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Workplace Affair with a Hot Wife

by samandjean©

A few years ago, a young woman came to work for me. I will call her Cheryl, to protect her and me. She was only 5' tall and very pretty in a cute way. There was an innocent air about her that made you assume she was very conventional and conservative. I would have been more interested in her if I had known what lurked beneath that deceiving exterior. Cheryl was 7 years younger than me and was also married. She was inexperienced in this field of work, and I was very happy to teach her everything I knew. Cheryl was very appreciative and looked up to me as her mentor. I have done this with a number of young women over the years but this was the only time I ever got in trouble.

Cheryl and I traveled as part of our business. We would be together a lot and we would talk for hours. She thought I was really smart and that seemed to be as sexy to her as if I was the most handsome guy in the world. I don't know if most women consider "smart" sexy, but Cheryl did.

So, Cheryl was petite and cute as hell. When she smiled, there were few women who looked as beautiful, in my opinion. She had long brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, great legs and a shapely ass. Her breasts were very tiny, however. I LOVE petite women, and she was about as petite as they come.

So she and I became very good friends from all the time we spent together. Women often tell me I'm a very good listener and they often end up telling me more than they intend to. Another woman who once worked for me once said "I can't believe I'm telling you all this!" It was the same with Cheryl.

One day, we were traveling to a client's meeting and she invited me over to her house for coffee before we went to the meeting. By this time, we had worked together for about 9 months. It was a funny feeling being in her house and by then, I really did like her and found her attractive. However, I was very hesitant to push things further because I really did love my wife. Plus, I didn't think Cheryl would be interested since she seemed so innocent. At one point while we were having our coffee, I had the urge to kiss her. I resisted, fortunately, because she told me much later that she would have been offended if I had (it was still too early in our relationship and we were both married). She did tell me many months later that after that day we spent together, she came home and was on an emotional high; she said she felt as if she had been on a great date.

As I mentioned before, we spent a lot of time together and talked for hours about various subjects. One day on a business trip about 18 months after we had met, Cheryl and I got on the subject of sex. I teased her that she was just a repressed, innocent little Catholic girl. She responded by saying she wasn't as innocent as I thought. This peaked my interest. I told her I didn't believe her and she got a little defensive. I said she probably had never done oral sex, for example. She quickly told me I was wrong. We then started to get into some details. We both were getting turned on and she even admitted that I was making her panties wet. I could tell from the way she spoke and looked at me that she was getting excited. We went to lunch and continued the conversation. Based on some questions I asked her, Cheryl then told me about some of her previous lovers, which really surprised me.

In order continue our conversation, I asked her if she wanted to get a beer. She quickly agreed. I was really pleasantly surprised because Cheryl had seemed so conservative. Being such as small woman, she also looked so innocent. We went to a bar and continued to talk. She was scheduled to go to Atlanta the next week to visit one of our clients. I had tried to convince her that I should go with her, but she had wanted to go alone. At one point in the conversation, I said that with the things we were talking about today, "can you imagine what we might say to each other if we were alone in Atlanta." She shocked me by responding: "Can you imagine what we might DO together if we were alone in Atlanta." I was surprised and sort of asked her what she meant. She said it was obvious we were attracted to each other and she was afraid how far this might go if we were in another city together.

This was a breakthrough in our relationship. Even though I had admired her for months and thought she was so cute, I was too afraid to ever approach her because of our work relationship. This gave me an opening, since she had really broken the barrier by mentioning there was something between us. I then admitted that I thought her very attractive and she admitted the same about me. She told me she knew that I liked her by the way I stood close to her and looked at her at work. She was obviously aware of the little verbal and physical cues that had passed between us. She described one meeting at work where a number of us were joking around and she and I looked at each other for a second longer than was necessary or normal. Women are much better at seeing these little clues than men are.

