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Enslaved on an Alien World

by Wifetheif©

The trip to Antares Four should have taken four weeks at translight speed. I was off to a new job on a new world. It would be first class engineering. My wife of two years accompanied me. I was still head over heels in love with her. She has long red hair, porcelain skin, and green eyes. Her figure is perfect and flawless. I would say that I am biased but she turned heads everywhere we went.

Cabin space is at a premium in space liners so Sherry and I had to double up. The other couple in our cabin were Marcus and Fatima. All I could tell you about Fatima on our outbound trip was the color of her eyes, deep brown. She was veiled head to toe as was the custom on her home world. Like us they were on their way Antares Four where Marcus was going to take a teaching position.

Because of the closeness of the cabin the four of us got to know each other fairly well. I admired Marcus's intellect and Fatima's wit. Her voice was quite melodic and delightful. She was of average height and had lovely soft hands. Sherry told me that under the veils she was quite beautiful. On the first day we worked out a system. The women got ready for bed while we men were out of the cabin, waiting in the narrow main hallway of the liner. By the time Marcus and I reentered the cabin Fatima was safely ensconced behind the curtains of her and Marcus's berth. In the morning we men reversed the process until the women made themselves presentable and Fatima was safely hidden from view.

I asked Marcus and Fatima about their tradition. They were from Primus Nine which had been settled centuries ago by their forebears. The sect that had settled Primus Nine took many of its traditions from earth. The sect had been in steady decline on Earth so most of its adherents had migrated. Marcus explained that time had tempered the faith but that it still had some inviolate rules. One of which was the veiling of females once they reached age twelve. Marcus had never seen Fatima's face until their wedding night.

"To tell you the truth," said Marcus. "I discovered that I had married the most beautiful woman in the world on my wedding night."

Sherry thought that that was the sweetest thing she had ever heard.

I had to admit that I fantasied quite a bit at to what Fatima's snow white veils kept hidden. Only around other women could she doff her veils. I could tell that she was not fat as, from time to time, a shapely ankle in a sandaled foot came into view from beneath her robes. Once the liner had taken a sudden jolt and Fatima fell into the chair I was sitting in. She felt very light as I helped her back to her feet. The small shower stall could be used only once a week as a water conservation measure. When the women showered we men waited outside and the opposite happened when we men showered. I understood that Marcus and Fatima were a conservative couple and Sherry and I put up with it. However when we traveled we were use to letting things hang loose. Once on a trip from Orion to Earth the other couple, and Sherry and I, politely ignored the casual nudity that life upon liners often produced. But one adapted to one's circumstances.

A week before we were scheduled to make planet fall on Antares Four, the four of us were in our cabin sharing dinner. Liner life is not too bad. While you can only shower once a week, the food is plentiful. The cook is a gourmet who does wonders with reconstituted food. There is no real room to move around aside from your cabin and the small lounge. There is some exercise equipment in lounge but most folks only exercise before their showers so that they don't stink up the place. We kept the door to the cabin open, as we always did when we were not sleeping, to give the illusion of more space.

I had just taken a bite of my synthetic shrimp when we heard the unmistakable sound of he ship dropping out of translight speed. The alarms and warnings all went on. I knew instantly that something was wrong. Wherever we were it was not Antares Four. We were in free fall for a few seconds and then natural gravity returned. Our meal trays clattered to the floor in a mess. We had made planetfall. We heard a commotion at the front of the liner then men and women in uniforms stormed out of the cockpit and into the common hallway. Instantly my heart sank I recognized the uniform as those of the Confederation, the alliance of pirates and slavers.

On monitors in our cabin we saw the hatchways open and armed soldiers appear at each, One who was clearly the leader strode to the fore and with a voice amplifier began issuing statements.

