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Mom & Sis Drunk and Horny from CFNM

by SusanJillParker©

Her body was pressed tightly against mine in the way that I imagined her holding and hugging one of the strippers before kissing them. With not even room between us for her to slide a crisp, new, dollar bill down my pajama bottom in the way that I imagined her sliding a dollar bill in a stripper's G-string before feeling their cock, I couldn't believe my Mom was French kissing me. Certainly not a mother and son kiss, this wasn't just any French kiss. This was an opening up the door to incest between two consenting adults type of a kiss.

This was my mother giving me the permission to have my wicked way with her shapely body. This was a real French kiss between a man and a woman instead of between a whore of a mother and her horny son. This was a passion filled, I want to fuck your brains out after I suck your cock kind of French kiss. This was a French kiss that I'd give a woman on the dance floor at a club before taking her home for sex at her place. Yet this was my mother and not some slutty party girl French kissing me. No doubt, this one kiss would have everlasting ramifications. No doubt, I'll remember and masturbate over this kiss for the rest of my life.

Even if nothing else happened other than that hot, French kiss, even if my mother nor sister gave me sex, a longtime sexual fantasy of mine, I was content that my mother French kissed me. Adding to my masturbation fodder for later, I couldn't count how many times I fantasized over French kissing my mother while having sex with her. Yet, not wanting things to prematurely stop there with just a kiss, hoping for more but wanting to take control, I pushed my Mom up against the front door to return her kiss with my passion while pressing my hardening erection against her soft belly.

Something that I only thought I'd be doing in my sexual fantasies, I was dry humping my mother while French kissing her. As if we were dogs in the street and as if my next move was to strip her naked and make love to her before fucking her, with her returning my humps with her kisses, I continued dry humping my mother while kissing and kissing her. With her lips temporarily satisfying all of my incestuous lust for her, so preoccupied in French kissing my mother, lost in her kisses, I didn't even think to feel her curvaceous body. What was I thinking or not thinking? She was willingly giving her body to me and I didn't even so much as feel her tits.

Returning her passion with mine, in the way that I kissed my prom date as a horny 18-year-old senior in high school, I French kissed my mother. I couldn't believe that I was French kissing my mother. Figuring it would all end there with just a French kiss, I couldn't believe it when she reached her hand down and felt my erection through my pajama bottoms while kissing and kissing me. As jolting, mind evoking, and sexually provoking as it was exciting, my mother's hand felt my cock as if I was one of her lovers instead of her son.

She slowly felt the full length of my erection before she cupped my balls with the gentleness of a mother feeling my forehead for a fever. Teasing it and squeezing it, her manicured fingers felt so good on my hard cock even through my pajama bottoms but I was so hoping that she's reach her motherly hand inside and pull out my cock. Something I've wanted to experience for years and masturbated to while imagining my mother feeling my cock, it was then that I knew that she wanted me as much as I wanted her. No doubt about it, it was then that I realized I'd be having sex with my mother.

Obviously getting lucky tonight, by the mere fact that my mother was French kissing me while feeling the hardness of my cock through my pajama bottoms, I couldn't wait to strip her naked. Wishing she'd reach her hand inside, pull out my cock and stroke me before falling to her knees to suck me, instead she continued grabbing my stiff prick through my pajama bottoms as if she was holding onto her dildo. Having never touched my cock before, inside or outside of my clothes, something that I've always imagined her doing, my mother was feeling my cock now.

Having never touched and felt my mother before, as soon as she felt my cock, taking that as my personal invitation to respond in kind to touch and feel her, I felt her tits and fingered her nipples through her blouse. Never so sexual aroused with any woman as I was with my mother, my brain was on fire. A sexual fantasy overload come true, I was feeling my mother's tits and fingering her nipples while my mother was feeling my cock. I couldn't wait to feel my cock inside of my mother.

'Wow! Holy shit,' I thought to myself. 'I can't believe this is really happening.'

Even though I was enjoying myself immensely, in the back of my mind, creeping in with my guilty conscience, I couldn't help but wonder what kind of mother French kisses her son? Tit for cock, what kind of son French kisses his mother? More than just a kiss, what kind of mother feels her son's cock through his pajama bottoms? Unable to stop myself from touching her and feeling her, what kind of son feels his mother's tits and fingers her nipples through her blouse while kissing and kissing her?