The mood was broken however because we both had to use the bathroom after drinking several beers! When she returned and we sat in my car, I asked her to kiss me. She refused and said things had gone too far already and she was afraid to kiss me because she wouldn't be able to stop. It turned out that this day was also her anniversary and she was upset that she was thinking these things. I drove off very shaken emotionally because of what happened. I really hadn't realized how emotionally involved I had gotten just working with her the past 18 months.

Things were different between us after that day. We continued to talk and admitted we had strong feelings for each other. We both loved our spouses, however, and it made us feel guilty. I wanted to kiss her on several occasions but she told me that if we ever kissed, she wouldn't be able to stop at just that. It would lead to us going to bed, she said. Of course, that was not a disadvantage from my viewpoint.

One day, we were alone in the elevator going down to the lobby and our eyes met. She gave me a look that made it obvious how she felt about me. I quickly stepped over to her side of the elevator and said I wanted to kiss her. The way she looked at me I knew she wouldn't stop me this time. As soon as our lips touched, it was like an explosion. She shoved her tongue into my mouth and I sucked on it and rolled my tongue around it. I couldn't believe how strongly she was reacting, and I was surprised at how she was kissing me back. We kissed like we were starving for each other. I was in shock from the emotional intensity of it. Fortunately, she had the foresight to push me away before the doors opened. I was dazed by just this one kiss. We walked to our client's office and talked about what had happened. She admitted she couldn't wait to do it again. We got off the elevator in the client's building and quickly found a quiet corner where we pushed our bodies together and kissed passionately again. She was like a drug that I couldn't resist. She was so small and sexy. And she kissed in a way that I had never experienced before. It was incredibly passionate and urgent. This went on for a five or ten minutes until someone came out of one of the offices. We then went to our client's office but it was tough to concentrate on work. Afterwards, we went to a restaurant / bar and talked further about our relationship.

She was scheduled to go to Atlanta as I said and I was disappointed that I wasn't going with her. I was very sad that I wouldn't see her for a while. On the day she was to go, there were major weather problems and her flight was cancelled. This gave us an excuse to change our plans and we booked another flight together. I was almost begging her to let me go with her, even though she worked for me. In retrospect, we thought we were being careful in the office but I'm sure people noticed there was something going on.

We arrived in Atlanta and I really wanted to her in the worst way. She was resisting, however, and we only continued kissing when we had the chance. After our business was done, we went to the hotel bar and talked. She admitted she really wanted to make love to me, but she was afraid to get involved. The only thing that happened in the bar that night was that I put my hand on her legs and felt her gorgeous thighs. I tried to put my hand between her legs to caress her but she wouldn't allow it. The bartender saw what was going on and probably thought I would soon be in bed with her. She wouldn't let me go any further. We went up to our rooms and she kissed me goodnight outside her door. She told me later that she had masturbated furiously that night, thinking about making love to me. Needless to say, if she wanted me to stop trying to seduce her, she shouldn't have told me that!

After we got back from Atlanta, we continued talking and kissing when we had the opportunity. Sometimes after everyone else from the office had left, we would have some fun. We would go into the file room and kiss and I would lick her belly button. She would go crazy and moan and claim there was a direct connection to her pussy. Then one night in the office, I finally got my hands down her pantyhose and between her legs. Since we had been kissing, she was soaking wet; I couldn't believe how wet she was. I rubbed her and she moaned loudly. I pulled my hand out and brought it to my lips. Her cum was literally dripping from my fingers and I slowly licked it off. She tasted fantastic. She said "Oh my God, that is the sexiest thing I have ever seen." I then told her I loved her full bush, and then she strangely got angry with me. She thought this meant that I had a lot of experience with other women. She asked me how I knew what other women looked like and she became very angry and jealous. She was afraid she was just the latest in a long list of my conquests, but it was absolutely untrue. She started yelling at me. This gave me my first indication from the way she reacted that she could be a little strange. At that time, however, I brushed it off and just thought she was jealous.

