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Three Horny Moms 03

by SirSinn©

This is a direct sequel to "Two Horny Moms, Two Horny Sons" which you can find here on Literotica. It's by daniellesadvisor who passed away a few years ago. I've had the okay from his friend to continue it and, like the original, it's going to be low on plot and more about the sex. Unlike the original, I'm going to break it up into individual chapters. Everyone involved is 18 or over, by the way.

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Three Horny Moms, Four Horny Sons, One Horny Daughter

Chapter 3

Serena rang her neighbours' doorbell and waited for it to be answered. With her mother out picking up Jason while Rob ran errands, she thought now would be the best time to have a chat with Jill. Wearing just sneakers, yoga shorts and a tight lycra vest that left her trim midriff bare and clung to her big tits, causing them to billow out of the top, she looked like she was heading to the gym for a work out but she had something else on her mind.

Jill answered the door wearing a summer dress that clung to her curves, the top few buttons undone to reveal the start of her deep, impressive cleavage. When the families had got to know each other, Serena had marvelled that her mother -- and herself -- had seemed to meet their match in the big boob stakes.

"Hi Serena," Jill said, standing back. "Come on in. I'm afraid Tony's not around right now," she said, assuming she'd come to see her son.

"Thanks, but I actually wanted to talk with you, if that's okay," Serena said, heading into the lounge.

"Oh, okay. Well what can I do for you?" Jill said as they both sat on the couch, Serena smiling as she noticed Jill's gaze fall to her lycra clad jugs.

"As you know, it's really hot at the moment, which means - - I've been sleeping with my bedroom window open,"

Jill smiled, crossing her legs, her knee almost touching Serena's. "Go on,"

"And I guess you've been doing the same because - - because last night, I could hear you and Tony."

Jill leaned forward and whispered, "Hear me and Tony doing what?"

Serena began breathing deeper, her big tits rising with every breath as she realised Jill wasn't going to deny anything. Jill moved even closer to her, placing her hand on her thigh.

"I - - I could hear you fucking," Serena almost moaned. "And the night before - - I heard you - - begging him to - - to fuck you in the ass,"

Jill grinned and slipped her hand on to Serena's bare waist. "My son really enjoys making me beg him to cram that big dick of his up my ass. I know I shouldn't, but it feels so fucking good, taking his huge cock up my tight little butt hole," Jill whispered. "So what now?" she asked softly. "Are you going to report us?"

"Oh no, no," Serena said quickly. "Last night, after I heard you, I was so horny - - I went to my brother's room, thinking - - I could wake him up and convince him to fuck me, but - - "

"But what?"

"My mom was already there," Serena blurted. "She was sucking Rob's dick while he was asleep! I think she heard you too and had the same idea as me. I watched her suck his cock until he came in her mouth and - - and all over her face and tits."

Jill gently pulled Serena closer, their big tits mashing together. "I bet he enjoyed that," she said, dipping her head and kissing Serena's neck lightly, running her hand up her back. "Tony loves giving me facials and shooting his load all over my big tits."

"Uhhhhnn - - Rob didn't - - didn't wake up," Serena gasped. Her own hand moved to Jill's thigh and pushed her thin sun dress up before sliding round and cupping her firm, naked ass.

"Doesn't say much for your mother's cock sucking," Jill said, her head moving down, kissing the tops of Serena's heaving tits. She reached up and pulled one of the shoulder straps down then reached into her top and hefted one of her huge tits out. With a moan, she clamped her lips around the small, hard nipple.

"Ohhhh, fuck - - he must have taken a - - a sleeping pill - - mmmmm, yes - - cause she looked like - - she knew what she was doing - - uhhhh, fuck!" Serena moaned as Jill sucked hard on her nipple. Jill moved one foot up on the couch and spread her knees wide, letting Serena's hand move from her ass to find her naked, hairless pussy. "Fuck, you're a horny bitch," Serena sighed, sliding first one then another finger into her neighbour's sopping wet twat, fingering her slowly and deeply.

"Mmmm, that's nice," Jill said, lifting her head and kissing Serena, their tongues swirling into each other's mouths. She moaned against Serena's lips as she felt the younger woman seek out her clit with her thumb, gently strumming the hard nub as she worked her fingers deeper into her cunt. "Ahhh, yeah - - fuck me, baby, fuck my pussy."

With her free hand, Jill pulled open her dress, not caring that several buttons popped off, and bared her enormous tits. Serena instantly swooped down and sucked and licked at her big jugs, sucking hard on her nipples as she finger-fucked Jill's soaking pussy.

"Oh fuck yeah - - fuck - - eat me, baby - - eat my pussy - - make me cum!" Jill gasped, humping her ass up against Serena's fingers as she gently pushed her head off her tits and down, over her belly. She smiled as her young neighbour eagerly did what she was told, her tongue joining her fingers in working over Jill's cunt, lashing at her swollen clit. Serena slurped noisily at her pussy, her chin covered in Jill's free flowing juices, before sucking gently but firmly on her clit, making Jill shudder and shake as her orgasm hit.