Lost in a fever of incestuous desire, in that moment unable to tell up from down and right from wrong, she wasn't my mother and I wasn't her son. We were just a man and a woman about to have hot sex. Yet, if we continue to cross this forbidden line, if we go from here to the bedroom and have sex, with no turning back, what kind of people have we become? I didn't know and I didn't care. I just wanted to fuck my mother.

I couldn't help but think of all the trailer trash people who routinely appeared on Jerry Springer, sons lusting over their mothers and mothers having sex with their sons. Only we weren't like that. We weren't trailer trash. We weren't like them, I told myself while truly believing that there were extenuating circumstances that separated us from them. Having mitigating circumstances, our story was a different story than just a mother and son having sex. Our story was more of a love story, a son and mother so dependent upon one another that they can't imagine their lives without ever not being together, even in bed.

"I love you Jack," whispered my mother in my ear as if on cue.

"I love you Mom," I said responding in kind as if the word love was the key she needed to open her mouth to suck me and spread her legs to fuck me.

* * * * *

Not thinking about what's right and what's wrong until later, too sexually excited to even question the experience, especially after my mother told me that she loved me, I really didn't care what kind of mother and son we were. I was just glad that my mother had made the first move down the forbidden path to French kiss me and before feeling my cock through my pajamas. Sexually excited that she wasn't wearing a bra, a sexual fantasy come true, I was just glad that she allowed me to feel her tits and finger her nipples through her blouse without pushing my hand away and/or slapping my face. Just as I had a difficult time realizing that my mother was feeling my cock, I had a difficult time realizing that I was feeling my mother's big tits while fingering her hard nipples.

It was then that I knew that my mother wanted me to touch and feel her as much as I wanted my mother to touch and feel me. Hoping that it would go that far, I couldn't wait to get her in her bedroom, strip her naked, and make love to her. I couldn't wait to lick her while fingering her. I couldn't wait to fuck her, really fuck her. I couldn't wait to give her an orgasm. I couldn't wait to watch her and feel her coming while locked within one another's arms. After hearing her having sex with so many different men, it was my turn to give her venetian blind banging, rock star sex while she screamed her passion for me to hear.

"Jack! Don't stop. I'm cumming! Mommy's cumming," I imagined her saying while I pounded her pussy fast and hard.

Having seen enough down nightgowns of my mother and having routinely seen the impressions her erect nipples make through her nightgown, my mother has big tits and big nipples. Glad that she wasn't wearing a bra, I couldn't believe I was feeling my mother's big tits while fingering her erect nipples. I should have known that she wasn't but she surprised me that she wasn't wearing a bra. She was wearing a bra when she left the house and must have removed it at the CFNM club to give the strippers better access to her naked tits. God she's such a whore but I'm so glad that she is.

When I reached my hand inside her unbuttoned blouse and felt her breast and slid my finger across her erect nipple, first one and then the other, expecting her to do so, she surprised me when she didn't push my hand away. She surprised me when her kisses became more passionate as I felt and fondled her tits while fingering her nipples. So firm and yet so soft, the feel of her weighty breasts in my hand was just amazing. Allowing me to touch and feel her, it was amazing for her to French kiss me while she fondled my cock and while I felt her tits and fingered her nipples. I couldn't wait to strip her naked. I couldn't wait to get her in bed. I couldn't wait to fuck my mother.

As soon as I felt her big tits and fingered her hard nipples, her obvious erogenous zones, encouraging me to feel more of her, she squirmed and swooned. Making her more of a woman than just my mother, she surprised me with her sexual passion. She surprised me that she was as sexually aroused as I was. With her being my mother after all and me being her son, I still had a hard time believing that she wanted to have sex with me as much as I wanted to have sex with her. Was this real or was I dreaming?