"Ladies and gentlemen there is no need for panic, as that will not do you any good or prevent what will happen to you. The pilots and crew of this star liner have defected to the Confederation. We are now on the planet Delta-Knox. I am afraid that you will not be traveling on to your desired destination. However the government of Delta-Knox has plenty of places for you. You will exit the liner as instructed and led by my soldiers. DO NOT bring your property with you. You will shortly be processed and assessed. Most of you will be sold within a few days. "

A panicked buzz went up amongst the two hundred passengers. Delta-Knox was infamous as one of the home worlds of the Confederation. They honored no treaties, were heavily defended, and amazingly prosperous. The planet was a haven for all kinds of illicit activity. Piracy, counterfeiting, smuggling, drugs, kidnapping, Delta-Knox profited from them all. It also had a government that could best be described as fascist which possessed a smartly run, well armed military and space fleet. They also practiced slavery in forms not imagined for over nine centuries.

Instinctively I wrapped my arm around Sherry. I saw Marcus do the same to Fatima on the opposite couch. Neither of us had weapons nor would they have helped us against the massive fire power entering the liner. I embraced Sherry and gave her a deep quick kiss. Since our cabin was near the front of the liner I knew that it would not be long before they came for us.

"What ever happens Sherry, remember always that I love you."

"I love you too, Sebastian. " She replied.

On the opposite couch, Fatima was weeping loudly into Marcus's shoulder. I felt an immediate sense of great pity for her. Then my mind filled with stories I had heard about what happens on Delta-Knox. None of it was good. Our captors would quickly determine from the boarding registry which passengers might be worth ransoming. Corporate big wigs, major investors, people of independent means would be taken aside and held until their ransoms were paid and they would be free to go. The Confederation were thieves but they had a peculiar kind of honor.

As for myself and Marcus, neither of us was irreplaceable and neither of our employers could hope to come up with the ransom figure the Confederation would saddle us with. Even if they could they had no authority to bargain for our wives. I never felt more alone than I did at that moment.

A few moments later armed soldiers appeared outside our cabin. They wore black uniforms with silver highlights the male sergeant wore a crew cut the female private a bob. Both looked to be in remarkable physical shape. Weapons were leveled at us.

"Hands over your heads!" Barked the sergeant. "You will leave in single file and will march as directed to the processing facility. Don't try anything stupid like heroics. You WILL regret it." I was first out of the cabin followed by Sherry and the still weeping Fatima. Marcus trailed.

As Fatima exited the cabin the female private said, "What have we here? A mummy? They will take great delight in unwrapping you sister."

That resulted in Marcus saying something to defend his wife's honor which resulted in his receiving a rifle butt blow to his head. The blow staggered him but, after a moment or two, Marcus fell into his place in line. We exited the space liner to discover the green sky of Delta-Knox, the planet's two suns were at full perigee. It was noon local time. The tarmac was hot under our feet as we marched towards a building at the edge of the space port. As we marched we passed our space liner pilot and crew. They were posing for pictures with a Confederation general. A sumptuous meal was spread out before them.

Rumor had it that the Confederation paid very well and provided unheard of perks to defecting liner crews. Apparently those rumors were true because there had been an upsurge in crew defections of late. It was especially a problem with younger crews. Pilots without roots and making less money than their established peers were more likely to risk defection. I did not believe it was that simple as our crew was mostly middle aged.

As we neared the building, the line was divided by sex women to the right, men to the left. I watched as Sherry and Fatima marched to their side of the line. Some male soldiers focused on Fatima. "What are you hiding woman?" one of them yelled. Fatima just wept louder

"Check her out!" the other ordered. He leveled his gun at Fatima's forehead.

The first soldier unsheathed a knife and approached Fatima she tried to shrink back but a third soldier crept up behind her and held her fast.

The lines stopped marching. The Delta-Knoxians obviously wanted us all to watch and learn from this example.

The first soldier said, "Secrets are NOT permitted!" He bent at the knees and pulled Fatima's robes taught. Then he deftly sliced up the front of the garment. With one movement he also tore away the veils covering her face.

