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A Different Curse

by TheDevilmademedoit©

This is my first story. Please let me know if you like this format. Please remember to vote and to leave a comment.

Julie Naha was 28 years old and was 5'7". She had dark brown hair that was long and framed her face. She had brown eyes, a small nose, and medium lips. Her body wasn't too muscular but she was fit because of her activities. Her breast was a 32B, a firm stomach area, and legs that were somewhat firm.

Julie loved to do many things. She loved to hang out with her friends. She also loved when she was working, she was really good at doing her job.

But the thing she loved the most was riding her horse, Shadow. Her Dad gave her Shadow when she turned 15. Her Dad was dead, but Shadow help take the loss better. Whenever she was lonely or confused she would go and ride him till she felt better. Julie loved spending time outside. She would go hiking, biking, swimming, and running.

Shadow was a solid black horse that loved to run so that is why she would ride him whenever she had a problem. That was what she was doing now, riding him because of her ex-boyfriend. She thought that she loved him, but he had broken up with her to go out with one her friends. That really hurt because her friend knew she loved him.

Her boyfriend broke up with her the day before. She remember the call so vividly that it still hurt. Mainly because he broke up over the phone.

He had told her that he didn't want to go out with her anymore and that he was going to start seeing her friend. He then hung up and never answer the phone at all that night. At first she thought that it was all a joke for yesterday was April the first, April fools day, but then when she call that morning, he told that what he said yesterday was true and that he was already seeing her friend.

She was riding Shadow in a wooded area. She had ridden him there before so she was letting him go where ever he wanted to go. While he was running she was trying to work out the problem and what she might do.

When she finished working out everything, she look around and didn't notice anything she was familiar with. She also notice that Shadow had slow down from the trot to walking, and then Shadow stop. She also notice that it was dark even though it was day time, the trees were blocking out the light of the day.

She look around and could not see why he stop so she tried to get him to move, but Shadow refused. She dismounted him and tried to lead him, but again Shadow would not move. She left Shadow where he was and took three steps and pass out.

When she woke up she was laying on her back looking up at the stars shining through the clouds. It was weird because it was morning when she pass out and now it was night. How long had she been out she wonder?

She sat up and notice a wall in front of her. She turn and look to her right and notice another wall. She look to her left and there was another wall. Where was she at? She didn't see any buildings before she pass out.

She stood up and notice she was no longer wearing her riding clothes. She was now wearing what look like a old-time nightgown. How did she get into this outfit? Did someone undress her and put this on her? She was a little afraid that someone may have seen her nude.

She decided she needed to get out of there so she turn around and notice that there was a opening but that their was another wall also. She notice that there was a path to the right, before the wall. She realize she must be in a maze. Somehow she was place in a maze. She wonder again at how she got there.

She started walking going to the right and she follow the path. There was walls all around and she could only go one way. Up ahead she saw another wall in front but the path was coming to a T section. She decided to go right when ever there was a choice so if she came to a dead end she could go to the last choice and go another way.

She was facing another dead-end. This was her fourth time she had to go back a little. She wasn't sure if she was any closer to getting out but this was her only hope. She felt like she had been in this maze for over an hour, but she knew that it was probably only 15 to 30 minutes.

She went back to her last choice and turn left and started walking along that way hoping she would not come to another dead-end. She came to a turn to the left and turn when she heard a strange noise coming from the path she was just on. She look around the corner and notice a lime-green blob coming down the path. She also notice that where it went over the path, it was smoking and smelt like something was burning. Was it leaving a trail of acid? She decided she didn't want to find out and started running along the path to put some distance between her and that creature.

She came to another T-section and turn right. She had put some distance between her that monster but not enough because she still smelt that burning smell. She follow the turn and face another dead-end and at that moment the moon went behind some clouds and it became very dark.

"How am I ever going to get out and not get attack by that monster?", she cried out loud.

"I can help you if you need it" she heard from a male voice.

She scream a little for the voice scared her but then said, "Can you really help me?"

"Yes, I can get you out of this maze by taking a secret passage I found, but I will have to lead you for if I try to tell you may get lost."

She smelt smoke again so she said, "Ok, where are you at?"

She felt a hand near her thigh and the voice said, "Grab my hand and get on your knees."

She felt something touch her leg and grab. She realize that the hand felt like leather. She realize that he was wearing a glove.

She grab his hand and got on her knees. She felt herself being lead into a path under the blocks of the maze. She was glad this person was here because she never saw that opening before the clouds cover the moon.

The voice said after a bit, "You can stand now and we can walk side by side for we are under the maze right now. That creature can't get to us here."

Under the maze was pitch black, so black that she couldn't even see anything in front of her. She grab his hand a little bit tighter because she was a bit afraid. She heard him try to stifle a laugh.