"Oh fuck! Fuck! Cumming! Making me cum, baby!" she cried out, reaching down and holding Serena's head in place, making sure she didn't move. Not that Serena wanted to; she'd fooled around with several of her friends in the past and had called on Jill with the intention of seducing her. She couldn't believe how easy it had been, nor how quickly Jill had reversed the situation and actively seduced her!

"Cum for me, Jill!" Serena gasped, sliding her fingers faster and faster in and out of Jill's clasping cunt. "Cum for me, mom!" she added a little quieter before going back to licking and sucking her clit, easing her through an intense orgasm.

"Oh baby, oh Serena," Jill sighed, filling her hands with her own tits and laying back on the sofa as she came down from her cum. "That was so good," she said as Serena lifted her head and moved up her body, the two of them kissing again, Jill tasting her own pussy on Serena's tongue. "I thought I'd have much more trouble seducing you," she said with a smile.

"Me too," Serena said. "That's why I came over today: after hearing you and Tony fucking, I figured I had to try and get into your pants," She glanced down to where her fingers were still slowly moving in and out of Jill's pussy. "Thankfully you weren't wearing any," she laughed.

"But you are," Jill said. "Stand up, baby,"

Serena took her fingers from Jill's pussy and licked them clean as she stood up then took off her lycra top, revealing her huge tits. Jill quickly removed her dress, the only thing she'd been wearing, and then sat up and hooked her fingers into the waistband of Serena's shorts, slowly peeling them down her toned thighs before they fell to the floor. Like Jill, her pussy was shaved bare except for a small, neat landing strip at the top, the plump lips glistening with her juices.

"Turn around, baby, let me see that ass," Jill said. Serena turned around and without being asked, bent at the waist, her ass and pussy opening to Jill. "Yeah, that's what I wanted," Jill murmured, putting both hands on Serena's ass cheeks and spreading them wide. She moved forward and dragged her tongue up the girl's open, wet cunt, tasting her for the first time before shoving her tongue deep inside her.

"Ohhhh god - - yeah, eat me - - stick your tongue in me!" Serena moaned. She grasped her ankles, her big tits squashed against her legs, and pushed back onto Jill's tongue, feeling her stab it as deep into her cunt as she could. Jill moved one hand and easily slid two fingers into Serena's twat, finger-fucking her slow and deep.

"Spread your ass for me, baby," Jill said, watching as Serena reached back and grabbed her own butt cheeks, pulling them apart. She smiled and continued fingering her pussy while she feverishly tongued her asshole, worming inside the tight ring.

"Ohhhh fuck - - fuck - - oh you dirty bitch," Serena gasped, her legs starting to shake as she felt her orgasm building, Jill's fingers and tongue feeling fantastic inside her holes. "Fuck - - gonna cum - - making me cum, mom!" she moaned.

Jill grinned as best she could at Serena's mistake, sliding her fingers deeper and faster in her pussy, sucking and slurping at her asshole. As she felt Serena on the brink, she quickly pushed two fingers up her ass, sending her over the edge.

"Uhhhhhnnnn - - fuck! Cumming! Fuck!" Serena cried out as Jill brought her off, fucking both her pussy and her asshole with her fingers. Her legs shook and she finally fell forward on to her hands and knees, Jill moving with her, her fingers never slowing down. Jill knelt behind her, still fucking her as she dropped her shoulders to the floor, her ass high in the air, her huge tits billowing out either side of her. "Oh fuck - - oh fuck," Serena moaned as Jill finally slowed her hands down and withdrew her fingers.

Serena rolled over on to her side and smiled up at her new lover who knelt over her, licking her fingers clean.

"I really hoped you'd be into girls as well as your son," Serena said.

"To be honest, you're only my second," Jill said, laying down next to her, their big tits squashing together. "And I've only been fucking my sister for a couple of months," she said with a grin.

"Oh my god, you're fucking your sister, too? Do you fuck your nephew Paul as well?"

Jill nodded. "The four of us get together most weekends and the boys fuck the hell out of the pair of us, then me and Kara get it on which usually revives the boys for another round."

"Fuck, I didn't realise she was as horny as you," Serena said with a laugh, cupping Jill's big tits and gently pinching her nipple.

"Oh she's even hornier. It was her idea for me to leave my window open so that your mom would hear me and Tony fucking. Our original plan was to get your mother involved first and then you and your brothers. Looks like we skipped a step, though," Jill moved closer and kissed Serena. "You realise you called me mom a couple of times, don't you?"

Serena actually blushed. "I didn't think you heard me," she said. "You're not offended are you?"

"Baby, I'm fucking my son, my nephew and my sister. Why would I be offended by the thought that you want to fuck your mother? Hell, I want to fuck her too!"

Serena kissed Jill passionately, her hands running over her big tits.

"Good, because I think I know how to make it happen."

Written by: SirSinn

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