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What I Learned in College Ch. 03.1

by JazzBoneDawg©

The idea for these narratives started as talks with my wife about my sex drive vs. hers. She holds the viewpoint that I am somewhat overly focused on sex at our age, which is for us, early our 50s. We have had many discussions and comparing of experiences, what it all that talking actually accomplished is yet to be seen.

What I Learned in College- Ch. 3.1 – Later That Night

Then we heard Linda say from just outside the door:

"You two should go to bed. Mal, you know where the guest bedroom is...'night y'all."

We both laughed. Kissing her as I gently withdrew what was left of my erection. I had the funny sense of this not being as awkward as it could have been. Neither of us gave a shit that we had just fucked in the bathroom at a party or that we weren't "dating" or whatever. Maybe it was a moment of mutual need? Sometimes that's all it is or has to be.

Joy interrupted the fantasy a somewhat by nervously asking, "Linda's cool with this right? Your really good friends with them...we're not imposing?"

"Joy, It's fine. They're very fucking cool. We are too fucked up a couple of different ways to even think about driving back to school. Are you good being in bed with me? I'll sleep on the couch if..." I ask, trying to be gentlemen.

She interjected, "Am I good with it? WE just Fucked. It was great and I am totally fine being with you tonight. You're sweet to ask though."

She kicked her panties and jeans the rest of the way off, saying, "Give me a minute, okay Mal?"

"Sure..." I said and exited the bathroom. Linda had lit a candle in the guest bedroom, turned down the bed and generally made things as nice as possible. Everyone needs good friends that don't mind if you come to their parties, get wasted and fuck in their guest bathroom.

By the time I took my turn in the bathroom, Joy was under the covers looking like she had crashed hard. By candlelight, I could see that her clothes were folded up on the dresser, panties and bra in plain sight.

I stripped off all the way and slipped under the covers hoping not to disturb Joy, if she was out cold. Lying down on my back, I was greeted by Joy rolling over and draping her naked, lithe body over the right side of me.

Her nipples were hard and poking me in the ribs. Her pussy was wet, slick and warm against the side of my leg. Joy gentle rubbed my chest with her right hand before she began to make a small circle around my left nipple.

"Malcolm, I'm gonna suck you and get you hard again if you'll let me?"

Was she really asking me if that was okay?

"If you do that, I think you'll have to fuck me again. Are you sure you want to take a chance on that, Joy?" I answered.

Joy slid the covers off both of us so she could position herself between my legs and get my cock in her mouth. Her tits brushed my thigh as she took me in her mouth. Settling down to work, she tongued the head of my cock and as I got harder and somewhat longer, she used her hand not to jerk me off as she sucked, but to keep the skin of my erection stretched tight. No loose skin was going to interfere with this blowjob.

Just when I started thinking this was all about me, Joy repositioned herself head towards my feet and backed her wet cunt onto my erection. She used me like a dildo and firmly and steadily fucked herself with my cock. It felt great and the view was wonderful.

It was impossible for me to resist caressing her firm ass cheeks as she herself on me.

I wasn't sure I would be able to cum without banging the hell out of her. The first cum of the night has been so good and so needed I didn't feel the "urge" to orgasm...yet.

What I did do was wet my index finger with some spit and position it so the tip was just barely penetrating her tight little asshole. She surprised me by taking my hand and instead of removing it; she pushed my finger into her anus past the first joint.

"Oh, fuck...I didn't know I liked that." She purred. "You started something in the bathroom, Mal..."

I saw a small tube of hand lotion on the bedside table. Taking my hand away from her pucker for a moment got a sigh of frustration for my new fuck buddy.

"Joy,...thumb or two fingers, baby? I asked. After all, I am a Gentleman.

"Somethin..." was all she could answer.

My balls were soaking wet from all her pussy juice. Joy was a hot fuck for sure!

I lubed my index and middle finger before inserting firstly, my middle finger and allowing her time to take it up her ass to the second joint. Secondly, I got both fingers in the first joint immediately. She was digging the probing.

I heard Joy say, "Leave your fingers in my ass...please?"

She fucking said "Please?" Hot and cute with good manners is a winner with me.

"Joy, whatever you want, sweetie."

As a matter of fact, I'd have been glad to try sticking my cock in her ass.

Joy was going with "If it feels good, do it." In no time at all, she was getting into being fucked in two holes at once.

"I want to cum so bad." was the next thing out of her mouth. She was so easy to get wound up and ready to cum.

'Touch your clit hon,...that'll do it for ya." Unless she was wired differently, that was the right thing to say.

And about that time, I got the message from my balls that yes,...we were going to pop again.

Just because I didn't know how she would react, I let Joy in on the secret by saying, emphatically,

"I'm gonna get it. Cum with me Joy."

That did it. She went off and her ass spasmed around my fingers as I spewed cum deep in her hot, tight cunt. I had a hand on each ass cheek rubbing her as we both tried to settle down from our cumming.

"Oh, fuck...I felt that." Joy explained to me as she laid herself flat over my right leg, and sort of collapsed as little waves of orgasm went through her.

We lay there for what seemed like a long time until my cock slipped out of her.

Joy popped up, kissed me and headed for the bathroom again. I couldn't move until she came back into the room with a hand towel and a warm washcloth.

Joy washed hands and my pecker, drying me off, before planting a kiss on my balls. What a sweetie.

I was already thinking about (pardon the pun) the backend of this little fuck fest. To me it felt like cheating on Rhonda. However, at Rhonda's insistence, she and I were decidedly not exclusive, regardless of my feelings on the matter. In fact, Rhonda would probably be glad I was getting some strange. Rhonda knew I wanted to be more to her than just a fun fuck to her. I could imagine her response in a word, as being "Whew! No the pressures of me..."

Why in hell was I lucky enough to be on Joy's list? Or was this extra payback for being nice and patient with her the least few weeks? Maybe I was a "sneaky fuck" behind the back of some jock boyfriend that was going to want to kick my ass?

Even after tossing and turning some, I woke up early the next morning ass cheek to ass cheek with Joy. I have had way worse awakenings.

My next thought was, "What have I started..."

- To be continued -

Written by: JazzBoneDawg

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