The soldier holding Fatima loosed his grip just long enough for the white fabric to fall to the ground. Sherry had understated things when she said that Fatima was "quite beautiful" Fatima was a stunner as few women I had ever seen. Her skin had an olive complexion, her hair was long and black fastened in a plait that went most of the length of her back. Her legs and arms were long and shapely. Only the briefest of garments restrained her large breasts and veiled her sex. A few slices from the first soldier's knife and these were gone as well. I know I should have been focusing my thoughts on how appalling this situation was but I was really struck with the beauty of Fatima's breasts and pussy.

"You will bring a fine price on the auction block." Stated the first soldier. Fatima and the line began moving forward again. When Fatima tried to hide herself the guards ordered her to keep he hands at her sides. I thought that of all the passengers this situation must have been most devastating to Fatima. Sherry said that on Fatima's world being unveiled before a man who was not your husband of father or brother was the greatest humiliation possible.

Escape was impossible, soldiers closely guarded us. I had no desire to get beaten or killed. Perhaps that makes me less of a man. Before long we entered the door for men in the building. At once my Irises were scanned. It would only take fractions of a second for the computer to spill out all of my data.

"Welcome slave." Said an automated voice "Of course we know who you are but you lost your name and your freedom when you landed on Delta-Knox. You have no rights, nor are you permitted to own anything. A lucky few of you will be ransomed the rest will be fitted to a place that suits them by the benevolent Delta-Knox government."

I stepped into a stall as indicated. I noticed a female Lieutenant in front of me. She lowered a weapon and said simply, "Strip. Everything comes off including jewelry. Place it all in the bin provided."

She wore the standard issue army bob and had a no nonsense look upon her face. She would have been far more attractive without the haircut. I saw a flicker of impatience in her eyes and she clutched the weapon tighter. That was all the motivation I needed I began to undress. In a few moments I was down to my jewelry. My many times great grandfather's military dog tags, a copper bracelet and my wedding ring. I deposited them all into the bin on top of my clothes. I knew that I would never see them again.

I shivered in the cool air of the building. I was urged forward to another room. I was led to a hose that dispensed viscous fluid which quickly dried. My entire body below my neck was coated. The substance burned a bit. The female soldiers supervising the procedure made sure that every part of me was coated. We then walked into a room whose temperature was very high with a very bright light. The door shut behind us. Some of us thought that we were going to be gassed but cooler heads prevailed . "If they were going to kill us they would have done that already." said a voice. Instantly we knew this was true. We were in this chamber for about fifteen minutes and then the door opened. Somewhere along the line I had lost track of Marcus. When the chamber opened we realized that the next room was showers. There were enough shower heads for each of us.

Female soldiers handed us a vial of soap. We were told to lather up. I noticed that here as everywhere else, the soldiers supervising us were women. I gathered that male soldiers processed the female captives. I thought of Sherry. She was no prude but she certainly would not enjoy stripping off in front of a room of men.

Once the water hit us we realized that the viscous substance was a depilatory. All the hair on my body, and a few layers of skin, peeled off with the water. Afterwards my skin was pink and shiny. I felt like a shelled lobster. Next we were lined up, one by one, before some sort of scanner. At last we entered a larger room.

A female general was waiting for us.

"Welcome slaves. You will be off to your next destination once you are fitted with your chastity devices. We on Delta-Knox are careful to control slave breeding. Most of the females that were captured with you will be sold and kept infertile for a year or so before they are bred. Most of YOU however will be kept in chastity devices twenty four seven for the rest of your time with us. We find that these are cheaper than drugs and are more effective. If any of you have traits that are worth preserving you MAY be bred. But mostly we have rather virile male soldiers and Prime citizens who do the impregnating for us. If any of you had wives or sweethearts on that liner she is already enrolled in our breeding program."

This started a ruckus. Many men voiced their opposition. The General raised her hand and from the shadows behind her came armed Marines. These were formidable looking men. All huge and heavily muscled. Their weapons were impressive and each had a look in his eye that implied that he was just itching to ventilate all of us. That quieted us down.

From behind the Marines came a squad of female soldiers all bearing equipment. With a gun to our heads we were each in turn locked into a device. A female soldier disparaged the manhood of each of us as she locked up into our devices. There was a formidable lock that operated by a computer code keeping it shut. The devices allowed us to urinate but the possibility of even getting an erection was non-existent.

