. "You first stud, I want you in my ass. "The words sounded like I was a common whore, not those of a mother of two. Justin smiled and walked behind me. I could feel him press against my now wet and sore ass, but was determined to finish what I had started. I pushed back forcing him to enter me. He was gentle and took his time. I enjoyed the change from the rough way I had acted earlier that night. It was a pleasure to take my time and just enjoy what Justin was giving me. He was easily sliding in and out of my ass. I couldn't remember if he had been in there before and was just about to ask when, I felt Arts cock at my lips. I knew I could handle him so opened my mouth and took him easily into my hungry mouth. I grabbed his ass and pulled him into my face so I could get all of him down my throat. At the same time Justin began to pick up the pace. I was getting my ass again fucked silly, while at the same time getting my mouth fucked, was there no depths I wouldn't sink to? I could feel Justin begin bucking wildly into my ass. I could feel his cock begin squirting what seemed gallons into my now loose and very wet ass. He screamed as I clenched my ass cheeks to milk all of him. I could feel Art begin to tense and decided to grab him and take him deepthroat to the finish. The look of total surprise as I let him slide down into my throat was enough to send him over the edge. He grabbed my head and just pushed, I almost choked as he released a load down my throat. I couldn't breath and was starting to panic when he finally let my head loose. I could feel the last of his load in my mouth and could also feel Justin slip from my ass. I again just fell over, totally spent and did not want to even move.

They got dressed and said their good-byes. Justin assured me that this was a weekend he would never forget. I was thinking the very same thing and smiled back at him. "Please lock up boys, I will be unable to move for some time OK?"

Art laid a blanket over me and they left leaving me to enjoy the feeling of total exhaustion. I quickly fell asleep, my body spent and cum covered. I would gladly enjoy a hot bath when I woke this time!

Written by: CyrusMann

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