With her allowing me to feel every curve of her shapely body unimpeded as if she was just wearing a flimsy nightgown, with her not wearing any underwear, no panties and no bra, I wondered if she had sex with a stripper. My mind was suddenly filled with my mother on her knees while sucking the cock of a stripper as he had his wicked way with her tits and her pussy. Maybe the reason why my mother was so horny was not only because she was drunk but also because she was so sexually aroused by the strippers. I couldn't wait for her to give me some hot pillow talk in sharing all of the details of what happened at the strip club. Obviously, even though she may have given some man an orgasm, he didn't return the favor. With me the beneficiary of her horniness, I was more than ready to give my mother what she wanted, an orgasm.

With her still fondling my cock and still French kissing me, a bold move on my part, I reached beneath her short skirt and between her legs to cup her naked pussy in my hand. Even while I was moving and positioning my hand between her legs, I couldn't believe that I was about to touch and feel my mother's cunt. Just as it was one thing for me to French kiss my mother, it was another thing for me to feel my mother's tits while fingering her nipples while she felt my cock. Yet, seemingly and entirely quite another thing, it was an even more serious, incestuous violation of her for me to feel her pussy.

An incestuous point of no return, going where no son should ever go with his mother, I was about to finger my mother's cunt. Becoming so turned on by her kisses and by her expert touch of my cock through my pajama bottoms, I cupped my mother's pussy in my right hand. There I felt her. Yet, as if poised at the precipice of opening Pandora's Box, afraid to move my finger for fear that I'd unleash her inner sexual beast, I was about to embark in the Devil's incestuous playground. Summoning the courage to part her clam, I couldn't even imagine wiggling my finger once inside of my mother. About to finger my mother, I couldn't believe I was touching and feeling my mother's cunt and about to part her pussy lips.

Such a bold move on my part and a sexual fantasy come true, while still feeling my mother's tits with one hand, I was feeling my mother's pussy with my other hand. I couldn't believe that I was holding my mother's blonde, trimmed, pubic haired cunt in the palm of my right hand. Having gone this far and no doubt believing that she would, I needed to know if she'd allow me to finger her. With a gentle but firm and deliberate swipe of my index finger, slowly moving my finger back and forth, as if my finger knew her combination, I traced the outside of her pussy lips before my finger parted her clam and fell deeper inside of her to feel her warm wetness.

Oh my God, as if I was dreaming this in a sexual fantasy, I couldn't believe that I was fingering my mother's cunt while kissing and kissing her and while feeling her tits and fingering her nipples as she continued fondling my cock. Her cunt was so wet that she made my cock so hard with the anticipation of licking her pussy before fucking her pussy and before having her suck my cock. Right there and right then, I was finally having sex with my mother.

Yet, I couldn't help but wonder if she was wet for me or if she was wet from having sex with the strippers? No matter who she was wet for, I fingered and teased her clit with my fingertip before pushing myself deeper inside of her to impale her pussy with my long, stiff finger. Tightening her hug around my neck, she gasped as my finger probed her deeper. As if I was her lover instead of her son and at this point I was her lover, I made my mother sexually gasp. Wow.

"Oh my God, Jack," she whispered in my ear. "You know just where and how to touch me."

A sexual fantasy come true, something that I always imagined doing, I couldn't believe that I was finger fucking my mother. Rubbing her clit, while pushing my finger deeper in and out, now that I was inside of my mother while she was French kissing me and still fondling my hard prick, I knew she was wet for me. I felt her wiggling her body while encouraging me to slide my finger deeper inside of her. In and out and all around, while rubbing her clit and wiggling my finger, I was probing and finger fucking my mother's pussy as if she was just another drunken woman that I picked up at a club.

Finally breaking off her kiss to breathe heavily in my ear as I still fingered her pussy, fondled her tits, and fingered her nipples, I felt her squirming her sexual desire for me. Then, when she stuck her tongue in my ear, telling me what I was wanting to hear, she whispered her desire for me.

"Fuck me Jack. Stick that big, hard cock in my warm, wet pussy. Make love to Mommy."

A son who always obeyed his mother, I couldn't wait to get her in her bedroom, strip off her clothes, and have sex with her. I needed to get my mother naked. I needed to see my mother naked. I needed to see her looking at me with sexual passion as I needed to look at her with incestuous horniness. Needing to make love to her first instead of fucking her, later, after I've had my loving way with her naked body, I'll really pound her pussy. Then, after we fucked, my longtime sexual fantasy come true, I needed for my mother to suck my cock while looking up at me with her big, blue eyes, so that I could put a gentle hand to the back of her head cum in her mouth.