"Is there any lights down here?" she asked wondering.

"I'm sorry, but there isn't. Don't worry though, I will led you. I know this area pretty will."

She realize that she would have to trust him and not worry. She knew that her life was in his hands at this time. That is when she decided to try and find out some things about him.

"I haven't introduce myself. My name is Julie Naha, what is yours?"

The male said, "My name is Harold Master but you can call me Harry if you want."

Since she was already holding his hand she squeeze and said, "Harry, I like that name. I'm glad that you are here to help me. Do you mind if I ask you a question?"

"I don't mind, what is the question?" he ask her.

"How did you get here? I mean for me, I was riding my horse and he came to an area will he stop. I got off to figure out why he would not go anymore and then pass out and arrive here."

"It was a bit different for me because I was place here for something I did when I was younger, but I can't tell you what happen," Harry said sheepishly.

"Why not?" Julie asked.

"I just can't. I'm not allowed to tell anyone what happen right now. Every time I try to tell something bad happens."

"Can you tell me anything? I mean I would like to know something about the person who saved me," she said.

"You said earlier that you were riding your horse. I also like to ride. At one time I also had a horse. She was solid white and I got her when I was eight. I named her Daylight. People used to make fun of me for her name but lie I said I was eight and I thought the name was different," he said.

Julie said "A solid white horse. I have a solid black horse. I named him Shadow. That's kind of funny that we both like to ride."

Harry said, "Yes it is. I love to ride Daylight whenever I was trying to figure out something. On her I could figure out almost anything."

Julie gasp and said, "That is how I feel with Shadow. That is why I was riding him. I was trying to figure out the problem I was having with my best friend and the guy I was dating."

Harry asked, "What do you mean by that?"

"I thought I really loved this guy I was dating but then he went and ask out my best friend. I was upset but by riding I came to the realization that he was just going out with me to be able to get to know her", Julie said.

Harry said, "Some guys are like that. They don't know a good thing that is right in front of them."

Julie smiled at what Harry said. Even though she didn't know what he look like, since it was still so dark, he did seem very nice. All of the sudden Harry stop and squeeze her hand so she also stop.

Harry said, "We are coming to some steps now so be careful climbing them. There is about 50, give or take, steps so be sure you count going up."

Julie asked, "Are you not coming with me? I would really like to get to know you better."

Harry said, "I think I better stay here. I don't think you would like me if you could really see me."

Julie said, "Then I will stay down here with you. In this short time with you, I've gotten to think I know you pretty well."

Julie heard Harry breathing harder and then say, "I will come to see you made it out safely but then I will come back down if you want me to?"

They started climbing up the steps, counting on the way up, and when they reach 48 Harry stopped and said, "The exit is right above us. I will go first and make sure everything is safe for you to come up. As soon as you are safe I will leave you."

Harry let go of her hand and reach up and open the door. It was still dark outside so Julie could not see anything still. She heard Harry climb out and then after a couple of seconds she heard him tell her everything was safe.

Julie started climbing out and she felt Harry help her to stand. She had already decided that she was going to give Harry a kiss for being so nice to her. Harry went to let go but she held on to him and turn him so she could kiss him.

At that moment the clouds move from in front of the moon and with the brightness she got to see why he didn't want to come out of the darkness. His skin looked like it was wax that was too hot for it was drooping. His hair look like porcupine needles, one ear stuck up like a rabbit while the other droop like a dog ear. One of his eyes look like a cat eye while the other look like a snake eye, his nose was almost like an elephant nose, he had tusk like a warthog, and his moth was a beak like a bird.

She let out a gasp and he said, "Now you know why I live in the dark. That so no one will ever get to see me like this."

She was still holding him and she decided that what is on the inside counts more than what is on the outside so she lean in and gave him a kiss on his beak. There was a sudden bright light around him, so bright she had to turn her head and keep her eyes close. When the light died down she turned back toward him and was very surprised.

Harry had went threw a change. He no longer had drooping skin and his hair was black and straight. His eyes were now hazel and look like human eyes, his ears were now what human ears look like, and his nose had shrunk to a normal nose. The tusk had disappear and his mouth was a normal mouth.

She look at him in disbelief and said, "What in the world happen?"

Harry smiled and said, "You help to break part of a curse on me. Before you ask any more questions, I can now tell you what I could not in the tunnel.

"Like I said my parents gave me my horse when I was eight and I used to ride her every day. One day, right after I turned 13, I was riding her and we came to a field I have never seen before. I didn't see anything or anybody so I got of Daylight and let her walk around to eat the grass and I decided to rest a little. I must have fallen asleep because all of the sudden I was jarred awake by a scream.