Once all of us were locked away we we led to a final room where we were measured and fitted with a pair of pale blue slippers. At last we stepped into the twin sunlight of Dixon-Knox. By now the suns were low in the sky. We were in a large stockade. Guard towers with machine guns ringed the stockade. Through holes in the fence we could view the women. They were all nude except for a collar around each of their necks and slippers on their feet. Like us they were hairless, also like a few of us, many of them we weeping.

I scanned the women with a desperate eye looking for Sherry. At last I espied her far off to one side. Her long hair was done up in braids, Like me her skin was pink and hairless. I mourned for Sherry's lovely red bush. It had complemented her porcelain skin splendidly. The collar around her neck was a golden color. The analytical part of me deduced that it was a probably a brass alloy, just like our chastity devices.

Some of the women came over to the holes and asked about their husbands or sweethearts. There was a gap between the fences so that there could be no touching. One lucky man was able to have an extended conversation with his wife in the other stockade until the guards broke it up. About an hour later several large transports lined up outside the woman's stockade and and we watched them forcibly loaded on and then they disappeared. I mourned the fact that I would probably never see Sherry again.

Shortly after the last truck full of women departed, our transportation arrived, The Marines herded us into the trucks, I was one of the first to board. Surprisingly, the ride was not long We were deposited in front of a large octagonal building. It turned out to be a giant holding cell complex. Men on one side women on the other. In a short time all of us were entombed in cells. Three of us shared a small cube. All of the cells faced the center court. A guard explained that each of us in turn would be brought to the center court where we would be sold. The fact that we would see the sale of cellmates and wives or sweethearts was, no doubt, meant to further humiliate us. The next sale was several days away.

I recognized one of my cellmates as a fellow passenger whom I had run into a few times in the lounge. The other one had been a passenger but I had never met him in my time on the star liner. We talked about a lot of things, mostly escape. We all tried to liberate ourselves from our chastity devices but soon realized the hopelessness of that task. There was a sink and a toilet. The walls were barred the floor, thick concrete. We were permitted to talk amongst ourselves but the guards came down hard on any cell to cell communication. The guards were cut from the same cloth as the soldiers. Their uniforms were even similar, just less ornate. They wielded clubs, and in a show of authority, busted a few heads of the more recalcitrant slaves.

"Slave." I rolled that word around my brain quite a few times. Slavery was ancient history everywhere else but Delta-Knox was not like any place else. The planet was so well defended that the Republic did not even draw up a plan for invasion. Trying to assault this planet would be suicide. The Republic placed its hopes on diplomacy but with its government policies creating so much wealth, Delta-Knox had little reason to negotiate. Rumors were rife that at least one Republic system was heavily leaning towards joining the Confederation. Some planets in bad financial shape openly talked about joining the Confederation just to get concessions from the the Republic government. In the parlance of several centuries past. The Confederation had the Republic by the balls.

I wondered what would happen to me. I also wondered about Marcus and Sherry and poor Fatima. I could not imagine that the proud Marcus would ever submit to being a slave. As for me, perhaps the female corporal who had locked me in my chastity device was correct to dismiss my manhood. I thought of Sherry being sold and eventually carrying another man's child. We had hoped to start a family on Antares Four. Obviously that dream was dead now. And what of the beguiling Fatima? Surely she would sell for a high price. She would no doubt become some rich man's play thing. Depressed as I had never been before and with nothing better to do I found a cot and tried to get some sleep.

Time passed slowly. We were fed twice a day. The food was plain and simple but it was supremely edible. A fresh batch of male and female slaves arrived around dinner time on the second day. This was apparently not a defection but an entrapment. One of the guards bragged about how it worked. A Confederation agent had gained access to the the star liner's computer. The agent altered the destination of the ship to Delta-Knox. By the time the pilots figured out what had happened they were in orbit where a fleet of Confederation vessels forced them to land. Heads were sure to roll in the Republic over this. But that did the new crop of captives little good.

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