* * * * *

"Hey, give me a turn," said my sexy sister interrupting us by pushing my mother out of the way.

As horny for me as I was horny for her, my sister was as horny as I imagined she'd be while having sex with the strippers. When Emma showed how much she wanted me, she inflamed my incestuous desire with passion for my sister as well as for my mother. She surprised the shit out of me when she pushed my mother out of the way to plant one on my lips. Just like mother like daughter, I couldn't believe my bitch of a slutty sister was French kissing me too. Then, when she reached down and felt my cock through my pajama bottoms in the way that my mother had just done, I took that as my invitation to feel her tits and finger her nipples through her blouse.

I knew she wasn't wearing a bra because I saw her bra sticking out of her pocketbook when she fell out of the cab, the slut. Reaching my horny hand down my sister's blouse in the way that I had just done with my mother, I felt, fondled, and caressed my sister's big boobs while pulling, turning, and twisting her nipples. The more that I felt her tits and fingered her nipples the more sexually aroused she became.

As much sexual passion that I had for my mother, I had even more for my sister. Obviously repressing my incestuous, sexual desire for my sister because I disliked her as a person, I put my feeling aside to feel her outrageously hot body. Firmer and softer than my mother's body, there was something that aroused me with having sex with my mother that having sex with my sister couldn't nearly approach. In the way that I felt so naughty doing my mother, I didn't feel the forbidden taboo for my sister that I felt for my mother. Nonetheless, had my mother not been first, I definitely would have more enjoyed making out with my sister.

Then, with my mother watching my sister's display of incestuous, sexual affection, shocking me even more, my sister did something that even my mother didn't do. She reached her hand inside my pajama bottoms, wrapped her fingers around me, pulled out my cock, and started stroking me. My sister was giving me a frigging hand job while French kissing me and while allowing me to feel her big tits and finger her hard nipples as my mother watched. As if it was all a sexy, incestuous dream, I couldn't believe that I was having sex not only with my mother but also with my sister. First my mother sexually attacked me and now my sister was having her turn.

'Wow! I don't believe this. This can't be happening,' I thought to myself while kissing my sister, feeling her tits, and fingered her nipples as she stroked my cock. 'I must be dreaming.'

Better than any incestuous, sexual fantasy that I've had of them while masturbating, I couldn't believe it. Unable to fully wrap my brain around the fact that I was finally living my sexual fantasy, I wish they had attended a strip club three years ago when my sister turned eighteen. Had they been like this three years ago, I'd already be fucking and licking them both by now and they'd be fucking and sucking me. Only, a time for everything, maybe we would have been tired of one another by now.

"Hey, don't hog him Emma. I want to have some sexy fun with him too," said my mother grabbing me by my arm, as if I was a pull toy or one of the strippers while pushing my sister away.

My mother and sister were fighting over me. Is this how they acted at the strip club fighting over the strippers? I couldn't believe my whore of a mother and my slut of a sister were fighting to have sex with me. When my sister tried claiming me for herself, my drunken mother pushed her drunken daughter out of the way again. When she did, Emma fell against the door and slumped to the floor in a sitting position in the corner with her skirt up to her waist and her legs spread wide open. Her blonde, trimmed pussy was exposed to my horny, incestuous eyes. The first time seeing my sister's pussy, I couldn't remove my eyes from staring in between her shapely legs.

'Damn,' I remember thinking. 'My sister's cunt is right there not ten feet away from me. Holy shit. I'd love to finger that. I love to lick that. I'd love to fuck that.'

Even though I so wanted to have sex with my mother, I couldn't help but stare at my sister's pussy. I so wanted to fall between her shapely legs and finger her while licking her before fucking her. With her long, shapely legs spread so wide open, she was showing me a lot of pink. The fact that her pussy was glistening told me that I had gotten to her by kissing her and feeling her big tits while fingering her nipples as she stroked my cock. Or who knows, maybe it was one of the strippers who got her so wet? Whether it was a stripper or me who had made my sister so horny, I was just glad that I was the beneficiary of her sexual excitement. As much as I imagined my sister blowing a stripper, I couldn't wait until she sucked my cock.

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