"I look around and notice that there was a pretty woman throwing stuff at Daylight. I jump up and ran over to stop her from trying to hurt my horse. She saw me and ask if that was my horse.

"I told her that it was and what was the problem. She told me that he was eating some of her special plants. I look and notice that there was a small fence around a patch and that there was strange plants there.

"I told her that I was sorry for what happen but that I didn't see the fence when I let Daylight eat the grass. She yell at me and said that I would have to learn a lesson and that she could do something about it. I ask her what did she mean and she said that she was a witch and she was going to curse me.

"I tried to tell her I was sorry and if there was anything I could do for her, but she start talking real weird. I couldn't understand most of what she was saying, but I did catch that I would be in a place and would not be able to leave until someone was kind to me even though I would look ugly. I tried to interrupt her but she didn't hear me because she was now screaming.

"I got scared and got on Daylight and started riding away. I heard her yelling that it was no good trying to get away because the curse was already on me and would take effect when I turned 18."

Harry looked at Julie and said, "I've been talking for awhile. There is still more of the story but let us sit down so we wont be so tired."

Julie was glad he said that for her legs were getting tired of standing. They both sat down but still face each other. Harry took a deep breath and started his story again.

"When I got home I let my parents know what happen. The next day, my dad went with me to try and talk to the woman. When we arrive we first had trouble finding the place but then we saw her out in the field and went to talk to her.

"My dad tried talking to her but she was talking weird. Then we saw a couple of people come up and explain that they were there to take her away. They said that she was an escapee from the state hospital and they were there to take her back so she would not hurt herself.

"As we were walking away, I thought I heard her say remember the curse, but my dad kept on walking so I thought I was just hearing things. After a bit I start asking my dad if there really was a curse. My dad said for me not to worry because she was just crazy.

"I decided that my dad was probably right and not to worry. The only thing I did was make sure that whenever I rode Daylight, I rode her on marked ride trails. I just didn't want to see that crazy lady again.

"Then a couple of days later Daylight just disappear. I was really upset when that happen but my parents just acted like nothing happen. When I ask them what happen to my horse, they just look at me and told me that I never had a horse.

"As I got close to my 18th birthday, I started worrying about that lady and the curse. On the day before my 18th birthday, I spent most of the day getting ready for the party my family wanted to give me. I really didn't want one, but how can you say no to loving parents.

"That night, when I went to bed, I dream of the crazy lady. She was laughing at me and then said that the curse would take effect at the stroke of midnight and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I pleaded with her but she turn a deaf ear to me.

"Then another person appeared in the dream and she was an elderly lady. She said that even though she could not reverse the curse she could amend it. The crazy lady started laughing again and said that it would not make a difference for no woman would want to be seen with and then left my dream. The older lady said that she would place me in a maze and show me all the secrets so I could help anyone through it.

"I woke up and found myself in the maze and looking like you saw me. The older lady was still there and said that for me years would seem as weeks. She explained that every week, a new woman would be place in the maze and if I could get one of them to give me a kiss then the curse would be broken.

"She also said that I would still age like normal but that I would age a year in a weeks time. She then touch my head and I saw the entire maze and all the secret passage in it. Then she said she would give me some help in the maze and disappear."

"I hate to interrupt you, but did you ever find anything that would help you?"

Harry said, "No, the only thing I ever found in there was that green slime monster, but now that you brought it up I realize that when I saw the maze I never saw that monster. I wonder if that was the help she mention? Now to get back to the story for it is almost over.

"Then the crazy one appear again and said that even if I got a kiss from someone the curse would not be entirely broken."

Harry stop there and said to Julie, "Here is the last part of the curse. You have to chose for me. Either I can look handsome to you and ugly to everyone else or I can be handsome to everyone and ugly to you. You have to chose."

Julie thought about it and asked, "Is there any other choice I can make?"

"I'm not sure for they never said any other options. I have been like that for 12 weeks but I know it has been really 12 years. I have tried to help every single woman that has been place in the maze but you were the first to kiss me. I'm sorry if I am adding more trouble to you but that is the whole story."

Julie sat there and thought about the choices. It was a hard decision because it would affect his life. She started weighing the pros and cons of each of her choices.

Harry cleared his throat and said, "I don't want to put any more trouble on you, but I think that you might want to make your decision soon. Look."

She looked to where he was pointing and saw that slime monster coming toward them. She looked around and notice that there was no where to run so she said, "Since I have to make the choice then I choose...

I was going to keep on going with this story but then I decided to see what any of you think her choice should be. Should she choose him handsome or ugly for her. Or if you can think of another choice let me know. Please vote and let me know your decision. I will write the outcome later.

Written by: TheDevilmademedoit

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