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Good Morning

by KrissyCondom©

(Krissy, a 20 year old petite blond, who after an early life filled with generally twisted, perverted and abusive sexual adventures, has recently discovered a obsessive craving, for big, black cock. It wasn't long before her burning desire focused on one man in particular. Not a particularly warm or kind man, he was undeniably powerful with a passion that often escaped even his own control. From the moment that he first took her pussy, wildly and violently, she was inescapably drawn to him. So desperate was she for his approval and his huge, ebony cock, that she did anything he asked without question. He gave her a name, his pretty little "condom", and taught her what her true purpose was -- to be holes for his cock and a holder for his cum.)


She stirs. Snuggling her cheek against the silky pillowcase, she takes a deep, contented breath. Early morning light shines through the window as her eyes flutter open to see you there next to her, still asleep. You are lying on your back. Her eyes travel over your body, studying every contour, watching your chest rise and fall gently. Her eyes come to rest on your ebony cock, lolling peacefully on your thigh, and she smiles.

Trying not to wake you, she slides closer. With a feather-light touch, she reaches out to lovingly run her fingers over your sleepy cock. As always, she longs to feel every bit of you, experience you, connect to you through her senses. Gently she slides her fingers up your cock and runs her palm over the rough, dark patch of pubic hair at it's base. So, so softly she slips her hand down the inside of your thigh and beneath your balls to cradle them gently. As she rocks them in her fingers, feeling their weight and the shape of the smooth, round testicles inside, your cock twitches and begins to awaken.

She grins, and tries not to move the bed as she lifts herself up to lean over your leg. Her tongue peeks out between her pink, open lips in anticipation. She glances up at your sleeping face, and then leans down to run her warm tongue down the length of your cock. It stirs again, and her pussy stirs as well, as she continues to treat your growing cock to long, wet swipes of her tongue.

You shift and moan quietly, not quite awake yet, when she finally engulfs the tip of your hardening cock in her warm, wet mouth. She shudders as her pussy surges, and can't help but moan quietly as she runs the tip of her tongue all around your fat cockhead and starts to suck gently. As your cock thickens and becomes fully hard, she starts to stroke it as she makes love to the silky-smooth tip with her mouth. Leaning over your leg, her breasts dangle beneath her, her hard pink nipples brushing your thigh as she starts to bob her head.

You moan again. The sheets rustle as you lift your hands behind your head and look down to watch your little blond slut worship your cock. Moving her head down your shaft, she covers it with wet, sucking kisses, feeling it with her lips and tongue and cheek and nose as she rubs her face against it. Wet and shining with her saliva, she strokes your cock from tip to base with her hand as she slides her mouth down toward your balls and, with her pink tongue working, she snuggles her face right into them. She is truly lost now, lost in desire, lost in that happy place of one who is doing what she was born for. What she lives for. She doesn't even know that you are awake and watching as she covers your balls with her wet tongue kisses, and sucks each testicle into her warm mouth in turn. You move one leg for her, and she ducks her head deep into your groin to lap behind your balls, around the sides, and back up the underside of your cock with a long wet swipe of her tongue.

Glancing up, she meets your eyes, and with a smile opens her mouth wide and takes your cock in again. She wraps both hands around it, feeling the veins pulse, and strokes near the base of your cock as she pushes her head down to swallow as much of the tip as she can. Back in the tight opening of her throat, the mushroom head of your cock is squeezed and warmed as she resists the urge to gag and presses on. Slick saliva runs down your cock to further lubricate her stroking hand as she alternates sucking and trying to swallow it.

You reach a hand down, wrapping your fingers in her hair, firmly keeping her head from retreating as you start to stroke your cock into her tight throat. Each time, it seems she allows your cock deeper and deeper. But your cock is so impossibly thick, that her jaws ache and her throat protests with gags and streams of saliva that run over your balls. Her face reddens with the effort, and the gagging makes her eyes water. Tears wet her cheeks, giving her the appearance of a poor, abused, little white girl, crying as her throat is raped by your monster black cock. But in truth, her own juices are running down her inner thigh as you take control of her body and use her so she can truly fulfill her purpose as your condom and cumholder.

You pick up the pace, fucking her face roughly. Her ass is stuck up in the air, glistening pussy lips open, and her dangling breasts dancing and bouncing against your leg. You pinch her nose closed, and she places her hands on your thighs, not struggling, but giving her body to you, even as her face turns a dark red. And you use her hard, as she should be used, sheathing your cock in her warm wet throat - in YOUR warm wet throat, because this little cunt indeed belongs to you. She exists for your use, for your pleasure and satisfaction, and even as she chokes and suffocates on your cock, her body shudders as her own juices ooze from her open, pink slit.

A roar builds and rumbles from your throat as you use both hands to pull her head tightly to you, forcing your cock a little bit deeper in her even as it swells with your cum. Her nose is nearly touching your pubic hair as your cock explodes in her throat, sending most of your cum straight to her belly. The rest backs up around your cock to seep from her nose and the corners of her mouth, your cum stark white against her darkened face. You hold her head there until your morning orgasm is complete, and then still gripping her by the hair, you pull her head back, snaking your cock out of her throat. She immediately gasps for air and collapses on your leg. Her breasts are pressed against your thigh as her chest heaves, her head resting on your hip with eyes half-lidded. Cum and saliva cover her lips and drain from her nose.

Before her face even returns to it's normal color, her eyelids flutter open to see your cock lying in front of her face, messy with cum and saliva. She lifts a trembling hand, and wraps her pale fingers around it, bringing it to her mouth. Again her soft lips encase the end of your cock, sucking it gently and probing the crevasses with her tongue for lingering cum. She lifts her head enough to clean your cock and balls thoroughly with wide swipes of her tongue.

Once satisfied with her work, you roll her off of you, dumping her carelessly on the bed as you get up to head for your morning shower. She lies back on the bed, contently fingering her clit as she watches you wash and get ready for your day.

As you prepare to leave, you hesitate and pet her blond curly hair as she smiles up at you. Perhaps your eyes even soften for a moment behind those ever-present black shades. She has served you well again. But just as quickly, your face hardens and you withdraw your hand. Before turning away, you give her a stern reminder to not waste that cum on her face, and she nods quickly, having been taught that lesson by your belt. As she starts to wipe and lick it from her fingers, like a cat cleaning itself, you step out the front door, locking it behind you with a click that echos through the quiet apartment.

To be continued....

Written by: KrissyCondom

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