She would go home at night but her husband always worked very late (until after 11 pm). She had a very strong sex drive, which was one of the things I really loved about her. She told me how often she masturbated (almost every night it seemed). She would lie on her bed on her knees and spread her legs wide. She would then crouch down and use her one hand to stroke herself in a circular motion, moaning loudly. Her cat used to think she was hurt. She of course told me all this in great detail, knowing that I would enjoy it. She told me how formerly, she would masturbate thinking about one of her college boyfriends, but now she was masturbating thinking about making love to me. On the one hand, she would tell me all these sexual details and then on the other, she wouldn't go any further and make love to me. She knew all that she told me about her old boyfriends and her sex life made me very aroused.

Her sexual experiences started in high school. She worked at an Arby's fast food restaurant and one of the kids there would take her home with him after school or work and he would get his hands into her pants. I don't know what all went on but I would not be surprised if she hadn't gone further than this.

From all the stories she told me, Cheryl was pretty wild in college, it seemed. She had fucked about 15 guys she had counted, but she didn't count one night stands, so there were many more. Usually, she had partied and was drunk. And this was a famous Catholic college! Sometimes, she said she couldn't even remember whom she had fucked. Once, she went back to her college reunion and there was a guy she had known pretty well, but for the life of her, she couldn't remember if she had gone to bed with him or not. She lost her virginity in her freshman year after getting roaring drunk. After that, she decided since she wasn't a virgin, it didn't matter how many times or how many guys she went to bed with. She told me the one thing she regretted was not making love to a black guy while in college. She did have a black friend who almost succeeded. He would joke with her that since she was so short and her head was not much higher than his waist, she could stand there and "take care of him" with no trouble. Once he did get her naked and they kissed for a while but she had second thoughts about making love to him. She said she "probably wasn't drunk enough at the time."

She told me a lot of other stories about her experiences. Again, I should have realized from these stories that she had some issues. Once, a friend of her brother's came to see him but he wasn't home. Instead, he invited her out to dinner and she ended up fucking him before the night was over. Another time she was at a party with her older brother. She became very drunk and the brother asked a friend to drive her home. During the ride home, he ended up forcing his penis into her mouth for her to suck. She didn't remember much more about that incident (whether he came in her mouth, etc). When I said that that was a terrible thing to do, she shrugged it off. She said that maybe she had instigated it.

Cheryl also told me a story that I didn't think about much at the time, but probably gave me a clue to her character. She said she was pretty serious with a "town" guy in her junior year. She really felt something for him. I think she was living with him much of the time. However, she didn't want to be tied down with one guy in her senior year and miss all the fun. So, she dumped him. As she drove home from her junior year, she taped his picture to her dashboard and cried over him most of the way. It struck me later that if it upset her so much to leave him, why did she do it? It was because her feelings for this guy interfered with having a good time. I realized later that this was a little odd.

Anyway, once day we went out on a trip in the car to call on clients. We were to meet at a convenience store to get our morning coffee. It was the most beautiful spring day. Cheryl showed up in this beautiful innocent looking white shirt and a skirt. She looked magnificent and she gave me a smile that almost killed me. I will never forget that moment when I first caught site of her that morning across the room. She could really manipulate me by just giving me the right look. I think she knew exactly what she was doing.

Not that I had a lot of experience, but she was incredible at kissing. She always put her tongue into my mouth and I loved sucking on it and wrestling her tongue with mine. It was almost strange the way it seemed she and I were meant to kiss each other. I had never enjoyed kissing anyone so much, and she also claimed that no one had ever kissed her the way I did. We knew exactly what to do to with each other; there was this almost magical sensitivity and understanding. It felt as if I had known her in a prior life, even though I don't believe in that. She told me it was fate that brought us together. I don't know that I would go that far, but we really seemed to be on the same wavelength. In terms of sex, we were a perfect complement. As it turned out later, that may have been one of the few things we had in common.

We got done with our business early that day and we went to a nearby state park. It was very beautiful and we parked the car in a private spot. We were all over each other, kissing and caressing. I fingered her for an hour or so and she seemed to love it. I then got her skirt up and her panties down and I got my head between her legs. She leaned her head back against the door of the car and just moaned as I licked her pussy. She was going crazy and said later that she had never been licked and sucked like that. Her husband, it seemed, didn't give her very much oral sex and she found she really loved it. She had never gotten much from her previous boyfriends, either.

I think it's a sad commentary on most men that they don't know how to do this well and/or won't do it for very long. A friend of mine who is very successful with women is great at this as well and admits that it is one of his secrets. We have talked about this and how women think you're a genius if you just go down on them well and long. It almost makes you into a great lover, it seems. I know this sounds like bragging, but what I'm really saying it's sad how poor most men are as lovers. It's an advantage for guys who know how to do it because we look good by comparison to the guys who don't.

Anyway, Cheryl thought I was a genius, even if it wasn't deserved. She didn't cum from my tongue (she told me later that she could only cum from fucking or masturbating in one position) but she absolutely loved getting what she wanted for the first time in her life, it seemed. Over the next few weeks, we continued to meet when we could and we would continue kissing, fondling, fingering and me going down on her. Unfortunately, she wouldn't go to a hotel or anywhere alone with me. Most of our sessions together were in the car. I tried to get her to go to a hotel, but she said she wouldn't be able to stop and she still didn't want to make love to me.

One day, after licking and sucking her pussy for quite a while, she consented to sucking me for a change. At first, she didn't want to do it. She felt oral sex was the most personal thing you could do with someone. After licking her for almost an hour, I thought maybe she was waiting for me to ask her to give me some oral sex, so I did. She looked at me and said: "But that's so personal!" I of course looked at her like she was crazy after what I had been doing to her for the last hour, but I told her that it was fine, and then explained I thought she had been waiting for me to ask for it. I think she then felt guilty, so she took my dick out and sucked it into her mouth. For all her sexual experience, she wasn't very good at it at first, and I had to explain to her where the most sensitive area was underneath (she didn't even know this) and how to alternately lick and suck it. I joked with her and said "Hasn't your husband taught you anything?" She was a VERY quick study, however, and really got into it. She admitted later that she had really enjoyed it. I can still see the back of her head with her large quantity of brown hair bobbing up and down on my penis. I couldn't cum because we were parked in a public park and I was a little nervous, but it felt great. I'm not kidding or exaggerating about her being a natural. She had an instinct about sex and she was really amazing. I think it was because she loved sex more than most women.

We finally got very frustrated about getting together in the car and in parking lots and parks. The final straw came one day when we were in a public park and these guys kept driving by over and over again. I found out later that this park was a place to go to get drugs and these guys thought that we were there to buy them. She finally agreed to go to a hotel on one condition. She said that I had to promise her that I would NOT make love to her. We would only do what we had been doing up until that time. Whatever she did or said, I had to promise not to give in. She said she would have no self-control and expected me to resist.

We got done our customer calls one day and got a hotel near the airport. We were both pretty nervous, since neither of us had ever done anything like this before. I went to the room and she came up shortly thereafter. As soon as she came in the door, we stripped our clothes off and she was in my arms. She was gorgeous standing there with her long brown hair, her beautiful pixie face and the brown patch between her legs. Her legs and ass were muscular from running and they were her best part. She in turn had never seen me naked, and she told me I was "sooo sexy." She loved my hairy, muscular chest, she said. This of course made me feel great. I laid her down on the bed and we kissed and caressed each other. Soon I had spread her legs and was lapping at her pussy. She was very, very wet. After about 15 minutes, she reached down and pulled me up to her face. She begged me to fuck her. I told her no, I had promised her I wouldn't. She said to forget what she had said early and just make love to her! This went on for at least 5 minutes, with her coming up with reasons why I should ignore what she had told me before. Frankly, she was incredibly tempting, but I wanted to keep my word, and I didn't want to lose the opportunity of doing this again. I selfishly felt that if I went back on my word, she wouldn't trust me again and I would never get to have her naked in my arms all alone in a hotel again.

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